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 1   Extreme nightmares, stomach ache, tantrums and not sleeping. My son was taking Zytec off and on since 6 months of age. He is 3 now. He is a wonderful child and sleeper. The last 2 weeks on Zyrtec - 1/2 dose has been hell. He saw a tv picture of a fire one day and hasn't been the same sense. He has been off of the poison for 5 days now and he is STILL having nighmares. This drug is terrible and we were not warned either. What to do next with his allergies???? M 3 14 days
 3  allergy My son started talking two days after stopping zytrec. He was 2 years old and just jabbered. We were thinking we needed speech therapy. Two days after we ran out of his med on a long weekend he could suddenly talk were we understood what he was saying. We also went out to eat without him screaming. M 2 1 years
 1  Allergies Hugely increased appetite and consequent WEIGHT GAIN. I had to go off of this medication after gaining over 10 pounds in 6 months. I was always hungry, even shortly after eating. It was crazy and although the medicine helped my allergies, it wasn't worth constantly feeling hungry and gaining all that weight. It should be added as a warning on the label. Also major headache the first couple days off the medication. F 35 6 months
 1  iitchiness Drowsiness, bloated stomach, hyperacidity I have been taking Zyrtec for about 5 years now. I tried giving up a couple of times with no success. On both occasions, I am OK for a couple of days and then the burning and itching starts. First, it's the fingers and toes. Eventually, the whole body becomes 'sour' with the burning sensation and scratching. Also, eyes become itchy and water constantly. Dermagraphism starts and also pressure urticaria where any pressure applied to any part of the body becomes red and elevated like a hive. Today I have a started my third attempt to stop this medication which is definitely addictive. Only one day has passed. Will update everybody in a few days if I managed to kick off the habit. M 5 years
 3  Seasonal Allergies The drug worked great for me the first few days then I started getting dizzy and it raised my blood pressure. I was taking Zyrtec-D once daily. The Zyrtec-D helped me clear my sinuses and my ears. M 27 8 days
 2  allergies increased hunger which lead to weight gain, some hair loss, panic attacks It did help with my allergies but I found myself eating like a crazy person. I had panic attacks which prior I had completly under control. I never would have believed a allergy med. could have caused such side effects, thank goodness for this website I was scared I had lost my balanced over night. It is good to know this has happened to others on this same med. F 45 4 months
 2  Seasonal allergies I take allergy medication in the spring when tree and grass pollen is in the air but then stop during the summer when I don't have problems. I take 10mg Zyrtec in the AM. When I missed a dose I began to feel itchy over my entire body but especially on my hands and feet. Like pins and needles or a nerve reaction. After the second day I had small subdermal blisters similar to eczema on my feet and ankles that developed into hives. The itchiness was unbearable. I used cortizone cream and when I resumed the zyrtec the itchiness subsided. Recently I stopped taking the drug again and the itchiness returned. This time I did not use cortizone but restarted the zyrtec and again the itchiness subsided. Great website! I'm glad to konw others have had this side effect. Zyrtec works for the allergies, but the withdrawal is not acceptable. Will need to speak with my doctor on this so I can take another drug that doesn't cause the itchy hands and feet. M 48 3 months
 1  Nasal allergies We started giving my son zyrtec at around age 2 for his allergies in the fall, his drainage was so bad that we would become sick every morning. He also started mother's day out at the same time, would cry every day and continued this into the next year would not talk to the teachers or interact with the other children. He also was stuttering when he would talk with us at home. After talking with the school I found out how he was not responding to them at all. So I had him evaluated by a speech pathotoligst and the evaluation was to take 45 min. because he would not talk to them took 2 hrs. At this time he got a severe sinus infection and the Dr. put him on a antibodic for 14 days and took him off the zyrtec during this time he did not stutter and at the 2nd testing they did not pick up on the stuttering but did have him evaluated at the school and after watching his action in the class room suggested that I have him tested for selective mutism. He has now been off the medication for 2 I think he was just always in a daze, he was also very difficult to manage with crying alot and not wanting to particiate in any activties. M 4 2 years
 5  Sinus and sinus headaches I have been off zyrtec for 2 weeks... After discovering this website I felt I realized why I had gained so much wieght in 2 years. Also, I was "out of it". I have documented the past two weeks for anyone interested in getting off zyrtec. This medicine really helped my sinuses and sinus headaches. I have been sneezing a lot since I have been off, but I also have more clarity in my thoughts: Looking back, it was like I was living in a dreamlike state. Also, I went off zyrtec in 4 days. I took half of a 10 mg pill the first and second day, and half of a half the last 2 days. I had a terrible headache the first day I decided to stop, which is why I took half of a 10mg pill: guess what? My headache went away when I took it, but it has not returned :) Finally, I want to be specific about my wieght gain. Since high school, in a 15 year time period, I had gained 10 lbs. In 2 years, while taking zyrtec, I have gained 15 lbs. I did not associate the wieght gain with the medication because I started taking it a month after I was married (I thought being married was making me fat because I was cooking more often for my husband and me). THE REVOLATION: I overheard some people at work talking about sinus medications and F 35 2 years
