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 1  Pollen allergy (grass) Depression, Anxiety, Adnormal/Difficulty thinking, Nervousness, Nose bleeding, drowsiness. I had never experienced any very positive effects from this drug. I can't recommend it, really. M 3 months
 1  Chronic Sinus Infections Irritability, crying, sour throat, tiredness When we tryed taking her off, our normally well focused child has problems following directions, focusing, itching and stomach pain. None of these problems existed prior to medication. She was originally seen for sleep apnea type symptoms and chronic sinus infections. If we use this drug in combination with Singular, the sleep apnea type syptoms seem to go away, but I wonder if their masking it because their making her sooo tired. I did sleep with her one night and she still had irregular breathing during sleep after taking just zyrtec. When we initially went to our Dr. about our daughter (she was 3 1/2) waking at night saying she couldn't breath and having constant sinus infections, we were sent to a ENT that said there was nothing wrong with her. We insisted something was wrong, her beathing was irregular at night. Our Ped. referred us to an allergist who put her on Zyrtec and when that wasn't enough, he put her on Singular as well. I hated the way she seemed like she was a zombie, so we just put her on nasal spray. We finally took her off everything and she experienced extreme itching in her ears and stomach pain. I agree that this drug is addicting, I put her back on and her itching and stomach pain stopped. After reading all these notes, I am t F 7 2 years
 2  hay-allergies mood has changed into very depressive but works for allergies F 37 20 days
 5  Allergies and sinusitis My daughter is taking it since a month ago and we have not noticed any wrong side effects, we are giving her the mexican equivalent (called Virlix). I am assuming that the problem of the side effects others are expiriencing could be residing in the formula of Zyrtec. She has been previously on Clarytin, Benadryl, etc. and none has helped her as this one... Maybe if you could get the Mexican variation of the same drug you could give a try, there is no need a prescription to buy it there... best wishes to you all. F 3 1 months
 1  allergies Fatigue, tiredness, overeating, stomach aches. Took zyrtec for 7 days - only took 5 mg (1/2 a pill) at night before bed. Was tired, sleepy, fatigued the entire time. Also over-ate. When stopped taking Zyrtec, felt nauseated and had sinus headache. Tried Claritin as well, but it made me feel very jumpy and had hard time sleeping. F 29 7 days
 3  seasonal allergies very real, anxiety-causing dreams just prior to waking up in the morning--not fun! While it was an effective antihistamine, I had to stop taking it after several weeks due to the anxious-dreams side effect. Also, as with all antihistamines and nasal steroids I've tried, Zyrtec caused me to eat more. I couldn't put food down, even when I figured I was full. F 44 8 weeks
 3  allergies, asthma Severe tiredness...falling asleep at work at my desk, unable to concentrate, making tons of mistakes and errors at work, forgetful, generally confused, weight gain, stuffy nose, dried blood coming out of my nose. I was so tired and didn't put 2 & 2 together until I read comments on this website. I slept from 4:30 pm until 9:00 am the next morning without waking up... called in sick to work... too tired to make it in... too tired to exercise. M 48 1 months
 2  hives I felt so drugged i could not even function. Still feeling the effects 24hrs. later. Did take care of hives F 50 1 days
 5  Severe Allergies I have had a few of the symptoms but never connected the two. Heart palpatations when under alot of stress, some hair loss, but since on multivitamins and DanActive has restored new hair growth, some vision blurring on and off, can not take at bedtime because I don't sleep well, take in morning with my tea to prevent sleepiness - no other caffiene drinks during the day or night consumed, only water, milk and juices. Been on zyrtec for about five years and during these past few years I have been able to eat foods I have been severely allergic to in strides. I DO NOT recommend anyone doing this without the consult of your doctor, my family says I am playing russian roulette here. I am free of any allegy affects of all kinds. I also exercise running, jump on trampoline and swim. I also use flonase nasil spray sometimes before I fly for my ears and when I think the zyrtec is not effective enough (very few days of this occurrance - three times a year average). I am sure not everyone can have the pleasure of zyrtec working for them - but from what I read it seems to help the majority. It could be possible the side effects are allegic reations to the medicine. Not all allegies are hives, eye & nose watery and ichy and shortness of breath, it could be vomiting, lethargy and bowel problems (IBS symptoms)as well. I have experienced this from food allergies on many occassions. F 45 5 years
