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 1  severe allergies My son has been taking this medicine for the last 3 years. He was a carefree, playful, and very caring toddler. However, over the last 3 years he has increasingly become violent, had trouble concentrating in school (his teacher kept asking us if he had ADD), and completely irrational. Nothing we did seemed to help. When I starting thinking about the timing of his behavioral change, it kept coming back to the time he started taking Zyrtec. Then I found this site and read other parents' experience...OMG, I'm stopping the Zyrtec immediately. I hope to have my sweet & caring son back to the way he was very soon!!! M 6 3 years
 5  cold urticaria(hives from cold) weight gain and increased appetite, ( but I started taking it over the holidays.) Dry eyes in the morning and maybe some joint pain in my hands. I have suffered from cold urticaria since I was 16 (now 45). It cycles through every 7 tears or so, so I do have some years when I don't get them. I have to say that zyrtec has been a miracle drug for me. I will deal with the weight gain. for me, nothing beats being itch free. My dr had also prescribed zantac which acts on a different histamine receptor site than zyrtec, but I haven't needed to use it yet. I guess sometimes the effects of zyrtec(which I beleive is an H1 receptor) wears off after a while which is why she prescribed the h2 receptor drug. F 45 3 months
 1  Seasonal My 4 year old daughter took it and immediately became a different child. Crying over everything, irrational behavior, loss of interest in things she normally enjoys. Kicking this med to the curb... F 4 2 days
 1  Itchy eyes, nose and throat Extreme sadness and irritability I am a mother of four who has never felt as sad and emotional as I did during the two weeks of taking Zyrtec. Post-partum is a walk in the park compared to how I felt taking this. I can not believe that this product has not been pulled from shelves. I will NEVER take Zyrtec again and have made sure to share my experience with my family and friends. I am so upset for all of the unsuspecting parents out there who have only followed the advice of their doctors and given Zyrtec to their children. F 37 10 days
 1  Allergies Depression, Sleeplessness, Unmotivated, Constipation Starting taking it and about a week and a half into it, starting feeling seriously depressed for no reason. Waking up for hours in the middle of the night. Family/Friends kept asking if everything was OK. I found myself suddenly crying for no reason. That's when I realized it must be the only medication I was taking - Zyrtec. M 40 9 days
 1  allergies My 2 yr. old son has been taking 1/2 tsp. of children's zyrtec for approx. one year to treat chronic allergies per his pediatricians recommendations. We never experienced any of the symptoms of insomnia, irritability, sleepiness, etc. with him, however, I began taking zyrtec 1 month ago & began experiencing some of these severe side effects. After doing some research & finding this website, I immediately stopped taking the medication & took my son off of it as well. My son has been off zyrtec completely for 4 days & has been experiencing severe withdrawal symptoms (hallucinations, night terrors, emotional meltdowns, etc.) I called his pediatrician who confirmed the symptoms he was experiencing were indeed withdrawals from the zyrtec. She recommended we "wean" him off by reducing the dose by 1/3 every 3-5 days until we completely stop giving it to him. She also indicated it would be 2 weeks after his last dose before he would be completely "adjusted" DO NOT TAKE!!! F 36 1 years
 1  allergies This is the worst antihistamine I have ever tried! I had extreme anxiety. Very groggy all day and couldnt sleep at night. It also gave me tachycardia and palpitations. Also very dry nose and throat. Some mood change.. I was cranky. In my opinion this really didnt work as effectively as Claritin, although claritin also had side effects, this was much worse! I will NEVER take this again. It made me feel 20 years older and awful! Save your $$$ F 24 4 weeks
 5  indoor alergies None. maybe a little tired, but I take it at night. 10mg I love animals. and if it wasn't for Zyrtec I wouldn't be able to lay with my cat at night or survive cleaning the house due to all the dust. It is an amazing thing that I just simply cannot live without. I have been on claritin too, doesn't work... for me. F 19 5 years
 1  allergies to pets and pollen I started giving my 4 year old son zyrtec 2-3 weeks ago and within a day or so he started refusing to eat and saying his stomach hurt every day. He has also been very clingy, saying weird things all the time. He has been very tired and always seems sleep deprived. I can't believe how many complaints I have found online about this drug and its effect on children's behavior. I will never give him zyrtec again. F 33 14 days
