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 1  Allergies My 7yr. old son had been taking this for his allergies. He has been very hard to deal with. Very angry, hateful wanting to hurt himself, trying to hurt others. He has said he wants to kill himself a few times over the last month. Lots of crying every day over nothing. I did not know that it was this drug doing this to him. He has been off it for three months now and is doing wonderful. He came to me and said he does not feel mean anymore. Mom, I'm back to my old self again. I was so happy to hear this. He has not had any crying, mornings have been great. He does take Advair 115/21 still now I'm wondering if this is doing something to him also. M 7 8 months
10mg 1X D
 1  Allergies No side effects but terrible withdrawals. I have been taking Zyrtec for 3 years BECAUSE I have been getting hives which were caused by the drug. I just figured this out 6 days ago. I stopped immediately and have not stopped itching since day 2 of being off of it. I heard that you can not take anything to offset the itchiness, other than heavily moisturizing. I also heard the itching can last up to 6 weeks! That is torture! M 37 3 years
10mg 4X W
 1  i had hives I had fogginess in my head. That shit belongs in the dumpster! I rather have hives than take this crap. F 46 3 weeks
10 mg 1X D
 1  Chronic sinusitis Extreme lethargy, to the point that I had trouble keeping my eyes open at work and I only took it at night. It made my head feel foggy and like I was in a stupor. THEN, despite feeling absolutely exhausted, I had trouble falling asleep AND staying asleep! I also felt grumpy, although whether that was from the medicine or lack of sleep, I couldn't tell you. In any case, it made me feel completely out of it! I would not recommend this to anyone, unless you are having really severe allergy problems and nothing else will work. The side effects are just not worth it! F 31 2 days
 1  eczema & itching Our son (age 5) was put on Zyrtec to control his itching, which would improve his eczema. We saw amazing results the first week and were very pleased with it. After that week, he developed a severe cough, sore throat & severe headaches. Has miss school several days due to the headaches. We skipped the medicine for a few days and he is back to himself. Won't be giving it to him anymore. 5 20 days
 3  allergies Severe itching and irritability when trying to stop taking it I started taking zyrtec on occasion for seasonal or pet allergies, and quickly found myself itching, angry and moody when I don't take it. It worked relatively well on my allergies, but after 10 years of being on daily pill I started getting sudden severe allergic reaction to unknown allergen in my house, that is not controlled by zyrtec at all. F 40 10 years
 4  allergies none Did not work as well as Claritin for clearing my sinuses, but at least it didn't have the side effects that Claritin did. Although I was pleased, I stopped taking Zyrtec after reading numerous accounts of people suffering from itching fits when trying to get off the drug. I'm now taking chlorpheniramine maleate because I know it won't give me side effects or withdrawals (10 year history), and it works just as well as Zyrtec for me. F 25 15 days
 4  Year round allergies Racing heart,headaches, mood swings, weight gain, sleepiness, coughing, dry mouth, always hungry and being in a complete daze. I am so glad I found this site. I have been suffering from tons of side effects and I couldn't figure out why. I started researching after My headaches and my mood swings have been getting progressively worse. Sometimes my head hurts so bad that I have to run to the ER to get shots in my arm to stop the pain. Several times I have attempted to stop taking Zyrtec and I would break out in this itch all over my skin that is just unbearable to deal with. I always thought it was my allergies that was causing this itch but I guess it just might be the medication. F 32 8 years
 4  dermetagraphism a little drowsiness great! it's helped me so much. i've been taking zyrtec for about 9 years. F 19 9 years
 3  Year-round allergies, asthma Itching, Weight Gain, Night Terrors, Many sleeping problems It does help me with my allergies a lot, but the withdrawal symptoms after (severe itching, rashes/bumps) are not so awesome. F 16 2 years
 2  Asthma & Allergies Dry skin, EXTREME itching when stopped, some weight gain, sleeping problems, mood swings/emotional issues, "stupor"/confusion/"in a daze", Does help allergies, but the side effects are sometimes severe. It actually had an adverse effect on me and instead of becoming drowsy, I became hyper, so I had to switch to taking this in the morning. This helped somewhat with sleeping problems, because the weird/graphic dreams stopped, but I would still give this a 2 b/c of the other side effects. It also did not help with excess throat mucus/throat clearing. F 0 3 years
