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 2  severe allergies/sinuses Totally lethargic - I could not get through the day without having to take a two hour nap; decreased sex drive; increased irritability Not worth all the added side effects- I'll stick with Claritin F 24 2 months
 2  Allergies Significant weight gain. Went from 145 when I started taking it to almost 170 when I stopped. This was over a 1 1/2 span of taking the medication. It worked great for my allergies. I slept better and had increased energy. But I could not lose the weight. Went cold turkey in December 2006 and down 5 pounds since stopping. M 28 1.5 years
 3  itching Forgetfullness, tiredness, brain fog, headaches, Weight gain I have been taking zyrtec for over 2 years, nearly everyday. On several occasions I have tried to give this up, but by the 3rd day my itching becomes so severe that I am almost in tears. So back I go to Zyrtec. I have put on over 30 pounds in the 2 years, partly due to lifestyle but also, I feel, due to long term use of this drug. It's as if my metabolism has completely slowed down. I also walk about in a semi-daze for most of the day and find socialising is difficult as I am too tired to enjoy any event! Yes, Zyrtec works better than any other drugs I have taken in the same class. However, doctors have told me there 'should' be no side affects from taking this drug long term, but alas, I truly believe there are!! However, to stop all together is equally as frightening as the itching seems to come back much more than before.... F 44 2 days
 1  hives, itching, seasonal allergies While I was on zrytec my appetite increased a lot. I gained over 20 pounds even though I exercised 5 days a week. I had always been very athletic and skinny and I am careful with my diet. Even on very healthy meals and with high levels of excercise I gained tremendous weight. I looked swollen and bloated. I also had high blood pressure and during doses I would get severe itching making me think I needed the zyrtec to stop the itching. I did not think it could have been the zyrtec that was causing or exacerbating it. I was always tired and sleepy. My mind seemed foggy. I thought these were symptoms of my allergies and that zyrtec was helping. Quite the contrary, zyrtec was in fact the culprit! I came off zyrtec 7 months ago. I told everyone that I would write back if coming off helped. IT DID! The severe itching went away, my weight dropped off me almost immediately. My high blood pressure returned to normal. Clarity came back. Looking back on the experience, I could not believe that zyrtec could cause so much damage. No amount of exercise or diet would have prevented or reduced the tremendous weight gain. The other side effects (itching, feeling dreamy, sleepy) were due to zyrtec. As allergy sufferers we do not need these extra complications. Those symptoms are so close to your allergy symptoms you may not even realize they are side effects of the medication you are taking. Zyrtec is a dangerous drug. Ask your doctor to switch to something else. The relief from seasonal allergies is NOT WORTH the side effects of zyrtec. It should be taken off the market. It is a dangerous drug. F 31 8 months
 5  Allergies/post nasal drip Zyrtec makes me a little tired, but I take it before bed and have no complaints. I suffered from year round allergies which caused post nasal drip that lead to severe sore throats and swollen glands. Since taking Zyrtec I rarely experience sore throats and feel that my immune system is stronger since I no longer have to constantly fight with my allergies. I am also VERY sensitive to most meds and experience the full range of side effects, but not from this drug. F 27 2 years
 1  Allergies Irritability, aggressive behavior, loss of appetite. After a couple of days on the drug, we had to take our son in for extreme drunk-like behavior. He walked around with a limp all day and was slurring his speech. At the time, I was thinking the worst, like a brain tumor or something. At the recommendation of his pediatrician, we took him off it for two days then started him back on it at half the original dose. He was walking and talking better, but we still definitely noticed increased irritability and moodiness, as well as having problems getting along with his friends, and he would cry at the drop of a hat. I felt like I was always disciplining him over his behavior, when all along it was the effects of this drug. Then we took him off it completely for about 3 days, and he got a rash all over his body, but his temperment was back to normal--we got our sweet, calm son back! DO NOT PUT YOUR CHILDREN ON THIS DRUG!!! M 3 1 days
