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 1  allergies irritablity, sleepy My son was prescribed Zyrtec for allergies. The second day he took it, we noticed a change in his behavior. I know toddlers are normally a bit challenging, but this was beyond his norm. He was having temper tantrums over things that normally didn't bother him. He was also having meltdowns over small things. I found this website and decided that he'll no longer be taking this medicine. If he was so ill behaved after two doses, I have no desire to see what would happen for a longer period of time. M 2 2 days
 1  Allergies: cats, ragweed, molds etc Depression/PMS, fatigue, loss of libido, trouble waking up in the morning, feeling robotic, loss of motivation, loss of creativity My story is very similar to a lot of people's who have posted on this board. I stopped taking Zyrtec last week to let things drain after a bad cold, and since then I am like a new person. (Thank goodness, no withdrawal symptoms.) I started taking Zyrtec in 2000 and there are a lot of things I am just now realizing must have been side effects, because they started soon after I started taking it: a depression diagnosis, not being able to write or have new ideas, and increasing fatigue that had me falling asleep at the wheel and in meetings, religious services, and more. I lost a job because I could not get up on time while taking Zyrtec. I blamed a lot of this on "my depression" (trying to be responsible and "own" my problem) or on getting old (I'm 36!). Like most people on this board, I would rather have an itchy allergy nose than be the sleepy, depressed robot I've been for the last 6 years or so! F 36 6 years
 1  Seasonal A;;ergy Fatigue, Muscles pain, mood swings, tired all the time. I keep complaint to my doctors, but because I take a handful of other medications, I had to withdraw one by one to find which one was causing the problem. Unfortunately Zirtec was the last one that I withdrew. The muscle pain has gone, which was my major complaint. I feel more energetic. I wonder why the FDA doesn't do a real thoroughly, investigation on these medications, before putting on the marketing. instead the need making the Pharmaceutic Companies ultra gazillionaires while we, the poor guineas pigs, have to go through the hard side effects, that sometimes not even the doctor who prescribe are aware of it. M 44 12 months
 1  year round allergies My son has been taking it for 2 1/2 years! He had all of the same things that many of you are saying. He was having severe ANXIETY attacks and fits of rage. Our pharmacist rettired and we talked to the new one. He said he has heard of these complaints and told us to stop. I would rather he have allergies than the HELL our family has gone through. NOW I am convinced, we need to do something to get this stuff off of the market! My wife and I have been on it as well, and we have been severely depressed. We thought that it was from the situation with our child who had been happy now being in therapy, but since we have stopped taking it, we have started to feel like a cloud is being lifted off of the whole family!!! Yes it works for allergies, but the side effects are far worse!!! Does anyone out there know of a good allergy meicine for kids. Claritin makes my son sick. PLEASE HELP!!! M 36 2 years
 1  seasonal allergies tired all day, couldn't finish sexually, just wanted to sleep all day, facial tick i've always had a slight facial tick growning up...it wasn't anything major except for the time of year that school went back in seccion.. it's great to finally find out that it's been the allergy pills all along...now that there really isnt any stress in my life i've come to the realization that it's always been the allegra..switching to zyrtec seemed to be the answer..well it wasnt..i dont recomend this drug to anyone..having sexual performance problems at 25 is a scary thing..thank god i found this website and found out it wasnt me! M 25 2 weeks
 3  allergies My 2 yr old daughter was prescribed Zyrtec and she changed for the worst almost overnight. Our normally sweet, loving child became highly emotional, easy upset and whiny. She lost her appetite and would not eat ANY breakfast or lunch. It all went down the drain after reading some other comments here. M 48
 2  Allergy Achy bones in neck/back, really sore eyes (sockets and lids). More itchines than origanally started with (on face), weird dreams/mood, sleepiness Only two days on this drug and I wonder...why give a medicine to remedy an itch that can have side effect of an itch? Also I suffer from depession anyway and was not questioned my mental health at the pharmacy when it was suggested to try this anti hystamine, found my mood to be even more anti-sociable, but could be something to do with the swelling on my face. This drug seems to work for a short time for relief (3-6 hours)and uninformed persons would probably keep using it to see if the symptoms(both of the drug, and the cause)continue or get better, or in this case worse. Thanks for your insight everyone to give me an informed (by people who have tested, not what the drug co says) decision to stop taking this drug.NZ F 32 2 days
