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 1  allergies abdominal pain, vomiting, clingy, excessive crying, sleeplessness I gave this to my 1 1/2 year old for allergies, after it was prescribed to her by her allergist. What a horrible drug! She ended up at the ER for abdominal pain and vomiting. If I had seen this website before giving her the medicine, I would definitely not have given it to her. F 1.5 3 days
 2  Chronic Hay Fever Wired, anxious sleep, drowsiness, apathetic mood. ZYRTEC was effective in stopping my allergy symptoms, but after 3 days on this medication, with very little sleep, and the sudden apathy, I stopped, and returned to "normal" within 2 days. There should be more extensive warnings for this allergy medication, and it should be taken off the shelf. I will go back to taking Claritin "D" full of pseudofed which makes me wired also, but with no mental side effects--and I can't take that for more than 1 or 2 days! M 61 3 days
 1  cholestasis of pregnancy extreme grumpiness and anger, tiredness, confusion I took one tablet for the first time last night and will NEVER take another. I have not felt this disgusting for years. I am feeling extremely angry and disgusting, as if I have a massive hangover and very jumpy. It should not be on the market F 35 1 days
 1  Seasonal Allergies Became agitated, depressed, irritable...violent thoughts. Normally I am very laid back and happy. Did not know this med could cause such mood problems. Worked well for allergies but not worth the problems it caused. This stuff is dangerous... M 38 7 days
 1  seasonal migraine headache control 5 pound weight gain after just 5 days of medication! cognitive impairment, vivid dreams F 54 5 days
 1  seasonal nasal allergies Right sided cardiac failure and hypertension. I experience "cardiac asthma" ie.wheezing after exertion with difficult breathing This should not be over the counter. Who knew, from the sweet little TV ads that this drug could have killed me. F 58 2 weeks
 2  Allergies As others have listed, the first two days of using Zyrtec were "Very foggy"- My mind was in a complete haze. After day four came the aggressive behavior and mood swings. After a week came the depression. Zyrtec did work very well in stopping the allergy symptoms, however, the side effects frighten me. I chose to suffer the allergies. M 38 2.5 weeks
 3  SEASONAL ALLERGIES ANXIETY, AGGRESSION, AGGRAVATION Started taking Zyrtec after my claritin failed after 10 years. This Zyrtec absolutely gives me allergy relief but I am not quite certain the people around me are happy about that. I feel a change in my demeanor and attitude about an hour after taking the pill. I am less than tolerant of everyone at this point and absolutely see a change in my mood. I am still trying to decide which is the lesser of two evils...my happiness from allergy relieve or my co-workers' happiness from having me stop the medication! F 42 5 days
 1  allergies Almost immediately experienced extreme irritability and a racing pounding heart. I tried taking Zyrtec two different times; when it was prescription only and when it came out OTC. Both times I had the same experience. At first I felt very irritable and foggy headed then after a day or two began to have an extreme pounding racing heart. You could see my pulse beating in my neck and I felt as if I was going to have a heart attack or something. I really can't believe that this medication is available over the counter. I see others have experienced the same thing. M 45 4 days
 4  Allergies (pollen) Overall I've experienced less side effects with Zyrtec than most other over-the-counter medicines. Benadryl works great, but leaves me mentally on another planet. Tylenol Allergy works fine for a couple of hours, but within 4 hours it's wore off. Claritin has no effect on me at all. Only Zyrtec zaps out most of the symptoms. Dizziness however, does occasionally occur. I find that the "3 days on, 2 days off" approach works great for stuff like this. Take it for 3 days, and then go OFF of it for 2-3 days. This SEEMS to lessen any side effects and keeps it effective, as taking it continuously will over time cause you to develop a resistance to just about any drug. Dizziness does sometimes kick in when you make sudden turns or bend over, so be prepared. I experienced no other side effects other than that one. M 43 3 weeks
 4  chronic allergies brief sluggishness, dry mouth. Nothing ever worked for my allergies. Claritin had no effect. Allegra helped a little, but upset my stomach. Zyrtec is (in my opinion) the best. After reading other posts I had to jump in and sing some praises. I've had no change in sex drive. I've had no change in sleep patterns. I was foggy for a day or two when I started taking it, but that passed. The dry mouth went away also. I think its a matter of body chemistry and specific allergies. For my scenario where everything makes me itch and sneeze, zyrtec works. I've been on for 2 years, and was on a few years prior to that... there was a lapse of time where my insurance didn't cover it and it wasn't OTC yet where I suffered. M 29 2 years
