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 3  allergy symptoms Muscle twitching especially in the feet and jumping during sleep. Anxiety to the extent of breaking out in a sweat. Depression, strange thoughts, moodiness. Sleepiness during the day. I took Zyrtec years ago to help me get over a bout with asthma under a doctor's care. It really works great for my allergy symptoms. I posted here because I read someone else's similar symptoms. My girlfriend complains that I'm jumping and twitching during my sleep and it is keeping her awake. The only time I take Zyrtec is when I visit her house on the weekends. She has cats and it helps with my allergies. I usually take 1/2 a pill just before bed. Strange that it took me so long to make the connection between Zyrtec and the sleep disturbances. I will stop using it now and see what happens. M 44 3 months
 1  allergies Completely painfully tired. Sudden extreme and heavy depression. Felt like I could not wake up. Completely unmotivated. Very surprised that an antihistamine could do this much damage to a person in three days. Did not affect my allergies. I wasn't sleepy as much as I felt I felt extremely tired and was dragging. Took two days to feel somewhat normal again after stopping the medication. I would rather feel relief and a little sleepy while taking benedryl than feel like that again. Felt anxious and was losing my will to live. F 38 3 days
 3  Severe Seasonal allergies Dry itchy mouth during first couple of weeks. Nightmares started after 3 weeks Depression and apathy started around the same time. I looked up this site after a conversation with my wife where she asked me why i was depressed, we have a beautiful 3 month old a great house and good job ... odd that the last couple of nights I've also had nightmares. This is my 3rd season on zyrtec and its the only thing that stops my debilitating allergies bu i think the side effects might just be too much .... M 30 4 weeks
 1  hives, itching Severe heart palpitations I have been taking zyrtec for one year; also have been suffering heart palpitations and blaming other meds. After researching zyrtec I realize that's likely what it is and have stopped - just 2 days ago. I don't yet know what other symptoms I'm experiencing (anxiety, muscle twitching) have been related to zyrtec, but look forward to findout out when this drug is out of my system. F 57 1 years
 1  Allergies Emotional, irratability, temper tantrums, agressive behavior, edgey, My 5 year old son has been on zyrtec of and on for 2 years. He recently had his dose increased to 10cc from 5cc. He has been irrated, emotional, and agressive since we increased his dose two months ago. I have gotten calls from preschool, family members, and friends about his change in attitude. I was really concerned something happened to him. Something did happen...zyrtec. I am taking him off immediately. I have spent too many sleepless nights, and punished him too much for something that a doctor should have told us. M 5 2 months
 2  Allergies I had allergies that were so horrible and thinking evey medicine off the counter would make it better, it didn't. I then heard of Zyrtec and my allergies were getting better, but the side effects were tremendous. I felt so tired and lazy, as if nothing in my life was important. I had so many mood swings and i was extremely sensitive to every little thing. I became aggressive and more angry than I have ever become. I thought it was just me, but I realized I am not the only one with these issues. Thanks to the comments, I finally realized that I needed to stop this drug before it takes over me. I believe any other medicine will work, but just not this medicine. F 17 1 years
 3  Seasonal Allergies Helped with seasonal allergies but terrible behavior problems as a result. Like so many parents on this site, we never put 2 and 2 together. His teacher pulled me aside today for the 2nd time in 2 weeks to discuss increasing behavior problems and even aggressive behavior. We all think our kids are the best but this one really is a kind natured kid, NEVER before have I been told he is hitting other kids. The teacher felt like he just canít help himself and was concerned. This site has totally freaked me out. I feel terrible, all the discipline and frustration and itís a side affect. Increased appetite is something we saw a long time ago. Iím VERY disappointed with the doctors for not having us be on the lookout for this. Pick your poison, allergy symptoms or behavioral problems. STAY AWAY from this drug, seek alternatives and monitor changes of any kind. M 4 60 days
