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 1  Uncontrollable allergies Headache, dry mouth, dry eyes, fatigue, restlessness, sleep disturbance, difficulty breathing upon exertion (even walking up steps), rapid heart beat during cardio exercise I took this medication after my loratadine did not work for my fall allergies. They have been bad this year and I needed to look for something new after not being able to control a persistent hacking cough for over three weeks. Right away I noticed this medication made me tired. Not unexpected and for the relief I needed I could deal with that. Then I noticed my mouth and eyes became extremely dry. Since it helped to dry up some of my congestion and seemed to offer me some relief, I thought "I can deal". I am a very active person and exercise (cardio, weights, biking and running) regularly and I noticed that the mouth dryness became pretty intense during exercise, no matter how much water I drank (and I usually have 64 ounces of water or more pre exercise). It felt like I had a dry sponge in my mouth. On top of that, when I was active I noticed I needed to take frequent breaks to catch my breath and to help the feeling that my heart was going to thump out of my chest subside. I felt winded even walking up stairs. No thank you to all of that! Plus, I quickly noticed that when I tried to sleep my legs felt restless and my sleep quality was poor. All of these things are very unlike me. I went off the Zyrtec-D three days ago and onto a natural allergy relief product and already feel a world better! I know my body well and just over a week of Zyertec-D was enough for my to know this OTC medication has serious side effects that may not be desirable. F 41 1 weeks
5mg/ 120 m 2X D
 1  Seasonal allergies Frequent anger and murderous rage from a gentle, loving kid. I attributed my son's marked personality change to problems at school. It took me a while to make the connection to Zyrtec. He was back to normal as soon he stopped taking it. M 6 2 months
5 mg 1X D
 1  Seasonal allergies Frequent anger and murderous rage from a gentle, loving kid. I attributed my son's marked personality change to problems at school. It took weeks for me to make the connection to Zyrtec. He was back to normal as soon he stopped taking it. M 6 1 years
5 mg 1X D
 1  Allergies (runny nose, coughing) Extreme difficultly breathing and excess congestion. Also, jitters and labored breathing after the main incident, as well as a headache. I woke up this morning with chest congestion, which is normal, and had a runny nose, neither of which wanted to clear by an early morning doctors visit. I was a first time patient and didn't want to go in and have everyone thinking I was seriously ill. I was also very tired, which made things seem worse. So, I took HALF of one of my mom's Zyrtec tabs. By the time we got home (roughly two hours later) my throat was tight and it was impossible to take a deep breath on my own. I would have been in the ER if not for my respirator that I have to use at night anyway. After a couple of hours I was able to breathe on my own again, but I still have tightness in my chest and more congestion than before I took this evil pill. I also became extremely cold, and the doctor did say my blood pressure was low. Now, several hours later, I am experiencing the "common" side effects: jitters, labored breathing and a headache. I will definitely be going back to my trusty Sudafed Non-Drying. F 41 1 days
 1  Ragweed pollen allergies It feels like my brain is still asleep the next day. Tiredness, Lethargy, Brain fog, Sadness The morning after I took prescription Zyrtec I woke up extremely congested and irritated as if I hadn't taken an allergy pill. Apart from the fact that I still had all the allergy symptoms I had the added bonus of all the negative side effects of this medicine. I sat on my bed all day waiting for the side effects to wear off. I had a date later that evening and worried that I will appear depressed or miserable. This was so frustrating. I won't take this medication again 😔 F 55 1 days
20 mg
 1  Allergies (?) Indoor & Outdoor Irritability, increased appetite/weight gain, lethargy, increased sleep, flat effect, brain fog, unexplained rashes, vision issues.....still figuring this out.... This drug should be only used in emergency & real allergy testing done immediately to rule out causes and focus on the real allergy, dairy, gluten or fake additives in our food, made worse by environmental triggers (aka indoor & outdoor allergies). Experienced extreme withdrawal symptoms while going off for 5-7 days to get allergy tested. Will never take again, was diagnosed with food allergies, so no need. Researched other alternatives if seasonal or indoor & outdoor allergies become bothersome. F 57 9 years
10 mg
