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 2  Year around allergies OCD, Irrational and extremely unwanted thoughts, a little depression. I just came upon this website in the past few days and by chance, I was searching for things about OCD. For the past 6 years, since October 2001, I have been thinking irrational thoughts that I don't want to have. These thoughts were worse when I was bored. When I wasn't bored, they kind of went away, but were still there a little. But since June 2007, they picked up a lot again because my schedule has changed to allow me to have more free time. But now everything adds up; I started taking Zyrtec in October 2001 and this may be what is causing these weird thoughts. I am still on it, but I have to get off it. However, I'll have bad allergies, but its better to live with allergies than these thoughts. M 22 6 years
 4  allergies none F 32 1 years
 1  allergies dizziness Exhaustion, hair loss, and most importantly WEIGHT GAIN!!! I started taking this along with cymbalta (for neuropathy pain) and I IMMEDIATELY GAINED 8 lbs within 1month. I quit the Cymbalta a week ago thinking that this was the problem, but I'm still feeling the same in fact I'm absolutely exhausted and hungry still. I missed work yesterday because I was so tired. I absolutely have to peel myself out of bed in the morning even after 8+hrs. I haven't changed anything in my diet accept the drugs. I will post back in a couple weeks to see if I get more energy and loose weight. needless to say I'm stopping this drug today after reading the comments on here. I asked my Doc and she said absolutely NO Zyrtec wouldn't have this effect! Don't believe it!!!!! F 2 months
 1  allergy (trees, mold) Aggression, temper tantrums, sleepiness, but also waking at night and unable to settle back down without help. We thought the aggression and tantrums this past summer were just age-related, but in the fall our son started hitting/kicking kids at preschool. We took him off the Zyrtec after we had a frost and his allergy symptoms subsided, and when the Zyrtec stopped, so did the negative reports from preschool. We also noticed a significant drop in tantrums at home. But then the weather warmed back up and the mold count shot up and his allergy symptoms came back. Gave our son a Zyrtec dose yesterday before school (the first time in 3 weeks), and when I picked him up from school, was told he had grabbed a girl by the hair and dragged her across the playground. This is a kid who hasn't shown aggressive behavior since we stopped the Zyrtec. Talked to his teacher about a possible connection, and she said that she took herself off Zyrtec because it made her feel jittery and nervous. Our son's allergy symptoms are better when he's on Zyrtec, but I am going to stop giving it to him. As I read about s M 3 8 weeks
 3  Hives - Severe Hair loss/thinning, ANXIETY w/ panic attacks, joint pain, skin sensations- burning, tingling and pain, irrational thinking, unapproachable, irritable, explosive anger, unable to cope with stress, headaches, short term memory loss, disrupted sleep, tossing and turning, OCD and mood swings. My hives are controlled! But I feel like crap. The worst part is the anxiety and my temper. My relationship of 5 years is now ending b/c of my inability to cope with stress and I'm explosive with anger. I find the need to control every second of everything going on around me- OCD. I do believe this medication is causing my mental illness. But how do you decide between severe hives and being crazy? F 24 10 months
 1  Zirtec Mood Swings, Violent Behaviour, Vomiting, Abdominal Pain, Off Food Completley, Excessive Thirst Took my 2 year old son to the chemist for skin allergies and was highly recommended Zyrtec Oral Liquid. Developed vomiting, behaviour issues, bad cramps, not eating, etc. Went to the doctor because I thought he was sick and was told it was a virus but with no ear infection, no throat infection and a clear chest. Only change in his diet was the Zyrtec. Took him off yesterday and almost instantly a different child. DO NOT give this to your child. Not worth the risk. F 23 7 days
 5  Chronic Sinusitis None I've tried everything. Zyrtec is the only one that makes me feel somewhat normal as far as my daily battle with my sinuses. I haven't ever noticed any side effects, weight gain? Mabye? But I work in an office where we eat poorly so I really dont think the Zyrtec caused any weight gain. TOO expensive and insurance doesnt help us with this medication. We have to go to TJ were we can get 30 pills for about 30 dollars. Perscription in the US costs me about $80 a month! But I need it to breath so we make the drive. If the other allergy medications they're giving you dont work...Give Zyrtec a chance. Its worth trying it to stop the horrible sinus symptoms. F 28 6 years
 2  Allergies Fits of irrational responses (screaming, hitting, rage), twitching, nightmares, sleep walking, extremely emotional. My 6y daughter was put on Zyrtec at age 3 for various allergies. We thought she was being helped for those allergies and her irrational behavior typical of a 3y old. However; after talking with other parents of Zyrtec kids - We've realized her behavior was a result of the Zyrtec. She has now 11/03/07 been off of the Zyrtec since 10/24/07 - WHOA what a difference. A very calm child has reemmerged. Our family life is so much more relaxing. Now we see - she really is a normal 6 yr old girl. Not the irrational rageful luanatic she was. very scary stuff. F 6 3 days
 1  post nasal drip, mucus, congestion My 7 year old son was taking Zyrtec and developed very bad behaviors in school, threatening suicide and others, and was very physically aggressive to his teachers. Once I realized that the bahaviors started the same time as Zyrtec, I took him off. One year later, he still has behavior problems, but they are lessening. Last week, I gave him one dose because of terrible itching. He had 2 very bad episodes at school so far. Thereis no doubt that Zyrtec triggered something in his brain. Hopefully it is not permanent. Since my son was mildly retarded, I don't think he could express how he felt. But when asked why he felt so angry, he always said, I don't know . Something got in my head. M 9 1 years
 4  Pet and seasonal allergies Tiredness ** This drug will be going over the counter by the end of 2007 ** It has really helped for my allergies. When I'm not taking it, I'll be sneezing, breaking out into hives, or have extreme itchy eyes. The only side effect I've really had with it becoming very tired, but that is usually alleviated by taking this an hour or so before bedtime. Since this medication is going over the counter, it will be more expensive for me to buy it regularly than without my prescription. My doctor recommended a new allergy medication called Xyzal which she gave me samples but I haven't tried it long enough to form an opinion. F 31 2 years