 5  severe chronic hives I was asked by a doctor to take 10mg in am and 10mg in pm. As far as I know I had no side effects. I am currently looking into racing heart, however I believe mixing herbs with the zyrtec may have caused the problem with the racing heartbeat. Doctor recommends me to stop all herbs and zyrtec. At first it did not work for me. It took several months to really kick in, weird I know. I was taking 2 per day at first. After a few years I found I could get by with 1 per day. Now I have been off for 72 hours and so far so good. I still have to give God the credit for healing me. M 55 6 years
 5  annual allergies NONE I could not live a life wothout this drug. When I turned 30 I became allergic to everything..mold, trees, pollen, dogs, grasses, you name it!! I take this at night before I go to bed because it actually works better during the next day if I don't have to wake up allergic and then try to stop it. Actually suppresses it. I find that I don't get as many colds during the year now that allergies are under control. F 34 5 years
 3  seasonal allergies I take 1/2 a pill before bedtime. It makes me so sleepy that I sleep all night and take long naps in the daytime. In between sleep, I lay on the couch tired and foggy. I am crabby, short tempered and impatient I am usually a pretty nice, and easy going on my husband and kids! I have an appetite that is out of control. I am eating constantly. I feel hungry all the time. I have gained 5 pounds. I have no sex drive, which has upset my husband greatly! On a lighter note, it knocks out the allergies.....but at a high price! I gave it a 3 rating, because it actually works. It knocks out allergies. I am sure that there are people out there that do not experience the side affects. I would recommend trying this medicine, it is worth seeing if you can use it since it works so well. I stopped taking it as of last night, and am alert and awake today for the first time in a month!!! My allergies are not acting up, but they will eventually. I will be going back to the doc to get something different to try. In the meantime, I have OTC medications that sort of work and don't have the bad side affects. F 43 1 months
 1  Inner Ear fluid Rage Had several outbursts within 1 week of taking drug, had an almost infinetly short fuse. I don't think any benefit would be worth the cost. M 43 5 days
 1  Allergies Dear Families with children experiencing side effects from Zyrtec, I am seeking legal action. Please contact me if you are interested! CLASS ACTION POSSIBILITY!!!! F 5 2.5 years
 4  seasonal allergies drowsiness, moodiness - child cries MUCH more easily than when not taking zyrtec. M 7 2 weeks
 5  Hives None that I noticed! A magic pill! I have been suffering from chronic hives for the past 2 and half years now.Its not a fun experience at all,a very frustrating allergy. Zyrtec helped me a whole lot. All it takes is half a pill (5mg) every other day and im fine..but if i miss one dose hives will either flare up or eye or lip will swell up. I am sure I have other seasonal allergies too, but zyrtec takes care of all of them...thank you zyrtec :)!!! F 24 3 years
 1  Allergies/Rhinitis/Sinusitis I gave this a 1-Dissatisfied, because that the lowest option I had, but would like to give it -100! That's right below 0! I wish I would have never started taking this medication! It only masqued my nasal runny nose for a little bit, then I still had the same symptoms of my allerigies. I have been taking this medication longterm, 8+ years, and tried going off of it 3 times. I am bound and determined to go off of it once and for good this time, it's like you're a drug addict going through withdrawal symptoms. By that I mean, I am itching all over my body and it is quite unbearable! If I scratch it, then I get a red rash and hives and the itching is AWFUL, to the point where you think to yourself, I'll just take the Zyrtec. But I have to step back for a moment and think, No, I can't, that is the reason I'm in this mess to begin with. Also, did they tell you this would be a side effect before you started taking it? NO! Of coarse not. Also, did they tell you that it can cause ki HORRIBLE, UNBEARABLE, INTOLERABLE Itching when trying to go off this medication. It is awful! The itching is so bad, that it seems the only relief you get is during sleep. Plus, I'm very iritable, and irrational because of the painful itching. The itching is so intense, that it hurts, it's very painful. If you don't have to take this medicine, don't, trust me, because if you ever want to get off of it, it's very hard. F 31 8 years
 1  severe allergies you name it, thank goodness I tried it on myself PRIOR to giving it to my 3 year old. Moms and Dads, do a trial on YOURSELF, prior to administering to your kids. go holistic, especially for the kids, try EFA's, magnesium, lipase enzymes, and probiotics.....it works most allergies are nutritional deficiencies F 36 2 weeks
 3  Chronic Hives I've been taking it for six years. For the last eight months, my hair has been falling out. I'm female, so it's very distressing. My hair is getting very thin. I'm not sure it's the Zyrtec. I'm seeing my doctor tomorrow. It is the only medication that works in controlling my hives. Full hair and hives or bald and hiveless. Decisions, decisions. F 48 6 years
 2  Allergies Depression, sleepiness, started having very violent thoughts,anxiety I am off now and am already feeling alot better. Great for allergies, terrible side effects. MY withdrawal symptoms have been itchiess. Zyrtec messed up 2 months of my life!!! F 15 1 years