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 1  allergies, sinus I would strongly caution any person taking this medication to keep a running tab on your mood. While I took this drug I experienced basically constant "pms" symptoms and did not understand why until I thought to check other experienced side effects of the only medication I was taking...Zyrtec. I discovered I was not the only one who had horrifying night terrors, fits of anger and full on panic attacks for no reason, all while taking zyrtec at normal, regular doses. I was also tired basically all the time. After my research I have stopped the meds, bought a neti pot and eat local honey. No more drugs for me. I feel MUCH more in control and, funny, my allergies are better now than on the meds. Please be careful if you are giving this to your little ones! All though it did help my allergies a LITTLE, it was not worth the horrible side effects of depression, anxiety and night terrors :( F 26 6 years
10mg 1X D
 1  Allergies I started taking Zyrtec for allergies and it stopped my blocked nose and sneezing quite well. I could not pin point why throughout the week I was angry and irritable for no reason. I woke from first thing in the morning irritable and I was on holidays. I can only describe the symptoms as similar to PMS. On the two morning that I did not take the medication I felt my normal self again but when I took the product at night before bed again I woke just about ready to throttle anyone who spoke to me. I am really disappointed that I was not warned about this type of side effect, consumers have the right to know the severity of such things. This should not be sold over the counter!!!!! I would rather have a blocked nose than feel irritable and angry all day and everyday I took it. F 29 7 days
5mg 2X D
 1  Hayfever, sinus allergies My daughter (age 4 when she started Zyrtec, now age 6) over time has been exhibiting increasing anxiety and nervousness. She always says she has "bad thoughts." She has lots of fears. Cries because she does not want to go to school, constantly checks her pulse to make sure her heart is still beating, expresses fears that she'll stop breathing in her sleep. We took her to a counselor and in the first few minutes of our initial visit she informed us that Zyrtec can be a cause for anxiety and depression. We were shocked! We have stopped her Zyrtec now and are hoping that her anxiety will begin to get better. It breaks my heart to see my baby like she is. Doctors should never prescribe this to children. They do not know how to cope with these side effects. F 6 2 years
1 tsp. 1X D
 1  doctor insisted I use it No side effects Another case of the doctor insisting I use something I have used before, even though I had had no previous luck with the product. Do doctors get kickbacks, or are they just arrogant? If I go to a shoe salesman and tell the clerk I can't wear a size 3 shoe, it's not like they take me to the aisle with size 3 three shoes and try to cram them on my feet. What gives with doctors that they take feedback with a grain of salt? F 42 7 days
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 1   My 8 year old daughter became severely depressed on this medication. She could not stop crying, could not think of anything happy, and wanted to quit school because she was too afraid to walk out our front door. She is normally full of life and love, but described her heart on this med: "when I normally look through my heart everything is happy, but lately when I looked through my heart, everything was black". We thought she was going crazy and I cried at the loss of my sweet child, but then sat up in bed in the midst of this and realized the only thing different in our lives was the fact that she had started taking this med. When I did an internet search and discovered similiar anecdoes here, I was saddened for this drug's affect on many other children, but at peace because we found out what was wrong with my child. F 8 7 days
10 mg 1X D
 1  Allergies Extreme abdominal pain & constipation, urination problems, heart palpitations, anxiety, depression, cold/numb hands and feet, red/irritated/puffy eyes, insomnia, anger/rage and mood swings. Allergies are a problem for me in the spring & late fall in Oklahoma. I felt great this summer and when October came the allergies hit like clockwork. The first few weeks went by seemingly uneventful and about the last of Oct I noticed I had no zest for life anymore. Anxiety and depression had set in on me and I was not even aware of it. I did not want to go anywhere, do anything or be around people. I am restoring an old car and up until late October this was my passion and I had no desire at all to continue working on my car. I also noticed that I hurt all over my body...muscle pain, joint pain, cold hands and feet. I also noticed that I would snap at my wife and kids for the smallest things and at the time I felt this was warranted. Rage was a problem as well. I had difficulty urinating and would spend what seemed like an hour for a process that usually takes 10-15 seconds. While zyrtec did control some very bad allergy symptoms for me I have decided that the allergy problems are nowhere near as bad as the side effects caused by zyrtec. As I look back over the last 2 years of my life I can clearly see the problems I had and were all due to zyrtec. I'll never take this med again. M 48 2 years
