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 1  allergies My 8 year old son took Zyrtec pretty regularly for 3 years, taking breaks at times. At first it seemed wondeful, but then it built up in his system causing terrible side effects. The worst side effect being sadness and DEPRESSION. No more Zyrtec for my son. Short term it worked for the allergies, but I would NOT give it to a child long term! The side effects are worse than the allergies. F 32 3 years
 2  ragweed allergies This is my 2nd day of Zyrtec. It controls the histamine response very well, but I am having a side effect that feels pretty extreme, in that I cannot seem to concentrate, and feel dissociated from life. Sad and dull. Weird. I don't think I can keep taking this, even though the ragweed season is so bad this August. I feel too weird in my head while taking Zyrtec. Back to Claritin (OTC) which was not really keeping the allergies at bay. Dang. F 38 2 days
 2  itching and hives on face Drowsy and a I took a very low dose of the medication since I am hypersensitive to all drugs. Just a small bite out of 10mg pill made me drowsy within 20 mins. It also made me feel melancholy and F 38 1 days
 2  hives My 9-year-old daughter, who is normally the life of the party, now seems depressed. She's definitely not herself. She says she just doesn't feel right, her throat feels weird, as does her stomach. But the depression is what made me go on the computer tonight to find out more about this medication. She's been on it for 3 to 4 weeks for hives. I think she would rather have hives than feel so sad and insecure. F 9 3 weeks
 3  Food allergies Drowsiness; would be lethargic and tired the day after taking it; would always crave sugar the day after taking it Yes, it stops the itching, but the fatigue it brings on is a huge negative. It was enough to make me stop taking it altogether, and guess what happened when I did? My allergic reactions have almost disappeared completely! It's worth pondering whether those were true allergic reactions or withdrawal symptoms. F 29 5 years
 4  Hives NONE not one side effect I was amazed When I first started taking Zyrtec It was like a wonder drug. Needed only every 48 hours and would clear hives completely with in 20 min. No side effects whatís so ever. But after two summers of taking it one day it suddenly did nothing, Not sure if my body adapted to it or what but defenilty get a trial pack. You will know with in 30 minues if itís the stuff for you. I have since tried Benadryl. Which didnít do anything for me. Currently I have gone back to Zyrtec with zantac aswell. M 33 2 years
 1  9 year old daughter has allergies My daughter's mood changed drastically. She was irritable and angry to the point we thought she was depressed. She also had a rash of white bumps around her eye and cheek. After we took her off zyrtec her normal personality came right back and the bumps went away. This medicine made our daughter miserable. I think it is dangerous. F 9 4 months
 2  hives Dry mouth, sleepy, lithargic Zyrtec was prescribed for hives, but on a scale from 1 to 10, it was a 2. F 56 60 days
 1  runny nose seasonal dizziness dry mouth started to develop hives whereas before I had none I would not suggest anyone start taking this medicine unless your symtoms are severe I was prescribe zyrtec because of seasonal runny nose and tried to stop taking it and started to develop hives which forced me to continue taking it everytime I try to quit I break out in icthy hives I hate this medicine I am sleepy and out of it all the time please dont start F 40 3 years
 1  seasonal allergies I started taking zrytec and only had runny nose tried to stop after a year and experience hives which I never had before and am force to continue to take it or suffer I am in worse shape than when I started out drys out my skin and mouth and eyes quitting taking this medicine is worst than when I stopped smoking it is addictive and I was never told that F 35 4 days
 1  tree pollen allergy HIVES, ITCHY skin, mood swings, depression. I was put on Zyrtec for mild spring season tree pollen allergies and can not stop taking it...every time I try to stop Zyrtec, I break out in hives and have itchy skin all over. F 42 3 years
 4  congestion none seems to work M 43 2 years
 1  severe allergies behavioral problems, emotional numbness, could not sleep, lots of temper tantrums, did not seem to help with allergies after a certain time of day, upped the dosage and he had more unusual behaviors, speech delayed. This medicine almost ruined my child!!! For a long time I thought my child was autistic. I finally got him an appointment to get him evaluated because he more or less fit the mold of an autistic child. After a year of bad results with zyrtec, I took him off of it and within days he was a different child. He stopped all his irrational, abnormal behaviors, started sleeping and most importantly started talking and responding to life. I thought I was helping him because of his severe allergies, but instead zyrtec robbed him of a year of his life. M 4 1 years
 1  Son was taking it for allergies My son (now 6) had serious behavioral problems to the point of being suspended 15 times from kindergarten. He had always been on zyrtec since he was a baby and had behavioral problems since then also. Stopped the Zyrtec and have not had a problem since. It had gotten to the point we had him seeing a therapist, did behavioral testing etc. Then I stopped the Zyrtec and he doesn't have the problems anymore. He had a VERY bad temper, would not listen to anyone, very defiant, very hyper. I stopped the Zyrtec and there was an almost immediate change in his behavior, back to a normal rational 6 year old. M 6 4 years
 4  anaphylaxis, allergies, dermatitis Like most, I feel groggy most of the time. But it has saved my life a few times due to severe allergic reactions. The zyrtec slowed down reaction time and also gave me an opportunity to have a pet for the first time in my life. I have taken Zyrtec for five years. I have developed a rash on my fingers and feet. My doctor called it hydro----? Anyway, I stopped taking zyrtec for a few weeks and it went away. Anyone else have this reaction? F 39 5 years
 2  Sinus problems, Allergies to Dander After about the 3rd week I started to notice that it was getting harder and harder for me to stay awake. Also, I seemed to be more depresses and unmotivated. Noticed during the third week my tongue swelling. Also found that I can't focus. On the plus, I don't have major allergic reactions to dander. But found that it would be better to take benydril before going to a friends house with pets. M 30 22 days
 1  hives sleepiness,fatigue,dull,chestpain M 28 2 months
 5  SAR None Great Stuff! M 25 2 years
 5  hives none I took 1/2 of a 10mg pill each night. If I missed one day, it was okay, but the 2nd day, I needed it to prevent hives from erupting. Not taking any meds now, b/c doctor and allergist running tests to see if it's something other than allergies. F 28 20 days
 4  chronic allergies/sinusitis Extreme sleepiness during the day. The medication is more efective than Claritin or Allegra for treating my allergies, but the side effects make it impossible for me to function. I get so sleepy that I can't safely drive a car, which I need to do regularly for work. It took about two months of regular use for the drowsiness to appear. I now use the drug only on occasions when my allergies are at their worst. The drowsiness does not seem to be nearly as bad with occasional use. M 46 6 months