 1  allergies waking up for no reason, temper tantrums, crying for no reason, stopped eating. My 23 month old son turned into a nightmare. I have been thinking it was do to the fact he's almost 2 years old. But, after reading comments on here I'm not so sure it's the terrible two's! My son started by waking up super early, he stopped eating, he has turned from a sweet happy boy into a temper tanturm throwing nightmare child. The smallest thing sets him off and I end up w/ a child who screams and cries for 40 plus minutes. All this started last week shortly after his 2 second dose of Zyrtec. I had no warning from my dr. about side effects she made it seem like a wonder drug. Thank God for this site other wise I would of gone on druging my poor baby. M 2 2 weeks
 2  Allergies, Asthma My daughter has been on Zyrtec for 2 1/2 years and has exhibited all of the horrible behavior problems other parents talk about on this site. We never made the connection. She was kicked out of a preschool; had a behavioral psychologist examination; was moved to private school and punished over and over again for poor behavior. I can not believe that pediatric allergists are continuing to prescribe this drug! I can not believe that pediatric allergists are continuing to prescribe this drug. And if they are (because it does help with allergy symptoms) why aren't they asking the right questions at follow-up exams? Ask about behavioral changes? They always take careful weight and height measurements to ensure that steroid use for asthma is not inhibiting growth rates...why not ask about behavior issues? When I finally talked with our doctor about this site she did admit that some other parents were having problems and we should try something else. But we've lost more than 2 years during crucial brain development time. Is anyone suing? F 5 2 years
 4  My child's severe allergies This medicine is great This is the only allergy medication that in my opinion, saved my son's life. He no longer goes through asthma, itchy skin, sneezing, when he takes this at night. Plus he gets a good night sleep. M 7 1 years
 1  itching would cause bumps After having contact dermatitis itching for a year, I was amazed how it completely got rid of the skin irritation from my scalp to my feet. BUT, the trade off was not worth it. I had trouble with any complex tasks. I had trouble doing routine things I do with no problem. I couldn't recall basic things that I should've been able. I slept all day, seriously drowsey. I would rate it a 9 on a one to ten scale on how drowsey it made me. I soon began to ask why I was so unmotivated, lazy, sleepy, completely introverted, and with absolutely no energy. My co-workers were really taken and worried about my personality change. My competitors were overjoyed that I lost my motivation. I realized soon, very soon, that I would have to make a tough decision; stay on this stuff and turn into a mentally dumbed-down potato or go back to the itching and deal with it another way. I decided to go with the itching and get my life back. In my job, not being creative, energetic, and sharp (money market broker) I have learned it's true what people say; that all-body itching can be a stress reaction. Just go ride a bike, play an instrument, talk to people. You'd be surprised how it helps. I think it's terrible how a zombie drug like this can go on the market. This drug will make you seriously dead to the world. All you want to do is sleep, all day, every day. You wouldn't believe how much I just slept through my days. How can a government allow it's citizens to become so zombie-like? I know several people that have the same thing I had, they both say the increased histamine response is from stress. It's stress, and should should be dealt with in a more healthy way, not just by taking yet another pill that takes all your fun away. Keep your life, ditch this drug. Find a better way. M 45 1 months
 1  Severe allergies I've been taking this for around four months, (10mg daily) starting a little while before the Summer began. From then till now, I've become extremely depressed to the point of being suicidal over the smallest things, very paranoid, feelings of worthlessness, had horrible, recurring nightmares of people being torn apart, (no joke) severe abdominal pain, (especially near my spleen) alternate between constipation/diarrhea no matter what I eat or how much fiber I get, (Colonoscopy and EGD came back fine.) have many bouts of nausea out of nowhere, (vomit sometimes) became an insomniac, never feel rested after sleep if I can get it, very irritable most of the time, get tons of extreme anger, (I used to be quite humble.) lots of headaches, muscle pain, lethargy, spaced-out feelings, can't concentrate, feeling withdrawn from reality, constantly lonely even around others, have barely any sex drive at all, been getting sick more than usual and doctors can't get a diagnosis, tons of swelling in After finding this site, and another like it, I've seen that I'm