 1  hay fever After the first dose our daughter was having violent outbursts and behavior and also had a depressed affect. We are taking her off a.s.a.p. Thankful to have found this site and put two and two together. F 6 2 days
 5  allergies: sneezing, itchy nose Weight gain; sleepiness. I was sneezing about 80 times per day. Sneezing stopped immediately, dropping to 1 to 2 times per day. Was puzzled by the weight gain until I read the comments on this site. This side effect not listed in the nsert, but enough people commented on it here that it seems to explain it. F 44 10 days
 1  allergies Allergy symtoms got better for awhile, then had to switch my son to singulair because he wasn't responding to zyrtec anymore. He took it from age 20 months until 3 years old. He is now diagnosed with PDD. A developmental delay - could it be related? His problems started around the time we started the zyrtec. It makes me so angry that I wasn't informed about the potential side effects. My child is now delayed in speech and social skills. He is been off all allergy meds for 1 week and is much better, talking more and using his imagination.DON'T GIVE THIS TO YOUR KIDS! M 3 16 months
 2  Seasonal Rhinitis Vivid, emotional dreams. Dissociation. Fatigue. Altered thinking. It has been very strange. I'd wake up at night very scared. I'd wake up and think I was losing my mind. Hard to get along with my family while on this - I'm married with 4 kids, so not a great side effect. Great for allergies, no doubt, I'm just not eager to start all the psychiatric medications I'm going to need for the side effects. This is a very weird drug. I thought I was I was becoming mentally ill until I found this site. I think I'll save it for only the worst outbreaks of ragweed allergy and take my licks in the meantime. Nothing else seems to work. M 34 1 weeks
 3  Allergies and cough Only been on this a few days, 10 mg a day, supposed to take it at night. I'm very nauseous. About 45 minutes after I take it, I don't want to think about food. My stomach is very tight and is bothering me. I almost feel like I have a fever but don't. I'm dizzy and seem to be out of it if someone calls at night after I've had the med. Very sleepy and lethargic. Only other thing I'm on is Synthroid and had it for years. It's helped relieve pressure in my head, and if it will help to stop the coughing I've had from pollen allergies this season, I'll be grateful. I'm so groggy and just no energy. F 46 5 days
 2  seasonal allergies depression, weight gain, I never suspected Zyrtec until I read this board. I have been taking this med for about a year and blamed everything else in my life for my symptoms. I gained 40 pounds in about 6 months-I am not kidding. My migraines have become more intense and less responsive to treatment. I take 10 mg at night but I still feel drowsy and I was wondering why I was feeling tired all the time, even though I take Adderrall too. I did have some reduction in my allergy symptoms but there has to be another alternative. I keep gaining weight, I have a black cloud hanging over me and migraines that last for days! And I still get sinus headaches. F 25 1 years
 1  Severe Chronic Hives & Allergies Extreme drowiness, dry mouth, fatigue, weight gain, unable to concentrate I hate this medicine with a passion! So, it gets rid of my hives and allergies, but it is not worth it. I hate walking around all day lot a zombie. And it is not safe to drive at all. F 29 1 days
 3  runny nose and other allergies With my first son, I noticed that he only got in trouble at pre-school on the days I remembered to give him his zyrtec. We had to choose between good behavior and runny nose. Now my two year old has been taking zyrtec for a year and a half. I am considering taking him off the medication because his behavior is awful. I had no idea so many other parents have had the same problems. Zyrtec worked wonderfully for both my son's when the had a runny nose and helped stop the cycle of runny nose then bronchial infection. M 2 2 years
 5   late onset lethargy & extreme weight gain I've noticed if I take the pill in the morning, that by 8:00PM I'm ready to almost black out, I'm extremely tired! Couldn't figure out what has been causing my rapid weight gain & hunger. I'm ALWAYS hungry, and never satisfied. (I'm not pregnant either!)I've noticed more drastic weight gain in the last few months & I've been taking zyrtec more consistently because of the season. Those are my only complaints, but it does REALLY help with my allergy symptoms. Guess it's a give & take. No more allergies but now I'm fat. F 29 1 years
 1  severe allergies and sinusitis Severe edema, elevated eye pressure, hives and itching upon trying to stop zyrtec. Anxious to see how long after stopping the zyrtec edema and eye pressure are affected. Though zyrtec worked to control my allergies, the addictive nature of the drug scared me. I have tried numerous times to get off it and the terrible itching and near panic attacks drove me crazy. I have now been off it for a week and am trying to put up with the itching with OTC Claritin. I have found that ice helps calm the nerve endings. NO DRUG IS WORTH THIS KIND OF WITHDRAWAL! How long before it's completely out of one's system? F 57 8 years
 2  Seasonal Allergies My 6-year-old daughter went from a happy, beautiful child to an emotional trainwreck. Allergies and puffy eyes went away, but in their place was a teary, depressed, befuddled and evil child who slammed doors, broke glass, and acted out verbally. I am mortified that I put this poison in my daughter's body. After reading the other comments on this site, my heart goes out to all parents who tried to help their kids and, like me, turned them into monsters. My daughter has 10 days left in the school year, and she will attend with puffy eyes and a booger nose, and be her happy, normal self again. I'll spend the summer finding alternatives that let me keep my daughter sympton free AND happy. Any other parents, feel free to e:mail me! F 6 30 days