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 1  Severe Hay Fever,possible dust alle Extreme drowsiness, irritability, slightly depressed/self doubt, thinking something more serious was wrong with her, (ONLY 10 YEARS OLD), UPPER GI (chest) burning/pain, diarreah, just not acting like my daughter when on the meds. Wow, what a nightmare! CAUTION! Please parents do not give your child this medication! I am going to stick with mucinex for her congestion, and proceed with more natural remedies,ex.(local honey daily,etc.) I'll probably never trust another allergy med with my kids after this! F 10 8 days
 2  seasonal allergies extreme irritability I had fairly immediate mood issues- everyone in the family noticed. I stopped taking it- mood issues cleared up- resumed taking it mood issues came back. I don't take it anymore! F 40 10 days
 1  Seasonal Allergy Terrible heart buring and palpiltation! Sever sleeplessness; Ichying, nausea, burp This is a very very dangerous medcine if so many people in the from report the similar side effect experience. I really do knwo how it can be OTC drug. M 29 10 days
 2  Seasonal Allergies Drowsiness, headaches Worked well for my allergy symptoms. Caused extreme drowsiness. I slept great at night, but I could hardly stay awake during the day. I have recently tried to stop taking Zyrtec. I am having major headaches (not normal for me at all.) F 25 4 months
 1  seasonal allergies Lethargy, sleeplessness, high blood pressure, irregular heart beat. I started taking this drug because I was out of my normal presecription (Allegra) and I was travelling out of town. The result was a difficult few days as I tried to stay focused during meetings with little sleep the night before. The headaches and flushed feeling were constant. Upon returning home I took my blood pressure and it was through the roof. I would look carefully at your condition before considering taking this drug. M 56 4 days
 1  Sinus Infection Went to the doctor with a bad deep cough that I had for about a week. I was told it was an upper respatory / sinus infection and was prescribed an antibiotic, eye drop, and an antihistamine. Went to the local drug store and was told insurance would not pay for the antihistamine because it was the same thing as OTC Zyrtec and that the drug store had a generic brand which was cheaper. Started taking it on a Friday night all went well until the following Thursday night at work. Arrived at work normal time when roughly one hour into my shift I notice sweating over my entire body, dizzy, and completely unaware of my surroundings, when suddenly I found myself passed out on a hard concrete floor with seizer like symptoms. I was taken to the ER were they performed CT scan, MRI, and very painful spinal tap. All came back clear. After a stay in the hospital Friday I was looking forward to being discharged Saturday morning when all of sudden it happen once again. I was very sweaty, dizzy an M 44 7 days
 1  Seasonal allergies weight gain, depression, irritability, feeling in a fog, lack of focus, exhaustion, hand and feet tingling ect. ect. I started zyrtec for my seasonal allergies, I just returned today from the doctors office because I thought I was severely depressed even though I had no history. As I was surfing for information on the SSRI I was prescribed I came across this and realized I had the same symptoms as other from taking this medication. I have missed doses in the past and would wake up in the middle of the night itching and grabbing the bottle. In eight weeks I have gained 10 pounds and truthfully I have an amazing diet, not to mention I am an avid runner but in the past few weeks I lacked the energy to go out and do it, to tired or depressed. I would avoid this medication if at all possible! M 34 8 weeks
 4  allergies none Zyrtec (cetirizine) works quite well for me, but it does not alleviate all the symptoms during allergy peaks. It works best for my eyes, somewhat for my nose and not at all for my throat and lungs. When I have a cold and a dripping nose, I combine it with phenylephrine (ingredient of Sudafed). I have taken Zyrtec a long time without (noticeable) side effects. Now I use generic medicins and capsules prepared at the local pharmacy that contain the active ingredients. Again, no side effects. After reading some other medicine ratings, it becomes clear to me that almost no one, from what must be millions of people, that have good results with 'rated' medicines, post on this site, which gives an overwhelming negative bias. Although no one can guarantee that *every* medicine works as described and is free of side effects or danger for *everyone*, it is too easy to make them a scapegoat for all your personal problems. If you feel insane after taking Zyrtec, I would put my money on the fact tha M 31 6 years
 1  Seasonal Allergies I started taking Zyrtec to fight off allergies and it worked great. But about a week ago, I stopped taking it because I noticed my allergies weren't as bad anymore. BIG MISTAKE. The first day was fine. I didn't notice anything abnormal, but the second day was hell. I could barely stand up without feeling like I was going to throw-up. I was constantly dizzy and nauseous. I spent most of the day in bed, but I had trouble sleeping. At first, I thought I was getting sick, but I felt fine otherwise. Halfway through the second day of nausea, I was thinking about what could have caused this. My diet hasn't changed and I was exercising too, the only thing different was the lack of Zyrtec in my system. It's Day 4 now and I'm feeling much better. The nausea is still there, but it is not so severe anymore. Zyrtec withdrawal sucks. Big time. Be careful if you suddenly quit taking it. M 22 20 days
 1  rhinitis from eye medication Amnesia and confusion. I suddenly became aware I was driving on the wrong side of the median on a narrow road. I could not remember how i came to be there. I had lost about three minutes or four minutes of time. This was exceedingly scary. It took a lot of research and reading of fine print on medical websites to isolate Zyrtec as the only thing I was taking that could have been responsible for this period of amnesia. F 66 4 days
