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 1  Allergies My 8 yr old son was on zyrtec for about a week for allergies but when the allergies eased up i stopped the zyrtec because i figure why take meds when you dont need them. Anyways his allergies are acting up again and so are his sisters so the doc told me yesterday to give her the zyrtec now also. For some reason I had a hunch to look it up on the internet and I came across this site..OH MY GOODNESS I am so thankful I found this page. Needless to say the Zyrtec went bye-byes and they both had benadryl before they went to bed last night. I will NOT give my kids zyrtec if the side effects are that bad. I had no clue because my son had only taken it for a week before i took him off it the first time. I wouldnt have noticed any side effects in that short amount of time.. THANK you to everyone on here for sharing your horrible stories. Now my kids wont have to go through hell! F 33 7 days
 3  Seasonal Allergies My 6yr old daughter had problems last spring with vaginal irritation and discomfort when urinating. We took her to the pediatrician 3 x's and a Gyn and they came up with nothing. This spring, same problem - went online and found this site stating some females had similar problems w/Claritan. I called Pfizer this morning and they told me that skin irritation is side effect of med(which they included her problem as part of that side effect). Incidentally, 4 yr old son had strange rash on face after starting Zyrtec, maybe is related to med as well? My daughter has terrible allergies, don't know what to do to relieve suffering - she missed several days of school last year due to vaginal irritation - not to mention Dr's asking her if anyone "touched" her. Terrible experience for parent! F 6 30 days
 1  Allergies After only 5 days - Depression, total loss of self-worth, crying spells, loss of motivation. It took me 9 days and this site to realize it was the medicine. Depression is not listed as a possible side effect, but two weeks ago I was fine and now all I want to do is cry for NO REASON! Hopefully this med will be out of my system soon! F 45 9 days
 3  seasonal spring allergies I just googled zyrtec and light sensitivity b/c I have been terribly light sensitive lately and wondered if that was a side effect. I also have a corneal disease and so was wondering that something had changed with my corneas. I am relieved to learn that this possibly just due to the antihistamine. I am going to try going off it now to see if that helps, although it does seem to help with the allergies. But I'll find another way to deal with that, since right now I don't want to go outside during the day...and I live in Southern California!) F 30 15 days
 5  zyrtec HEADACHES FROM HELLLLLLLLLL! Due to my Angioedema and hives I was put on 10 mg. of Zyrtec...awesome as for completely getting rid of the hives, however slight swelling currently in the upper left cheek. I was also put on Nasonex twice a day. I stopped the Zyrtec 2 days ago until I read these blogs and realized what the issue was. I had to wean myself off of it and did not due to the BAD headache and frustration. I just took half a pill and I am already feeling relief after about 25 minutes. Thank you to everyone for taking the time to write their own personal experiences, it's NOW helped me! GOOD LUCK!!!! 40 2 days
 1  allergies My sons took this for allergies, ages 4 and 5, with bad dreams and restless sleep as a result. Also my 5 year old had daytime hallucinations, asked if he was dreaming, said he saw things that we didn't, it was really weird. I would not give this to children unless their allergies were unbearable. I would rather treat with Vicks Vaporub at night than have a wigged out child. M 5 3 months
 1  Allergies Took with Avelox - major hypnotic effect. After Avelox kept taking - kept being very very dizzy - esp. when lying down. Stopped Zyrtec 6 days ago. Good news not dizzy at all anymore! But ITCHY. At first got very itchy palms and skin with red rash. Also eyes very itchy. Taking Benadryl at night now (can't take during day as it makes me too sleepy). Itch better but still there. Hope it goes away. I would not rec this drug to anyone. Side effects too serious. Esp. do not combine with Avelox! F 53 60 days
 2  Seasonal Allergies My 4 year old son is allergic to almost everything under the sun having to do with outside and springtime. About a year and a half ago we took him to an allergist and he was tested and prescribed Zyrtec to treat his symptoms. He has been on and off of this since. About a 2 weeks ago he began to have allergy symptoms. So I administered the Zyrtec. About a week or so after that I noticed that he began to move his neck, clear his throat often, blink plenty and shrug his shoulders involuntarily. When I took him to his pediatrician she freaked me out by likening his symptom to a child with Tourettes said that they were repetitive tics and referred us to a neurologist. I lost my mind, but it wasn't until I began to read these ratings and came across one that talked about the involuntary tics that I made the connection and did some more research on the medication. Do not let your pediatrician diagnose your child with a trumped up biased observation and call it "tourettes" when in actuality it may only be the medicine. This scared my husband and I to death. M 4 8 times
 4  hives induced by allergy to latex Weight gain and extreme increase in appetite For months now i have been trying to figure out why i have been putting on weight and why i am so tired! I have only gained about 6 pounds but that is alot for me because i used to have a very fast metabolism and never had cravings. Now i am ALWAYS hungry and can't go as long as i used to in the gym. My hives were crazy and they would last for days until i took a zyrtec pill, at which point it would provide me with immediate relief- i even used to call it a miracle drug. It truely is amazing how effective it is for allergies but the way i am becomming i almost prefer the itching and swelling :( No more zyrtec for me :( F 23