 5  Kimura's & chronic conjunctavitis extreme somnolence, agitation, dry mouth, mild 'delirium' Zyrtec is the only treatment ive found for Kimura's disease, a rare inflammatory condition Zyrtec is also very effective in treating my chronic conjunctivitis Zyrtec (cetirizine) is most effective with a healthy metabolic system. If you have metabolic problems it will increase the intensity of side effects such as extreme somnolence, agitation and dry mouth as the drug will stay in your system longer. Using the drug has been very effective over the years. I was originally prescribed this over 10 years ago for chronic red-eye and found it was, when taken consistently for a 1-2 weeks will improve inflammation and will remain effective for a period of upto a month. The problem with taking zyrtec for this amount of time is the side effects become much more noticeable and compound to the point where I have to decide on to continue or stop taking zyrtec for a time. After continual doses over a few days i become agitated, have confused dreams, and lose sleep. The immediate side effect is extreme somnolence that persists for hours or days after the last dose if i havent taken it for a period of time. Yes, zyrtec is a life saver for my conditions but it comes at a cost of effectiveness vs side effects. I am trying to stay healthy to improve the effectivness of zyrtec so I can take less of it and still get the benefits. M 30 12 years
25 1X W
 3  Allergies/hay fever Extreme tiredness, brain fog, very lethargic, extreme frequent urination and bladder irritation!! It works on the allergies for the most part, but with icky side effects. Never feel right when I take it. Even a 5 mg dose does all that I've listed. What worries me the most is the extreme bladder irritation and frequent urination. Yet it gives me kind of a dry mouth. I've been taking it for over a month. F 45 1 weeks
 1  Allergies Heart palpitations, extreme anxiety, depression to the point I would burst into tears at random times. The active ingredient in this drug is cetirizine hydrochloride, and quite frankly it should be banned. I'm a confident social person and I took this drug for a month. During that month I felt like my heart rate was over 100 most of the time. I was depressed and had severe debilitating anxiety. I simply could not function and most mornings couldn't physically leave the house to go to work. When I was at work I would go into the toilet cubicle and be unable to walk out of there. It was frightening being like that. I would cry for no reason despite not being a crier. Normal situations were starting to cause extreme anxiety to the point where I would just want to shut myself away from the world all the time. It took WEEKS for me to get back to normal after taking it, so don't be alarmed if you're not back to your old self in just a few days. This drug gave me the worst month of my life. Please don't take it, especially if you are in any way an anxious person to start with. This drug completely changes your personality while you're on it and makes day to day life very difficult to cope with. It really should be banned. M 32 1 months
 1  for hives Nausea and dizzy I cant go outside I fant every time I try..can eat cant sleep my nerves system cant stop shaking headache eyes blurry light headed cheats pain shortness of breath vomiting passing out fever and chills We need to do something about this!! M 28 1 days
1 pill
 1  Seasonal allergies I could not believe when I found this site and read all of the comments. I've been experiencing all of the same symptoms but never contributed them to taking Zyrtec. I've gained a lot of weight, I'm always bloated and gassy, lethargic, depressed and moody. I haven't felt myself in quite some time. A side note to this for all of the women out there, is that a lot of these symptoms are similar to those of Ovarian Cancer. My mom was recently diagnosed and had many of the symptoms we've experienced taking Zyrtec. So if you are able, please get that checked. It's called the "silent cancer" because it's symptoms are easily dismissed! F 38 9 months
 4  Seasonal Hay Fever Dry nose, nasal crusting, blood in nose, mild drowsiness This stuff works well on hay fever, maybe a little too well because I can only take half a pill and I'll be good for about 3 days. It does make me a little bit drowsy so I take it at night, sometimes I wake up and feel fine, other times I've felt a bit foggy but it wears off. It also dries up my nose because it's strong, I get a lot of crusting and blood due to the dryness. However these side effects are tolerable and better than having bad hay fever. M 27 3 months
2X W
