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 1  allergies My WONDERFUL 10 month old daughter who would laugh even when sick turned into a HORRIBLE child in one day after taking ZYRTEC. She started having temper tantrums that involved slamming her head on the floor (or toys) and hitting and biting.... I have been taking it for several years and now wonder if that is why I am seeing a therapist and my hair is falling out. DON"T TAKE IT! This medication should NOT be recommended for children!!!!! F 35 3 days
 5  Allergies drowsy, can't take in the morning, always take at night, really increases effects of alcohol, can't even drink a beer w/o getting drowsy I have taken this drug for 6 years and it is definitely the best antihistamine, I've ever taken. I have taken Claritin, Clairnex, and Allegra and many more before those and nothing out there works better than Zyrtec. I wish I didn't have to take it every day though. The most I can go without it is 24 hrs once I reach 36 hrs, I feel horrible! Zyrtec has really helped keep my asthma at bay as well. F 37 6 years
 1  seasonal allergies Unusual irritability, sleeplessness, fatigue, moodiness, tantrums My 3 year old son started taking zyrtec liquid two weeks ago. After 1 week he became incredibly moody, was having trouble paying attention in school, would not nap despite being very fatigued. He also became so disruptive in class that his teachers called a parent-teacher conference with us because they were so concerned about him being "not himself." This is a child who is even-tempered and easygoing 99% of the time. In the span of a week he would dissolve in tears and tantrums throughout the day at the drop of a hat! We stopped zyrtec 36 hours ago. My sweet little boy is back. His teachers said he had a "great day today", took a long nap, paid attention in circle time, and fell asleep easily (while singing happily) for the first time in a week. Zyretc should include a strong warning regarding possible marked physical and psychological effects in children! If anyone knows how/where to report this, please contact me. I am calling my son's doctor in the m M 3 14 days
 4  severe seasonal/environmental & pet moodiness, chest pain, some dizzy spells, lethargy It did not stop the sneezing and the sniffling, as well as the itchy eyes (with seasonal allergies/pet-) F 40 4 years
 4  Hives and Seasonal Allergies Extreme tiredness, memory problems, hair loss, inability to concentrate, depression, moodiness. F 36 3 years
 3  Allergies dizziness; anxiety (after a few days on Zyrtec-D); numbness I've had allergies since I was 10 years old. Most of the time I went without medication, but in recent years I've developed more serious problems (example: bronchitis) if I haven't addressed them with remedies early on in the season. Allegra put me to sleep, and Claritin was okay but didn't seem to get rid of all the symptoms. Zyrtec definitely cleared up the symptoms, but the cost of stress and anxiety that it produced were too much for me -- I'm back on Claritin and much happier. M 29 2 weeks
 2  seasonal allergies tired upon waking and feeling groggy all day - not my self no energy, not able to focus and feeling unmotivated helped with sneezing, runny nose, etc but NOT worth feeling horrible all the time F 51 7 days
 1  seasonal allergies wow...if ir were not for this website I would still be thinking that my son was just a very aggresive child he is 5 and been taking zrytec since he was 18 months..he has been in speech therapy for 2 yrs..he is very aggresive goers from 0-10 in 10 secs....been off of zrytec for 10 days wow what a difference...my husband and I have such an awesome child...this stuff robbed us of a child... M 5 3 years
 1  allergies Nasty, nasty, nasty! Gave this to my 10 year-old son for allergies (chronic sinus infections). I just started Clarinex myself 2 weeks ago, but before that nobody in our family or extended families have ever been on allergy medicine, so it's very new to me. I don't like the idea of my child being on medication like this every day. Anyway, we started the Zyrtec and within a couple days, our son turned into a nasty, combative, argumentative child. My ordinarily calm husband and myself were at our wits' ends with him and were ready to consider therapy. My husband wondered if it was the Zyrtec. Then I remembered that when my son was little (and his older sister also), I could not give them cold medicine because it would turn them into little monsters. I figured it was because they were sick. Anyway, I stopped the Zyrtec several days ago and WHAT A DIFFERENCE! Overnight, he changed back into the son I know and love. The doctor called in a prescription for a nasal spray this afternoon I notice that a large percentage of children with this same reaction are male. I wonder what the correlation is, if there is one. M 10 1 weeks
 2  allergies, asthma Fatigue. I would take Zyrtec at night before I went to sleep and it made it difficult to wake up in the morning. I think for years I never realized that this might have been due to the Zyrtec, because I never felt sleepy, just persistently low energy. Wow. I stopped taking Zyrtec 3 days ago because it had ceased to be effective for me. I found this site because I was wondering if Zyrtec caused drowsiness, since I'd noticed how much more awake and alert I'd felt in the past three days. Reading all of these posts, I wish I'd thought about this years ago. My doctor prescribed Zyrtec to me for allergies when I was 14, and for years I've taken it daily without even stopping to consider whether it was worth it. As for people who say it causes behavioral problems in children, I have a theory: when I'm not in my college classes, I work most afternoons as a nanny for a family with three girls, aged 4-10. The youngest is a wonderful girl, and she's generally cooperative and calm. However, I can always tell if she hasn't had enough sleep the night before, (because of a nightmare or something,) because she will be terribly grouchy, throw temper tantrums, and can be really defiant. I've never attributed this to her personality, only to her F 22 8 years