 1  Yes Nightmares every night, I couldn't wake up and/or get out of my dream, weight gain, 15lbs, feeling swollen and bloated. I never have had had any weight on my stomach and my belly became fat with rolls over 2 months; tired constantly, and again, could not get up from my sleep. Zyrtec did treat my allergies. I was able to hold my dog and sleep with him for the first time in 10 years. However, I would rather find another drug b/c Zyrtec was causing me to become mentally disturbed from my dreams, crying and not wanting to go to sleep b/c I was scared to. Now I am off Zyrtec, its been a week. Allergies are back, nightmares and belly, body swolleness is gone. For now I'll settle with Claritin, Sudafed, Nasonex, Astelin, and an herbal animal antigen. F 32 2 months
 3  Hives Ok I took the med in the eve because I felt tired all day after taking it. So in the eve after taking it I would fall right asleep and would either sleep for like 10-12 hours or feel tired all day after waking. It seemed to work for hives. But other side effects where strange dreams, tired, anxiety attacks. Ok I took the med in the eve because I felt tired all day after taking it. So in the eve after taking it I would fall right asleep and would either sleep for like 10-12 hours or feel tired all day after waking. It seemed to work for hives. But other side effects where strange dreams, tired, anxiety attacks. M 28 2 weeks
 2  Allergies/Asthma Tried this drug with my 3 year old daughter to help control her asthma attacks (well, to control her allergies which her doctor thought were aggravating her asthma). She was on it for two days and I immediately saw fatigue and very aggressive moodiness. She gets very upset over the smallest things where she is ordinarily very laid back and easy going. We're taking her off after reading this site. F 3 2 days
 1  CHRONIC HIVES (PRESSURE URTICARIA) Zyrtec has significantly damaged my life and body as much as, and possibly more than the hives which Iím being treated for. Extreme mental fogginess (biggest side-effect) HUGE increase in weight (biggest side-effect) Have become extremely depressed (depression) and have noticed an extreme increase of anxiety (biggest side-effect) Huge increase in appetite Huge increase in fatigue Ė I have no energy (increased desire for sleep, cannot stand long, physical activities make me feel like Iím 40, not 22) Overall drive has decreased (including sexual, social, personal) Often find myself not interested in things or activities Ė which are usually interests of mine Developed major mood-swings and wide-ranging irritability Developed extreme paranoia --email me for more side-effects if interested-- I have chronic hives and have had them for about 5 or 6 years now. About 3 years ago, I finally decided to go to an "Allergy Specialist" because NOTHING that regular DRs were giving me was curing them. They told me that the cause of my condition was unknown. After being prescribed and trying many medicines from the specialist himself (including, singulair, claritin, hydroxyzine, ZYRTEC, herbal remedies, allegra, sulfa-sulfate salazine (I think), etc...) I found the only thing that made them consistently STOP was a combination of ZYRTEC and HYDROXYZINE. I was taking the ZYRTEC in the morning, HYDROXYZINE at dinner, and HYDROXYZINE at bedtime. Hives were for the most part gone for good, besides random occasional breakouts. I quit taking ZYRTEC before reading this blog (message board) because the side-effects were getting to be too much for me. Now after reading this blog and seeing all the THOUSANDS of similarities in side-effects, there is no damn way I would eve M 22 3 years
 1  counter act Prednisone symptoms I was placed on Prednisone and was experiencing some not so pleasant side affects. I saw the Dr. and she prescribed the 10 mg. Zyrtec. For one, she claims she prescribed this because of the non-drowsy effect-hahahaha!!!. I work around machinery and for the past two days that I have been on it, I have been a walking zombie, not good! Secondly, are the mood swings, not sure if the Prednisone is causing that or the Zyrtec from what I have been reading, or both. And, last but not least, is the lip thing, someone posted about swollen lips, after one day of the Zyrtec, I woke yesterday to 3 canker sores on my lip and swelling. I have decided to not take anything today, I want to feel like me again. F 42 2 days
