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 1  allergies disorientation; severe fatigue; inability to think clearly; constant sleeiness; vivid, horrible nightmares; I was recently switched from Allegra to Zyrtec due to an unexpected pregnancy. I had taken Allegra for years with no side-effects. Immediately after taking Zyrtec, I was unable to function at all. I could only stay in bed most of the day. Thankfully, I am a teacher and this happened during summer break. I can easily see why this medication could cause suicide. I would NEVER take this medicine ever again. F 37 6 days
 4  hayfever sedation For me it works best anything else, however it makes me exremely sleepy. Far more than benadryl. So I have to take it at night before bed, whichs helps to fall asleep, but I feel groogy in the morning, probably due to the fact that I really don't get good REM sleep while on medication. I have bad allergies though, so I have to take a trade off. Honestt, the negative effects are better aren't as bad the positive effetcs. after taking t while though, the neg. effetcs are not as bad. M 28 2 years
 3  really bad grass allergies Weight gain. Initially, severe drowsiness within one to two hours of taking it, but that has subsided. I've only been taking Zyrtec for one month but I have gained five pounds!!! I have recently moved from an urban setting where I walked everyday, but now I am working out almost everyday and eating better!! This is the only new medication I'm on and, after reading some of these comments, I think it's the Zyrtec. I wish they would've listed this as a side effect. I've battled weight my entire life, I certainly don't need this now! F 31 1 days
 1  Hayfever Bad behaviour! More than usual! My son has special needs and his behaviour is not great as it is! He has been taking this medicine for 2 days and I've noticed a huge decline in his behaviour. M 5 2 days
 1  Post nasal drip and allergies Anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts, nausea, diarrhea, gas, heart palpations, flushed cheeks, confusion and sensitivity to light. This stuff is SCARY! I am a 41 year old man and this stuff had me breaking down in tears within 48 hours. I would just start crying over the smallest things. I'm currently unemployed and, although that's pretty stressful, I have never thought about suicide until I started taking Zyrtec. I was nauseas, had diarrhea, and if it wasn't for this website, I probably wouldn't have figured this out! I stopped taking it and I am slowly returning to normal. However, I switched to over-the-counter Claritin and I still have the mild nausea and flushed face. M 41 5 days
 5  allergic rhinitis, rash, hives No negative side effects. Not even drowsiness. I can take it in the morning. This has been a miracle drug for me. I can live with a cat now, tolerate dust, mold, pollens, etc. Zyrtec is the only allergy med that worked for me. Improved my allergic conjunctivitis & rash as well. F 35 5 years
 1  allergies, hives Within a couple of days of taking zyrtec, I experienced feeling dizzy, nauseated and like I could fall asleep anywhere, anytime. Within the first week, I started having awful nightmares, very graphically horrific and I would wake up very disoriented. It would take me a good half hour to be able to open my eyes and just get out of bed, then I'd spend the whole day feeling groggy. I thought that it could be the medication, so I stopped taking it for a week. Within 3 days off of it, I started returning to completely normal. I thought that a great way to see if it truly was the zyrtec or not would be to try it one more time. All it took was one dose and my stomach is killing me and I could not wake up this morning for anything. It is 1:30pm and I am just starting to feel awake, however I'm still disoriented. When I called my doctor's office to explain what I've been experiencing, they fluffed me off telling me that the side effects I complain about are not side effects of this medicine. How frustrating! F 30 2 weeks
 1  Allergies My 4 year old son was prescribed Zyrtec and Singulair last fall. Shortly after beginning, I noticed severe behavioral changes. He become very irritable, aggressive, and non-compliant. He had taken Zyrtec before, and I didn't really notice any changes, so I attributed the behavioral changes to the Singulair. I took him off of both meds and things went back to normal. We started back on Zyrtec a week ago. Five days in, he is exhibiting the same behavioral changes as last fall. I stopped giving it to him today. I really wish that pediatricians and pharmacists would warn parents to watch for these changes in behavior when prescribing Zyrtec. These little guys are at our mercy and don't deserve to have to feel like this. M 4 6 days
 5  Allergies None Although I wake up with a very dry mouth, this drug has helped tremendously!! M 31 5 days
 2  Severe allergies Weight gain, drowsiness At first, I called Zyrtec the Miracle Drug because it was the only thing that relieved my severe allergy symptoms of itchy, watery, mucousy eyes; sneezing; runny nose; sinus pain; stuffy head; headaches; and hives. Allegra, Claritin, Sudafed, Nasacort by themselves all did not work. After reading an article and the comments on this board on Zyrtec and weight gain, I am VERY suspicious that Zyrtec caused me to gain about 2 lbs per month, over 20+ lbs in 3 years. Most of the weight gain is in the stomach and, to a lesser extent, in the face, upper back, and thighs. I am normally skinny-to-average in size. Recently, I noticed that when I went off Zyrtec for 3 weeks, I lost 5-6 lbs. When I went back on Zyrtec, I gained 8 lbs in 5 months. I admit I sometimes eat over my caloric count to lose weight of 1,200 calories a day. But I exercise 2-6 times a week for about 45 minutes each. So the 20-lb weight gain seems too severe. I think my age and slowing metabolism, as well as the pill F 37 3 years
