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 1  Spring allergies I developed dermographism; became extremely depressed; easily agitated; developed hives when trying to stop taking zyrtec. When trying to STOP taking zyrtec my hands and tops of feet would become itchy...enough to drive you crazy.I would develop huge hives on my abdomen..I had to stay on Zrytec until I found something else to take. My doctors didn't believe me when I told them I'm worse trying to get off zyrtec then for the reason I went on it! Funny thing...my husband, (on zyrtec for pet allergies), ran out of zyrtec when travelling for business and was up all night itching like crazy head to toe!He had to take Benedryl to stop it.Our dog & dander was not in his hotel room . I strongly believe there is some kind of addictive quality to this drug...it is like the histamines don't have anywhere to go once you try to stop taking it.You have to stay on it to stop the hives and itching it causes when you stop taking it! This is a nasty drug...I had to take Clariton(OTC) to get off Zyrtec. F 43 3 years
 3  severe allergies took it for 4 years or so and did great on it for a while. recently i've been suffering from depression, pretty severe fatigue and weight gain/increased appetite (anyone else with increased appetite?) it wasn't until a very recent appointment with a psychiatrist that i started putting some of the pieces together. at first the zyrtec (and allergy shots) really helped with my severe allergies (including grass, trees, pollen, dust, cats and dogs and i have one of each). the allergies were so bad, i couldn't breathe and had serious sneezing attacks. i'm down to once a month allergy shots and was doing once every other night of zyrtec, but after doing some additional research and talking to some other people (includng the shrink), i've stopped cold turkey. i've been battling the fatigue, depression and weight gain for about 8 months now (so it took a good 3+ years of daily zyrtec for me to get these symptoms) and until now, never realized that my recurring excema and hives that i've been suffering with for about 8 months on and off is likely due to the zyrtec as well. F 31 4 years
 1  Sinus issues Sleepy, moody, mean to others, sore throat, very very very hungry!!!! I am glad to see other had increased hunger. I cannot stop eating!!! I works ok, allegra-d was lots better for me! F 27 1 months
 4  dermatographia some drowsyness at first, but i took it before bed and eventually i became immune to its soporific content, and very mild depression and mood swings, but they have faded. now im hearing that zyrtec can cause short term memory loss? this is just a rumor, has anyone else heard this? ive had dermatographia for a year, and zyrtec extremely reduced the histamine reaction and the itchyness, although it didnt cure the hot, red marks i get. if anyone has any suggestion to reduce the effects of dermatographia, please email me F 13 1 years
 3  allergies although it did help my daughter's allergy symptoms, it was not worth the emotional side effects she seemed to experience -- sadness, irritability, fatigue, depressed. I took her off Zyrtec, and she is back to her happy, normal self. F 5 2 months
 2  seasonal allergies When I first started taking Zyrtec 8 months ago it made me very tired. Now I can not sleep until I am exhausted. It definitely stopped the sneezing, runny nose, weepy and itching eyes. My doctor says to keep taking it because I can't hear out of one ear. After 8 months I am beginning to think the Zyrtec may be causing the hearing loss? I have been off it for two days and my blood pressure is up above 140 and I feel flushed. Would love to be able to sleep like a normal person again. F 53 8 months
 3  seasonal allergies increasing drowsiness, fatigue and mild depression after two months very effective in treating seasonal allergies and even irritable bowel symptoms but drowsiness and fatigue becoming more severe Will try a lower 5mg dosage and see what happens M 33 3 months
 1  Allergies (pet dander, seasonal) Drowsiness, depression, mood swings Seemed to work to control my allergies, but changed my behavior and made me tired all the time. Also, if I missed a dose, I would get a headache and feel nauseous until I took it again, kind of like a migraine. After I stopped taking it, people commented that my behavior had changed to what it had been a few years ago when I was not taking Zyrtec. I did get a free fleece blanket from Pfizer though, so now when I go into Zyrtec withdrawl, I'm not without comfort! I really think that these side-effects/dangers should be given to you by your doctor or pharmacy before you start taking the medication. The only way I was able to stop taking Zyrtec completely was to switch over to the CVS equivalent for a few months, then start taking that every other day, then eventually once every few days until I stopped getting headaches. I still have to keep a bottle of Zyrtec around because every once in a while I'll get sick and nothing else will make it go away. And also, my doctors assure me that it's not the Zyrtec, and perhaps I'm addicted to something else...whatever, I wouldn't take this if I could go back, Allegra would probably do the trick without the prolonged suffering. M 15 3 years