10mg 1X D
 1  common allergies: dust, pollen, etc It relieved my runny nose, sneezing, and itchy eyes all of my life. When I would miss a dose I would feel itchy all over and we believed it was just my allergies surfacing so I would take my medicine and feel better. I was at a 5mg dose for the first few years and then bumped it up to 10mg. Once, when I was about 14, I was on vacation for a few days and realized I forgot my medicine at home but figured it shouldn't be the end of the world and that I would be home soon enough. Instead, after a few days without zyrtec, I woke up in the middle of the night with a terrible headache and nausea. Of course these withdrawal syptoms were on top of the unbearable itching that feel like bugs under my skin accompanied with scratching that leads to my dermatographism making my body one giant welt. Anyway, I took some tylenol for the headache and bought some zyrtec the next morning and felt fine. I officially started my final withdrawal a week ago and if my nose is runny I take a claritin. There is nothing that will surpress the itching which is the worst part. I have found that the key to making it so long is resisting the urge to scratch. Once you start scratching its all over. Previously, 3 days has been my longest time without giving in. Staying active and busy helps take your mind off the scratching and benadryl is a good way to knock yourself out when its unbearable. And if you start itching, rub an ice cube on the area or take an ice bath or cold shower. Good luck to everyone like F 19 10 years
10 mg
 1  illness strange coughing episode(s) that resulting in passing out I'm commenting for my husband. He's been sick & the Dr prescribed this, generic, (along with other meds.) He noticed that, shortly after taking this (each night), he began to have 'odd' coughing episodes where he could not catch his breath. Last night was the worst. He was lying back on the sofa and after the coughing started, his hands shook, the back of his head got numb & tingly and he believes he actually passed out. I remembered this site & after reading comments to him, he will not take it again! Scary experience. Thanks to everyone who comments here. F 38 4 days
10mg 1X D
 1  Allergies Rage, depression, suicidal thoughts, aggressiveness. I thought I was going insane and almost checked in to the hospital. F 25 4 months
1 pill
 2  Sinusitis Helped a bit with my congestion but VERY tired and low on energy. F 35 3 days
 4  Severe allergies Zyrtec immediately helped my stuffy nose and sneezing. However, I am constantly lethargic. I could fall asleep at any moment during the day, even at stop lights. Also, I never had nightmares before Zyrtec and now I have nightmares every night. I also feel like a zombie and I have moments of depression and anxiety. F 40 14 days
10 MG 1X D
 3  Pet and seasonal allergies Brain fog, some fatigue, irritability Been on generic Zyrtec daily for about two weeks now, decided to replace Allegra-D with this after Allegra went OTC and became far too expensive for me to justify. Zyrtec works much better on my allergies than Allegra ever did, but this improvement has come with some unpleasant side-effects. Most notably I feel like I'm in a "brain fog" much of the time, often feel lethargic and disinterested as well. This in turn makes me kinda crabby, which is not my usual style. Friends, family, and coworkers are always asking why I look so tired and I sheepishly explain that it's my new allergy meds - hopefully they don't think I'm trying to explain away a drug problem of some kind. My dad's a PA and says my body should adjust eventually to minimize the side-effects, but there's also a chance it won't... we'll see. All I know is that it's great to be able to be around my own dog without feeling like someone threw sand in my eyes and throat - that alone makes it worth the "price of admission." Hopefully I'll adjust to shake the fog and things will be even better. M 29 14 days
10mg 1X D
