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 1  allergies My daughter had increased negativity and low mood while taking this. When prescribed low dose of SSRI -- Major depression, Mood changes, irritability, sleepiness, inability to concentrate, personality change, PLEASE SEE RESEARCH ABOUT gene CYP2D6 which affects metabolism of this drug. Please read up on CYP2D6 before taking Zyrtec or giving this to your children! It is the main pathway for the metabolism of zyrtec and if a person has a certain genetic variation, side effects may come on gradually and a large number of medications can cause serious drug interactions with it. About 6-10% of our population has this genetic variation which has do with the channels the medications are metabolized in the liver. Funny thing is, a side effect of one medication may lead to the prescription of the second .... and the downward spiral begins. Beware in children and adolescents! If you suspect you may fall into this genetic profile, please look to alternative allergy medications. A frightening experience. Thank goodness for good doctors, a caring therapist, and the internet. F 16 8 months
 2  allergies I took Zyrtec for four years to battle seasonal allergies and cat allergies. I suffered headaches, stomach problems, and feelings of rage and anger that I thought were symptoms of PMS or stress related. Last weekend, I was visiting my sister, who has a cat, and I forgot to take my nighttime dose. I took it the next morning and drove four hours home. I was EXHAUSTED. More exhausted than ever, with an excruciating headache. I decided to stop taking Zyrtec. I am on day four and the itchiness is almost unbearable. My head, fingertips, back, everything itches! BUT, I feel so happy, relaxed, and with the help of my nettie pot, no nasal allergy symptoms. I now wonder if I could go off my Nexium--stomach medicine--because perhaps the pain was a side-effect of the Zyrtec. I will deal with the itchiness and will not take Zyrtec again. If you start this medication, keep a detailed diary of any physical or emotional changes you notice. Try a nettie pot!! Demonstrations are available on YouTube, and they are sold in drugstores and online. F 38 4 years
 1  Allergies My daughter had behavioral changes...she cried constantly. She was honestly depressed. She never smiled. She was also very itchy on Zyrtec. After about 6 months she developed a motor tic. It took awhile to link it to Zyrtec, but within a month of going off Zyrtec the motor tic went away. She was also able to smile and laugh again. Zyrtec was a horrible experience for my daughter. F 7 1 years
 1  seasonal allergies Behavior and mood changes (aggressive, moody, irritable). Skin irritations. On a recommendation from our pediatrician, we gave this to our 2-year old son. We saw behavior changes, but thought it was simply the "terrible 2's". This should not be given to children!!! I'd be interested in hearing from other parents and what (if anything) you have found to give children for seasonal allergies. I am investigating more natural options from now on. M 2 45 days
 4  Allergies to pollen, dust and molds 5mg Zyrtec works just fine for my symptom control. I have been on 5mg for the last 6 years.(I now split the 10mg. OTC in half) 10mg causes blurry vision about 2-6 hrs. after taking it. I recommend it IF you monitor your symptoms vs. side effects. I tried Claritin but became EXTREMELY AGITATED AND IRRITABLE after only 1 dose. I tried Claritin again to make sure of the side effects. Same results. Buy the generic when it is on sale at Rite-Aid. You will save a TON of money. M 53 6 years
 1  Allergies I ran out of my Allegra and took Zyrtec once. I became disoriented, confused, and could not remember a significant part of the evening. It was enough that my doctor is now making me get an MRI to make sure there wasn't another cause for the memory loss. F 37 1 days
 1  seasonal allergies My daughter started taking zyrtec when she was 4 1/2, she had trouble sleeping (always waking up in the middle of the night and coming into our beds), she would have extreme horrible tantrums, disagree and argue over the smallest details. She started taking zyrtec under an allergists care when she was 4 1/2. The doctors never mentioned any possible side effects in children. So when she all of sudden started with the extreme horrible tantrums and the mood swings we thought it was just a phase. She is 6 now and has been off of zyrtec for 1 1/2 months, and we have noticed a change almost immediately. Her tantrums are very few now and can be controlled with a simple time-out. F 6 1.5 years
 1  seasonal allergies with migraines itched everywhere--scalp, back, arms, chest, legs, face. Face also felt like it was burning at times--felt flushed. I started out by taking zyrtec every other day and about the beginning of the third week, I noticed I started to itch/face would burn. So, I quit taking it after four weeks and for the next couple of days, the itching was horible! So, I went back to taking claratin every other day. The second time I took claratin, I noticed that day I did not itch as much but the following day, I itched again horibly. The third time I took claratin, I did not itch at all that day but the following day, I itched although not as much. Anyway, I've taken claratin four times now (like I said, I take it every other day) but today, the day I did not take it, I DID NOT ITCH!!! I think it is out of my system and my immune system is back to normal. I will not take zyrtec ever again!! The itching was so bad it made my blood pressure go up! F 58 4 weeks
 1  Seasonal Allergies I became very unfocused - to the point of scheduling an ADD/ADHD test. My sleep was very disturbed. I was advised the drug could make you sleepy and it'd be good to take at night. For me it was not. M 46 4 weeks
