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 1  Severe allergies My 4 year old daughter has severe food and environmental allergies. She was prescribed Singulair and Zytrec at the same time. She had only been on the medication one week and she started to act like she was possessed. She went from a sweet little angel to a child with sever behavorial outbreaks and was extremely emotional. After finding this site I called her allergist and they told me to stop the medications immediately. My question is.... Why wasn't I told this was a possible side effect in the first place????? Do not give this drug to your child. F 4 1 weeks
 4  Yr round allergies cat,dog,dust etc Drowsiness. Possibly a cause of stomach cramps and loose bowels after missing a pill. Possibly a cause of my paranoia. Please email me if you've had similar symptoms. I started Zyrtec 6 yrs ago when claritin and allegra wore off for me. Its amazing for my allergies. 5 yrs ago I was also on an antibiotic for acne and I stopped the antibio after 2 yrs because i thought it was the cause of my stomach cramps and loose bowels, which happens variably. Recently, two seperate stomach incidents have happened the day after missing a zyrtec pill the night before. I also have noticed an increase in my paranoid thinking. I am going to stop the pill to see if my stomach prob and paranoid thoughts decrease. F 21 6 years
 4  seasonal allergies As I read in another entry, I slept better than I have in years and my mood was much better than usual, feeling positive and confident, more so than usual. I also had vivid dreams which are unusual. Due to worries about side effects I quit taking Zytec two days ago and am already back to not sleeping well. Oh, well. F 56 6 weeks
 3  seasonal allergies swollen ankles and feet; weight gain; fatigue I am a 52 year old female. I've been using Zyrtec for four months, at first PRN, then for the last eight weeks daily. I found it to take care of the allergy symptoms, but not for a full 24 hours. I also take Norvasc and Atenolol for BP. I was already experiencing slight swelling in my ankles presumably from the Norvasc, and I have been gaining weight steadily since starting the Atenolol in December. I have had overwhelming fatigue during exercise to the point that I can hardly finish a one hour Jazzercise class (which I have attended on a regular basis for over 20 years.) All symptoms I've blamed on the BP meds, especially the Atenolol. I began complaining to my doc about the symptoms and had a complete blood work up to rule out other diseases that cause these symptoms. He suggested Weight Watchers and increased exercise to battle the weight gain, and reduced the Atenolol to half dose to over come the these issues. I didn't think to tell him about the Zyrtec I had started taking F 52 4 months
 4  Allergies, nose congestion Dry mouth, sleepiness Constant desire to masturbate while watching golf on television. M 50 6 days
 1  allergy symptoms Extreme drowsiness, irritability. I took this because it's advertised as non-drowsy. Not. I can't even function when I take it and it lasts all day. Not until I looked at this site did I attribute my irritability to the drug. But now I realize my edginess and anger coincides with the taking of this medication. F 56 3 days
 1  son's hay fever could lead toasthma Normally well-balanced 7-year-old son became emotionally unstable, crying and having tantrums every day. Vivid nightmares. This was when I used 5 mg instead of 10 mg as prescribed for my 50-pound child. Tell everyone you know. Try to get the word out to the media (a la Singulair). I trusted the allergist. The doctors won't mention these effects. See the hundreds of posts from parents below! Be WARNED. What are these allergists thinking to ignore SUCH psychotic effects on children (like Singulair and who knows what else). We'll try Claritin if we have to have something. M 7 10 days
 1  2 year seasonal allergy Gave my two year zyrtec for seasonal allergies and it caused irritability and sleepiness. She would get up screaming at night and then be wide awake for a few hours before I could get her back to sleep. Should not give this to children. F 2
 1  relief from alergies took one pill for the first time because it was recommended by lots of people. soon after i started getting very worried and a feeling of panic. very emotional. blurred vision! Do not take this drug. M 22 1 days
 1  environmental allergies high blood pressure, weight gain, severe anxiety, aggression, unable to focus; when I miss a dose: migraine, severe nausea, heart racing I have never been great about taking medications daily, so the symptoms kept coming and going. It was the nausea that finally made me look up side effects. After reading other symptoms on this site I was able to realize why I have been such "nut case" the last several months. I have been concerned about a sudden increase in blood pressure. I already suffered from migraines, but could not figure out why I was having them so frequently with no known triggers. I have been withdrawing now for two days; I am so sick. F 41 4 months