 4  Itching / hives Mild sleepiness and not safe to drive for at least about 4 hours after taking it. While I may seem alert, my brain can just "malfunction" and cause me to run off the road. While Zyrtec can cause some sleepiness, it is an angel compared to Ararax and Vistaril. In fact, 4 10mg pills a day (40 mg/day) of Zyrtec is MUCH less sedating than even 10-20 mg of Atarax, and has not led to near as many mistakes and memory loss. I found Zyrtec to be the most powerful drug that I've tried for hives, that doesn't screw up my brain royally. For my hives, it is proven to be 24-25 times as powerful as Allegra, milligram per milligram, and about 2-3 times as powerful as Claritin. If Zyrtec and Claritin together can't control my hives and itching, even when coupled with Zantac, an H2 blocker, I'll probably have to go back to the old and HEAVILY SEDATING crap, like Atarax. Mr. Itch, GO TO HELL! M 39 10 years
 3  allergies Another story about the itching when you try to get off it: when I told my allergist I was experiencing itching, he insisted it means I have exema and the zyrtec has been suppressing it (I have never had a sign of exema). Could he really not know it's a problem? F 43 3 years
 1  ALLERGIES reduced inching yes. Instigated ASTHMA attacks. did not help cat allergy! i am allergic to dust mites, oak, pine, ragweed, and cats. but ESPECIALLY CATS!! (that is really the entire reason i need an antihistamine) I had been taking Allegra (and the generic) for about 9 years prior (claratin gave me dry mouth, drowsiness, and headaches). Allegra is GREAT!!! Zyrtec gave me no relief from my cat allergies, and actually induced an asthma attack. (I do not get asthma attacks often, maybe once every year or two) And after taking this I noticed it but thought that it was silly to think a pill could give me one. SO I took it two more times (in the presence of allergens of course) and sure enough both times I got an asthma attack that rapidly worsened - which is bad for someone with such rare asthma cause they don't carry an inhaler with them. F 23 3 days
 4  Nose and Eye allergies to pets Iam tired if i take this medication in the morning.. So i take it at night. Sometimes i think its making me feel a little depressed or irritable. I went off the med for about a month and started taking it again for my horrible eye allergies. I guess the benefits out weight the side effects F 22 4 months
 1  Hives Strong food cravings which caused weight gain, digestive problems and fatigue. I do not recommend Zyrtec. I got stomach cramps and diarrhea. I had strong food cravings and therefore gained a lot of weight within only two weeks. I was also really tired during the day and had to take hour-long naps. I started taking Zyrtec together with Prednisone. After I stopped the Prednisone the side effects did not stop and acually got worse, plus the hives came back. After I stopped taking Zyrtec the sympoms dissappeared, but the hives were better than before I started taking any medication. My experience was that the hives were stress related and it has gotten a lot better since I accepted having the hives and do not have so much stress anymore. F 19 2 weeks
 1  seasonal allergies incredible fatigue, inability to wake up in the morning, immediate weight gain seems to work well for allergies, but side effects are dramatic. I was given 2 weeks of samples before getting a prescription filled. was finally able to sleep well at night (was on Allegra-D for 6 months prior and had difficulty sleeping more than 3 hrs at a time). However now i'm sleeping 10-12 hours and groggy and yawning all day long. Physically exhausted, not interested in exercise. In 2 weeks have gained enough weight so my pants no longer fit. I'd hate to see how much I would gain if I stayed on it. M 39 15 days
 1  Sinus Headaches Heart beat is too strong and fast. Tired and Sleepy. I have been hungry all day. Just two days on this medicine and I already know I can't take it. Ringing in my ears. High pitch noises make me cringe. Not worth taking it. There has got to be a better way to get rid of these sinus headaches! F 46 2 days
 5  Chronic allergies The itching!!! As with others reported here, about 2-3 days without Zyrtec the itching starts. I thought I was nuts. After several times of purposely going off the medication, it was confirmed. The itching started and was unbearable. I do get tremendous allergy relief, but I'm amazed nothing has been done to address the itching withdrawal condition. I take no other medications. F 41 2 years
