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 1  allergies I would get violent and take it out on my wife, especially when she makes meatloaf. She would get a swift kick to the stomach and I would proceed beating her across the head and throat. I would then turn green and smash through the door. It doesn't taste good. M 22 5 days
 1  ear infections zoned out, tired, ill, rash My little boy was on zyrtec for about 8 days. I could not figure out what was wrong with him. He was ill, tired, and he would not respond to me. He would wake up in the middle of the night screaming. He got a rash on him so I took him to the doctor and the doctors could not figure out what was wrong. He is 14 months old. I am shocked that children are prescribed this mediciation. 8 days
 2  sinusitis and skin allergies weight gain, tendinitis, plantar fasciitis, depression, mood swings, lack of motivation I developed "skin allergies" while living in Japan. during that year, I was infested with scabies (twice) and developed hives and skin allergies as an after-effect.(???) One month before returning to the USA, i was prescribed zyrtec for my allergies and it provided great relief. When I first began the drug, I weighed 183 lbs. Within a month (and with riding 200 plus miles a week, running 25 plus miles a week, and swimming 20,000 yards a week) I gained 10 pounds. About 6 months later, I developed plantar fasciitis in my left foot, which impacted my ability to run. Within another 6 months, I gained 5 more pounds and I developed plantar fasciitis in my other foot as well. My elbows also became sore and I experienced increased muscle fatigue and cramping. . I am still on the medicine and my weight is up at 210 pounds with no real changes in diet and only a slight decrease in physical activity. (12+ hours of cardio each week). I have now suffered from plantar fasciitis for 2 year M 34 3 years
 3  Seasonal allergies My 7 year old son experienced consistent weight gain, mood irritability and something more unusual, visual disturbances in the form of colored circles in his field of vision on a daily basis.He told me he had been seeing this for 2 years(questionable timeframe coming from a 7yr old).He was on Zyrtec for about 2.5 years. He rarely had a headache. Took him of the Zyrtec and slowly over 3 months the spots occur less and less. Most days he has no spots. He had a vision/visual field exam, MRI, EEG, blood work. No problem w/any of those. Any thoughts? Based on my research and the comments of 500+ people on this website, more research should be done in the area of "Is my child's problem ADHD or is it a medication interaction causing behavioral issues?" Maybe the sudden increase in the ADD/ADHD diagnosis has more to do with drug interactions that go undiagnosed. F 46 2.5 years
 1  chroin autoimmune hives irritability, irrational behavior, temper tantrums My 5 year old daughter was prescribed zyrtec 3 years ago for the first time for her hives. I noticed extreme irrtibality when she started taking it and I took her off. I just kept giving her benadryl. She then started with hives this december and her doc recommended zyrtec again - end all and be all for hives - is what he said. I have noticed she does get irrtiable with her episodes of hives, so I thought that maybe my reaction to zyrtec was wrong. I started giving her zyrtec end of december until 2 days ago. She was having MAJOR temper tantrums, extremely irritability and would not even get dressed. It is tough for her to get dressed when she has her hives, but now she will not put anything on. Going to preschool is out of the question. I truly believe that it is the zyrtec that caused all the fights and heartache these past 2 months. She is becoming my daughter again. She still did not go to school today, had hard time getting dressed and she started getting irrtiable and then it F 32 45 days
 1  Runny nose, sneezing My son has been on Zyrtec since November 2007. He has bitten serverly at school, having terrible behavioral problems. He wasn't doing this before taking the medication. His teacher had informed me of episodes with her own children who were taking this drug. It hasn't helped my son with his allergy that much, but I kept giving it to him because his pediatrician said so. How stupid could I have been. I have stopped this medicine immediately. The FDA surely missed this one. Now it's an over the counter drug. How many more children will experience these horrible side effects????????? F 33 4 days
 5  allergies only side effect is some tiredness but i take it at night and it helps me sleep thru the night LOVE it... been taking it about two years, ECSTATIC it went over the counter and generic cuz now i can afford to take a full pill every night. F 49 2 years
 1  allergies My heart felt like it was coming out of my chest. I gained weight. I had vaginal dryness. I used it for three weeks and was treated twice for a bladder infection. F 58 21 days
 3  Allergies I quit taking it not far into 2006 (No coverage anymore), after 3 days I had a VERY itchy scalp/skin, dry mouth, and dry skin. All of it went away after a few days but was surprised to find out others had the same exact experience. I no longer really have allergies either and honestly I am glad I'm not taking it anymore. Use it if you really need it as it does help but quitting it, the side effects are pretty rough for about a week. Bad enough where you might have to take time off work or put things on hold for a few days. M 22 3 years
 2  allergies Increase in appetite and weight gain!!!! I couldnt undrstand why my clothes were getting snug even with my regular exercise. then i stop taking zytrec for a couple days and my appetite decrease tremendously. And I would have increase dream activity. Although it did help with my allergies i am goin to discontinue use daily and only use when my symptoms are severe. F 37 30 days
 1  allergies and sinus infections palpitations, feeling disconnected, euphoria, dizziness, hallucinations, weird dreams, mind racing, insomnia, frequent urination, spaciness, OCD, reckless behavior, fast and uncontrollable rage, anger, crying, itching upon withdrawal...depression, OCD, cramping, nausea, extreme tiredness, pain everywhere, inability to focus, loss of motor control, disoriented, waking REM, headaches, itching This is a dangerous drug. I am so sick after taking this. I stopped taking it two days ago, and I feel so bad. A few years ago, I took a anti-epileptic drug (a dangerous narcotic) called Lyrica and almost lost my life. The side-effects and withdrawal that I am experiencing from Zyrtec are similar...although not quite as profound. I almost got in several car wrecks over the past few days...I hit my dog (hard) for no reason except this fast, uncontrollable rage that came out of nowhere (I love my dogs and would never hurt them)...I can't quiet my mind...I'm so tired and can't sleep...and I'm just not thinking straight. This is a scary drug. Please be careful. Before taking this, I was doing well in life...healthy, happy... Just be careful. F 35 2 weeks
