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 1  allergies dry skin, uncontrollable, angry behavior We put my son on Zyrtec this spring for allergies and his allergies seemed much better but he did start to have more behavioral issues. I didn't make the connection to Zyrtec until we had to take him off it for a week to have allergy testing done. When we put him back on it again, he was absolutely a monster to deal with, culminating with him slugging a child several times at school (this from a boy who has no access to tv, movies, and doesn't even know what a gun is). I was so releived to find this website and realize that it might be the medicine and so angry that my pediatrician never warned me about these side effects, which they only admitted to when I called to ask. M 3.5 4 months
 2  allergies/sinuses very irritable, anxious, depressed, dry mouth(very thirsty) my boyfriend who is 33 started taking zyrtec and within a week my very caring and understanding guy became very irritated with me and he was angry about everything. he finally told me one day that he thought something was wrong, that he felt depressed and very irritable with everything- work, his daughter, me. we suspected it might be the medicine because a guy at work told him that when he took zyrtec is made him mean. needless to say i read all the other comments on this site. he quit taking it yesterday. M 33 2 weeks
 1  post nasal drip my four year old son was drowsy, coughed a lot in the morning, yelled out many times in his sleep and cried a lot during the day. The worst was he sneezed a lot and had a constant runny nose!!! Before he went on this medication, he was dry faced... Our doctor prescribed Zyrtec to my son because he cleared his throat a lot probably due to post nasal drip. He sneezed occasionally. Zyrtec has the opposite effect on him, making him sneeze a lot and exhibit a runny nose. After only two days, I am discontinuing. I'd rather have throat clearing and the other mild allergy symptoms my family experiences then put up with the side effects of this medicine. M 4 2 days
 1  allergies I am trying to take my 6 year old son off of zyrtec due to negative side effects, he has been on it for one year and every time we try to stop , he breaks out in terrrible abdominal hives and persisitent itching.It is as if his body is now dependent on it. He never experienced hives prior to the zyrtec use and I feel it is just another bad side effect we were not warned about. M 6 1 years
 4  animal and mold allergies None until I decided to try and stop using it - now my hands and feet are itching and I am scratching everywhere!! F 50 8 months
 1  Allergies We gave Zyrtec to our 3 year and she turned into a little monster, kicking and hitting. After about a month a light went on in my head, oh my god it's been about a month since we started her on Zyrtec. Thats when we looked on the net and found this site, after seeing the same stories we took her off of it and within a couple days she was a little angel again.. There should be a HUGE warning label on this stuff for children. When my daughters cute smiles and funny looks came back it brought tears to my eyes.. I would not give this to my children again if was the only thing on earth to stop their runny noses. F 3 1 months
 3  Allergies to Dust and Dust Mites Totally sleepy. Had a hard time getting up in the morning and took a two hour nap during the day. I never take naps during the day. Feel very drugged and exausted. F 27
 1  Allergiesn and Sinus Problems Utter exhaustion. Drugged feeling, always slightly dizzy. Feel disconnected from everything at times. Outbursts of anger.I first took this drug when i was 15, it worked well for awhile and i don't recall having fatigue as a side effect. I do recall a lot of anger and depression to the point where the doctor wanted to treat me for it but i didn't want to take any more pills. I thought i was depressed because of a broken ankle, not my allergy pills, maybe i was wrong. At one point after returning from a doctors visit finding my ankle was still getting worse i threw my crutch like a javilin at the wall in my house making a large hole. I never had those type of outbursts before Zyrtec. I got off zyrtec the following winter when i kept gettign sinus infections, my depression problems vanished and i was normal again. My ankle was healing and we attributed it to that. Three weeks ago i had a bad sinus infection and i was leaving to Germany and the doctor gave me augmentin and i asked for a strong allergy medicine because my pollen and grass allergies can get bad in Bavaria. I recieved Zyrtec the first couple of days i felt fine. When i arrived in Germany (4 days after starting Zyrtec) i felt REALLY jet-lagged. It never got better. I can barely get up, i feel drugged and dizzy. I went to the net to research what was up and am thanking God i found this site. Last night will be the last dose i ever take! M 18 3 weeks
 3  9 month old taking for allergies Drowsiness at first, but now seems to make her irritable/agitated. My daughter has been on Zyrtec since she was 7 months old for allergies. Nothing else would work. Benadryl caused her to break out in hives and made her wired, she's also allergic to pseudoephedrine, and Palgic doesn't seem to do anything at all. At first, it knocked her out at bedtime. She slept soundly through the night for the first few days. But since then, she goes to bed and sleeps for about an hour, and then she's up and down constantly. She also rolls and tumbles while she's sleeping. She seems so irritable and agitated. I'm glad to hear this from other mothers. I'm going to stop it to see what happens. The only bad thing is that it has actually helped her allergies and congestion. F 32 2 months