 1  seasonal allergies defiant behavior My child had been taking Zyrtec for 3 years. It was a fluke that we discovered her behavior was related to her taking zyrtec. We had run out and skipped a couple of days. Over the last year, we had been having problems with her at school/home with defiant/violent behavior. She's such a sweet child. Most of the time she didn't know why she was doing what she was doing. She began to tell us she hated herself because she couldn't "be good". It broke out hearts. We had been taking her to a counselor and were getting her screened for ADHD. Don't give this drug to your children! My beautiful little girl is back to being her sweet self. Is anyone suing???? I can't believe something isn't being done. My poor baby suffered for 3 years!!! F 5 3 years
 1  Seasonal Allergies Zyrtec caused my 12 year old son to be tired, drowsy, and drugged out and it didn't work very well. For years I have been giving my 12 year old son lots of different allergy drugs, including Claritin, Tylenol, Zyrtec and others. None of them really worked and they all made him very tired and drugged out. Recently, I saw Dr Hansen on our morning news show here in Arizona as he was talking about a natural allergy product named Flavinox and explaining how it works and it really made sense to me. I drove over to his Scottsdale office that morning to get a bottle and went directly to my sons school to start him on the capsules. When he came home from school about 3 hours later he was like a different person than when he left that morning. I could see it in his face and eyes. He was feeling 100% better and he told me about an hour after he took the capsule he could feel the difference and he kept feeling better as the day went on. Since then I have been giving him about 3 capsules a day and he's a baseball player so sometimes before a game I give him an extra one and I am truly amazed a M 12 1 years
 1  indoor allergies I'm so thankful for finding this web site. Our 3.5 year old son has been a different child while taking this medication. I came here today in the off chance that the liquid form of zyrtec might be responsible...... I am relieved and sad to know so many other children have had the same side affects. He is very angry, won't eat, disrespectful and sleeps fitfully. He is off this stuff today! M 3.5 3 months
 1  Allergies Daughter was angry all the time, moody, flash temper, no patience for anything. My daughter started Zyrtec when she was about 13, she became terribly angry at everyone and everything. We blamed it on hormones, peer pressure, etc. etc. She is now 15 and we just heard about theses problems with Zyrtec 8 days ago and you would not believe the change. I have my sweet daughter back! Not that there still aren't typical teenage drama etc. but she had become down right mean and nasty. I wouldn't let anyone take this medicine. F 15 2 years
 4  Severe allergies Facial and body tics My 10 year old son had been taking Zyrtec for the better part of 5 years. He developed intermittent facial and body tics. If we were ever late on picking up his refill for Zyrtec, his tics would stop. Upon restarting the medication the tics would reappear. Although this medication worked wonderfully for his allergies, I don't think it's worth any risks. M 10 5 years
 2  seasonal allergies My 5-year-old developed an extremely volatile mood tending toward tearfulness, depression, erratic sleep patterns. This occurred on the day I started giving him Children's Zyrtec and ended the day after he ceased to take it. M 5 5 days
 1  Allergies My 7 year old daughter took this for 1 1/2 weeks. I am sorry that I ever put her on it. She is a sweet, loving child who behaves very well. She turned into a demon child. She lost her apetite and would not eat anything at all. She complained about stomach aches and dry throat. She was afraid to eat or drink because she said her throat felt as if it would close up. This product should be taken off of the market immediately. I spoke to several moms tonight at a PTA meeting and they had the same complaints about their children. My daughter would scream at me and tell me that I dont understand her. She would wake up and just start yelling at me. My daughter wakes up sooo happy every day. She was not herself in anyway. I took her off of it 4 days ago... her apetite is back x 10 and my sweet, loving, caring child is back. It breaks my heart that I put her through that greif. Never again. F 7 10 days
 1  allergies, headaches It was prescribed years ago by my ENT Doctor and I said I'd never take it again because it made me very drowsy... I did. I really made a bad mistake. In December 2008, it made me act worse than having had several drinks. My friends stayed away from me. Eventually, I passed out. It made sense if years before it made me drowsy, passing out seems like a logical step. I dumped the pills. My perspective: DON'T TAKE IT. We're inundated with side-effects from drugs so we think, what the heck, they all have side-effects. BUT THIS IS WORSE THAN MANY. You can also forget what the FDA approves or doesn't and you know how effective governmental oversight has been for years. People taking the drug know best. F 54 3 days
 4  Allergies Deep depression and muscle and joint pain. Could not walk without pain. Sleep disorder as well. Could not fall asleep and then waking up all through the night. It helps with the allergies but the side effects are not worth it. F 53 40 days
 3  allergies lethargic F 50 1 months
 2  Allergies My daughter was put onto Zyrtec for allergies and she has uncontrollable crying and anxiety. F 9 30 days