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 1  Allergies Made me near comatose tired! Cotton mouth heart racing and general feeling of malaise. I tried a half dose and it was just as bad. After losing two days of my life to this junk medication I decided the symptoms were less horriffic than the supposed treatment. This is the most horrible medication I ever have taken and should be taken off the market. F 2 days
30mg 1X D
 1  Allergy Only took small doses before bed. Woke in night dry mouth,strange lights in vision. Next day couldn't see properly, crying all day, feel disorientated all day, feel absolutely dire. Ranitidine did the same and this has similar ingredients. These drugs must affect the neuro system, all to treat allergy and indigestion! Absolute disgrace these over the counter drugs want banning. F 60 3 days
 1  Dr thinks I have seasonal allergies Took at 9pm last night,this morning I had extreme drowsiness, foggy to the point I thought I might pass out, very weak, awful and still feeling it right now at 6:30pm Feels like I took 100 Benadryl. Will never take again. Never again! This was prescribed by Dr. ( also called Cetirizine hcl ) F 42 1 days
 4  allergies Zyrtec can put you into the biggest raging frenzy. you wont be friendly or patient and you wont know its happening either! this is a powerful mind altering drug, you can completely dissociate and not realize how you are acting until you come out of it! there are some GOOD things about zyrtec, it works very well for allgergies and itching, sneezing, swollen eyelids, runny nose but it can also knock you out like nothing else! you will have a incredible unconcious desire to sleep, for 10-14 hours. sometimes after taking zyrtec i lose 2 days! your body will just want to switch off. its my theory that zyrtic is an incredibly potent stimulant that acts on the nervous system that supresses a lot of self control. M 3 days
20 1X D
 1  Seasonal allergies The Zyrtec cleared up my allergies just fine....it was the severe side effects that was horrible! It was not a big deal that I was tired while taking it. What was a big deal was my mood. I felt like I was going crazy. I had no idea it was the Zyrtec. I was totally lost. My anger was out of control, one minute I was yelling and the next minute I was crying. I felt hopeless, and I didn't know why. I decided to stop taking it, and the itching started on my feet and legs. I am so happy to start feeling like myself again. I cannot believe the effect this drug had on my mind. I rarely cry, and found myself totally miserable. This drug should be banned. It is a serious mind altering drug. I am thankful that I was able to realize that this drug was causing my distress. So happy to be me again, even if my nose is running. Dangerously mind altering drug. F 49 10 days
 1  Seasonal allergies Gradual defiance, anger, rage...Jekyll/Hyde behavior, only minor allergy relief At first it seemed to help. On day 3 he started acting out a little. I just thought he was having an off day. For days 4-9, temper tantrums over irrational issues began and progressed. He was hitting, kicking and throwing things and also hitting himself. He even tried to choke me and he doesn't see that kind of behavior to know this. After he finished his moment he seemed remorseful like he didn't realize he had gotten that way. He stopped taking Zyrtec and almost 48 hours later he is back to his normal sweet self. I plan on using a more natural alternative as he needs it. No more Zyrtec!!!! I wished I realized it sooner so he wasn't in this agony for so long. M 2.5 9 days
 1  Swelling and unknown itching This is the most horrific medication I have ever been on and has made me even more afraid to take pills.....Parents please don't give this to your children I started taking this after my allergist recommended it for my unknown itching and swelling. starting out everything was fine, my symptoms vanished and I felt clear.. On the sixth day of taking this I forgot and after that all hell broke lose.. I couldn't sleep lost my appetite I was afraid and paranoid to be alone I couldn't sleep alone and usually i enjoy my privacy. After not being able to sleep for four days I became depressed cried every day and developed lightheadedness on my left side. A week later and it still has not subsided ... Honestly I'm terrified of the damage this might have done to me and won't be able to see the doctor for another two weeks.All in all just STAY AWAY F 17 7 days
 1  seasonal allergies My 9 year old son started taking Zyrtec 2 weeks ago after seeing our pediatrician because of seasonal allergies. my sweet, happy, smiley, energetic boy, changed…literally, overnight...he’s a completely different child. In the last 2 weeks he's become very moody, extremely anxious, fearful (to the point of being afraid of dying), lack of appetite (lost 8 lbs in 7 days), irritable, trouble sleeping, complaining of tightness in his chest, trouble breathing, aches, stomach ache, and body aches. He’s been extremely moody and cries out of nowhere. He had a complete, what looked like a panic/anxiety attack this weekend saying "something is wrong but I don't know what's wrong with me!!" He’s very angry and lashes out the family but will quickly turn around and apologize. He's always VERY sweet to his little sister but during these past 2 weeks he can’t even look at her without being upset and wanting her to go away and pushes her away. After 2 weeks M 9 2 weeks
10MG 1X D
 1  Allergies in Austin I took it at night and it made me sleep a lot, woke the next day feeling tired, drained, weak, and unable to fully wake up. I felt like I was in a awake coma. I started feeling extremely depressed and negative. I was unable to accomplish anything that day or get anything done, because I was so weak and drained. F 35 1 days
