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 2  asthma allergies speech issues. stuttering. emotional outbursts. Night terrors. body pain. M 5 1 days
 1  Allergies, pressure in my ears Brain fog, hard to remember things, feeling in a daze or cloud all of the time, anxiety, crying I thought I was going crazy until I read these side effects every body else has had from Zyrtec. It's made me feel horrible. Can't remember anything, in a constant haze, emotionally unstable, bad anxiety... Would NOT recommend. F 19 1 weeks
 1  Allergies Depression, anxiety, vertigo, blurry eyesight, irritability, weakness, lethargy, sleepiness, fluid retention, reduced urination, respiratory depression, drowsiness Taken it before occasionally for seasonal allergies, noticed the drowsiness, grogginess, and fluid retention. Took it two days in a row for the first time and 18 hours later I'm still groggy, miserable, anxious, irritable, dizzy, and pretty out of it. I rarely cry but I feel right now like if I encountered any setbacks I'd break down. I feel physically and emotionally weak and have no willpower to get things done or concentrate at work. It makes breathing feel like a conscious effort, exacerbated by the anxiety. I can't imagine taking this for any length of time and I'm never touching it again. I can't wait for it to clear out of my system. M 28 2 days
 1  Dermatographia, Seasonal Allergies Zyrtec never really did anything for my seasonal allergies. But it did help with the dermatographia ..until it wore off then the itchiness felt almost unbearable. The weirdest side effect I experienced was a change in vaginal odor. It was the oddest thing. I ended up trying claritin-D ONE TIME and the dermatographia became almost nonexistent every since. The weird odor went away completely too. I'll definitely never take zyrtec again. Maybe a coincidence, maybe not. F 26 1 years
 1  Allergies Terrible fatigue, brain fog, depression, weight gain. I started taking 10mg of Zyrtec 10 years ago for allergies as recommended by my doctor. This was a particularly stressful time in my life and I began having energy issues not long after. I visited my doctors who put me though what seemed to be endless testing, very expensive an time consuming to find the underlying issue. They tried to treat my hormones and metabolism among other things. My allergies continued to get worse so my doctor recommend increasing my Zyrtec to 20mg daily. It helped my allergies however looking back my fatigue, brian fog, and depression just got worst. After all that, it turns out the issue stemmed from taking Zyrtec. It's a horrible drug to get off of however those issues have now resolved themselves. Besides the allergies, I'm a healthy, active individual. Zyrtec is the devil. F 43 10 years
20 mg 1X D
 3  Allergies Severe tiredness, emotionally numb, no motivation, severely depressed. Helped with allergies but cannot stand how I am feeling emotionally. F 54 17 days
 2  Pollen Helped allergies, but started having stomach and chest pain. After discontinuing Zyrtec. reactions disappeared. 73 4 days
 1  Allergies Extreme depression, lethargy, indifference 3 days
 1  Allergies Vivid dreams when I can sleep and anxiety. I used to take it several years ago and loved it. I'm not sure if my body is responding this way because of current medication or not. My pcp knows what I am on and prescribed it. Just very disappointed I can't take it. F 40 3 days
10mg 1 X D
 1  Seasonal allergies Extreme sadness, bouts of anger, inability to fall asleep. I cannot believe I am just now making the connection between my sons sudden mood and behavior changes and Zyrtec. He told me tonight that he is scared he is going to be sad forever and he canít figure out why. He cries even when he is doing the things that he normally loves. I canít wait until this med is out of his system completely. M 9 4 months
 1  Allergic rhinitis Irritability, rage, impatience, severe anxiety, meanness Worked great for my allergies, but turned me into an irritable, mean, impatient b!tch. If you want to live in a cave for the rest of your life, go for it. But if you want to be around other human beings, this medicine isnít for you. F 49 10 days
10 mg / d