 4  allergy -not sure to what-pollens? I was a eating machine and gained a few pounds(10LB)I was never to tired with it only the first wk.Now I dont seem to get very much relief so Im switching to claritin 10s.-its ok.. ONE OF THE BETTER MEDICINES FOR ALLERGIES M 49 5 days
 2   The strangest and most vivid dreams that I have ever had. It makes me feel paranoid and angry. It makes my skin feel like there's sand underneath it. I feel like the guy from The Shining but my allergies are so bad that I'm not sure what to do. M 28 1 months
 1  Severe allergies Mood swings, weight gain, dizzyness, lightheaded, disconnected, upset stomach, tired all the time, lack of motivation. I will never take this again! I was on it because Claritin wasn't working anymore. Once I stopped taking it I started getting eczema all over my neck and lower part of my face. I have never had eczema. My personality and moods did a complete 360 on this medication and I didn't realize it was the Zyrtec until my fiance ask me to stop taking it for a week. F 24 1 months
 1  allergies visual, auditory and tactile hallucinations My 9 year old son was on Zyrtec for 7 months. When placed on Amoxicillan for two weeks for a sinus infection, he began to experience hallucinations. The doctor thought it might be the penicillan and never mentioned the zyrtec. Had an EEG which was normal. When I realized the side effects of zyrtec I took him off immediately (5 days ago). However, he just had an "episode" again tonight (lasts about 10 minutes). Has anyone had a child experience this??? How long before the side effects go away? M 9 7 months
 4  Extreme tree pollen allergies While this medicine makes me a bit drowsy,it's far better than suffering with my very extreme pollen allergies. Claritin does nothing for me. Zyrtec is the only thing that makes spring bearable. The people who are complaining in this forum of side effects probably do not have the level of allergy that really necessitates a drug like this. Make sure you see a good allergist who can give you a prescription that suits you! I've been taking the drug for the last two springs, on a daily basis throughout the season. I also occasionally take allegra or a nasal spray with it, as needed. F 25 2 years
 2  nasal allergies year round I had noticed my mood change drastically. I felt like I was PMSing all month long. EVERYTHING got to me. I was in a rage over any little thing. I am normally not like this at all! I tested to see if it was the zyrtec (stopped, symptom went away, started again, symptoms started, and so on). Went back to Claritin and am fine...for now. The same symptom was with my 4 year old. His pediatritian prescribed it for him and I trusted it was ok. Immediately had to stop. My son changed overnight! should mention this side effect in their product labeling F 35 3 months
 1  sinus issuses My son started this med about 2 weeks... he was JUMPING off the walls....so hyper...wouldnt calm down... I didnt understand why... Now, my son is peeing blood? Possible side effect of this med? PLEASE let me know if anyone has gone through the same problem? Im so worried about my son.... going for more tests tomorrow... OFF THE ZYRTEC! F 30 2 weeks
 4  Seasonal Allergies No noticable side effects when I am taking Zyrtec, but when I stop taking it or skip too many doses, I get a light skin rash that covers almost my entire body. This typically clears up in a few days (or when I restart the Zyrtec) and is not so bothersome that it would cause me to stop taking Zyrtec altogether. It has been a miracle drug for my seasonal allergies. F 25 6 months
 3  Hives Itchiness after quitting the medicine. I began breaking out in hives about 1 yr. ago I have had 4 episodes... the cause of which is guessed to be heat/anxiety. My Dr. put me on Zyrtec and told me to see an allergist. The allergist said I didn't need to be on it every day, just the days I break out (which has been once every 4-5 mo.) I am now off Zyrtec (for one week) and am itching like crazy. My scalp itches, if I sit on my leg or put pressure on my arms they get hot itchy spots. I called the pharm. and she said it is not a withdrawal from zyrtec that the medicine must have been hiding some other illness. (Which from reading these posts I don't believe) I have called the first Dr. and his secretary told me the same as the pharm. I am now waiting on a call back from my allergist. I just wondered if anyone knows how long this itchiness spell will last. I assume since the zyrtec has been blocking all histamines for the last three months that my body is not used to them now. If anyone has any info. it would be appreciated! F 23 3 months
 2  seasonal allergies To all parents of young children--my 6 year old experienced the SAME behavior problems on Zyrtec. I contacted his allergist today, and he said Zyrtec crosses the blood-brain barrier (as do most anithistimines), and therefore could defintely cause behavioral changes. His allergist prescribed Allegra for children (which is NEW spring 2007), and Allegra DOES NOT CROSS THE BLOOD-BRAIN BARRIER!!! Will start this in a few days with my son...hopefully will work! Good luck, and get your kids off this terrible medicine! M 6
 2  seasonal allergies(spring only) My 6 year old son took Zyrtec for two spring seasons since he experiences severe allergies to spring pollen and grass. The drug did wonders in clearing his allergies, but caused him to manifest behavior problems. When he first started taking Zyrtec in late March when he was 5 years old (right when seasonal allergies begin), his teacher started calling me from school telling me that he was breaking down, crying easily, and throwing tantrums. She said that if she didn't know him from the previous 7 months in her class (when he wasn't on Zyrtec), that she would have thought that was just the way he was. I did not make the connection, and so the poor kid spent 3 months screaming at school. The end of summer came, and I took him off his allergy meds. All is well at school, and then March rolls around again, and I start him on his Zyrtec. Sure enough, I get a call from the teacher (different teacher, by the way) reporting the same exact behavioral problems. This teacher, who is excel M 6