 3  seasonal allergies High feeling, inappropriate laughter, wooziness, fatigue, loopy behavior, saying inappropriate things that offend people, confusion, slow reflexes and dropping things, making errors of judgment The drug works well for allergies, but the damage it does to my social life is not worth it! I'd rather itch than be so inappropriate--it's like it turns me into a rude drunk. F 44 1 days
10 MG
 1  Seasonal Allergies Extreme Anxiety and disassociation from my body. I'm the happiest guy in the world. I've never had any issues with anything or ever felt depressed.. EVER. I'm in my 40's. After the 3rd season, taking this stuff.. I had an Anxiety attack.. and then thought I was like disconnected from my body for a while. I didn't know what it was. I thought I was having a Heart attack. I'm not normally a dramatic person.. but it freaked me out, so I went to the Doctor. He said I'm in perfect health.. and then asked me if I was on anything. Only the Zyrtec. He said, in some rare cases, people can have my symptoms and to stay away from it. I haven't touched it since then and I'm back to normal. Weird. I just thought somebody should know, just in case it happens to them. M 43 14 days
10mg 1X D
 1  Seasonal Allergies My sense of smell and taste are very distorted. Nothing tastes or smell like it should. Especially chocolate. I'm hoping it returns to normal after some time. I haven't taken it for 2 weeks but still no change. F 49 5 days
30mg 1X D
 5  Allergies If take full dose (5 mg) he gets very hyper..if takes 2.5 mg in am and 2.5 in pm have had no problems Please note I see a majority of these reviews show 1 x daily..wonder they are taking the 24 hr or just the 12 hr dosage...this can make a difference as one has psuedophedrine in it for adults..as for children..if I see a product working but side effects (if not dangerous) then I try to break the dose down so they are metabolizing a little at the time not a full dose.. remarkable how well it works when do this M 3 2 years
2 times da
 1  Seasonal allergies Horrible ghastly worst drug I ever took. That you can even sell this shite is beyond belief. Near comatose after just one dose. Then nervous jittery and with palpitations and malaise. MADE BY SATAN HIMSELF Take this garbage off the market F 1 days
20 mg
 1  Allergies, post nasal drip Weight gain, depression, reduced libido, grouchy, dizziness, vertigo, dry mouth, numbness in legs whilst waking from deep seditive like sleep state, foggy headed, memory loss, lack of motivation, constant tiredness and sleepyness My partner and I started taking Zyrtec about 6 years ago. We are very natural and this is the only drug we have taken daily for 6 years. Neither of us use any other RX or OTC drugs. We live a very healthy lifestyle, eat clean, excercise, etc. We have made several attempts to stop taking the Zyrtec and go natural but always gave up after a day or two because the side effects were awful when in withdrawal mode. Well, back in the end of October I developed vertigo... I saw my GP and ENT and no one could figure out what was wrong with me. Long story short, after going through 3 months of not understanding what was going on with my body and thinking I had a tumor or something I decided to quit taking the Zyrtec before bed every night. Low and behold, my vertigo has subsided entirely and the dizziness is getting better with each passing day. Now we are both off and after a week of being off a drug that we have been dependent on for 6 years we realize that we didn't even recognize who we had become. We both sleeps better and feel as if we are back to our old selves! I have also dropped from 133 lbs down to 129 in a week without changing my diet or excercise routine. I now have more energy and I feel back to the positive person that I was before this drug not knowing while on it that I had changed from this chemical in my body. This drug is a poison and I would recommend anything over taking this life altering drug. Please do yourself a favor and do not try Zyrtec! If will affect you F 33 6 years
1X D
 1  runny nose Could not sleep at all! Spent the entire night awake. Very frustrating! Did not help runny nose. F 52 1 days
2 1X D
 3  allergy I took it at night and slept 11 hours first night, and then felt drowsy all day. Second night slept 8.5 hours. But really low energy. Decided not to take anymore. I think it does dry up sinuses but is really a sleeping pill for me, which I don't need. F 47 2 days
1 pill 1X D
 3  Cat allergy Weight gain Worked for my cat allergies but i gained about 10kg from it! My cat passed away and I stopped taking it hopefully now ill lose some weight! F 34 1 years
1 a day
 3  Allergies I came to this website because I have had a dark mood for a few days. I'm not very good at taking medication consistently, but have been a rock star with remembering to take my allergy medicine for about 4 weeks now. I have rarely missed a day and it really helped my allergy symptoms. I was in such a low place yesterday, even having suicidal thoughts. I have cried uncontrollably and not been able to see anything in a positive light. I know everybody has bad days, but none of the things I usually do to brighten my spirits worked, or even interested me. I felt so desperate and it was so pronounced that I don't think it can be reasonably attributed to normal life. I am relieved to hear that other people felt this way on this medication because it gives me hope that is what caused my depression. I wanted to write today because if they are tracking the side effects this dark mood, serious depression and suicidal thoughts are important to note. I did not take today and will not take Knocked out my allergies well. Side effects do not seem to be a fair trade off though. F 45 6 months
10 1X D
 1  seasonal allergy Extreme fogginess, irritability, anxiety and aggresiveness. Dry nasal passages and sleepiness. I am a 58 yo woman and I took the child's liquid dose of 5mg! So glad I didn't buy and take the adult dose. I could not return so I threw out the bottle....would NOT EVER take again. My side effects lasted well into the next day! F 58 1 days
5 mg 1X D