 1  Ear ringing and sinuses Depression, irritability, brain fog, anxiety, feeling of going crazy, tiredness, dizziness, felt like my eyes werenít adjusting right, headache. I took Zyrtec for about 13 days 10 days consistently (regular tablets) then took like a two day break then 3 more days(liquid gels). Once I started the liquid gels I right away noticed I was getting irritable, depressed, and dizzy after the next day i started feeling really tired all day and my eyes felt weird ( I wear glasses so I thought that was the problem) and I started feeling a headache and anxiety and the feeling of going crazy or something. The third day I felt even worse with brain fog. Itís been about 24 hrs since I last took it and my vision is somewhat back to normal as of now but still feeling the anxiety, depression and slight headache. I wish I would have read all this before I started taking Zyrtec. This feeling is horrible and scary! I hope it doesnít last to much longer! M 30 13 days
 1  Hives I started having sudden allergic reactions, hives that grow and spread into dinner plate size and are multiple. I went to the Dr and took montalusk and Zyrtec. At first I was ok, the hives went away. I stopped montalusk and used zyrtech for 7 months. Still I would get hives here and there. I was thankful for it but it has warped my mind. Depression, anxiety, violent anger, totally a different person, constantly complaining, quit my career and just don't give a shit. It's not worth it I would rather erupt with hives. I am on day two of withdrawal and have a really bad sore throat and my urine stinks from it so bad. This drug is not safe, seriously meth or something might be safer. Now I plan to take a baby Benadryl if I have symptoms. Good luck people 36 8 months
 1  Son Follow up to the 1/16/2020 date added post. My son has been off this medicine for 4 days and complete turnaround in behavior, attitude and overall happiness. He has even commented on how much better he feels. F 5 15 times
5mg 1X D
 1  5 year old son Back in Nov of 2018 my 5 year old son was prescribed zyrtec on an as needed basis to help with seasonal allergies. We would give him a pill as needed either in the am or before bed. Between 2018 and the summer of 2019 we really hadn't given him much of the medication but from time to time we were called by the tk teacher stating our son had a bad day; couldn't control his emotions. My husband did not think much of it. When he started kindergarten in 2019 we started giving him a pill here and there to help w/ his allergies. Again, we started getting calls from the school that our son was in a blind rage. Unable to control himself. Lashing out at the smallest of things. Displaying OCD traits due to high anxiety (washing his hands until they were red and cracked). One night he spoke to my husband and I telling us he didn't like his face, or hair or himself. It was a very sad moment coming from a child that normally was the happiest kid ever. We felt his pain and were concerned that Please, don't let your child take Zyrtec. My husband and I spent hours with a counselor questioning our parenting skills. We punished or took away things he loved as a consequence for his bad behavior, which wasn't his faught. We had secured an appointment for our son with a counselor because we felt there was something deeper that we couldn't help him through. Truth is it was the zyrtec as in so many other cases. It's very sad to think doctors think it's ok for this to be prescribed to children. It crosses over the blood brain barrier and creates so may of these side affects. I never post on any sights but feel this experience is so important and how badly medicine affects our children others know about it. Find another alternative...... F 5 15 times
5mg 1X D
 4  Severe Allergies I took two 10 mg tablets on the first day for extreme head and chest congestion and coughing. Worked immediately, but brought on a fast bowel movement. Continued to take 10 mg tablet in the morning for three more days while taking one 10 mg tablet of Monteluskast (Singulair) at night. Almost erased all of my allergy symptoms, but I began feeling rage and impatience, severe pain in my lower back, hips and knees. Not sure which med is causing what, but will slowly stop taking the Zyrtec first and call the allergist. Good for immediate relief from severe allergic reactions. But do not suggest long term use because of mixed side effects. F 52 4 days
10 mg 1X D
 1  Pet allergies Rage, hate , crazy thoughts, strange erratic behavior. M 10 0 days
 4  Allergy F 54 2 years
20 1X D
 1  Allergies and eczema My child's behaviour changed when she was on this horrible medication!i swear to God it was a nightmare for me to see how she react with her moody angry mode and keep getting in daze! I need a safer replacement for this stupid medication! F 10 7 days
 1  Seasonal allergies Lost in bad thoughts everyday anxiety forgetful no strength depression mood swings pain all over my body no energy they make you go insane mentally physically worse medication ever !!! I will never take this again or my child Should not be sold otc at all F 27 8 months
10 mg