 2  Severe Allergies Extreme tiredness. Inability to wake up in the morning regardless of amount of sleep the night before. Horrible withdrawal like symptoms whenever I attempt to stop taking the pills. Weight gain due to never feeling full. I have been taking Zyrtec off and on for 5 years(only in the winter), but I've gotten the end of the road. I have fought the constant tiredness, inability to wake up, and irritability, but can't anymore. I have been on every allergy drug out there, Claritin, alevert, allegra, Hismanal, tavist, flomax, cingular, rhinocort, etc... and Rhinocort and Zyrtec are the only ones that really work for me. During the winter, Rhinocort Aqua dries out my nasal passages too much giving me horrible nose bleeds, forcing me to use the Zyrtec. But I can't take the side affects anymore. Inability to wake up regardless of how much sleep I've gotten is the worst. I am a morning person three quarters of the year, until I take Zyrtec... Then I can't get out of bed. I am right now dealing with the nausea and headaches from the withdrawal I deal with every year when I discontinue use. To be honest the 4 to 5 day withdrawal going cold turkey is so bad that I generally wean myself off the drug. One every other d M 26 5 years
 1  sinusitis I had the worst cast of hives after stopping the medicine after only taking it 4 days. Horrible welps on my arms, legs and torso. Dr. didn't think it was caused from Zyrtec but after reading other patients comments on this website, I was conviced. Don't take - it is poison for your system - warn everyone you know. F 52 4 days
 4  mold, cat allergy 6 yr old son - irritability, screaming at me, severe mood issues. When asked what was wrong, he would scream at me "I don't know". My son also has asthma and has been taking zyrtec along with singulair and pulmicort. Works great for allergies. (I have another son on it as well) Originally taking every day then decreased to as needed w/cat & mold exposure. However, at the end began experiencing behavior/mood issues. When took him off of Zyrtec noticed a significant difference in his behavior. Switched allergy/pulmonolgist drs and he said not to give it to him. His behavior over all has improved drastically. My 3 year old doesn't seem to have "issues" because of zyrtec. M 6 3 years
 5  Hives I didn't realize until today my confusion MUST be associated with taking zyrtec. I'm 40 and thought it a natural process with my family history. I love this drug. It's done wonders for me. I got hives and was prescribed it and it took them away. I'm weaning myself to taking it once a day, at supper, every 3 days. I did notice I get especially tired at night, but that's ok, it's bedtime! I've been on it for 3 months now, and can't complain about my side effects. F 40 3 months
 1  Eczema My son just turned 9, he started taking Zyrtec when he was 7, his teacher kept complaining about his behavior, he can't remember anything, he looked so lost in the school. He can't sit still, he can't focus on the classwork. His teacher suggested me to talk to the doctor because his behavior just like ADD, I made a research and found this website,I was so shock that Zyrtec will affect the child's behavior so much. I decided to reduce the medicine week by week, now my kid was very good in the school, he remember everything, He completed every sigle classwork/homework. I really think all of the doctors should give the parents warming before the children starts taking ZYRTEC. I feel so sorry for my son. So many parents has no idea what will happen when their child start s taking this medicine, Please consider not to let the kid take this medicine........... M 9 2 years
 5  allergies Our son was on this drug for a little over two years. His dosage continued to increase over the time period due to increase weight - he would eat all the time. That was the least of our problems. Our son was aggressive, moody, tired, I could go on forever!!! Jake was in preschool and having a difficult time focusing, getting along with others, and the teacher started to get concerned as well. I am a teacher and was going to ask the peds. for a full scale evalution, due to his behavior. To make a long story short, we had to find a new allergy dr, and he had us stop giving Jake the meds for his upcoming allergy tests. Within a few days we got our son back. He doesn't have the outbursts and other behaviors, Jake is that happy child he once was. We are grateful to have our son back, however, we feel cheated out of 2 years of his childhood. We were so grateful we found this site last year. Would not recommend this medicine to anyone 2 years