 3  congestion and headaches I have been very sleepy, I still got headaches but fewer. I still was congested even though I didn't know how much until I went for a ct scan. It showed me fully congested in all sinuses(all areas gray). I am now on strong antibiotic with saline nasal washes with afrin(5 days of afrin) and 14 days on Augmentum 1000 mg two at am and two at pm. Now I have decided to stay off of zyrtec and I have been itchy all over my body. This happened to me another time I decided to stop for two days I was itchy all over all day long. After restarting I was ok. I am not sure what happened since I've been on zyrtec for 3 years thinking it was helping me. This itchiness has never been mentioned as a side effect for stopping the zyrtec. Are there many others experiencing this. All I know is that I will never resume with zyrtec again, knowing that I will be itchy if I stop. It's not worth it. I have to find something else??? F 54 3 days
 1  mild to moderate hive on hands After one dose of zyrtec-d I felt like spiders were crawling on me. Had a massive hive outbreak all over, esp. my face and neck. Took 2 days to abate (before my hives lasted just an hour or two). Became extremely senstive to cold (fan blowing on me from car A/C caused huge mottled red rash on my arm and neck for three hours. My doctor did NOT warn me of any side affects. I'm going back to Claritin and benadryl. They didn't work perfectly, but were good enough. It's ironic that the medicine I took to stop the hives made them a hundred times worse. F 32 2 days
 1  baby measles My 2 1/2 year old son was given this medication by his Doctor for any itching that was associated with the rash he had from the baby measles (Roseola). I gave him 1/2 tsp one time. It literally turned into the devil. He screamed and cried for no reason. He had violent outbursts where he would try to hit at us. I couldn't believe that my toddler was acting like this. That this medicine could actually change his behavior in such a way the it scared the crap out of me. He would just start 'freaking out' and then he would be saying 'Hey Momma' and smile at me. Does anyone remember the 'EXORCIST'??? I do not recommend this drug for children of this age. I will stick with Benadryl. M 2 1 days
 4  Allergies The first few months I had had no side effects. I needed Zyrtec everday though for my severe allergies and it worked like a dream. However, recently I had been having violent dreams, depression, and weight gain. I have not changed my diet and I exercise for about 90 minutes a day. I am on no other medication. However the Zyrtec really does help with my allergies. F 18 1 years
 1  For allergies, hives Was taking for seasonal allergies and hives of unknown causes on my hands/wrists. After taking Zyrtec my entire body broke out in a bad case of hives. The same thing happens for me with Allegra. Now I am scared to try anything else! I used to take it and it was fabulous. Maybe something in my system changed to make me react so strongly to it? F 30 1 days
 3  hives I am always drowsy, walking around like a zombie. cannot concentrate on work. My head feels heawy and hursts. It does take away the rashes totally. How long should I take, i do not know! M 36 21 days
 3  Allergies - seasonal and pet My son (now 12) has been taking zyrtec for about 4 years. It completely took care of all of his allergies; however, he has become increasingly angry and has temper tantrums...yes, at the age of 12!!! Not a pretty sight and also happens at school. He is a gifted child and has never had any behavioral problems until being on zyrtec. We never experienced this before and I am so glad I found this site because after reading all of the comments, I see a definite common demoninator among children who take zyrtec and that is anger. I must find something else immediately. I wish I had known this BEFORE as it will be very difficlt to find a medication that will do all that zyrtec has done WITHOUT causing anger and violent behavior. M 12 4 years
 2  Allergies This medication made me so drowsy that I couldn't function during the day. I would stumble around almost in a trance. It helped my allergies to a degree, but the extreme drowsiness it causes isn't worth it. F 20 5 days
 5  Allergies Just very tired all the time. I take it at night. When I miss 2 doses I get very itchy and my hands and feet burn. It's bad enough to wake me up at night. I am trying to wean myself off of it. I'm glad to hear that others have the same effect when they stop taking it...I'm not crazy!! I'll have to clue my doctor in. F 34 2 years
 3  headaches from allergies I came to this site to see if others are having the problem that I am -- and i see that they are: very sleepy in the morning, irritable, and hungry all the time. i've gained about 5 pounds already. also, when i stopped (for the above reasons) SERIOUS allergy symptoms like i've never had before -- 3 days of sneezing, migrane headache for the first time. i'm hoping to find another drug. 6 months
 5  pet and seasonal allergies slightly dry mouth and groggy in the morning. Side effects were mild and not bad enough to stop the medicine. My son is alot more comfortable sice he has been taking it. It has not effected his personality or concentration al all. M 4 2 years