 2  allergies, cold My 20 month old daughter was having difficulty sleeping Tonight my daughter finally went to sleep after not sleeping well the past few nights. I realized that tonight is the first night I have not given her Zyrtec in three days. She also had trouble sleeping several weeks ago when I was giving it to her for "allergies" (a clear runny nose that went on for a month or so) as the doctor suggested. My daughter almost always goes right to sleep when we've had a "normal" day and sleeps through the night. I thought maybe her teeth were causing her problems but her behavior these past few nights and a few weeks ago were very similar. She would stay awake until well after 11:00pm when she usually goes to be around 7:00. I'm not sure if her irritability the next day was due to lack of sleep or the medication. F 1.5 3 days
 1  Allergies, Sinusitus, Eczema Extreme Fatigue, Confusion, Dizzyness, Blurred Vision, Inability to Concentrate, Forgetfulness, Severe Itchiness upon stopping Worked great for two months then side effects took over. Was in a constant "fog", unable to concentrate, mistakes at work, unable to fall asleep and stay asleep at night, basically made me into a zombie. I've been off for 5 days now and now have severe itchyness all over my body (seen the term "Zytec Withdrawal", checkout - http://zyrtecwithdrawal.blogspot.com/) Not worth it. I will never will use again. M 35 3 months
 1  Allergies, Eczema Extreme Tiredness, Insomnia, Mental Confusion and loss of concentration, Irritability, Lethargy, Prostate Problems I have suffered from hay fever, rhinitis and eczema my whole life. I recently had a severe bout of eczema (which I never had before) - itching, redness, sweating and scaling skin. Started to take Zyrtec daily over the last four months to control it. Worked great in the first month then I began to experience severe side effects (which up until now didn't attribute to Zyrtec). This drug caused extreme fatigue for me 24/7. It was like taking valium and speed at the same time. The tiredness was so bad I was falling asleep in the afternoons and generally was in a mental fog at work (forgetful - thought I had early alzheimers) but could never sleep during the night. I could not get out of bed in the morning. The sleep depravation and general lethargy become so bad that I became depressed and irritable all the time. I would literally pray to God at night to help me sleep. Mentioned my Insomnia to my MD and he said I may have to go to a sleep clinic to find out the causes (ironicall M 37 4 months
 1  allergies extreme itchiness when trying to get off of zyrtec. please don't start taking it. you don't want to risk the side effect once you try to get off of it. F 30 6 months
 1  Seasonal Allegies Almost caused a major accident while driving!!! Difficulty focusing, irritable, lethargic, unable to feel joy in my activities. Very confused and very, very hungry. Watch out. I'm going back to Loratadine (generic Claritin). Works much better esp. in conjuction with a prescription nasal spray. What a yucky day. F 30 1 days
 1  Daughter Eczema & Food Allergies rash all over body, night terrors, relentless whining, hitting, stubborn fits, crying spells over small things, would not play well with others, circle around eyes, fear issues, and became very clingy My daughter has extreme Eczema in the creases of her body (inner elbow, back of knees) which is the worse during the winter months. At first it did a great job of taking her itching away and I was relieved. Her skin went from scabs to normal. Then it came back with a vengeance. I gave her Zyrtec again but, this time it was as if she had become immune. I had to increase the amount given to her to work. She became a totally different little girl. The thing that was most concerning was the night terror which is as is half awake and someone was killing her. Screaming, kicking, crying but not really awake. Then she started hitting her little brother all the time and would not share at all. She use to adore him and pamper him. Instead of making it better she slowly got itchy bumps all over her body. The hard part is watching her itch all over now due the prolonged use of Zyrtec. I am taking her off immediately and looking at diet options instead like Gluten free diets. I am glad t F 3 6 months
 1  allergies moody, trouble sleeping at night, agressive behavior, argumentative over the smallest requests my son has been on zyrtec for 2 years on and off.He is moody and is defiant but I just thought it was normal 4 year old behavior.This week he started acting out, he hit two of his friends, he gets really angry over the littlest things.I was at my wits end and I just thought about looking up side effects and found this website and I am in tears over reading the other reports.I am taking him off zyrtec tonight. M 4 2 years
 1  seasonal allergys DEPRESSION..poor sleep..thoughts of suicide..anxiety and heart palipataions..lethargy.. loss of concentration and focus..diminished sex drive.. 1 yr ago i ended up in a psychologists office with severe depression and suicidal thoughts.. im a healthy male with proper diet and normal sleep habits.. after 1 yr of therapy im back to the same feeling.. the depression follows the use of this product and its cousin xyzal.. this morning i thought i was having a nervous breakdown.. thank God i found this web site and knew it was the drug causing my altered mental state. the dr put me on xyzal last month..with little results, so i switched back to zyrtek and the feeling grew unbearable.. M 48 3 years
 1  To clear nasal passages, hay fever Itching all over body, esp arms and legs and face. Lethargy and slight loss of mental focus. Very uncomfortable. Will never use it again. M 56 4 days
 1  Allergies Irrational moods... quick to anger, rage, flat affect, living in a fog, not myself, loss of sex drive, lethargic, sad, weight gain, itchy scalp and face and eyes, general crummy feeling. It never occurred to me that Zyrtec could be a possible reason for these side effects. I literally had to start analyzing everything I was doing or taking to see if I could figure it out. The weight gain and mood and all symptoms coincide with length of time I've been taking it. I take the 24 OTC Zyrtec and try to wait a day between because I'm generally not the person to take any drugs at all... even things like ibuprofen. Birth control pills are the only other thing I take and have been on them for 3 years with no bad sad effects. I really hope that stopping the Zyrtec will make me feel like myself again. F 28 6 weeks