 4  Seasonal Allergies dry throat, sore throat, gasping for breath in the middle of the night helped out a lot against allergy symptoms, stil feel like I have a lot of sinus pressure though in my ears and face M 3 months
 4  Seasonal allergies None for the first four years. Now suddenly extreme drowsiness. Most comments on this forum must by psychosomatic. They don't make any sense considering what's in Zyrtec, unless these people are actually referring to Zyrtec D. Also, the progressive increase in people attributing anxiety/depression/anger to the drug, when looking at posts over time from 2005 to 2008 suggests that people are simply convincing themselves that Zyrtec is to blame, as they increasingly see others claim this. Typical psychological response and a case of 'groupthink'. Simply compare early responses with latter ones. F 26 5 years
 2  seasonal allergies, sinusitis interrupted sleep, strange dreams, waking up exhausted, extreme fatigue all day with intermittent bouts of extreme hyperactivity and restlessness, inability to concentrate, irritability, extreme frustration for no reason, anger, mood swings, anxiety, depression, both insomnia and hypersomnia. Although Zyrtec definitely helped my constantly runny/stuffy nose and other allergy problems, I would not recommend taking it. The side effects caused more problems than my allergies. I would definitely recommend taking something else, Zyrtec is not worth it. F 21 5 days
 2  Seasonal allergies Heart racing, shortness of breath, nausea Zyrtec is the only antihistamine that has ever controlled my seasonal allergies, and I was thrilled when it finally went OTC (haven't taken it in a looong time because it wasn't covered by insurance and was too expensive). I've been taking it for 2 weeks now, and while my allergy symptoms are gone, I have had multiple episodes of heart racing and shortness of breath. After reading all these reviews, I will stop taking it immediately and hope I have not done any permanent damage. F 33 14 days
 2  allergies low-libido, mood swings, irritability, depression, extreme exhaustion, migraines/headaches, weight gain I am so glad it is not just me! I didn't take it last night for the first time in weeks and I woke up like I used to today. 5 am, HAPPY and ready for the day! I started taking Zyrtec OTC again last spring upon recommendation of my allergist. I took this medication ~10 years ago also. This time around- the first few weeks were ok, it really helped my increasing allergies to things including photo-sensitivity hives. However, I put on 8 pounds in the first 4 weeks and another 3 in the last 2 weeks. I started getting migraines and frequent headaches always at 530 pm (I take it at 10pm) I could never get enough sleep. I never felt awake and the past 3 weeks my libido went to the crapper. In the last week I started these mood swings, I felt like the world was against me, I yelled at strangers if the spoke rudely to me, I have been crying at the drop of a hat. Looking back to my experience from 10 years ago, I was 19ish and I chalked my migraines, sudden weight gain, crying and everything F 29 2 months
 5  seasonal allergies none I have never had any side effects as described on this page. Zyrtec allows me to be outside in the spring and fall, and not to miss work due to allergy-related secondary infections. My 3 year old daughter also takes it seasonally and she has had no side effects either. I find it very effective for seasonal allergies. F 32 5 days
 4  allergies EXCESSIVE weight gain, constantly tired, hard to sleep. I've been on Zyrtec for nearly 7 years. It is currently the only medicine on the market that helped me breathe...however I've gained nearly 80 pounds while on it. I still work out 3-4 times a week at the gym, and walk daily. It's like exercise effects in reverse. Since Zyrtec went OTC, my allergies are back in high gear and I take the Walgreens version which works like the Rx version of Zyrtec. My sister has been on Zyrtec for 5 years and not only did she hit the massive weight gain too-- she was the nicest person before taking it--now she's a nightmare--from nice and calm to violent rage in less than a second! My doctor blamed me turning 30 as the reason for weight gain and even put me on a high protien, low carb diet...did it work--absolutely not. The excessive weight triggers my asthma so then around the circle we go again being prescirbed steroids to calm my lungs down. While it works for my allergies great...it's not worth it. F 30 7 years
 4  allergies - grass/pollen My 10 year old daughter has been on Zyrtec for 3 years it worked wonderful, finally a cure. As soon as it went over the counter it no longer works. I have her up to 20 mg a day, allergy nasal spray, allergy eye drops and 2 benadryl at night that subsides her symptoms just a little. I must note that my daughter has NEVER exhibited such behaviour that other posts are stating. Every child has tantrums, mood swings and bad behaviour simply because they are children, that is what they do. From personal experience, this medicine had no bad side effects on my daughter. No side effects such as drowsiness, negative emotional behaviour, seizures or any other effects. I believe the overall drug changed as soon as it went over the counter thus it no longer works. Overall zyrtec has been a wonderful medicine but no longer effective once it went over the counter. In fact when it was a prescription she was on 5mg once per day,it worked perfectly and now when using the OTC she is up to 20mg and it doesn't work. F 36 3 years
 1  Allergies Very tired, puffy eyes, rash/ dry patches on face (red, splotchy). A little moody but that has been a symptom of all allergy medicines. Side effects overshadowed any positive results from taking the medicine. F 49 1 weeks
 1  seasonal allergies (e.g. pollen) Drowsiness!!!! The drug relieves allergies, for sure, but at the cost of passing out 3-4 times a day from exhaustion. It also appears to cause slight heartburn. Won't take again. M 29 4 days