 1  sinus drainage, itchy eyes irritability, sadness, depression, memory loss, lethargy, fatigue, quick to anger, I really wish that I had researched this drug before I took it. It does work well, but the side effects were quite severe for me. I would not recommend it. It caused problems at home and work. I have been off it for about 5 days now, and I feel so much better. When I started forgetting things, I knew that I either had a serious health problem, or something had changed in the last two months. I narrowed it down to changing from Claritin to Zyrtec. I decided to switch back to see if it made a difference. It has made a huge difference. I will never take it again, and I am warning anyone who will listen about the very negative side effects of this over the counter drug. M 43 6 weeks
 1  Debilitating seasonal allergies Fatigue, dizziness, diarrhea, bloating, irritability, sweating, headache, mood swings The day I started my first dose I started feeling not so hot, I thought I was just coming down with a cold or caught a stomach bug, but after researching and reading up on ZYRTEC, I will NOT be taking it any longer! I have only sneezed a few times in those few days, but I'd rather deal with allergies then these side effects. F 25 3 days
 5  allergies excessive weight gain! Zyrtec really alleviated my allergic reactions (environmental and food allergies) but I gained approx. 15 lbs within a few months of being on it. F 36 500 days
 1  Spring allergies Mood and personality changes My husband, a normally gentle soul, became depressed, angry, irritable, and short-tempered within a week or two of taking a generic brand of Zyrtec. This medication had been recommended by a co-worker who also runs an allergy office. My husband stopped taking the medication. In speaking with another co-worker whose child was taking Zyrtec, she said her daughter was experiencing the same symptoms. F 56 2 weeks
 4  allergies just dry mouth I'm one of the few lucky people who are not sedated by zyrtec. In fact I am more tired when I don't take it, due to the allergies getting worse. It doesn't work as well for the past few years, but still better than anything else F 29 6 years
 2  seasonal allergies, My daughter was on when she was 2 yrs old she is now almost 3. She has been having very bad tantrums, not listening, hitting. She was once very sweet and we thought it was just the terrible twos but the behavior just did not get better, only worse. After reading up on this, I know it is the zyrtec and will stop. It helped with her allergies but the behavior changes is not worth it. F 2.5 1 years
 1  allergies So many they will not all fit. The worst is that now my 10 yr old has seizures. And we now have to take her to a specialest. also was told she was ADD and she isnt..... want to warn all parents,dont give this drug to your child.. Also We the parents want to sue the company who has made this drug.... F 10 6 years
 1  Eczema, allergies Out of character temper tantrums, throwing his body on the ground, inconsolability, severe frustration and crying attacks, fatigue, and difficulty waking in the morning. We will stop use of this drug immediately and go back to Benadryl. M 4 4 days
 4  seasonal allergies, mild skin rash Not sure; I took it at night, to avoid the allergy symptoms keeping me awake. I slept very well (with vivid and creepy dreams though) and felt great the next day; in fact, I was very laid back. That's why I'm writing. Usually I have chronic insomnia, severe PMS and am very high strung. I thought maybe the drug "took the edge off" my anxiety in addition to helping eliminate my allergy symptoms. Coincidence? I don't know... The many entries here about Zyrtec effecting mood and behavior in horrible ways really bother me. Why did I seem to have the opposite effect? I don't know. It really did relieve my allergy symptoms, but it is eerie how it seemed to immediately and drastically effect my mood as well. I wondered why I've been in such a constantly good mood with positive attitude the last three days, and sleeping so well! It's just not "me." Wish I could keep taking it, but my allergy sypmtoms are gone so I am stopping. Too creepy. F 41 3 days
 3  Allergies HEARTBURN!!!! which I haven't seen commented by anybody else. I don't easily get heartburn but noticed this right away. And very tired/drowsy - more so then with CTs. Plus after Day 2, I noticed my fingers and feet were very swollen. I haven't had this symptom with any other allergy med. It works GREAT for minimizing allergy symptoms, but you have to decide if the side affects are worth it. I absolutely WOULD NOT give this medication to a young child. It's too strong. I probably won't continue to take it except under the most extreme allergy attacks. F 43 1 weeks