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 1  Sneezing, swollen itchy eyes My ped gave this to my 20 month old son for his allergies. He turned into a uncontrollable child. Screaming, having temper tantrums, kicking, hitting. I thought, Oh no terrible twos are going to be horrible. We took him off of it and he is back to a normal 2 year old. I do not recommend this at all. F 35 3 weeks
 5  Allergies None I have taken Zyrtec intermittently for almost seven years now and have never had a problem w/it. It does its job (dries my sinuses and allows me to move away from the tissue box) and has never caused any noticeable side effects. F 23 7 years
 2  allergies I still had itcy eyes, and was sneezing after taking it. I take it off and on. When I do take zyrtec, after a few days, I get bloody noses. F 13 2 days
 2  allergies My 3 yr old became a different person, yelling, biting, spitting, throwing things, and agitated by the 2nd day. Called doctor and they weren't even surprised! Suggested I try Claritin, but said it might do the same thing. Zyrtec cleared up the allergies quickly, but, I'd rather have my runny nosed angel than the clean faced, unpredictable stranger on Zyrtec. F 3 2 days
 1  allergies My daughter first starting taking it when she was 20 months, she would kick the walls and be OUT OF CONTROL so we took her off and on benadryl afer taking that for a 1 1/2 yrs she has become immune and it no longer is working. We went back to the doc. and then suggested we give zyrtec another try, the monster came back!! Its nice to hear i'm not the only parent dealing with a crazy violent child from this med. F 3
 1  allergies My daughter first starting taking it when she was 20 months, she would kick the walls and be OUT OF CONTROL! Her Doc took her off zyrtec and put her on benadryl afer taking that for a year and a half she has become immune and it no longer is working. We went back to the doc. and then suggested we give zyrtec another try, the monster came back!! Its nice to hear i'm not the only parent dealing with a crazy violent child from this med. F 3
 1  seasonal / pet allergies Dizzeyness, Confusion, Out of it feeling. SCARY irregular hartbeats, laziness, cough, I was given the perscription about 2 months ago for trial because of severy allergies at the start of pollen season. It worked great at first and still does. I just started to notice Im not myself all the time. I turned into evil kenivel on the highway and no logical sense while doing it. I go through mood swings that dip real low to the point of why not just end it now. I have never been or have i ever experienced such crazy thoughts. I keep gaining weight although I have no appetite. I don't even eat that much yet can't loose a pound. 175lbs. for reference. Was usually 165-170. The past couple days I took myself of cause I just figured I was falling apart cause of zyrtec. Anything that makes your heart feel anyother way than normal is no good. DO NOT TAKE IT! M 30 2 months
 1  seasonal allergies severe fatigue, drowsiness, dissociation or dream-like state, flat effect I took Claritin before but had no relief, so I began Zyrtec a few years ago on and off. It'd work, but my allergies weren't bad enough to be bothered. This year they're terrible, and noticing Zyrtec is making me almost completely incapacitated. I take it before bed because it leaves me so tired, but I wind up sleeping 10 hours and extremely tired the next day, with a strange disconnected feeling. I've been told I seem to not know what's going on around me and have no emotional reactions like I normally do. It however, does make my allergy symptoms go away, but I'd advise anyone to stay far away from this especially if they find out of body/confusion experiences scary. (p.s. I've been using it 3 yrs but it's on & off and only in the spring) F 22 3 years
 5  for hives and allergies none for myself and none for my son who is now 11 and has been on zyrtec on and off for allergies for a couple of years F 35 2 weeks
 1  Seasonal allergies, hives My pre-school age son undergoes a complete personality change on this stuff. From sweet and chatty to aggressive, moody, and irritable. On it three days and his teacher said he was like a different kid. It gave him nightmares, too. Took him off and back to normal. We'll treat his allergies with something else. Better the hives than this. M 5 1 weeks
 1  seasonal allergies tiredness, irratible, itching I have been on this medicine for about 5 days. I have been wiped out but assumed it was a spring cold. I basically slept all weekend and was so exhausted that I was incapable of caring for my three young children. I feel like I am in a fog. I have also have zero patience with my husband or children for the past several days. Then, the itching on my face started! It was only when I read this site that I realized my extreme overtiredness and irratibility may be caused by this medication as well. The face itching is unbearable and I am going to stop immediately. I just hope I can get this out of my system quickly! F 34 5 days
 1  spider bite terrible migraine lasting a week....changes in mood, depression, irritability, hair falling out, high blood pressure F 53 12 days
 2  allergies Extremly sleepy, couldn't function. I felt confused and irritable after just one dose. Kept yelling at the dog. After one dose, I discontinued its use and called my doctor to ask for a different Rx. Now, just one night later, I'm still awake at 4:00AM because I've been itching. I didn't connect the itching to the Zyrtec until I crawled out of bed and read all the comments about itching and hives. Also I developed a bad cough that doesn't seem to have any cause. I didn't see that effect on anyone else's comments. After just one day on this medication I can't even say that it helped my symptoms all that much. Maybe it takes more time to kick in. F 57 1 days
 1  allergies & chronic sinusitis Hair Loss. Helped great w/allergies, but caused severe hair loss. Alopecia is listed as a side effect in PDR. It was the only medicine I didn't stop when my hair started falling out because no doctor related the severe hair loss to this medicine. 2+ yrs later, I stopped taking Zyrtec and my hair loss stopped and hasn't resumed. PDR says alopecia can be a side effect. Not worth the risk. Use something else. F 45 3 years
 5  severe allergies dry mouth Love it..without it I am miserable..runny nose, puffy and itchy eyes..miserable! F 22 2 years
 3  Allergy leading to rash Was taking medication regularly on alternate days for several years. Side-effects experienced included being tense and anxious, depressed and listless, if I did not take the medication regularly. Have stopped using Zyrtec for about 2 months now. Somehow, the allergy is under control. During the initial couple of weeks of stopping the medication, I used another popular brand of anti-histamine whenever a mild allergy occurs. Am very glad that I stopped using Zyrtec. F 40 8 years
 5  Seasonal allergies Made me sleepy so I take at night. It's the only thing that completely works on my allergies. Got no relief from Claritin or Allegra. I take it regularly during fall allergy season; here & there during rest of year. F 43 3 years
 1  seasonal allergies sleepy all the time, sad, moody, messed up my menstrual cycle. not worth the side effects for the discomfort of seasonal allergies. F 26 2 weeks
 1  Allergies, facial hives Increased appetite and weight gain I started Zyrtec because I was getting hives, a new occurrence for me. At first I was very happy; I have no noticeable behavioral side effects - no fatigue, dry mouth, or any of the effects listed on the prescription bottle or here on this forum - my goodness, this sounds like a bad drug for some people! It is the only drug that has helped with my hives; Allegra-D gave me headaches, and OTC medicines didn't work. However, I have been eating like a horse, and have gained 5-7 lbs. in about a month. I missed my dose one day and did not have any adverse effects; I'm going to try going off Zyrtec and see if my hives stay away and if I can drop the weight. F 34 2 months
 3  hives fatigue, 1st few days I could barely get out of bed. Moody, sad, disconnected from world less itchy, but still there. after reading about the side effects of others, I'm going to stop taking it now and see if the hives go away on their own. F 28 5 days