 1  Seasonal allergies Daily drowsiness, severe funk, increased appetite. I was so relieved when I came across this site! Just spent an entire weekend in a horrible funk!!!! It's Monday and I couldn't even work from home. It's like my brain was sleeping. I gave up and slept for 2 hours after a full 8 hours of sleep the night before. I am normally a high energy person so I thought I was losing my mind until I realized the only change is I started Zyrtec last week and was told by the pharmacist for best results take it daily. He said for best results take it everyday whether you're experiencing symptoms or not. When I woke up I decided to Google Zyrtec side effects and it wasn't until I found these consumer comments that I know to quit taking Zyrtec!!!!! F 45 7 days
10 mg 1X D
 1  Year round indoor outdoor allergies Irritability, severe depression, lethargy. On this for probably 15 years after trying so many others that either didn't do the job of muting the allergies or their side effects were completely unbearable from the start. While Zyrtec works for the most part, I did notice that my body wasn't responding to the anti allergy effect as well- still suffered on this. Went off a few weeks ago because the depression is changing who I am - and I feel like I actually went ON an antidepressant, it's that much of a difference being OFF this drug. Into week 2 1/2 or 3 without: hands are swelling, hot and itching like crazy- feet to a lesser degree. Been reading that this is common withdrawal. We take these pills for years like its nothing but the withdrawal is evidence that we've become dependent on it. F 40 10 years
 1  Seasonal allergies My son was experiencing seasonal allergies and rashes due to moving into a rental that previously had cats and dogs. After many sleepless nights of scratching himself to the point of bleeding, I took him to an allergist who recommended 5 mg of Zyrtec each day. I had him taking 1/2 of the dissolvable tablets with no noticeable side effects. A few days ago I switched to the liquid and he's been an emotional wreck. He's unable to cope with any changes or upsets. He has thrown several tantrums that last for an hour or mor, and he also started waking up in the middle of the night screaming from nightmares. My husband suggested it may be the Zyrtec and low and behold, I find this thread. I will never use Zyrtec or any other allergy medication after reading the experiences on this site. Thank you for all of your helpful stories. M 3.5 1 months
 3  hayfever symptoms Itchy toes, others I'm not sure about. It also isn't absolutely successful in stopping hayfever symptoms, mine were only reduced. I've taken a generic version of Zyrtec for about 3-4 years, often missing doses and only taking pills when I felt symptoms coming on, so I can't be certain of the links between it and my experiences. I also take it far more regularly in winter than in summer. I found many negative reviews about Zyrtec a couple of days ago, and many side effects described were eerily similar to what I've experienced these past couple of years. Bad temper, mood swings, depression, insomnia and sleeping too much were things I noticed in the colder seasons, which I used to always pin on just being a teenager/the weather etc. It's currently winter where I am, and to test my theory, I stopped taking Zyrtec yesterday. Today, I feel different, anxious, I woke up much earlier this morning than usual, and I think I have itchy hives on my toes, which I used to always take Zyrtec for after noticing it. I'll update this review later on. F 17 3 years
10mg 1X D
 3  Allergies Drowsiness. Could not stay awake with this medication. Would sleep for 10-12 hours and still feel tired after getting out of bed. I even tried splitting the pill to make 5 mg dose, but still felt very drowsy. This medication works, but the side effect is just a shame. F 26 2 days
10 mg 1X D
 2   Moodiness not sleeping well my friend asked about what allergy medication she was taking and now I think I have found the reason for her outburst. I am still going to have her see a therapist just in case it is so something else. I think the medicine has a lot to do with her outburst though and her lack of sleep F 11 1 years
 1  Seasonal allergies and dog allergy WEIGHT GAIN!!!! While this worked great for my allergies I have gained 20 pounds with refular daily use for the lasr year. Stopped taking it and am already shedding pounds after 1 week F 50 1 days
 3  Allergies to several things My daughter has statted Zyrtec for her allergies and she has always been our quiet and calm child. I have noticed though since she's been on it she has gotten worse with her attitude. She will scream at us, screams the hole time she is in time out, and will smack her sister for nothing. She just told me today she gets this feeling in her that makes her mad and want to hit people,scream,& throw things. This is not our little girl at all. I seriously think it is the Zyrtec because she was never like this until she was put on it. School she is stil quiet and shy but I am afraid she is going to start acting out and I do not want that for my child. I will be calling the allergy doc for sure after all these comments. F 6 1 days