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 1  My daughter's allergies Anger, aggressiveness, tantrums, no empathy, anxous My daughter has seasonal allergies. She has been having uncontrolled rage at home & school. Her school has just started & my husband & I were getting phone calls from the principal's office for disruptive outburst, defiance & destructive behavior. We were beside ourselves. My husband said it must be the zyrtec. He said while he was on it he felt anxious and irritable. We've decided to take her off of it immediately. A 4 year-old should never act out like she did. It broke my heart to watch her anger consuming her and her thoughts of herself. She would tell us we did not love her anymore & wants to runaway. Looking back on the times she was not on it she was calm & very pleasant. I feel so terrible that she had been on this drug on & off for a couple of years and never linked it until now. Get rid of the bottle if you are giving this to your own child. Stuffy noses are easier to cope with than an enraged child. F 4 2 months
5mg 1X D
 4  Post Nasal Drip dry mouth, kept waking up at night Helped clear the mucus. F 33 3 days
 1  Post nasal drip I felt paralyzed, drugged and so lethargic I could not function. I also had a terrible metallic taste in my mouth. Scary stuff and I probably should not have driven the car! F 55 2 days
10 mg
 1  Allergies/Eczema My 2 year old son was aggressive and wound up for most of the morning into the afternoon. He is normally a great napper and a polite child at daycare. His aggression, lack of a nap, and general whiny and defiant behavior caused me to discontinue use immediately. The next day, he was a dream again. M 2 1 days
1.5mg 1X D
 1  Hay Fever I ended up getting huge itchy welts all over my body. It took a while to realize that it was the Zyrtec causing it because why would an antihistamine produce a horrible allergic reaction like that! As soon as I stopped taking it the welts went away and I even tried taking it another time because I still found it weird that it would cause an allergy when it treats allergies! The itchy welts came back. If I scratched them, it was almost impossible not to, they would increase to 2 inches in diameter. It was horrible. F 38 14 days
1 pill 1X D
 2  baby allergy 1 days
 1  Allergies I didn't have side effects until I ran out of Zyrtec for a couple days. I started itching and feeling sick. It was easy to guess that this was the culprit. Then i went online and started reading how toxic this drug is. About day 3 my itching and sneezing was out of this world. I have clawed and scratched my skin off and have hives on my chest and neck. I refuse to give in and take another one. I'll be half dead and miserable or go to the hospital one...but i won't ever take this again. Poison, not to mention makes you retain water and gain weight. Please read up on Zyrtec withdrawals...you'll never take it again, nor will you give it to your children. F 42 2 years
10 mg
 1  allergies blurred vision, severe anxiety, sleep paralysis, headaches, nausea, itchiness don't take it F 15 2 months
 1  seasonal allergies started off great, less itchiness, sneezing, coughing etc. I would have some trouble falling asleep and would wake up a lot at night but nothing terrible. about 3 months in I noticed that it wasn't helping my allergies anymore and was making my anxiety worse. every night for a week straight I wouldn't fall asleep until 4-5am because I would be extremely paranoid and I would even hallucinate. I didn't take Zyrtec last night because I'm so sick of not getting any sleep and don't want to risk developing any other problems and I really hope it goes well. I have a headache and some stomach pain right now and am a bit itchy, but the itching is not severe. F 16 3 months
 1  Allergies Rash, irritability, agitation Should not give to children. F 10 10 days
1X D
 1  Rash (poison ivy?) Overwhelming drowsiness, lingering 24+ hours after ceasing the medication. (Half life of 8 hours = around 2 days to eliminate completely.) Mild headache and dizziness. To be fair, I don't find the words "non-drowsy" anywhere on Zyrtec's web site, so I can't claim they misled me. But for me, the drowsiness and fatigue caused by this medication has been so overwhelming and long-lasting that it's worse than useless. I'd only touch this stuff in the event of a literally life-threatening allergic reaction, and then only if I can't get my hands on an EpiPen. Worse, it didn't seem to do much for my rash. M 43 3 days
10mg 1X D
 1  Congestion and inflammatory respons Severe anxiety and irritability. F 62 1 weeks
10 1X D
 1  Allergies I'm just realizing that my exhaustion, weight gain, lack of libido, alcohol sensitivity and menstrual duration has all been affected by Zyrtec. I quit 3 days ago and will NEVER go back. The withdrawal symptoms are horrific and this drug should be taken of the market, especially for kids. I've increased my Vitamin C intake, and that seems to be helping with the symptoms. I do itch, but not uncontrollably. Hopefully the weight it added will come off soon. Do NOT take this!!! F 36 3 years
10 1X D
 2  hayfever Took 1 tablet before bed. I woke up extremely tired and spent the entire next day so extremely tired, I thought I was narcoleptic. I have used Zyrtec before with the only negative symptom of feeling like I was one step behind. This time there was no way to "wake up." I took 2 hour naps and was really not able to function until 24 hours after taking the Zyrtec. The next day I took Claritin and had no allergy symptoms and no drowsiness. I will not use Zyrtec again. F 53 1 days
10MG 1X D
 1  Allergies (seasonal) Anxiety, irritability, weight gain, dry mouth, fatigue, insomnia, mild depression, mood swings and vivid dreams. Started Zyrtec about 8 weeks ago and noticed about a 8 lb weight gain...some other psychological symptoms. I run 5 miles a day x5 days a week and was surprised at this sudden increase in weight and bloating. Also triggered an increase in hunger. Never experienced psychological issues (mood swings, insomnia, irritability, anxiety, depression) before until I started taking this drug. Although the psychological symptoms are mild, they are still upsetting. These side effects started about 1 week after I started taking it. I have stopped Zyrtec due to not "feeling myself" anymore. Hopefully, these symptoms from the drug will cease very soon so I can return to being happy and healthy. F 42 8 weeks
5 mg 1X D
 1  Itching and severe hives While zyrtec has done wonders for my hives and itching.. It has not done wonders for my mood.. This medicine turned me into a raging lunatic.. I felt awful.. People should be very aware especially if given to little kids.. I was so sick on this and made me so nasty and made me feel so bad i could have hurt someone.. Just be careful F 39 1 weeks
 1  year round allergies Well i have been dizzy for 3 days now. Went to the hospital because it got so bad. Got diagnosed with severe vertigo. So i got curious as to what was causing it and realized i havent had my zyrtec for 5 days due to a mix up on refills at the dr office. Took some benadryl and vertigo is slowly going away. Who knew? Im going to talk to my doctor about trying something else at my appointment in 2 days Dont know if its good or bad F 28 2 years
1x day
 1  Eczema and seasonal allergies My kids. Unexplained extremity pain and severe mood swings with irritability. I confirmed that it was this medicine before taking them off for good and that it was nothing else. 2 years
1X D
 1  allergy Dizzy, blurry vision, nausea, vertigo, migraine headaches, little less after discontinued for a week. Wow I hope these symptoms completely end soon, off for 1 week so far. F 59 1 years
1 tablet
 3  Allergies related problems; watery I have already left a comment but want to expand on it a little. If it were not for this site, which I left comments for other allergy-related meds, Zyrtec would have continued to destroy me. Now I am aware that it is possibly it was the one causing the symptoms such as deadening my spirit (disquieting), making my eyes look crazy or have lost my senses, widening my eyelids or sometimes my eyes' shapes becoming smaller, I am deeply grateful and appreciative. Words are indescribable the wonders this site has done for me as I was not sure what was going on with me. Thank you so very much for having this site up for people like myself, especially children, who may not be able to relate or express their feelings of what happening to them. Your site is a blessing !!! I am very grateful and deeply appreciative of this/your site. F 54