 1  For allergy related dizziness EXTREME ITCHING FOR WEEKS AFTER QUITTING ZYRTEC. I feel so sorry for everyone that will start taking this medicine now that it is OTC. When you try to stop taking zyrtec you will have the worst itching all over your body and it will last for weeks, maybe months. I have tried to stop zyrtec several times in the past 7 years and have been unsuccessful. I am trying again and the painful itching feels like fire ants are attacking every part of your body. There are quite a few sites popping up now with information in regards to this effect. PLEASE CHECK IT OUT!! Spread the word. There should be a major lawsuit against Pfizer for allowing this drug in the marketplace with no warning of this side-effect. DON'T TAKE ZYRTEC - YOU WILL REGRET IT!! F 30 7 years
 1  runny nose, allergic cough Facial tics (squinting), aggression, night terrors, depression, overly emotional behavior, halucinations, totally zoned out at school This medication almost ruined my daughter's life. I had no idea this drug was the cause of so much of our misery until I found this site and took her off of it (very slowly to avoid the horrible itching that always happened when we skipped a dose). Try to find an alternative to this drug. We use Nasalcrom with no problems so far. F 8 5 years
 4  hives & rashes I have been experiencing hives & rashes for about 5-6 years. Within the last year I was prescibe 10mg of Zyrtec and would use it when I would have the outbreak. In December 07 I was uncontollable and started taking one everyday. Then sometimes I would take 2. Now it is February and I am complaining because I have put on 10lbs! My weight has always been around 120. I thought this is odd I gain 10lbs in a few weeks? I increased my excersise, I am watching what I eat and I am only gaining more. I thought something was wrong. I will be 50 next month and I was thinking the hormone's are starting. Now it all makes sense especially after what I have been reading it is the Zyrtec! My libido is low too and now I think it is from the Zyrtec, probably along with my concentration level and tiredness. I am off this stuff and will use as I need it. Though I do have a prescription for a .25% cortizone cream that works great for the hives and rashes. I will see what happens in the meantime. From what I have read I don't think it is as good as it says, yes it keeps the hives under control but who wants to gain 50lbs! F 50 2 days
 1  allergies My two year old was a bear on the product. Did some research found other stories simular. We started my kids on a natural product. I'm not saying it cures but our allergy symptoms are not a problem. Check it out for yourself www.monavie.com Any questions email me [email protected] M 40 2 weeks
 1  hives daily sore joints, I wake up in the night with panic attacks, severe depression I feel like i have lost myself I am so glad I found this web page I was totaly to a point that I just want to lay down and die. No pills worked on my hives, and I thought this was it when zyrtec worked, but the side effects are not worth it I don't get out of bed because I am so tired and depressed when i do interact with my children I am usually screaming and irritable. Befor zyrtec I was not this way and was starting to think I was loosing my mind I didn't take one today and I don't plan on it either I would rather itch and swell up everywhere F 33 8 months
 1  hives weight gain, increased appetite about 3 months after i started taking zyrtec i noticed that i was feeling heavier than usual. my breasts hurt (as if they were growing) constantly. i also thought about food all the time. i could eat a satisfying meal and 15 minutes later i'd be thinking about what i want to eat next. i'll take scratching pestering hives over weight gain ANY DAY! M 23 5 months
 1  allergies severe stuttering and vaginal irration my daughter began this med when she was 2 years old. within 1 month she began to STUTTER. she has been on this med about 1 1/2 years. we have spent thousands of $ on speech therapy and it has not helped. the stuttering has become worse over time. the zyrtec dose was upped over time due to her weight gain. the more zyrtec, the more she could not complete a single sentence. i took her off of it 1 week ago and have seen mild improvement and severe withdrawl (itching, crying, sleeplessness, depression). she has also experienced vaginal irration for about 1 year, so much that i took her to a gyn 2 weeks ago and had her tested for ANYTHING and everything. all of her tests came back normal. i began to suspect zyrtec after praying about it. i am now convinced that it is the medication.. anyone else experience this? F 3 1 years
 1  All year round allergies MIGRAINES! Anyone who's had them will tell you, NOT PLEASANT! The worst pain I have EVER experienced. P.S. To people who have, if you get a migraine, the minute you see the blind spot, take excederin migraine. WORKS soooo well. I had gotten a migraine ONCE before I started Zyrtec, about 2 years back. Then I started taking Zyrtec. My whole family called it "The Miracle Drug" I thought, "I'll never ever have to suffer again! This is so great!" Then about 3 months in, I got a migraine. We thought, oh, well I've had one before, it's just a rare thing. Then about 3 months later, another! Then approx. 3 months later, AGAIN! Then I stopped taking it for finacial reasons, but saved ONE pill. We were going to a party that was outside, and so I took it. BOOM! Migraine. I KNOW that's what caused them. It's been about, oh, 4-5 months with no migraines. I would NOT take this medicine. FOR ANYTHING. F 13 1 years
 1  allergies after the 4th day starting getting severe muscle & joint pain. Then starting sweating nonstop followed by cold chills ongoing for 48hrs straight. Stopped taking the Zyrtec and now I have hives which from reading others reports is part of the withdraw. Do not take this drug. F 46 6 days