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 1  possible allergies/asthma This drug affected my 4 year old son's sleeping and waking hours. He had five or six night terrors that he could not wake from every night. His behavior changed during the day, from a sweet mild mannered boy to a hyper, manic, agressive and angry preschooler. I came here and read all of the same side effects that other children were having and I stopped giving him Zyrtec. This upset our family so much that I wrote a blog about it: http://raisingcalifornia.blogspot.com/2009/10/zyrtec-is-evil.html Don't give this to your children! M 4 6 weeks
 1  Year round allergies depression, bad body aches, exhaustion, mood swings I took Zyrtec for approximately 10 years and it really helped my allergies, last year I started to have terrible body aches, mood swings and exhaustion so that I didnt feel good at all. I saw the docter on several occasions thinking that maybe I was having thyroid issues or possibly starting to have diabetes issues since it runs in my family, the doctor could not find anything wrong with me. I started losing my hair and a friend told me to look up Zyrtec and hair loss on line I did and found this site. I quit taking Zyrtec and have been off it now for about 4 weeks and immediatly the cloud lifted! I feel great no more body aches, exhaustion or mood swings! I did have a period where I had alot of itching but that went away. The hair loss was not due to the Zyrtec. I was tested for allergies and I do have severe allergies so the nurse gave my another allergy medicine Xyzal which is pretty much the same thing as Zyrtec and immediately the exhaustion was back, I was yelling at the kids and felt horrible. I am looking into other alternatives now for the allergies. I will not take this drug again. F 45 10 years
 2  dust/pollen allergies Uncontrollable itching for days after stopping zyrtec. Don't quit abruptly. If you do, you may have uncontrollable itching all over your body. If that is the case, you have two options: 1) take a half dose of zyrtec for about 10 days. Or better yet, 2) take claritin for about 10 days to relieve the itching. Most people can then quit taking the claritin with no side effects. M 30 6 months
 2  Allergies It helped with my allergies such as the drainage, the runny nose, the itchy eyes, but it made me extremely drowsy. So much so it worried my coworkers that something was wrong with me when I passed out in front of my computer. I even dozed off while standing. That amount of drowsiness can be dangerous and it didn't even show up until about a week after taking the Zyrtec. The day I stopped taking it, there was an immediate difference in how drowsy I felt. I even switched between taking it in the morning to taking it at night with no difference except that taking it at night made it really difficult for me to wake up in the morning. Beware of extreme drowsiness F 21 10 days
 3  Seasonal Allergies/ Skin issues Our 4 year old son has been on and off Zyrtec for two years. We are just now connecting behavior, mood, and aggression to Zyrtec. We thought that his behavior was due to being 3 (an age we have found to be very difficult in boys). Our son has had sleep issues since he has been out of a crib and severe behavioral issues for the last year and a half. I have actually talked to the Pediatrician about his behavior and have even considered looking into therapy. Our son has been extremely tough to deal with, very strong-willed, emotional, and aggressive at times. We recently took him off Zyrtec for three weeks and noticed a definite change in behavior. Our "melancholy" kid was happy, fun, goofy, social, and a joy to be around. We didn't connect the Zyrtec and put him back on it after a visit with the Allergist. He has been on the full teaspoon for 2 weeks now and we have had rages, crying, out-of-control behavior. He will no longer be taking Zyrtec after tonight. He does Don't put your kids on it! It's not worth it!!! M 4 2 years
 2  Allergy drainage I took my first dose of Zyrtec-D and felt sleepy, but my symptoms were gone. Felt no different than taking Benadryl. Then, I made the mistake of taking one before bed. I also took this dose two hours before the last dosage was supposed to wear off, accidentally, since I was immediately going to bed. About an hour after taking the second dose, I started having chills and shakes. I couldn't get to sleep, either. Whenever I did doze off, I immediately went into strange, graphic dreams. Not nightmares, but just straight-up disturbing strangeness. When my alarm clock went off, I woke up to my heart racing. I even had mild chest pain and dizziness I was terrified that I was having a heart attack. Fortunately, the pain and palpitations faded within an hour. For the rest of the day, I was tired and depressed. I would much rather take Benadryl than take this, since I know it's at least a bit safer. Zyrtec should still be prescription only, in my opinion, due to the very strange side effects. M 19 2 days
 1  Seasonal Allergies My 8-year old daughter took it for terrible allergy symptoms during July '09. She bacame anxious and said "I don't feel right in my body". She wouldn't sleep alone -- she made a "nest" on the floor in my room and wanted a big light on, not just a nightlight. A friend at work told me about the side effects recently and that was when I realized my daughter had the personality problems during that period. Her behavior is back to what it was. F 8 15 days