 5  alergic to mold, bad on rainy days Tired most of the day. But at least, the pain was gone. F 56 2 years
 3  Allergies Itching all over, head felt like scalp was bleeding (wasn't), redness in skin where itching, total, complete chaos. Nearly panic situations during the worst of the withdrawals. Prior to stopping, lethargy, depression, weight gain. I'll take a sneeze every now and then, thanks.. It does help with my allergies. Now on singulair and asmanex for asthma and allergies. Within 24.5 hours, itching began. Never really connected the dots to 'withdrawal' symptoms, but I have had this happen enough to know for sure it is the zyrtec. I will never take it again as a result, it is just not worth it. M 33 3 years
 1  Worse allergy season than usual I went to my allergist to get a script for something other than my shots as allergy season was worse in my area than past years. I noticed a big difference within a few days, that I could breathe better, but then I realized that I couldn't eat without constantly feeling like I was either going to throw up or pass out. I stopped using it after I started getting extremely upset and annoyed over the littlest things, and not being able to sleep fully at night. I felt disorientated if I wasn't sitting 100% still. In my 21 years of taking medicine, I've never taken anything that has made me feel the way I did when I took this, that made me feel scared, or whether or not I could make it through the day. I'll deal with having to blow my nose more often than not. M 21 2 months
 3  Allergies Upon taking the very first pill i experienced a feeling of breathlessness. Having to take deep deep breaths. It got a little scary because it had only been 30 minutes or so and i didnt know if it would get worse. Also felt kinda "wired", tingly feeling, anxiety, but that was probably from the fact that i was having to breath deeply and wasnt sure of the outcome of that. Slight headache and stomach upset. Its now been about 4 hours since taking that first pill and i still have a slight headache but the breathlessness has gone somewhat. I dont think i'll take any more though. I seem to be quite intolerant of drugs lately. Just took 5 days of Levoquin and boy oh boy!! Now thats some horrible stuff.I think if i could stay on the Zyrtec it would help but i don't like the initial feeling.Plus the reports here of it being hard to get off really put me off. M 48 1 days
 1  eczema itching and allergies Unbelievable change in behavior for 6 weeks now. And it finally hit me that all of this started with the Zyrtec. We have been miserable with tantrums, aggression, problems playing with the other children in school and he seemed to not hear anything said to him. We will go off immediately and hope for changes. I think that doctors should inform patients to stop if these mood changes are noticed. You have all given me hope. M 3 6 weeks
 3  Allergies, Env & cats year round we endured her almost getting kicked out of preschool for basically torturing another child - extremely bad irrational behavior extremely bad outbursts - very unlike her - back to soy milk we went - some of the negative behavior subsided - however as she has grown her dose of Zyrtec has increased - 5 mg chewable each morning. She struggles not with drowsiness; but performing fairly simple tasks - and when failing that completely sobbing meltdowns. I have said some of the same things "Where has my daughter gone?" "Please give her back" "Please go to bed and wake up as my sweet little girl" My daughter is 6 now, has been on Zyrtec 3.0 years for year round environmental and cat allergies. When she was 4 she had her tonsils removed - we thought she's be able to stop her medications - not true - she was worse with her behavior after that surgery - which at the time we switched her from her usual soy milk to cows milk - allergy tests showed only intolerance not allergy to milk - we endured her almost getting kicked out of preschool for basically torturing another child - extremely bad irrational behavior extremely bad outbursts - very unlike her - back to soy milk we went - some of the negative behavior subsided - however as she has grown her dose of Zyrtec has increased - 5 mg chewable each morning. She struggles not with drowsiness but performing fairly simple tasks - and when failing that completely F 6 3 years
 1  allergies Weight gain, extreme moods, I became very angry very quickly (not my usual temper), I was not quite in a fog, but I wasn't all there either. I gained 10 pounds in three months, I was tired all the time, and my family kept asking me what was wrong. They said that I always seemed unhappy. After thinking about it I realized that I wasn't unhappy, but I wasn't happy either. It was a strange mood kind of hard to explain unless you' ve been there. I wouldn't recommend this drug for anyone. F 3 months
 5  year-round allergies none Once had to go off it for 10 days for a thyroid test of some type and experienced really bad itching everywhere. My doc said he couldn't explain that, but within months the drug became recommended for hives. Now I'm afraid to ever stop it, but it really does help my allergies. F 50 5 years
 5  Allergy symptoms leading to asthma fatigue, weight gain, feeling nervous and "fluttery" when I first wake up. I went through a series of perscription allergy medicines until I was perscribed Zyrtec. It stopped my onset asthma because it controlled my allergy symptoms. My body does not react as strongly to the side effects, so I am thankful for that. From what I read, this should be a "last resort" medication for children when uncontrolled symptoms are causing a serious health problem. My side effects list also says that it should NOT be given to the elderly. But for me, Zyrtec halted the development of asthma, and the side effects are tolerable in my system. F 49 1 years
 4  occasional seasonal allergies Side effects: Feeling a little "out of it", sleepy, dry mouth, typical "old school" allergy side effects. Also, this weird thing with my heart that seems to skip a little when I go off the med - but that may be because I take Zyrtec-D (has pseudoephedrine in it) Zyrtec-D works for me for about 3 days at a time - I generally don't take it for longer than that and not very often (maybe 3 days out of a month I'm having sinus and allergy issues, like now). I think it is a strong medication. I wouldn't give it to children. F 41 6 months