 1  Seasonal Allergies My 4 year old has been on Zyrtec for 2 weeks. Irritability, mood swings, extreme fatigue, acting out, defiant, sad, etc My son's behavior changed so dramatically on this medication, it was scary. He became a different person. My husband and I kept trying to pinpoint what was causing the changes and by chance I googled Zyrtec side effects and found this page. Thank God. I absolutely believe this is the cause and he will NOT be on this medication again. F 37 12 days
 1  seasonal allergies extreme itching of hands and feet when I stopped taking zyrtec. The itching becomes painful at times. Occasional itching of shoulders, legs an ankles. My Doctor perscribed Zyrtec for me 10 years ago for seasonal allergies. I was becoming increasingly tired, I asked to switch to something else and within two days of being off Zyrtec I had intense itching. I went back to my doctor and was told to take the Zyrtec again. I requested a referal to an allergist. I saw an allergist within a week.I was still itching. I had testing for every allergy you can imagine.To my utter surprise I have NO ALLERGIES. My allergist said The itching I am experienceing is a possible withdrawl from zyrtec. I am now 11 days off zyrtec and I still have occasional intense itching. My advice to anyone whose Doctor prescribes allergy medicine, see an ALLERGIST FIRST. I was shocked that I didn't have allergies and had taking that medicine for so many years. F 44 10 years
 1  seasonal allergy I Purchased OTC Zyrtec for my daughter as per her doctor, she took the Zyrtec for a little more than 2 weeks. The caughing and sneezing became worse with asthma like symptoms. She was having a reaction to the medicine. I took her off Zyrtec and within a day the asthma symptoms started to clear up. Her breathing became better and the caughing subsided. If symptoms for taking Zyrtec do not get better in a few days, but seem to get worse, consult your doctor right away. My daughter was on the edge of having a severe asthma attack while on Zyrtec. F 15 2 weeks
 2  Seasonal Allergies Low energy, very drowsy, malaise. I took it because my wife said it wasn't supposed to make you drowsy. The day I took it I slept 11 hours that night. The next day I was zonked and out of it, and finally had to take an hour nap at 4 pm. Took it for two days and won't take it again. M 49 2 days
 1  chronic allergies Major effect was that I had progressively worse memory impairment. After 3 months, I was having trouble remembering recent events and finding common words, and it was starting to affect my job. I also experienced significant weight gain (20 lbs) and the medicine just didn't work well for my allergies compared to others to combat allergies, although at least it did not make me tired. I rarely have very negative reactions to drugs, so I was surprised at the extent of my impairments with this medicine. Once I went off it for several days, my memory started to improve and I began to lose weight again. I realize everyone is different so the drug might work okay for some people. However, if you start experiencing memory loss, realize it may be the drug itself. Very scary to experience. F 42 3 months
 4  seasonal allergies significant drowsiness, persistent dry mouth, feeling "zoned out" and in a fog. Also seems like I lost my sense of smell and taste somewhat. took this med during allergy season for several years. Even though it is advertised as a non-drowsy antihistamine, it makes me drowsy. It does work very well though, better than any other second generation anti-histamine in my opinion. I am going to try to start taking it at night and see if that helps. M 22 5 years
 3   I'm not sure if it is from zyrtec but my son seems to stutter when he is taking it.I went to this wbsite to see if it could be one others have had M 3 3 months
 5  seasonal allergies A little hyper, decreased appetite I took this medicine about 2 years ago, but i was also taking antidepressants and didn't notice side effects. but now i'm just taking the over the counter zyrtec and i have a decreased appetite, which is great bc i tend to eat to much and am wanting to lose weight. and i am a little jittery, which is ok bc i usually don't have much energy. I would never give this too my kids tho...especially after reading the reviews F 26 2 days
 3  suggested for winter allergies Depressed, ill tempered, overly emotional. Like a super bad case of PMS-ing only I wasn't! Also had bad headaches for the first few days. Took only for just under two weeks. Helped w/allergy symptoms but I did not feel it was worth the side effects. Additionally when I went off Zyrtec, I developed a major migraine type headache followed by extreme nausea and fatigue. Went away after a day. F 40 12 days