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 3  itchy skin due to allergic reaction Well at first starting about 2 months ago I took it maybe once a week and I stopped itching within a few minutes to 15 minutes and didnt seem to have side effects. Although I do remember feeling dizzy sometimes but didnt realize it was the Zyrtec. But then in the past week whenever I felt itchy I would take it. So in the past week I took it every day. The 10mg over the counter product. I would say maybe 4 or 5 days in a row and now I feel wired, and yucky like if I had caffeine. I avoid caffeine cause I dont like that wired feeling. I also have mild nausea. And overall dont fell right. And I do feel bloated. I took a 10mg pill this morning at 10am. I will not take it ever again and will have to report back to tell the changes in how I felt not taking it. I think adding in a caffeinated soda excelarated the side affects. F 49 2 months
 3  Nasal allergies Weight Gain... 20 pounds in 4 months. I just saw the link and I'm horrified. I didn't change anything else in the 4 months except starting to take Zyrtec everyday. It worked really well for my allergies... but the weight gain is too much! F 24 4 months
 3  Allergies First few doses were well tolerated. After a week, thought I had lost vision completely...the zyrtec caused me to initially feel better which made me drink more beer and I passed out under my stairs where there is no light...not a safe drug at all! Vision problems continued a few more times without much warning. Do not take with more than a 12 pack or so...not safe! M 39 4 months
 1  to stop my cough from a cold I had a cold and the syptoms went away except for my cough so my doctor told me to take zyrtec. I could smell before I started taking it but after 3 weeks of taking it I had no sense of smell. F 58 3 weeks
 1  seasonal allergys 8 yr. old daughter groggy in mornings then 4 days into she started having severe asma attacts stopped taking all went away the stuff is dangerous M 5 days
 1  Chronic Sinusitis Took 1 Zyrtec 10 mg at 1 AM and woke up at 4 AM with tremors and shaking and very high blood pressure 155/85. I immediately stopped taking it. Had insomnia for three days. Vomitted several times. My heart was racing and had chest pains! A strange depression set in like the end of the world was about to happen (never had happened before in my life). I got a nosebleed a few days later, diarrhea, and a loss of appetite. Also a dry taste in my mouth and a feeling of ants crawling all over my skin. High anxiety, nervousness and panic attacks. Nausea and headaches! It has been 4.5 days since I stopped taking it and I feel better and have less axniety. All of my symptoms have subsided to a minimum, still have high blood pressure from time to time. Does anyone know how long it takes to for blood pressure to come back to normal after getting off of Zyrtec? Post the answer if you can, thanks! M 25 1 days
 1  hay fever I used Zyrtec for one year, and it controlled hay fever symptoms very well. However, I developed dry, scaly skin on my face, dandruff in my eyebrows, and red, swollen cracked lips. The corners of my mouth were cracked, and it hurt to open my mouth wide enough to eat. I thought I had developed an allergy to my moisturizer and lipstick, so I changed to non-allergenic products with no effect. My nostrils were also dry and scabby. Recently, I had several nose bleeds. At my annual checkup, the optomotrist diagnosed chronic dry eyes and prescribed Restasis, which contains cyclosporine, a powerful drug used by transplant patients to prevent organ rejection. About this time, I had my teeth cleaned, and the dental hygienist diagnosed dry mouth, which is causing plaque to form at the top of my porcelain crowns. (In a healthy mouth, saliva helps rinse decay-forming bacteria from the teeth.) Chronic dry eyes, nose bleeds, and dry mouth motivated me to research Zyrtec. I stopped taking it immediate I would not recommend Zyrtec to anyone. F 69 1 years
 1  allergies I have been taking it for about 4 months. Bought it OTC and it was working as far as stopping my runny nose etc. Just stopped because I felt like I was "out of it" most of the time and didn't know why and mentioned taking it to a friend who is a nurse and she said "oh I can't take it ...it makes me crazy". So I decided to stop and see if I felt like my old self. I have been very very dizzy since stopping which has made me feel queasy in my stomach. This dizziness has lasted over a week now. Has anyone else had this side effect from withdrawal? F 60 4 months
 3  Seasonal Allergies I took Zyrtec for 2 months and I started experiencing knee pain. I stopped it and the pain was coming down. After a week I had to take it again and the pain increased. Now, I am completely off of it and have no pain at all. F 30 60 days
 1  Severe Allergies Moody, irritable, over sleep, seeing spots occasionally, light sensitivity, weird dreams, anxious, feel shakey inside.... Well after taking Zyrtec for over 3 years at night for severe allergies, I have been expereinceing too much with his drug to take any longer so I decided to stop 3 days ago only to find myslef today in a horrible state, with flu like symptoms, I feel like a Zombie and not myself, I don't know what to do I don't want to get back on that dreaded stuff, It worked very well to control my dizziness due to my allergies but now I just am a mess cause of this drug. I called Pfizer only to find out that they sold this drug in 06 to Johnson & Johnson, after speeking to an agent I was told that you are not suppoosed to take this pill for more then 10 days, that was news to me so I asked him why he told me because its habit forming, so I 'm going through withdrawls I guess, I asked him how long this should last he couldn't answer that told me to contact my PCP, ended the conversation and ended up calling back and spoke to a different agen that told me it was basically in my head and that they have never had anyone call or complain about this drug, I made reference to all the research I have done on it and they still stated no issues with this medicine. So to make a long story short I guess I'm going through withdrawls...Has anyone else had any issues like this or has anyone called to report side effects? I also was getting migraines, not sure if its related but it would come with the irritability I was having....I never had so many issues until now! Please help me out, your input mig F 31 3 years
