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 1  Allergies My 5 year old daughter was prescribed OTC liquid Zyrtec by her doctor after an allergic reaction to a cat. She took it for 2-3 weeks. She became extremely combative, aggressive, hitting, kicking, fighting, screaming, crying, throwing tantrums, etc. Her behavior was so unusual and out of control, that I began thinking about what had changed during that period of time and remembered she had started taking Zyrtec. I stopped the Zyrtec and her behavior changed immediately back to her normal 5 year old self. The change was dramatic and obvious. I found this web site by googling side effects of Zyrtec. After reading some of the comments and my own experience, I believe it is a crime that the manufacturer is not listing aggressive behavior as a side effect for children. I only went through this for a couple of weeks and it was awful, I feel sorry for the parents and kids who were taking this drug and experiencing these side effects unbeknownst to them. My daughter kept telling me she "couldn't help how she was behaving" and cried and was sorry and upset she couldn't be a good girl. I now believe her that she couldn't helpt it, because it changed immediately. I have also taken the pill form of Zyrtec myself for a couple of years to control my allergies and thought I had no side effects, however, I have slowly gained 30 lbs. over the past two years and wonder if this is related. F 42 2 weeks
 2  Allergies Like being drunk. Experienced dramatic ups and downs. Extremely drowsy one hour and then drastically hyperactive the next. Very nervous and paranoid all the time. Could not think clearly. Got rid of my terrible allergies but not the drowsiness. Made me even drowsier. The effect on my personality was terrifying. I was not normal while taking this. Basically like living through 'Alice and Wonderland' without the vivid colors. Mind often felt numb which is incredibly strange because I am usually totally alert. And I was definitely taking Zyrtec and not Zyrtec-D. F 16 7 days
 1  seasonal allergies violent dreams I am a 22 year old male and have had severe seasonal allergies my whole life. I use to take Allegra D for my allergies, however, after taking it for a while I need to switch my allergy medicene. First, my doctor gave me Singular which worked but I would have very violent dreams, so I stopped taking it. Then I tried some generic that didn't work for me. This past week I bought Zytec over the counter, which does work, but I am back to having very violent dreams, that honestly make me feel like a bad person when I wake up. Mostly these dreams include some type of extreme fighting, but sometimes they exceed that. M 22 1 weeks
 1  Seasonal Allergies Severe mood swings, sadness, anger, rage. My 9 year old son has very bad seasonal allergies. I have tried everything from Singulair to Benadryl to this medicine. My son is one of the happiest children I have ever met...all of that changed when he began using this. At first it was subtle, but now it is full blown. He is so manic that it actually frightens me. He is very aggressive and violent. He will also cry for no reason. Then apologize for his behavior...and 2 minutes later start all over again. I really think the Zyrtec is causing this because the same thing happened on Singulair. He has stopped taking this and I will see if there is any improvment. M 9 2 months
 1  possible allergies, skin issues extreme behavioral disorder (3 yr old) "possessed" I have the world's sweetest 3 year old... until we had him on Zyrtec for four days. He woke up last night at midnight with uncontrollable energy. He fought with us, looking at us like he'd never seen us before, thrashing about, crying wildly and screaming. After about an hour, he finally went to sleep. This morning he was an angel again, and the Zyrtec is going in the trash. DON'T BUY OR USE. M 3 4 days
 3  Year-round allergies Hair loss while taking, severe itching when stopped. I took 10mg Zyrtec religiously every day for close to 10 years. Zyrtec works better than any other med I've taken for my year-round allergies, but at 46 years old I have lost over 75% of my hair. I have been tested for all others reasons for hair loss and come up negative. Never dreamed it was the Zyrtec until changing doctors. Experienced severe itching of palms, feet, and scalp since I stopped taking it, but the hair loss has subsided. FYI, both of my kids have taken Zyrtec, first liquid then pills, seasonally for 8 years with no discernable side effects, but I am flushing it all down the toilet now. F 46 10 years
 1  Seasonal allergies My son became very fussy, woke up crying from naps and sleep, threw tantrums for no reason, started banging his head on hard objects. His speech dropped off and he stopped being his usual happy, affectionate self. M 2 4 days
