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 1  allergies depression and lethargy -- no energy. i take prozac for depression and allegra for allergies. the insurance company suggested that i try something else because allegra is so expensive. i sleep great but am in a depressive state. coffee doesn't help. so i know what's happened and am waiting this out until Zyrtec leaves my system. F 54 4 days
 2  seasonal allergies urinary problems, possible visual disturbances My 9 y/o daughter has been taking this almost daily for about 4 months for a chronic cough and seasonal allergies. Her cough has not improved and she says her throat is still itchy. Nasal symptoms/stuffiness seems better, but she's on Veramyst too. The disturbing part is she has been having problems urinating (feeling like she has to go, then can't go, or accidentally leaking a bit in her pants). She mentioned this before, but I didn't take much notice of it, till she told me again tonight and I got on this site. She also has had comments of "seeing horizontal blue lines" or shadowy "people' out of the corner of her eye a couple of times while she is watching TV. Took her to the eye dr. and her vision is perfect. I'm thinking both of these symptoms may be due to Zyrtec, so I will call her Dr. and take her off of it tomorrow. No point if it's not even helping the chronic cough they prescribed it for!! F 9 4 months
 1  Seasonal Allegries Behavior problems, severe stuttering My 3 year old son started taking over the counter Zyrtec for his seasonal allegies. Within a week his speech was terrible. He had never had problems with his speech. He literally woke up one day and had a severe stuttering problem. We took him to a speech pathologist and she recommened therpy. I would give him Zyrtec just as needed. I noticed that he would be better some days, but other days he could hardly speak. One day while wasting time away I looked up Zyrtec and found other comments about behavior changes. I took him off Zyrtec and his speech has become normal again. M 3 1 months
 3  Heat bumps on skin, heat/sun I had huge heat bumps from heat/sun allergy. Zyrtec took down the bumps big time, but left an itching that is horrible, I can't scratch it's now so tender. Very drowsy during the day time, even though I had taken them early evening. If any one has any suggetions for curing heat rash on the skin I would appreciate it very much. M 3 days
 1  allergic rhinitis complete 180 in behavior in my normally sweet, good natured 6 year old son! Irritability, inability to concentrate, disobedience, inability to control emotions and what he says. ADHD like symptoms. My husband and I noticed our son acting wild and a bit disobedient over the summer, but attributed it to running amok at day camp all summer. Our son started 1st grade last week and after being e-mailed by the teacher on a daily basis and getting called for a conference already due to his inability to concentrate, hitting other children and his general irritability and bad behavior, I started doing a little research. Thankfully, I found this site! At first, we thought he might have developed ADHD, but then I started thinking about when his behavior changes started. They coincided with when he started taking Zyrtec! I stopped it today, after confirming with our pediatrician that Zyrtec is the likely culprit. Beware! M 6 60 days
 3  Indoor & Outdoor Allergies Racing Heart, EXTREME fatigue. It made me start sleep like 20 hours a day for awhile. Then after about 2 months, it won't let me sleep and I'm itching. Haven't been taking anything else except Tylenol. And some days, it wouldn't even work, like I hadn't even taken it. Still taking it but wish I knew better. M 27 4 months
 2  allergies mood swings, nightmares, not focus, sleeping problems. I am getting off!!!! stay away from this drug!!! M 35 4 days
 1  Seasonal allergies Tiredness, grogginess, depression, anger, frustration, suicidal thoughts Avoid if prone to depression or mood swings F 35 3 days
 1  Seasonal allergies DEEEE-PRESSION! THAT stuff is terrible on my system. I had no idea what was making me feel so "dark." It crept up on me; but the literature didn't mention "Depression" - oh no. I thought about the meds in the first 10 days. I tried everything - meditation, relaxation, music, oh hec it was awful. I don't take any other RXs so I guess I'm lucky for my age. I hate that stuff. 68 2 weeks
 2  Environmental allergies Noticed a weight gain first. Mentioned it to others and they thought I was crazy. I've been the same weight for 25 years and in the 5-6 months I've been taking Zyrtec I've gained 15 lbs! Despite working out and running more. Also noticed that I'm EXHAUSTED in the mornings despite being a "morning person". I haven't noticed any mood swings or anything though. I just googled Zyrtec and weight gain and found this website. Now I KNOW I'm not crazy! Can anyone tell me once they stopped the medication when their symptoms went away? Did you go back to your previous weight? Any alternative for this drug?? I'm never taking this drug again. Although it worked wonderful for my allergies, the side effects are terrible. F 37 6 months