 1  allergies Our doctor recommended zyrtec for our 2 yr old daughter for a an extreme allergic reaction/hives(cause undetermined) we will never gives this drug to her again, never, extreme irrational temper tantrums, not a normal tantrum, aggressive odd behavior. we stopped taking giving her this drug after reviewing all these similar posts. extremely disappointed in doctor for not warning us of these possible side effects. F 2 7 days
 4  Allergies Dry mouth, mild sedative effect, more hungry all the time, some weight gain. Zyrtec works well, but I do sometimes feel foggy and more tired at times. Hunger and weight gain are the only other issues, but, compared to the Claritin, I'd rather do without the anxiety. M 38 5 years
 1  My young son- allergies Our little boy had extremely negative and agressive behavior. He had uncontrollable temper tantrums at home and in public. He also displayed seemingly depressive behavior. This is just to name a few of the side effects he experienced while taking zyrtec. Our son began taking zyrtec on a daily basis at 15 months old. It was suggested to us by our pediatrician to assist in our ongoing battle with ear infections and allergies. Initially, we contributed his behaviors to his age and "being a boy" although our first child, also a boy, had never experienced quite these same things. As he got older, we saw a significant increase in his physical agression as well as his extreme temper tantrums. His behavior would turn on a dime and was almost impossible to anticipate. As his primary caregiver during the day, I was beginning to feel like I was losing my mind. By the time my husband came home at night, I was often in tears. Finally, on a whim, I googled zyrtec/negative behaviors...I found a world of parents experiencing the same things as us. At this point, my little boy had been on the medication for over a year and a half. I felt like we had never seen his real personality. After that day, we never gave him Zyrtec again, EVER. His behavior,literally, changed overnight. He is now 4-1/2 and has never ever behaved again as he did while on that drug. Although not all children will react in such a negative way, for us, it was truly a nightmare. When we look back on that time, both my husband and I feel so sad about the fact that we were constantly giving him consequences for behavior that was truly out of his control. F 35 2 years
 4  pet and tree pollen allergies None we are aware of yet The Zyrtec has helped my daughter reduce red- ringed eyes. Before, people were constantly asking us what was wrong with her eyes. Also it has helped reduce her reactions around animals. I am worried about long term effects. The comments on this site about emotional reactions many have seen in their children cause me concern; I am going to monitor her behavior closely. F 5 1.5 months
 5  Asthma, respiratory issues My 11 year old takes this medication. No side effects at all when she takes it at night. Some slight drowsiness when she takes it in the morning. This medication has been a blessing. My daughter used to miss school all the time becuase of respiratory issues. Her asthma was getting worse and lasted longer. Our doctor first suggested inhaled steroids but we tried zyrtec first and it has been a miracle for her. NO asthma for 6 months so far. This is unheard of for us. I have seen no negative behavior changes. If anything her behavior, mood, and concentration have improved significantly. I can only attribute that to the better health this drug has given her. F 11 6 months
 1  sinus/allergies. Clear signs of depression. Mood swings. Weight gain. Please I strongly recommend that everyone look at the clear side effects BEFORE TAKING ZYRTEC. M 47 7 days
 3  allergy to cold air irritable, very tired in the evenings Worked fairly well for my allergy, but my family asked me to stop taking it since I was so grumpy! F 36 14 days
 1  SON 2-3 yr old for allergies multip Irratable Violent mood swings anxiety stubborn. Horrible side effects please if your child is small. MONITOR THERE BEHAVIOR WHEN ON NEW MEDS. M 3 6 months
 1  Indoor allergies (cats and dust) extreme mood swings/ irritable, axiety, lack of concentration/ focus, sluggishness, constant complainging of body aches and stomach ache My 5 year old daughter began taking Zyrtec 3 months ago and I noticed some immediate (within a week of beginning Zyrtec) changes. The slightest conflict produces crying and tantrums that I have never before seen in her. She constantly complains that her legs ache and stomach hurts. She worries about ridiculous things she never was concerned with before, and her grandmother has even gone so far as to call her paranoid. Again, this has all started only since I began giving her the medicine and this site has been eye opening for me. The worst part- she is still having allergy symptoms. She took her last dose of Zyrtec last night and she is scheduled to see an ENT doctor to see if her allergy symptoms are not an anatomical issue. F 5 3 months