 5  hives Been taking it for several years now. No side effects that I know of other than drowsiness. Solution = take it before bedtime. If I miss 1 dose, I start itching. I havent let it go past that since I suffered from hives for years. This is the ONLY medicine that I've tried that works, and I've been prescribed all of them. I take 1 10mg pill every night. M 33 4 years
 3  seasonal allergies drowsiness...the medicine worked well, though i started getting hives after i started it. and when I stopped taking it I was extremely miserable and felt as if I was in withdrawal, had hives, and was extremely itchy. I have stopped taking it. F 22 4 years
 3  Nasal Congestion Different from everyone else. Cannot sleep almost like a stimulant. Dizziness during light to moderate physical exertion. reduced flow during urination. M 45 15 days
 4  Asthma, Running Nose lethargic (not drowsy), dry mouth - some dissociation in life, a kind of a non-excitement, low sex drive but I do not think I am depressed. Solved (yes solved) my morning nose itch/sneeze - never have them and no asthma symptoms. I take 10mg at breakfast daily but if I don't, I start wheezing at night - and have to take resort to ventolin puffs. Seems ok if only I can have my normal sex drive back! M 46 1 years
 1  Allergies / Hives At first I didnt notice any neg. side effects and enjoyed not suffering from allergies. But over the 3 months, I became lethargic and became more aggressiveness. Sounds conflicting, but I went from doing stuff when I got home from work, to just watching TV. At work and with friends, if someone annoyed me (which became easier over time), Id let them know in no uncertain terms they should stop. Stopped using it 2 days ago and I am feeling a lot calmer. Listen to your friends and family. It took my roommate pointing it out for me to notice. I remembered my brother-in-law saying something about stopping using Zyrtec because of mood side effects. So I stopped and feel much better now. I also found out my niece was almost expelled from school for disrptive behavior, but settled down after taking her off it. So becareful, the change can be subtle and build over time. M 26 3 months
 1  allergies did not stop my sneezing, made me sleepy at first, but that subsided. Now I cannot stop taking it because I start itching, expecially in my palms and feet. It's enough to make me histerical. I now have itchy skin whereas before I never itched too much, just sneezed. I'm trying to stop, and am on day 3 without it. I itch. F 39 4 years
 3  Itchy Rash On Elbows, Knees, Ankles Depression, exhaustion, extreme sleepiness. Worked well in getting rid of rash, but side effects are a problem. Even when taken at night the medication's effects carry over several hours into the next day. M 47 14 days
 3  pet and seasonal allergies I've been taking it for a month it worked for a few weeks and then stopped, then I started to notice a change in myself. I've become very irratable and depressed. I'm tired and fatigued and sleep all the time. Also lately I've had a very dry nose and mouth and have had an increased appetite and have been gaining weight. I feel sick like I've got a cold and my asthma has been very bad. Guess what I looked all zytec side effects on the internet and I have about 80% of them. I am going to stop taking it immediately. People thinking about taking this drug should research it on the internet. If you see how many side effects it has, you'll think twice about taking it. F 39 30 days
 2  ongoing allergies & sinus problems This made me so drowsy I could not function. Could not drive, was lethargic, felt drugged. Seemed to help my allergy symptoms tremendously but the extreme drowsiness and drugged feeling were more debilitating than the allergies. In other words, this made me feel worse than did the problem for which I was taking it. F 31 5 days
 3  asthma Not exactly sure as my 11 month old is taking this. I think he has become more aggressive, but this could be attributed to him becoming a toddler. M 1 4 days
 1  allergies confusion, disorientation, fainting, irregular heartbeat My husband just took this medicine today for the first time - 10 mg. Now he's asleep and he came home from work and told me he almost wrecked his truck, because he passed out. He said his heart felt funny and it was beating too fast and that his heartbeat was irregular. He's been very sorry that he took it this FIRST time. This is a bad drug, and I wouldn't recommend it to anyone. I'm speaking from the point of view of someone who has watched her husband being scared all evening from taking it. He won't be taking it again, I can guarantee that. I wish he hadn't taken it to begin with. Right now, I don't know whether to go to bed or force him to go to the hospital, because I'm worried sick. Do not use this bad drug. F 33 1 days
 1  allergies/asthma My son who is 2 1/2 had MAJOR TEMPER TANTRUMS and VIOLENT OUTBURSTS where he would hit and kick...not only hurting people but himself...he would throw things and kick and SCREAM!!! Almost like he had no control of his impulses and exaggerated temper. This was not like him at all. Stopped the medication and my nice son returned. Sure he had a tantrum here and there but they were normal toddler ones...not scarry ones. I was not aware until coming to this website that this can be a side effect. His Dr. prescribed it for supplemental allergy fighter as he also takes Singulair and Pulmicort for his asthma. I would rather him be congested and cough than have these fits. I think we will stick to Claritin. M 2.5 1 weeks