 1  allergies zyrtec gave me severe depression, false thoughts, angry behavior, mood swings, feelings of suicide, and i cried all the time. worst 5 weeks of my life. the prescription zyrtec never effected me as much as the over the counter stuff just started. DO NOT TAKE> M 20
 4  seasonal allergies 1 per 24 hrs is not always enough F 41 90 days
 4  Daughter's Allergies Not any-my daughter has been taking zyrtec for 4 years now If I discontinue zyrtec-she will immediately become crazy from the allergies. She has environmental allergies and this seems to work great along with a nose spray. F 8 4 years
 1  seasonal allergies skin rash, itching/burning skin. I initially began taking for seasonal hay fever about 7 yrs ago. When the season was coming to a close I stopped taking it, then I had terrible skin rashes and uncontrollable itching. I went to the urgent care center - they couldn't find anything wrong. On a whim I decided to try a zyrtec pill to see if that would work - it made the symptoms go away, so I've been taking it ever since. A co-worker told me about the zyrtec withdrawal effects, so I stopped taking it - cold turkey. It took about 2 weeks for the insane itching to stop, I FORCED myself not to scratch anything - mind over matter. Now I'm "clean" F 24 7 years
 1  seasonal allergies Apathy, sadness, depression, feeling detached from my family, very irritable, can barely keep my eyes open. I took this drug for the first time last night, slept poorly and woke up an angry, sad, zombie. I literally went from being a happy stable person, to not caring about anything, literally overnight. I've never felt this way before. I knew I would be tired as I am very sensitive to antihistimines. The dry mouth is horrible--no amount of water seems to make it better. I couldn't imagine that all these disturbing symptoms could be from something so benign as an allergy med (I was on Claritin for awhile and it did nothing for my allergies, and I had no side effects that I am aware of). I take no other medications, so it can't be something else. My husband keeps asking "what's wrong?" and I keep saying that I have no idea. Thank God I thought to just check out others' experiences with Zyrtec. My son has been taking zyrtec off and on for a few months when he has problems with his allergies--I'll be taking both of us off this immediately. He's only 4 and I haven't seen any F 44 1 days
 1  pet allergies/allergic rhinitis aggressiveness, irritability, drowsiness, extreme anger and mood swings, very emotional, excessive crying My 4 year old son has taken Zyrtec and Nasonex on and off for the past year after his dr. prescribed it. While it worked great for his allergies, I feel it completely changed his personality. Like many other parents on here have said, my once sweet loving son turned into a demon child. Hitting other kids, throwing toys, becoming very angry over mild situations with other children, very defiant, just a real nightmare. We stopped giving him the medication because we were just scared of the way his behavior had changed and we saw improvement for the most part. Of course we were still giving it to him on and off as needed when his allergies would really act up so I think that's why his behavior never really improved fully. I decided to give it to him last night because his allergies were really bad and today was the worst day I've ever had with his behavior. I googled zyrtec and irritability and this site popped up. It didn't pop up a year ago when I researched zyrtec side effects. M 4 1 years
 1  Severe allergies I have been taking zyrtec for 2 years, it has worked well for my allergies. However, the side affects are terrible. I thought something ws wrong with my heart but now I know it was the drug. The withdrawal symtoms are the worst. I feel like I am going to itch myself to death. I feel like a drug addict going through withdraw! Getting of Zyrtec sucks! The itching will drive you crazy. F 36 2 years
 4  Year-round Allergies Food and Envio Slightly drawsy - take it at night just before bedtime My 8 yr old has been or Zyrtec (RX) for about 3 yrs (now on the over the counter). RX worked much better. It works wonders on her allergies, and other than being a bit sleepy she has NO side affects what-so-ever. I've never noticed any behaviour changes. In fact, she is actually MUCH improved because now she actually gets a full night of sleep with her allergies under control. Without Zyrect she used to wake up several times each nite itching and sneezing. We tried all other meds before Zyretc and nothing worked for her as well. She also doesn't have any of the "withdrawal" sympthoms that some people describe--after reading some of the reviews and I took her off Zyrtec for awhile. But with nothing else working well on her allergies (she has both indoor and outdoor allergies) I had no second thoughts about giving her Zyrtec again. F 36 3 years
 1  seasonal allergies My 3 yr old son exhibited hyperactivity and tantrums while taking the recommended dose. I am throwing it away! M 3 2 days
 1  Sneezing & runny nose About two hours after taking I have hives on both my hands. This is the second time I took it and this happened before but I thought I was mistaken about it being caused by Zyrtec. If it is doing this, what else is it doing inside? F 55 1 days