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 4  ALLERGIES SLEEPY F 32 1 days
 2  year round allergies Usually would sleep a max of 6 hours. Started sleeping 10. No problem with falling asleep at night. Usually bounce out of bed ready to go in morning but not after taking this drug. Allergist insisted I take it at night and I see why. Also take Singulair. Don't like the fuzzy feeling and lack of focus with inability to start any projects. Just feel lost. Stopped taking this two days ago. Shaky and weird feeling yesterday, and noticed hunger pangs which I haven't had for awhile and have been forcing myself to eat. Was never hungry. Great diet drug? I got two hours sleep last night. Could not fall asleep! 4:30 a.m. and woke up at 6:30. I had taken Allegra last night per my Dr and realized it's a drug I have to take in the morning. Clarinex is what we try next if Allegra doesn't work. Zyrtec had my nose running and drainage in back of throat so was it working on allergies or not?? My husband took Zyrtec and could not function, and my step-daughter tried it and can't function either. I have a two yr old granddtr on it and printed out these comments of parents who used it for children. Hope she quits giving it to her! F 57 7 months
 1  seasonal allergy upset stomach, loose bowels, diarrhea. Within two days of discontinuing Zyrtec, my symptoms disappeared. The drug was effective in minimizing my allergic problems, but for me, the side effects are not worth it. M 63 30 days
 4  sneezing, itchy eyes, runny nose headache, low energy, persistant cough great for running nose and sneezing , but i am not sure it was worth it, due to the side effects, M 56 10 days
 1  allergies and hives insomnia, irritability, swelling of my body, especially my face (eyes and lips). I also experienced weight gain which I didn't notice until I abruptly stopped. After 24+ hours off the Zyrtec, I experienced stomach cramps and very loose bowels. This corrected itself after a day and I felt alive! Like a fog was lifted, however, the hives returned! My doctor didn't believe me, so I took another dose and experienced swelling of my hands, feet, face, especially my eyes and lips. I also became constipated. I feel terrible, but the hives are gone. I'm now frightened to take the medication, but don't know what to do! F 45 2 years
 2  Allegies Extreme fatigue (cannot stress this enough). With Benadryl, you can at least sleep it off. With Zyrtec, the fatigue does NOT wear off; it lasts all day. It does help with allergies, but I don't think I will be taking any more of it unless I plan to lay in bed all day. My Zyrtec is over-the-counter. M 23 6 days
 1  Seasonal allergies, eczema Severe mood changes, sleep disturbances We started our 4 year old son on Zyrtec about 1 mo ago, due to a flare of his eczema and exacerbation of seasonal allergies. Initially, his eczema seemed to improve, and the only adverse effect of the med was some drowsiness in the AM. Then, after about 2 wks, his demeanor changed from happy to depressive and he whined and complained constantly. His behavior became increasingly hyperactive, aggressive and violent. We were puzzled, since he is normally a very happy, gentle, sweet and loving child. Our concerns grew stronger when his violent outbusts became more frequent, often leading to us having to physically restrain him in order to prevent his hitting and kicking us. His tantrums also increased in length, often lasting 30-40 min at a time, after which he would collapse on the floor sobbing and inconsolable. He exhibited defiant behavior, and his listening skills completely disintegrated. On a hunch, I decided to Google Zyrtec and mood changes, since the only thing that had changed M 30 days
 1  Allergies, Chronic Sinusitus dazed feeling, derpression, anxiety, weird thoughts, irritable unfortunatley Zyrtec really worked pretty well on my allergies and sinus problems, but I'm almost positive they are the culprit of my dazed dizzy anxious state that I get in. The worst is I think they are causing me to awake from sleep gasping for breath!!! I think this is a seriously bad drug to take....use caution. M 35 3 months
 1  Allergy My husband is taking zyrtec and I will probably divorce him. He is out of control and I can't handled it. lunatic, irritability, aggressive. This medication shouldn't be available over the counter. F 28 6 days
 2  Seasonal Allergies Extreme fatigue/drowsiness, dry mouth I have taken Claritin for years and only decided this week to switch to Zyrtec. I decided to change after seeing several Zyrtec commercials that promised that Zyrtec works two hours faster than Claritin. The only side effect mentioned was drowsiness and I figured I could handle feeling a little sleepy if it meant that I could get through my first 2 hours of work without sneezing and blowing my nose non-stop. Day 1: By the time I arrived at work the Zyrtec had fully kicked in and I had no allergy symptoms. However I went through the day feeling like I was in a fog. I was yawning non-stop and struggling to stay focused. I managed to stay awake until about 10 pm and was knocked out until about 8 this morning. (Normally I sleep 7 hours max.) Day 2: Today, I took the Zyrtec at about 8:30 a.m., and once again my allergy symptoms dissapeared within the hour. Nevertheless by 12 o'clock I was back in bed and didn't wake up for 4 hours. The 3.5 hours that I spent awake were very ta F 27 2 days
 1  allergies my 4 year old has been taking Zyrtec for 5 days and over the past couple days he's been tantruming much more than anytime in the past many months. I did a web search on zyrtec and behavioral problems in kids because he's increasingly not been able to deal with situations that he usually would be able to handle -- finding this website and the many, many comments about similar reactions to zyrtec quickly convinced me to stop giving zyrtec to my son. M 4 5 days