 1  allergies Ran out of my usual Nasacort and took Zyrtec for 3 days while waiting for a refill of the Nasacort. Did not put the symptoms together with the Zyrtec use at first, but symptoms started to clear up as soon as the last dose started to wear off. Experienced extreme fatigue, overall achy feeling with no specific spot that hurt, severe mood change - depression, anger. Never experienced such feelings before, or since. Decided it's much better to deal with the allergies for a few days while waiting for the refill rather than continue the zyrtec. F 41 3 days
 2  allergies The very first pill I took I didn't sleep. I thought it was just because it was new. Less than 12 hours later I found myself yellng at my children and telling them to stay as far away from me as possible. I was angry all day, for no reason. Then when I took the 2nd dose (12 hours later) I got a severe headache and decided to google Zyrtec side effects. I cannot believe my doctor recommended this! Now I know why my husband is always grouchy! F 28 1 days
 3  pet dander, seasonal, sinus I took my first dose Saturday, 2 days ago, and am struggling with whether I should take another dose. As my symptoms go, I have been feeling almost allergy free since Sunday morning. But I cannot come to grips with my emotions. I feel spaced out, disoriented, and extremely tired all while simultaneously feeling alert, sharp and clear minded. It is like I am living in a bubble. And I dont think I have really slept since taking this, since I seem to have been "awake" while dreaming the most bizarre and graphic dreams. I have even yelled out in my "sleep" . Very unusual. I go from being happy to outraged in one minute, over the most simple things. This medicine has somehow made me feel really smart and energetic but has also dulled my senses. I cannot smell anything and feel just strange altogether. I do not think I will take it again. Being this aware of myself will drive me into the ground. F 41 2 days
 3  sinus problems caused by allergies crazy and bizzare dreams and unrestful sleep which caused waking up and feeling like I'd been drugged which all led to being exhaused all the time. I only gave a rating of 3 because it has helped my sinus problems/allergies; however, I can't handle the craziest dreams I have ever had in my life. I spend all my time asleep with my thoughts/dreams going at lightening speed all night; the dreams are all scattered snipits and don't make sense at all. Not to mention, they are dreams that have an underlying constant feeling of panic and stress. I think I would rather of sinus headaches. I have always slept very well and rarely dreamed - this pill will age me in no time flat. F 44 1 months
 5  seasonal allergies no side effects. controls allergies without making me drowsy. F 45 4 years
 1  allergies About an hour after taking noticed EXTREME fatigue. Allergy symptoms same. F 49 1 days
 2  seasonal allergies It did help my seasonal allergy symptoms; however, the side effects were not worth it...at all. I became tired, achey, and extremely irritable after just one dose. My husband, and two teenagers have begged me to never take it again. consider the side effects, seriously before taking Zyrtec. F 39 2 days
 3  Allergies OMG. My 10 year old son has had a complete personality change after 4 weeks on Zyrtec. I just googled "Zyrtec irritabiity" and found this site. Thank you. I ordered child behavior books this afternoon because his anger is through the roof. He will never take another one! M 10 4 weeks
 1  eczema, allergies my daughter is four years old and the zyrtec side effects were just terrible. She was acting out of control and very difficult to say the least. She was very aggressive at preschool and that was a direct result of this drug as she has had no problems in the past. This was recommended to us to use by a dermatologist, but I would not recommend it AT ALL for children's use!!!!!!!!!!! F 40 5 days
 3  allergy insomnia x10, energy, motivation I'm in college, recently they were cutting down a forest behind my house. I would sleep with the windows open with a fan sucking air into my room. allergies went through the roof. started taking ZYRTEC. First day I could not fall asleep at night, didnt know if this was drug related or another source. finally after laying in bed for 5 hours I was able to fall asleep. Second try. Today. cleared up my allergies but it is now 4:30am with 2 exams tomorrow and no matter what I try I cannot fall asleep. Im wide awake ready to run a marathon. P.S. im only running on 12 hours of sleep over 2days, I would think my body wants to get a good nights sleep. M 22 2 days
 2  allergies I become so irritable and angry about 12 hours after taking this drug. I frequently am in dire need of an antihistamine and all my physicians recommend zyrtec over the others. But I have a 2 yo son that tries my patience enough; at least now I know that these feelings are irrational side effects rather than a legitimate existential crisis. I have never, fortunately, taken it for an extended period of time, only 2-3 doses max. But consistently I have this irritability 12 hours in. F 38 2 years
 1  Allergy induced asthma moodiness, depression, irritable This drug is TERRIBLE! I can't believe it's sold over the counter. After just 5 days, I was so depressed, I could barely concentrate at home and work. Find another way to treat your allergies! F 45 5 days
 5  Chronic urticaria no side effects Zyrtec controls my hives along with Allegra without making my heart race. F 58 5 years