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 3  allergies Low white blood count. The drug works, but I do not want to risk walking around with a low white blood count. No Thanks! F 33 5 months
 5  sneezing, wheezing, itchy eyes... I can tell I have been bloated. Increase in appetite. A "little" bit of anxiety. It works so well against allergies. I am happy to put up with these minor side effects for the month of September when my allergies are terrible in Los Angeles. Weeds I guess? It literally knocks these allergies out and that is usually hard fight for me. I have been getting allergy shots (imunotherapy) every week for a year. It cleared all the other allergies throughout the year, but when September rolled around I was still bad. Not as bad as last year. With Zyrtec it was Zero. Nothing else works. F 38 1 months
 1  Hives SEVERE DEPRESSION, severe menstrual problems, anger problems / short fuse, low libido, constant tiredness and feelings of unwellness. DETAILED INFO FOR THOSE WANTING TO QUIT>>>I am absolutely shocked at the state my health was in and the stark contrast to the good health I now have since I stopped taking Zyrtec, particularly my mental health - I just didn't realise how bad it was at the time. I am shocked enough to try and get the word out to warn others who maybe don't realise what taking Zyrtec could be doing to them by writing a detailed description of my experiences (including withdrawal) in a blog: http://zyrtecsideeffects.blogspot.com/ ***NOTE: Please do not mistake the horrific withdrawal symptoms of this drug as being the symptoms that it is 'fixing'. This is a common mistake.*** F 27 18 months
 1  allergies complete fog and depression. i have been diagnosed as bi-polar but am not currently medicated for it. i am fine (not manic or depressive) if i keep my system clean. (meaning without drugs or alcohol of any kind). i started taking zyrtec two weeks ago and have non-stop crying fits, lethargy, thoughts of suicide and deep depression. i tried not taking it for a few days and realized my head was clear, (my sinuses weren't) and my mood was back to normal. i could function again and the crying stopped. I don't think it effects everyone this way. But I think if you have some sort of chemical imbalance to begin with, it sets off the depression. I would NOT recommend this medicine. F 27 14 days
 3  Environmental Allergies Itching, skin irritation the day following taking the medication Seems to work fairly well on the runny nose. I take it sporadically based on when I need it. I noticed that consistanty the day after I take it, I have get itchy all over, which is not a symptom I have experienced with my allergies. F 30 6 months
 1  allergies excessive irritability, loss of concentration, zombie-like state, general stupid feeling, poor memory function, general foggy daze, excessive unrestful sleep - in other words why bother logging 8-9 hours when you wake up and feel like you need to go back to bed. take this and you will feel like a P.O.S all day. Get used to the affects of this drug and become a P.O.S. This drug hammpers quality daily life. I was more alert smoking bongs all day when i was in college. This drug is bad! Look for alternatives. Something is wrong with this medicine! Everyone I have spoken to agrees or has similar stories. Everyone's comments on this web site are right on with respects to symptoms. The ones who do not have side affects may not realize they are having problems depending on their occupation, daily activities, etc. comments for healthy Zyrtec users: Children generally do not complain about things and dont know what is or should be or feel right. The same is true of individuals who do not know what feeling good or healthy is. M 39 24 days
 1  Seasonal allergies DEPRESSION, sleepy I've been trying to figure out what the heck was wrong with me. I was a very down to earth happy go lucky person until I started taking Zyrtec a week or so ago. I didn't know what was wrong. Thanks to all of you for actually taking the time to post. I won't take it anymore. F 44 10 days
 3  Itching and allergies This medication worked at first however, after about a year I started to notice itchy red bumps on my skin, severe eczema which spread all over my body, mood swings, anger issues for no reason at all, mussels hurt, sore stomach, very sore breasts, hair loss and no sex drive at all. I also noticed that when you try to get off the drug you can experience upís and downs with depression and feeling useless at times and yes intense itching that only Excedrin and benadryl helped! I have taken this off and on over a three year period. I would not take this drug unless nothing else works for you and even then I would take it only as needed and not everyday. F 46 3 years
 2  Year Round Allergies I take zyrtec at night before going to bed. I find that I have problems waking up in the morning. It's as if I am in a drugged stupor. I had been taking allegra-d but was told that I needed to switch up my allergy medicine so that my system did not get used to the medicine. I have been on allergy medicines since I was 20. F 53 2 weeks
 1  Allergies. Zyrtec suggested by doc Gained 6 pounds in 1 week despite also being on antibiotics that caused stomach issues. Have been off the antibiotics for almost a week and still haven't lost the 6 pounds. No doubt that the Zyrtec caused this. Very blurry vision in the evenings (about 8-10 hours after taking it). Spacey feeling all the time. Face looks sunburned, but that may be from the antibiotics. Helps for a few hours, but no where near the 24 hours that it is supposed to. I realize it's effectiveness is essentially a bellcurve with it peaking a few hours after taking it and slowly wearing off. But, if I take it in the morning, by 2pm, it's worn off. If I take it at lunch, it gets me to about 7pm. So, only works for about 8 hours for me. It's either breathe during the day or breathe at night. Allegra and Claritin do nothing for me, either. Was hoping this would work, but so far, it hasn't. I gained weight on Allegra, too. Quit taking it and the weight came off. But, now that fall has arrived, I've got to start back on something else. F 38 10 days
