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 1  allergies The first several weeks, I felt great. Helped with allergies, and I had a ton of energy and motivation. Around week 4, I started experiencing extreme anxiety, depression, rage, hopelessness, sleeplessness, paranoia, and suicidal thoughts -- all of which steadily increased. It scared the crap out of me. I thought I was losing my mind. I gained 10 pounds over the 6 months I took Zyrtec. It also affected my bladder: I didn't sleep for literally nights on end, because every time I'd lie down, I'd feel my bladder spasming and would suddenly have to urinate VERY badly. I'd go, and it was as though I'd just chugged 8 glasses of water. I'd get back in bed, and two minutes later, the same thing, and this lasted ALL NIGHT. I have no idea how I could produce that much urine (sorry, this is gross), but it was clearly abnormal.It stopped as soon as I stopped taking Zyrtec. I can't believe this drug is sold over the counter. In 2006, my doc put me on it, 1 tablet a day, because I have a history of seasonal and food allergies. After 6 months of taking it, I was trying to figure out what changed in my life when I started having the severe depression, suicidal thoughts, bladder issues, etc., and in an epiphany moment, I realized it all began when I started taking Zyrtec. I immediately saw my doc and told her what had been going on. She confirmed that some people react very badly to this drug and told me to stop taking it. I did, cold turkey, and immediately went into a severe withdrawal that lasted for 3 weeks: I got an itchy rash all over my arms, I had a headache like nobody's business that lasted for 10 days, my muscles were sore -- but within 2 days, my mental state improved drastically. The longer I was off this drug, the better I felt, and I started to immediately drop the weight I'd gained. If you take this drug, PLEASE monitor your mental state and stop taking it right away if your behavior changes for the negative, you become depressed, suicidal, etc. Some seasonal allergies can be greatly helped by changes to one's diet, so look into that as an alternative. Don't give this to child or anyone else who isn't able to articulate potential side effects. Please, please be careful. This is a very dangerous, toxic drug. F 34 6 months
 1  allergy induced asthma My 4 yr old daughter has experienced similar behavioral problems for the past year. I thought was due to an extensive remodel where I was away from her, a move and my return to work. Initially her behavioral issues presented themselves in stores and at ballet and tumbling classes with either all over the place and not listening behavior to spaciness. Behavior has escalated to rage and physical hitting directed at me, defiance, not listening. My husband and I traced back our last year and thought she may have a hearing issue but after reading all of these comments, the zrytec is going in the trash for both of my daughter and I. I have been on zrytec since April and I have experienced the sluggishness, weight gain, head in a vacumn, heart palpatations, anxiety attacks and rage. I also have been less patient with my daughter and husband which was a toxic combination for my daughter and I since we both experienced behavior changes. Thank goodness for this site. Side Bar about Alleg F 40
 1  Allergies Severe Itching, Sneezing, Runny nose, Headache, Insomnia I have taken Zyrtec for about 10 years. Suffered from severe depression and anxiety. At the suggestion of my therapist I went off cold turkey. She feels that the Zyrtec along with Singulair may be causing the Depression, Anxiety and weight gain. F 42 10 years
 1  Allergies My 8 yo daughter took Zyrtec once, ONCE and FAINTED at school the next day. A whole 5 mg of the stuff did it!! It was very unsettling to receive a call at work from the school nurse saying your daughter has fainted. She was eating cheese sticks for lunch and fell back as she lost consciousness. School staff were concerned she could have choked on food parts in her mouth or throat. The sad part of it all (as if the fainting was not enough) is the only reason we gave her Zyrtec was because the local pharmacy didn't have Benadryl strips when I went out on Sunday night to buy some. I'm back w/Benadryl. And will look into natural remedies as well. Am now further convinced the FDA is really not on the ball, big pharma is out for profits ONLY. F 8 1 days
 1  seasonal allergies I took Zyrtec two years ago when it was still being prescribed by doctors, and it seemed to help. I did take it after I got a steroid pack to calm my symptoms down. I stated taking it this year. I've been taking it for about 3 months now. Two weeks ago I felt very dizzy and actually had to cancel a trip because of it. I thought I took two pill within a few hours, I couldnt remember. Since then I've been being very careful, and I woke up yesterday feeling very dizzy and nauseous. I know it wasn't because I took too much. This scares me and after reading all of this, I am not taking it anymore, I didn't take it yesterday and I would NOT recommend this. I have never felt this kind of dizziness before. I also felt very tired lately and thought it was just my allergies, but it might be the medicine. I am curious to see how I feel after a few weeks without being on it. F 24 3 months
 1  allergies our son became irritable, moody, aggressive & had trouble sleeping thru the night. a relative suggested I google side effects of Zyrtec on the chance this drug could be the cause of negative behavior in my son. Found this website & several others that made me discontinue Zyrtec. Literally, behavior improved overnight. Our son is much more compliant, sleeps great, generally happy & pleasant. I feel like my family has peace again !