 1  Seasonal alergies Not very effective at controling my alergies. I feel so outraged about the weight I gained while taking zyrtec. It has been a hard fought battle to lose what weight I have only to have it undermined unbeknownst to me by this zyrtec. WHY IS THIS NOT LISTED AS A SIDE EFFECT??? I already know why, no one would take it. Nice job McNiel. F 36 1 months
 3  Food allergy I gave my 4.5yr old one dose of this due to possible nut exposure. It was horrible what happened. She became very angry and cried uncontrollably. Had the worst temper tantrum ever. I feel awful for giving it to her and never will again. F 4 1 days
 1  Seasonal Allergies My son's pediatrician prescribed it for him. Almost overnight he became sleepy during the day and a completely different person. He is 15 months and I thought something was seriously wrong with him behaviorly. I am so happy I stumbled across this site. His last dose was last night. F 1.5 10 days
 3  seasonal allergies Agitation & crankiness, with a small side of sadness. Started becoming cranky and noticed, then confirmed it didn't happen when I skipped a daily dose. Half a pill worked out better. M 45
 5  summer allergies Drowsiness, dry mouth No weird problems. For most people, Zyrtec works great. For some people, most of whom have posted on the website, it causes problems. The effects aren't permanent. Try it and see if it works. If it doesn't, don't take it. M 37 4 weeks
 1  Migraines Due To Allergies Extreme Hunger! Weight Gain! Drowsiness! Loss of Consentration! Constipation! I have been taking Zyrtec for about two months now and I have noticed in these two months I have gained 12lbs! I am completely exhausted. I have a very hard time waking up. I just noticed in the last couple of weeks the constipation. It seems like I can't concentrate on anything. I hope after this stuff gets out of my system that I am back to normal. I will have to go back to Singulair or find something else. F 40 60 days
 2  allergies
 5  Allergies,sinus pressure,itchiness No side effects. Zyrtec has provided better relief from allergies than Claritin. It has even reduced my allergic reactions to cats. The only time I had a problem was when I was taking benadryl, on occasions of visiting my girlfriend (who has a cat), in addition to the Zyrtec. That cocktail caused eustation tube dysfunction for some time. I avoid mixing my antihistamines nowadays. However, Zyrtec, by itself, never caused me any problems. M 39 2 years
 1  allergies My 7 year old daughter has been on this drug for about 3 years. It controls her allergies 100%. HOWEVER, lately, she has been extremely overly emotional - she cries at everything. Almost every day. After reading all these comments on the side effects of zyrtec on children, I am hopeful that this is the cause of her upsetting behavior. She will never have another one of these pills - we will gave to find some other way to control her allergies. F 7 3 years
 1  Seasonal Allergy Depression, lack of attention span, confusion, and overall ability to make rational decisions My son's grade dropped dramatically once on Zyrtec. His overall ability to function was impaired by Zyrtec. Now that he is no longer on the drug, he is feeling like his old (non zyrtec) self. M 12 20 days
 3  seasonal allergies my 4 year old daughter has been taking zyrtec for 3 weeks now and I have noticed that in that time her stuttering has gotten noticeably worse. She has also been complaining of frequent stomach aches and headaches. My daughter's preschool teacher said that her son who is 11 also had similar side effects. We have stopped this medicine and we will treat her allergies holistically as long as we can. the medication is working great on her allergies, but the side affects fall short of my satisfaction. This medication should not be OTC in my opinion. F 46 3 weeks
 1  allergies extreme drowsiness I took Zyrtec in the evening and woke up the next morning feeling refreshed and with no allergy symptoms. However, approximately 14 hours after taking it, while I was at work, I had the odd sensation that my hands and feet were not connected to my body. Thank god I had the sense to cancel all my appointments for the day and not get behind the wheel of a car, because about a half hour later I felt so tired that it was painful to even try to type. I remember I started crying when I had to reach for the number keys on my keyboard, they seemed so far away! I spent the next 4 hours at my desk, a complete zombie, unable to move. I'd advise anyone taking this product for the first time to avoid driving for at least 24 hours. F 42 1 days
 3  Seasonal Allergies Constipation, pimples on face/chest It is weird that since I started taking Zyrtec that I noticed acne on my face and chest and have become constipated. It did not help all that great with my allergies...needless to say that I will not be taking anymore Zyrtec--it is definitely not recommended! F 27 10 days