 3  Allergies Both my 6 year-old-son and I were on zyrtec for under a year. The medicine did a great job with making us feel better when we had allergies. With me, I experienced swelling of the lips. Not angioedema, but Angelina. Perhaps I should have been happy about this, but I couldn't find the cause. I was prescribed an epipen, and was concerned my lips and throat might swell at any moment. With my son, he had behavioral issues. We saw a dramatic increase in the amount of times we had to speak to him about behavior. He had major mood swings and aggression towards family members. Our sweet, caring, calm little boy was gone. This site was a life-saver, because it opened our eyes. We decided to take our son off of zyrtec. My husband noticed dramatic differences within a week. I noticed him getting better everyday. Today my son said something that was heartwrenching. He told his father that it was like the real him had been dead. He said that he feels so much better now. I am so happy If you do go on zyrtec, please monitor emotional and physical states. Know that this drug can cause some unusual side effects. F 37 1 years
 3  allergies/sinusitis A sort of disconnected feeling from life- I dont really care about anything. Drowsiness especially when doing paperwork. Very dangerous when driving because you are so out of it as to not take things seriously. Lack of motivation for living. My wife says I get extremely irritable and don't seem empathetic at all. I will take the pill in the morning and by evening I just get so fatigued- extreme fatigue. I have never felt fatigue like this before. A few times I have even felt like I could collapse. I walk about 12 miles a day at work, and I usually handle it pretty well, but not on this pill. It does control allergies and it definitely relieved my very sore throat. My post nasal drip is still there, but it doesnt seem to irritate my tissues like usual. M 31 3 weeks
 2  Severe Allergies I posted here about 4 months ago. At that time I had a couple issues with the drug. Now I have a bunch... Uncontrollable eating, sleep issues, drug doesn't seem to do much anymore, mental health issues (depression, anxiety, irritability, etc...) Initially I was very pleased with this drug. I seemed to have had a couple of side effects. I seem to have developed many more side effects. Also the drug has already seemed to have lost it's potency. I'm smack in the middle of the Spring allergy season, and I'm misserable. Constant sneezing, wheezing, itchy, etc... It's like I'm not taking anything. M 33 10 months
 2  Seasonal Allergies I am super tired all the time, I took a nap the 2nd day for about 3 hrs and still felt lazy and tired afterwards. I get so hungry throughout the day. It helped very little as far as my dust/pollen allergies. Spring 2007 in MD. I still sneezed, runny nose, itchy eyes, etc after taking the pill. I took the pill at 8PM before I went to bed. After reading these comments I finally found the answer why i've been feeling/acting so differently. I knew it was the pill! Time to find a new allergy medicine. I don't like it at all M 22 4 days
 1  Allergies Iritable like no tomorrow. WOW for someone who was happy go lucky, I turned into a monster after 3 weeks on this medicine and to boot, I've still got the allergies. F 38 3 weeks
 3  allergies feeling irritable. Not much energy. noticed a weight gain after just over a month. Watching what I am eating and walking several times a week for several miles has not helped. My feet and hands are swelling at times as if retaining water. Allergy problems have been better but I didnt have any of these side effects with Allegra D. After finding this site and that many others have had similar problems and horrible withdraw issues I am off it! F 40 55 days
 2  Constant Sinus Problems Wow this was eye opening. I was just lying in bed wondering what the heck was wrong with me! I even had my doctor set me up for blood work because I could sleep ALL day long. I have no energy and am PMSing all the time. This is all very unusual for me and was driving me crazy, until I read this. To boot, I still have PND, cough, etc....didn't seem to do much, but make me tired and irritable. Thank you all for posting! F 41 7 days
 2  year round allergies My 7 year old has been on Zyrtec for 4 months. What I had started to think of as behavioral problems might very well be attributed to this drug....He has become angry, depressed, out of control, incredibly aggressive and argumentative. I did not know people were having these kinds of side effects so I would never have suspected his behavior and nightmares could be caused by this so called miracle drug. Also, these behaviors did not appear immediately upon starting Zyrtec, it has been more of a steady increase and intensity of symptoms. I read parts of this site last night and decided not to give him his dose. He used Claritin instead--it actually dried up his eyes, something zyrtec had failed to do. I was not 100% satisfied with zyrtec even before I found out about all of these other unexpected possible side effects. It did nothing for his runny nose and eyes but did seem to decrease the frequency of the "flare-ups". F 36 4 months