 2  Allergies I lost my sense of smell and taste. Works on the allergies, but I can't smell or taste anything anymore. F 40 3 weeks
 2  Severe Allergies Dizziness, seeing spots, irritable, moody, no ambition, in a fog I started taking Zyrtec (1/2) at night before bed and did fine, I started to feel as it wasn't helping anymore cause I started feeling like crap so I took 10mg and did fine, then I started back again but feeling worse and noticing I was getting Migraines a lot more, I would roll over in the mornings feeling good only to flip the switch and be in a bad mood that quick! I have such severe allergies I don't know what to take anymore! But now that I have stopped the Zyrtec it almost like I'm going through withdrawl because I don't sleep well at night and I'm sick to my stomach, and feel like I can't concentrate. The last time I stopped I had to start back on it again cause I thought I was losing my mind! This medicine was wonderful at first but then you become dependent on it. Now I get Migraines! M 31 4 years
 2  Allergies Depression I began noticing that I was unusually troubled about life's typical issues. I felt that nothing in my life was good and there was no hope for anything in my life. Everything was gloom and doom. I had been taking zyrtec for about two weeks so I decided to stop for a couple of days to see if it helped. It did! I am so glad to not feel that way anymore. It did help my allergies so it is unfortunate that I can't take it! F 36 2 weeks
 4  allergies allergy relief, intense nightmares, hallucinating in heat For a person who has allergies so bad I can't get out of bed during the spring/fall/when someone mows the grass, Zyrtec was a great solution. I take it when I need it during the day, but I made the mistake of taking it before my outdoor college graduation and passed out in the middle of the ceremony, so Zyrtec + heat = a no-no. Also I take it when I get up, but not before I go to sleep. If I take it before bed, I have INTENSE disturbing nightmares involving graphic and detailed dismemberment and murders of small children and family friends, the likes of which I've never seen before. I wish I could take it at night, but other than that I love it. F 21 2 years
 3  Year round allergies Unexplained drowsiness, need for caffeine, unfocused, dispirited, easily prone to confrontations with loved ones, bouts of depression I started back as a cashier with a grocery store about 2 1/2 months ago- everything has been great but one of the things we are measured on is how quickly you ring the customers through your line. I was at the bottom of the heap since the start. Just this week I STOPPED taking zyrtec and instantly I have jumped to being the middle of the pack, on my way to being way above average. And drinking LESS caffeine at work also. Yes, it had to be the zyrtec, thank goodness I figured that out! M 47 6 months
 1  Allergies Severe mood swings, anxiety, sleeping more but never feeling rested,apathy, depression, no desire to do anything, excessive gas (bloating/flatulence), increased appetite, weight gain. I just began having allergies last year. I was taking Sudafed or Advil Sinus(as needed) but still having sinus/allergy problems. Doctor suggested I try Zyrtec - taken on a daily basis. It worked GREAT for my allergies. Unfortunately, it began to be terrible for my outlook on life. I didn't know what was happening to me. I have stopped taking this medication. Within two days of not taking this stuff, the depression, apathy, gas and increased appetite I was experiencing disappeared. I have energy again. It feels like I have crawled out of a dark pit. I didn't even realize how bad the depression was. It's been five days without this medicine now. I've had mild nausea, dizziness and insomnia but all are fading with each day. The weird thing was the itching that began on day three. I have never had hives or itching before. This is not a symptom of my allergies returning for me...this is a withdrawal. I will NEVER TAKE THIS MEDICINE AGAIN! I'll deal with my allergies some other way. F 48 60 days
 1  hayfever Highly oppositional attitude, suicidal thoughts for the first time in my life, rapid-onset tinnitus Behavioral changes took effect within an hour of a single dose. I tried dumping my partner of three years for "always trying to pick fights". I gave up my ipod and stopped listening to music in the car thinking I was blowing my eardrums out--Turns out it was zyrtec. I did not take a dose every day but cycled on and off over the course of five months in response to seasonal pollen. At the time I was taking the drug I had a 200mg/day caffeine habit going on. I'm unsure how they interact as I quit Zyrtec before I quit caffeine. M 34 5 months
 1  allergies Have had no problems with zyrtec 5mg but have noticed the 10mg/24 hour dose gives me a horrible headache. Just wondering if anyone else has noticed that 5mg works fine but the 10mg dose causes problems. It's just like the medical industry to have the view that if one dose works well twice as much is even better! Maybe some of the folks here who've had problems would try 5mg instead of the 10mg they'd be happy with the results. F 41
 2  Cold-like symptoms Cottonmouth, dehydration I took a single dose in the evening, and kept waking up every couple hours during the night with a mouth like a desert. It was like it turned off my salivary glands or something. It may work for you, but this was a problem for me. F 23 1 days
 1  Cat allergy Extreme dizzy/spaced-out feeling, fatigued but unable to sleep, irritability, trouble focusing I've taken Zyrtec occasionally over the past few years, but I recently got a kitten which has made my allergies act up, so I have taken Zyrtec everyday for the past 3 weeks. Throughout this time, I've felt OK, a little tired/spaced out, unable to stay asleep, but I attributed all of that to lack of sleep. However, I didn't take the med for about 3 days, and felt fine. Then, I started it up again, and ever since, I have had the terrible symptoms I described. I feel like my state of consciousness is totally altered. I'm completely spaced-out. You know feeling when you stand up to quickly after lying down? I'm experiencing that same feeling constantly for 3 days now. Yesterday I stopped taking the Zyrtec, and hopefully I will have my brain back. F 21 14 days