 1  Hayfever Depression, moodiness, feelings of being "out of it", anger. I was also very tired after taking it. It did help my hayfever, but I'd rather sneeze than weep or rant over nothing. It was pretty obvious to me after taking it that something was wrong, but none of the side effects were disclosed on the pill bottle or on the zyrtec website. I'm glad I was able to find this site via google so I could get the real story. Where the heck is the FDA? F 37 4 days
 1  allergies My son took this in past and then a few months ago restarted it for allergies-horrible side effects-headches, eye aches, belly pains, crying, rash nape of neck, sore throat, acting out, ect. I had him to the doctor 3 times, the ER 1 x and for a psych eval. I took him off it thanks to this site and there is a dramatic change-able to get him to school w/o crying, tantrums ect. Please how can we get a warning for this med- [email protected] Please consider this med a source of any problems you or your child is having. I wouldn't have believed it if i did not see it first hand. M 6 3 months
 3  Hives Weight gain, drowsiness & hair loss I started taking Zyrtec for hives. My allergist told me that if I took allergy shots for 2 yrs the hives may go away. However, that did not happen. I have since stopped taking shots and now take zyrtec to control the hives. Since I have been taking zyrtec, I have gained a lot of weight. I didn't even realize that it could be a side effect of the drug till I read everyone's comments. I have been trying so hard to loose weight but it has been a lost cause. After reading everyone's comments I know realize that weight gain seems to be a common side effect. I have been taking zyrtec daily for the past 5 yrs. I am now trying to take it at the onset of hives. I have been able to go a week w/o taking it. I have been suffering from other allergy symptoms but I can deal with those. I just need it to contol the hives. As long as there are no hives I am not going to take it. F 28 5 years
 4  severe year round allergies initially, i was a bit groggy. this symptom wore off after the first week or so. otherwise no side effects. just an FYI: i am a physician and ZYRTEC is NOT addictive. for those of you who are coming off of it and experiencing side effects: the effects you are experiencing are due to your allergies no longer being suppressed by ZYRTEC--or any other antihistamine for that matter. patients with severe allergies that take antihistamines chronically are used to not experiencing the side effects of their allergy and sinusitis and when they come off and experieince them again- they often blame their drug- when in reality it is their allergies/sinus problems that are to blame. please refer to your dr. or pharmacist if you have questions about these types of medications! M 39 8 years
 2  Allergic rhinitis None Basically did nothing for me, a lifelong allergy sufferer. Some of the other OTC and prescription medicines do a lot better for me. My current favorite is Singulair®. M 38 2 weeks
 4  Auto Immune Disease I Take Zyrtec (2) times a day both 10 mg. I also use singular and bendryl no dye 4 times a day. I am having some troubles with Zyrtec. My itchiness appears when I go to bed and I can't sleep. My doctor says this is normal that I need to just learn how to relax. I say let the doctor relax, he doesn't experience what we experience. Now the doctor wants me to go on depoxen that will help with my hives also. Oh boy! I think I will just stay on Zyrtec, it does help. F 45 1 years
 1  sneezing, itchy watery eyes, sinus Depression, anxiety, drowsiness, memory loss, loss of concentration, irritability, eliminated sex drive, apathy...I could go on, but I just don't have the strength I've not felt depressed since puberty...but after just three days of taking this stuff, I'm a mess. I can't focus on anything, I've lost my appetite for anything but junk food, have had tightness in my chest (at 31?!?!), I've experienced narcolepsy, I've actually put on 5 pounds in 3 days! I'm irritable, angry, exhausted....in short, depressed. That's it. I'm not taking this shit ever again...I'd rather sneeze! M 31 3 days
 1  allergies son becoming more anxious, seemed to get upset easily, c/o abd pains, headaches ect. M 6 30 days
 1  seasonal allergies shakiness, anxiety, uneasy feeling my son has been taking the chewable form of this medicine on and off for about a year under his pediatrician's advise. I used to combine a pseudoephedrine syrup for him before sleeping because his problems with the stuffy nose would not go away with the zyrtec. zyrtec only seemed to help relieve the itchy nose, coughing and sneezing but not the sinus problems due to the allergies. As I started him on zyrtec for this spring season I suspended the use of pseudoephedrine because the pharmacist told me not no combine anything else with it, eventhough I never seemed to have problems of interactions between the two drugs. I continued giving my son the zyrtec pills at night before bedtime. however two days ago, he started feeling anxious and shaky in school with an overall feeling of being uneasy. the school nurse checked the side effects of the drug and told us this might be one of them. after checking this website I found important information on side effects for children and I am definitel M 8 1 years