 1  Hives Didn't realize they wew side effects until I went off it for allergy testing. Lethargy, weight gain, bloating, aches all over, reduced libido. I am in day 4 of withdrawal and it is so severe I cannot even begin to express. As someone with lifetime itching...hives..excema I have never had anything like this. Everywhere..not hives or excema but this horrible internal itch. Scalp, face, lips, down throat, ears, down yonder, hands and feet terribly and then spreading everywhere else. When I finally went online there are thousands and thousands of blogs by people saying the same thing. They say they can't get off it and many resume due to the extreme discomfort. Some say it takes weeks or months to withdraw. But only 4 days in and going absolutely nuts I can say that the bloating has stopped..the aches are gone!!! I have been like a 90 year old progressively over the last 2 years and the weight is dropping off although my diet is the same Be warned...don't start the symptoms show up later and then the withdrawal is....... F 45 2 years
1X D
 2  Hay fever loss of smell, decreased effectiveness over time. Rebound effect when discontinued Worked well for a few months, then decreased in effectiveness. When I stopped taking it, I had a terrible rebound effect for a few days, but after about a week I was okay. I realized later that my allergies off the medication are no worse then when it stopped being effective. Maybe I should only take it for acute symptoms. Also, realized after a couple of weeks that my sense smell is coming back. Had not realized it was gone until I started smelling again. That may explain me being heavy-handed with my seasonings when I cooked the last few months. F 37 6 months
10 mg 1X D
 1  Allergies F 22 10 years
10-15 MG 1X D
 1  Seasonal allergies Extreme depression/anxiety, sadness, constant pulsing migrant that would not go away with any medication, eye pain/dryness, blurry vision, dry mouth, scarre to drive, gained 10 lbs in a week, muscle pains, very drowsy and just wanted to be asleep, weird ugly thoughrd of dying driving over the bridge, outrages bursts of anger towards my family and others, could not stand the site of others, everything and anything would tick me off and I would really blowup, anxious, constipation, drained out, no energy at all, its hard to say but I told my husband I just wanted to leave them all and I wanted to die I didn't know why I felt so much hate and anger to everything.around me Omnia sorry everyone.and ringtone I've been giving this medication to my children forbears that explains there side effects, I will throw away the zyrtec and never take this poisonous drug or give it to your children, uninstall waiting for my headache to go away. Thank you for this website it explains slot. 29 3 weeks
 3  Skin irritation(itchy),running nose I noticed that my skin is getting dryer and dryer... My skin(feet) almost crack after taken for 3 days. I found horrible rating at this website. Therefore, I decided to try to avoid taking this pills if not necessary. I feel so sorry to my kid, I gave him zyrtec(syrup) when he was about 2 years old. I didn't notice the side effect on him at that time... Now I realized this med is not as good as I thought.... Yet the doctor told me that I could give him zyrtec throughout a year.... I was harming my son... F 29
1 pill 1X D
 4  Dermatographism I experienced fatigue when I first started taking it, so switched dosage to bed time. Sleep like a baby with this stuff but getting up can be very hard. I have to say that zyrtec has worked wonders for my dermatographism. I very rarely get itchy, and if I do, scratching only results in redness and not hives. However, I recently decided to try to come off of zyrtec to see if diet changes (removing gluten and dairy for a few weeks) would help the dermatographism. I have trouble believing that taking a drug for so long can be good for you. Anyways, so far (after only 3 days!), I have a ton more energy especially in the mornings, but my skin is borderline unbearable. I'm a little worried I won't be able to tell between itching from my actual dermatographism and any possible withdrawal symptoms from the zyrtec. The next few weeks should be interesting, but I'm determined to stay off this stuff! For anybody with dermatographism: Aloe and an ice cube work wonders for the bad flareups. F 25 5 years
10 mg 1X D
 1  Cat allergies Sudden asthma attacks. No history of asthma. Constant sinus congestion. Tired, run down, feeling withdrawn and no desire to participate in outdoor activities I used to love. Irritable, mood swings, and general malaise. I started taking Zyrtec (begrudingly, as I hate taking ANY medication) to control cat allergies. Only take it when symptoms begin to show which is about 1/2 pill 2-3 times or less per week. About 2 months ago I began having sporadic asthma attacks, usually at night, lasting for anywhere from 30 minutes to several hours and occasionally wake up in the morning with asthma symptoms persisting. Now I'm getting asthma attacks during physical exertion (I'm an avid hiker) and can no longer enjoy this activity because it's so taxing. This is why I hate medication. Going off it and never taking anything again!! F 34 3 months
5mg 2X W
 1  Allergis HORRIBLE attitude, tired, drowsey, ancious, weight gain, snappy, rude, stuffed up nose, dry nose, headache. M 50 14 days
10 1X D