 1  environmental allergies, ASTHMA My son's behavior over the last 2 years have been worrisome to say the least...to the point that we have scheduled appts with child therapist. It is like he is constantly surrounded by a bubble of negative energy..moody, slight OCD, anxiety, facial ticks, etc. We constantly try to keep positive energy around him..He has had thoughts to hurt him self. A friend of mine who I totally respect and is very "science oriented" she would never rely on blogs..told me about her son who was on zyrtec and she took him off of it because of the behavioral changes he has experienced. it got me thinking. I was reading all of these blogs and felt like I could have written any of them. I plan to start to wean my son of Zyrtec immediately!!!! M 8 2 years
 1  seasonal allergies heart racing, trouble breathing, severe anxiety, irrational thoughts, severe depression, low self esteem... This is by far the most horrible drug EVER created!I'm so sad that I'm just now putting two and two together!My son has seasonal allergies so I've given him zyrtec for 2 weeks now. He approached me yesterday and told me that he needed to talk to me about something.I could see the concern in his eyes. He told me that he was afraid of me not loving him anymore if he told me these things. He told me that he was having very bad thoughts of hurting his family.I was needless to say shocked considering that he's the sweetest kid I know. He had also been complaining for several days about his "heart" hurting, and shallow breathing. he kept describing this weird feeling in his head,described it as a feeling of intense pressure. I spent the whole day with him trying to put possitive thoughts in his head. yesterday his allergies were bad,and just as I was about to reach for the zyrtec a little light went off. I looked up this drug and it's possible side effects. I'm so blessed that I found this website.I'm also so angry that so many of you had similar stories! The sad thing about this drug is that it is highly reccommended by so many Doctors!I would NEVER reccommend this to anyone! M 12 2 weeks
 2  allergies, including scratching Took it once and had a very weird dream. It didn't help alleviate general allergy symptoms of rash & scratching, and didn't help even with oral allergies as much as other antihistamines do. Won't take it again. Somehow I don't buy the fact that the medicine doesn't cross the blood-brain barrier. I mean this was tested on mice, maybe human blood-brain interaction is different. If people have weird dreams after taking this, it's gotta be brain, what else can it be:-) M 23 1 days
 5   I have suffered from seasonal allergies my entire life. I felt like I finally found a cure when I started taking Zytrec D. It was wonderful! HOWEVER, when I stopped taking the drug after allergy season, I had mind-numbing headaches, couldn't concentrate, severe panic attacks, beyond tired (and then, as if it was torture, insomnia at night), vivid dreams, no appetite, numbness, shallow breathing -- I am 24 years old and I feel like I have no energy!!!! This withdrawal is killing me! I have stopped taking Zytrec D for over two weeks and I am still experiencing these symptoms. Please --- how much longer will this last??? I have been taking vitamin and herb supplements to help heal, but nothing is working! HELP! F 24 1 months
 1  ALLERGY SLEEPY SLEEPY SLEEPY! This thing makes you SLEEEPPYYYYYYY!!!!! M 29 2 days
 4  Allergies No side effects that I have detected. Have not had some of the complaint posted by others. Before taking Zyrtec my days AND nights would be absolutely miserable. I've tried other allergy medicines and they either didn't work very long or really numbed my mind. I do not have this problem with Zyrtec. I can smell, my nose isn't completely opened but I don't sneeze (or very rarely) anymore - which was my biggest problem before (the sneezing was so bad, I couldn't sleep at all). I think my allergies are from pets (cat) and dust. M 43 1 years
 1  Allergies Social withdrawal, sluggishness, sleeping for very long periods of time and having trouble waking up even after 12 hours of sleep and nosebleeds. I started giving this to my son when prescribed many years ago. I didn't give it to him for extended periods of time so I did't put two and two together until my husband started taking it and exhibiting strange behaviors himself that I had never seen him do before. My husband began having chest pains, heart palpatations, sluggishness, depressing, an unwillingness to join in family activities, and he was tired all of the time. My son would have some of those symtoms and also nosebleeds. We began researching the side effects of this and realized that it was this drug causing it. My son informed me that every nosebleed he has had was when he was taking the Zyrtec. I thought about it and he was right. He has also used nasal sprays and his peditrician and I thought that was causing the nosebleeds, but he wasn't using it this time. I abruptly threw this drug away and the nosebleeds have stopped and my husband is now going through withdrawal symptoms (he was using it on a daily basis and had been for almost a year). I wouldn't ever use this drug or recommend it to anyone. F 42