 1  mild allergies hallucinations, trouble urinating, facial twitches, nightmares,insomnia,flushing,visual spotting,headaches,loss of appetite, staring in space,loss of reality,extreme fright,loss of social skills,not making sense when he talks, crying, negative behavior,psychotic It has been four weeks since his last dose of Zyrtec and he is still not back. I am sick with worry and am afraid that this is permanent damage. He went from being a super star at preschool to jumping on tables and crying and screaming. He had a ct scan and eeg both were normal. Pediatric neurologist said that it was a toxic reaction to zyrtec and it would wear off. How long does it take to wear off? If anyone has any insight to calm down a distraught mother please e-mail me. I have been crying every day and I am so afraid he won't come back. M 5 3 weeks
 5  Seasonal and pet allergies Mild tiredness. I love Zyrtec! I had to go off it during pregnancies and MAN did I miss it! I just went to renew my scrip and my insurance company has dictated that I have to try Allegra first before I can go back on Zyrtec so I'm completely irritated by that. Anyway - Zyrtec is the only drug I've found that allows me to be symptom free during the height of spring and fall allergy seasons. Plus, when I had a pet, I was able to be around it and not suffer. Yes, tiredness was a factor, but I could handle it since I was able to breathe! F 39 5 years
 3  seasonal and cat allergies none I have never had any side effects whatsoever to Zyrtec (unlike everyone else posting here). It has worked somewhat for my allergies. I'm starting to think I've become immune to it though. F 24 6 years
 1  Allergys/Asthma Been on zyrtec for a little over a month, twice daily, I am 26 and have never had any problems with my thick gorgeous hair, now I am loosing it in record timing. The drug works great if you dont mind going bald...Ladies I'm talking to you! F 26 30 days
 1  Eczema agressive behavior, can't focus, can't remember anything, can't sit still, can't pay attention and follow teacher's instruction. nose breeding. always tired Teacher kept complaining about my 8-year-old son behavior, she even force me to put him as a ADD kid, after I found out this website, I did two things: 1. Reduced the medicine little by little (it took me two months to quit the whole medicine). 2. Transfer my son to another teacher's class. Now four months pass, I just got his report card, he got straight 'A' and citizenship marked as "Excellent".He is still in ADD status but he did not take any ADD medicine, I knew his behavior problem was caused by Zyrtec and Singular (he took two medicines everyday). My suggestion is: Quit those drugs as soon as possible, my son is under the treament of Chinese herb and there is no side effect. you may make a research and find another better way to treat your kid. Good Luck!! M 9 2 years
 1  Intersitial Cystitis Really sore throat, anxiety, insomnia (never really felt like I was asleep, just in an awake dream like state), depression I can't believe how horrible I feel after only 3 days and on such a low dose. I am taking it along with Elmiron, and I thought it was the Elmiron that was making me feel like this, but after reading other reviews on this site, I realize it's the Reactine. This stuff is toxic! I am going to stop taking it for sure! F 32 3 days
 1  Allergies My almost 3 yr old daughter has been taking Zyrtec for about 3.5 months. We were told to take it (by a Ear,Nose,Throat Specialist no less) to "dry her head up" after a severe earache that would not go away. It worked, no more severe drainage for DAYS. HOWEVER: Over these last few months my happy child has been aggressive, short tempered, occasional catatonic like stares, prone to tantrums and will fall apart at the drop of a hat, as if possessed / bi-polar ! She also would say occasionally that her tummy hurt, her "pookie" (vaginal area) itched/hurt and she was drinking tons of water, had a few headaches and sore throats along with runny stools constantly. We NEVER connected the two (med and behavior) due to her being 2.5 , a new baby brother and being in play school. We blamed everything else. My husband found this site and as of this morning she is OFF Zyrtec and I hope by daughter will be back soon. Thank you !!!! The doctors need to tell parents the REAL side effects and let the parents choose if the cure is worth the poison. If we had been informed of the TRUE side effects, not what the label says, we NEVER would have put her on the drug ! F 3 3 months
 4  Rash/ Allergies Tired, emotional withdrawal. I have also experienced diarrhoea, IBS and alot of stomach problems. I have been taking Zyrtec since I was 12. Without it I can not function as I suffer from rashes and itchiness, so I thank it for that. But I've been noticing the side-effects for the past 4 years now and it is getting worst. F 24 12 years
 2  allergies Became anxious, bit withdrawn, obssessed over irrational worries.No matter how much we tried to disprove worries did not believe us. Said his brain would not stop worring even though he knew they were silly. Would melt down,cry,kick thought he was going to get into trouble.Symptoms of OCD and general anxiety dissorder. Worked for nasal problem. Unfortunately when he was on 5mg(1 week) I did not pay attention to small amount of anxiety and dosage was increased to 10mg(1 week). This intensified anxiety,irrationality and worries. When zyrtec was stopped behavior calmed down. Now we are left with residual effect. I though something happened and he was now crazy.Feel helpless that I did not see this in beginning and must now suffer through effects and seek psychological help . M 6 1 weeks
 1  allergies Became anxious,bit withdrawn, had irrational thoughts and worries. Nothing we did could stop the worries or disprove his thoughts. He said his brain would not stop even thought he knew thoughts were silly.Would melt down crying about worries.Would obsess over worries (Symptons of OCD.) Worked on nasal problem.Unfortunaly did not notice small changes when he was on 5mg1 week and was increased to 10 mg for 1 week.This sent him over the edged. When medicine stopped behavior improved.But now left with phsycological effect. Feeling frustrated and helpless as a parent to see your child go through this and think they are crazy. M 6 1 weeks