 1  seasonal allergies Anxiety and panic attacks, unusual tiredness, irritability worked well for the allergies but not worth the side effects. I thought I was losing it. There was no reason for me to be axious yet I could not control the overwhelming panic I felt. Zyrtec was the only new drug I had taken, the symtoms stopped when I stopped taking it. F 43 15 days
 4  allergies NONE My son has been taking zyrtec for about 3 years and has had NO side effects. He is a great student with no behavioral issues. We even get comments from people in public about how well mannered he is. It is actually the only medicine that keeps his itchy eyes and nose in check. We've also added an over the counter allergy eye drop by Similisan. We notice a big differnce within 2 days if he has not taken his pill. Thank God for Zyrtec. M 7 3 years
 1  sneezing, overall allergies Tired, terrible mood swings. I felt like I was going to fly off the handle over the smallest thing! Sounds dangerous to me along with others' comments. F 40 2 days
 1  seasonal allergies My 9 year old son started zyrtec on a daily basis at the end of August to help with seasonal allergies that trigger his asthma. He started becoming extremely emotional both at home and at school. Knowing that normally he would never cry at school if he could help it I started questioning the Zyrtec. I decided to take him off for a week and see where we were at and immediately saw improvement at home. Then I was called into the classroom by his teacher because she wanted to tell me what a huge change she saw at school overnight! She explained that she was very worried about my son's transition into 4th grade but now she is confident he is doing fine! She claims he is like a whole different kid in the classroom than what she has been witnessing the 3 weeks prior since the start of school. I would decribe his side effects as fatigue, lack of concentration, weepy, depressed. If your child is suffering from anxiety, depression and being very emotional take them off Zyrtec! Huge improvement over night! M 9 1 months
 1  Seasonal Allergies I just took it for the first and after it was absorbed I got a cold sweat and a headache. An hour later I got a foggy feeling and slight dizziness It only relieved the symptoms slightly. It stopped the sneezing and itchy throat but the runny nose was still there. I haven't took an antihistimine in years. I wouldn't take this drug because of the side effects and it doesn't work M 43 1 days
 3  Congestion, allergies Took one pill at bedtime. Upon waking, I noticed my congestion was much improved. Started wearing off around 8 a.m. About 1 p.m., I became so exhausted and could not snap out of it. 3 1/2 hours I still feel the severe exhaustion and can barely stay awake. F 35 1 days
 1  Allergies I became very distant and unhappy. I was delirious. I love singing but I am an Administrative Assistant. I found myself calling a blues club in Philadelphia to see about working there as a singer. Also, I had a desire to audition for American Idol. I know this sounds funny and crazy but this pill made me do things I would not normally do. I found myself fantasizing about being famous. My inner most desires were trying to be fulfilled and I was unhappy about my lot in life. I am a positive, happy person and everyone noticed my sadness and glazed over looks. I was not mentally present in the room even though I was there physically. Out of body feeling. Weird. I would rather take Claratin-D. F 35 3 days
 1  Allergies and Ecema My 9 month was taking Zyrtec two days. She has always been so sweet and friendly. Later the first noght she was screaming as if she was being tourtured , falling out , hitting and rying all day long. She has blister in personal areas and scratches like crazy. She is also very argrey , easy to cry and very moody. I can tell her NO and she cries for like ten minutes before she would just keep going letting nothing stop her. I would not recomind Zyretc to anyone with small childen. Doctors push this drug on people not mentioning the side effects and then tha put this crap on the shelves. I would never have given my child this medicine had I know it was cause side effects no matter how small!!! F 28 2 days
 1  for Hives I began taking prednisone and zyrtec, as recommended by my doctor for hives. I've taken one before bed for the past week. Since that time I have become increasingly agitated and anxious. Today I have felt like I had had about 20 cups of coffee and feel like I can't relax at all. I am also really bloated. I saw my chiropractor today who is also into nutrition. I told him what was going on and he said I was most likely experiencing side effects of the prednisone and zyrtec. I can't remember everything he said, but I'm done with the prednisone and I will no longer take the zyrtec. A NATURAL ALTERNATIVE that I will use is Allerplex (made by Standard Process). My chiro told me I could take 3-4, 3 x day. It's all natural and has helped my son's seasonal allergies a lot. I wish I had taken it in the first place!!! F 41 7 days
 1  allergies irritability, anger, sadness, insomnia I took Zyrtec daily for 3 years and noticed no side effects. It worked great for relieving allergy symptoms. Then suddenly, about 6 months ago I began feeling over angry concerning the smallest things... I pulled my wife's hair for running out of jelly and stomped to my bedroom and locked my self in my room. It took me about 3 months to figure out my daily rage was caused by the zyrtec. As soon as I was off the medicine, my rage feeling left me, but the withdrawal symptoms were bad. I still have stomach aches, get angry easily and feel sad for no reason at all. I hope this is not permanantly in my system. M 50 3 years