 2  year-round nasal allergies Zyrtec (not Zyrtec-D) worked great for my allergies for 5 years. I loved it and recommended it to several people. This is the only reason I gave it a 2 because now that I've become resistant, I've tried to stop (again) and I am having horrible withdrawal. Side effects were extreme sleepiness, confusion, inability to lose weight (despite major exercise and a restricted diet), crying at the drop of a hat, anxiety, irrational anger, irritability, and other mental issues. Allergy doc said there were A LOT of neural side-effects in some people. I am an insane zombie with major anger issues on this drug but I only vaguely realize how I'm behaving. Getting off is ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE. The itching starts in hands/feet if I miss a dose (I take it at night, itching by the next morning). I did not have this symptom before zyrtec. I've never made it more than 3 days before because it is unbearable. But now I think I may be allergic to Zyrtec. Took it this morning after being off for 3 da May be fine for some people but definitely not good for others! There are a lot of reports on this and other sites about the side-effects of this drug (even in adults) and the HORRIBLE WITHDRAWAL. If you have mental symptoms and confusion while taking Zyrtec, it is hard to realize that you are having problems. I needed major coffee to stay awake while on this drug but still wasn't functioning well. This product can be addictive...I've had 2 doctors tell me that my symptoms were zytec withdrawal. Functioning at work has been severly impaired...hopefully not to the point to wreck me career but I've been on it for 8 years so I'm worried. I didn't realize all the problems it was causing until I started to get off it. Still wasn't back to normal but noticed the dramatic and sudden change an hour after taking the last dose (which will be my last dose). Will have to try to get through the ITCH (feels like ants walking around under my skin). I hear that it lasts 16 days to several mon F 34 8 years
 1  allergies - indoor and out severe anxiety and panic attacks Initially, I felt like this was a miracle drug. I am an RN, and remembered that when my daughter took this drug as a child she became very mean, and irritable. I did not think it would affect me this way. I have a history of sinus problems and have had sinus surgery. I was taking Claritin D 24 hour with a lot of success in the past, but lately found that I was having more sinus infections. I thought that the Claritin D 24 hr was causing too much dryness, and led to increased mucous collecting in my sinus cavities. So, I thought I would try Zyrtec D 12 hour to see if it helped keep my sinuses draining better, and thus help prevent infections. I knew it had recently become available OTC, and my physician had recommended it in the past. However, I never took it because of the experience I had with my youngest daughter when she had taken it as a child. At first I thought I had found the wonder drug of all drugs for allergies. But, after taking it for two weeks I began to have anx F 52 15 days
 3  seasonal allergies tiredness F 44
 1  seasonal allergies Oh my goodness! I read through the other side effects from people listed here and I thought they were writing about me. I have had unusual anger issues to the point that my husband didn't know me, depression, highs and lows, dry mouth, not necessarily suicidal but I didn't care if I lived or died. But the worst is stomach pain! I am going to stop taking this stuff to verify that this pain is truly coming from Zyrtec. I have had on and off stomach acid for several days, but after being up last night till 3am with unbearable stomach pain I decided to research symptoms and side effects of this drug. I take it with food so I dont think the pain is from taking it on an empty stomach. I have never experienced stomach acid problems. It's as though I have swallowed a red hot poker. I have breast tenderness much like a women's menstrual cycle might produce, puffiness, etc. Some of the side effects of this stuff are like having PMS from hell! I am going to stop taking it today and hope for bette F 45 2 weeks
 1  Allergies Malaise, exhaustion, confuses dreams, depression Symptoms are listed at < 2% of population taking the medication. Am I just that lucky? M 51 1 months
 1  allergies Instant change of mood to TOTAL RAGE & ANGER, especially with conflict. It is about 24-36 hrs after I stopped taking, am restless and cannot sleep. Had bad dreams when I could sleep. Same side effects (irritability, rage, restlessness, insomnia, and an extreme sense of urgency on insignificant things) I had from prescription drugs (Levaquin & others) for sinus infection. Heart hit harder (not severe), somewhat faster at times, but when I stopped taking it my heart felt like it wanted to jump through my throat. Did not put it all together until I finally reasoned through after it got repeatedly BITTER in my relationship due to my dramatic mood swings. Reasoning was easy, first I had to accept there was a problem. My girlfriend telling me I was irrational did not help but she was correct. It was tough to accept what was going on, I would just fly off the handle over nothing/everything. I seemed “fine” until the slightest insignificant conflict, such as not agreeing on dinner. I was not fine, I was a powder keg with a short f M 47 2 months
 1  spring allergies breast tenderness, heart racing, trouble sleeping I took one pill yesterday around 8:00 p.m. I had trouble falling asleep because my heart kept racing and the heart racing kept waking me up if I did fall asleep. I noticed when I got up this morning that my breasts were tender. I don't usually have any of these problems so I decided to google side effects of zyrtec and found this website. No more for me. F 42 1 days
 1  Outdoor Seasonal Allergies Depression, weakened reaction, mental strain, inability to focus, feeling extremly out of it, ect I had taken Zyrtec last year for spring allergies and it worked well for that, but i had forgotten i stopped taking it due to these side effects. So a year later my allergies were kicking in again and i bought a bottle of the newly over-the-counter drug. after taking it and heading off to school i began to feel very out of it; in an almost dream like or sedated state. With this very strong feeling i felt terribly depressed and even feeling a little suicidal, dizzy, mentally strained and an overall "zombie-like" high feeling. I could also not focus one bit on my school work and felt psychologically lost all day long. however it did work pretty well for my allergies, but i really would not want to spend another day on Zyrtec. terrible drug, how the hell is this over-the-counter? take this crap off the shelves. M 18 1 days
 5  allergies Hives on my neck and scalp base. Very itchy could not figure what was wrong until I read all the comments. Does NOT say that on the bottle!! They should disclose this!!! Take allegra..... F 58 8 days