not the only one who has been experiencing these sorts of things since they started this drug, and have stopped as of last night. So far, I've been having a lot of itching and feeling of being pricked with a needle over all of my body and head. I read a lot of people have these sort of withdrawals to Cetirizine. (Zyrtec) I stopped because I think this is truely the cause of my gradually ruined Summer and I am hoping to get all of those pieces of myself back, to stop being so depressed and irritable, and hopefully go back to how I was before and maybe even get some sleep. This is the only drug I've been on, so I don't think it is anything else and the descriptions here are too similar for comfort. Hopefully things will start improving. I just have to find something else for my allergies. The only OTC thing that works for me is Benadryl, but it makes me extremely tired and emotionally numb, so I save it for nights. I hope t M 18 4 months
 1  seasonal/pet allergies Rage, hyperactivity, night terrors, loss of handwriting ability, complete personality change. My 8-year old son discontinued the medication 12 weeks ago and he is still having outbursts of rage. Has anyone else had side effects continue for weeks or months after stopping the Zyrtec? Please e-mail me; I am frantic with worry. M 8 10 months
 3  itchy rash The Zyrtec combined with a topical cream helped but I became agitated and irritable. I had trouble concentrating and had wierd dreams. I am taking 10mg tabs but will try 5mg then quit if I feel this way- it isn't helping THAT much. Thanks for this site...I was wondering if anyone else felt this way. F 50 5 days
 1  allergies nightmares, mood swings, hallucinations, crying outburst, bed wetting accidents, facial twitches my 5 yr old son started taking zyrtec and started having these side effects quickly. I didn't relate it to the medicine, until the facial twitches caused me to do a cross refrence of zyrtec & facial tics...it led me to this web site. I took him off of it right away. Immediatly his behavioral effects stopped, but the facial tics just stopped a few weeks ago. we saw a pediatric neurologist who has seen this type of reactions before. It has taken 2 months to get him back. I am posting this so that I can help another mother that may be in the same panic I was a few months ago. Please feel free to email me if I can help. M 5 1 months
 1  hives extreme weight gain, ate when I wasn't hungry, swelling of eyes and mouth, tiredness, just not feeling like myself, felt out of it. F 44 30 days
 1  Allergies Stomach pains, tired, emotional crying spells This drug worked great for allergy problems, however, I am thankful I found this website. I have only taken for a week & I am a completely different person. I have experienced crying spells, depression, stomach pain, depressed & tired, contant hunger. I'd rather suffer from allergies than be an emtional wreck. F 38 6 days
 1  allergies I became very depressed and lethargic. Poor short term memory from the constant overtired feeling. Difficulty sleeping, moodiness, hair loss, unexplainable rage and despair, irritability. Discovered side effects by switching back to Claritin to save money and the clouds just lifted within a couple of days. Zyrtec-D was great in relieving my sinus problems from my allergies, but brought me down low enough that I was looking for ways to hurt myself and thought I was about to have a complete breakdown and not be functional in caring for my family. My daughter (2) also began taking Zyrtec shortly before I did and I didn't realize until I had problems that her sadness and agressive behavior was from the Zyrtec as well. Thankfully we are both off this medicine now. F 31 3 months
 2  Allergies My angel turned into a devil. She's never yelled, hit, screamed or threw tantrums until taking this medication. 10 days ago, she was prescribed Zyrtec for allergies. About 7 days ago, I noticed she started to yell in frustration when taken away from a toy (to eat, change etc). About 4 days ago, she started actually throwing tantrums, with the worst being yesterday. 40 minutes of yelling, crying, screaming. Who is this child?! I finally decided to reread the side effects in the literature given to us by the pharmacy and there in black and white it states "immediately report mental/mood changes to your doctor". She is now off the medication. Yikes! Now that I've read some entries on this site, I see that she may have had other symptoms as well. Staring off into space for long periods of time, waking in the middle of the night, even crying out in her sleep. How long does this medication stay in your system? Does anyone know? F 2 10 days
 1  sinus/allergies My seven year old daughter began taking Zyrtec daily in July. She has suffered from sleeplessness, extreme temper tantrums, ODD like behavior (very defiant), crying over everything, extreme hunger (even after eating). This behavior has increased and escalated everyday. We have taken her off this drug. I have reported this to the FDA through a link at the following website www.keepkidshealthy.com. F 7 30 days