 1  Indoor/Outdoor Allergies Drowsiness, Mood Swings, Sweating, Depression, Weight Gain, anxiety. After reading postings on Zyrtec, I just cannot believe how similar my "problems" were to everyone else's. I quit taking it 3 days ago and decided to see if I was crazy or not because I feel so much more like myself again. I am not crazy!!!! I thought that I was a bipolar, fat lazy person and was ready to go to psychiatrist. I have had problems concentrating at my job. I have been on antidepressants a couple of years ago. I have put on weight. I didn't care about my house, etc. My doctor recently had me go get bloodwork to check my Thyroid because of weight gain (Which came back as normal) and the inability to lose weight. I will suffer with allergies. Does anyone know how to get rid of the itching? Even though others are suffering on this drug or have suffered, I was almost relieved that I was feeling the same way. I will never take this drug again. Please stop taking it too. These side effects are horendous. F 48 4.5 years
 1  hayfever I took only 5 doses in March 2009, it cleared up my runny nose and I could breath again. BUT I lost my complete sense of smell! I can't smell at all and I use to have a very good sense of smell. Now days I might get a small whiff of something but it's very rare. I had never taken this medicine before, this was my first and last time. I want my sense of smell back so bad. F 53 5 days
 2  Allergies and Asthma My 12 year-old daughter has been taking zyrtec off and on for 6 months. She is a lovable, creative kid who gets along well with others. She was having some trouble with her asthma this summer and having a feeling that she was not getting enough air in. We've had two episodes this summer where her anxiety was so bad she was in an uncontrolable state of crying and fear. She felt like she was going to die and wanted to go to the hospital. She's experienced feelings of despair and anxiety that I can't help her come out of. She's become constantly afraid and worried about dying. Not her usual Shirley Temple self. I'm taking her off zyrtec forever. I think it has really produced all of her anxiety. Many thanks to all who have posted their stories. F 12 6 months
 2  Allergies Anxiety, anti social, general sad feelings. Had been taking this stuff for 5 years and it is now after reading your comments I can put 2 and 2 together. I though I had a disorder and I was gradually getting more anti social and anxious. This stuff is no good and its like a weigh is off my chest now. Havnt really experenced withdrawal except itchy but i'll get off this rubbish reguardless. M 26 5 years
 2  seasonal allergies irritability,"spaciness", lowered social interaction. my 7 year old daughter experiences seasonal allergies and i gave her this based on rave reviews from friends. since beginning it 4 days ago she has dark circles under her eyes, is spacey and doesn't respond, and is irritable. i am weary of stopping though, because these are also common symptoms of severe ALLERGIES IN CHILDREN. so...? M 35
 1  itching/allergies although the zyrtec did control the itching at night, my daughter complained about feeling 'not real', pretend like in a story. She said she felt like she had water in her ears; a stuffy feeling that comes & goes. She said it started around the time 1st grade began. I connected that was when she started taking zyrtec as prescribed by her PCP. we stopped the zyrtec and after 3 days, she said she said she was feeling more real! I definitely believe it was the zyrtec, especially after reading this database. I was actually looking for a psychiatrist thinking she had a mental health issue. We're turning to homeopath treatments to relieve her allergies now. F 7 10 months
 1  For allergies This seemed to work fine but I always had a running nose. I decided to stop taking Zyrtec and the side effects were horrible. I was getting heart palpitations, depression and a feeling like I was going to die. I felt anxious and very tired. I had to go back taking it again. A week ago, I started taking 1/2 a pill everyday and only had slight side effects. Slight heart palputations and no feeling of depression. In a few days I am going to skip a day until I no longer have this poison in my system. Don't ever start taking this medication. It messes you up and it takes away a part of you life. I rather suffer with allergies than to go through these symptoms again. F 56 5 months