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 1  Allergies My 6 year old son changed into a completely different little boy. His allergies cleared up but he showed signs of aggression,anger,and sadness. Once I found out his behavior at school had drastically changed I was determined to figure out the cause. Then I realized it all began when he started on Zyrtec. I am so thankful for this site because I realized my son wasn't the only one experiencing these side effects. Now he is back on Claritin which isn't as effective as Zyrtec in clearing up his allergies, but I don't have to worry about crazy side effects. If you plan on giving your child Zyrtec, please keep a close eye on them for any changes. M 6 20 days
 5  Various allergies None I am happy using this drug. With other antihistamines I have experienced side effects, but Zyrtec works fine for me and relieves symptoms relating to food and air born allergies. M 47 3 years
 2  Severe Allergies Didn't want to wake up in the morning, drained all day till about evening time, moody, depressed, hair falling out, I stopped taking Zyrtec and now I can't sleep through out the night, and I find myself anxious F 31 2 days
 2  allergies okay this is really weird but i had been taking zyrtec for about a week and it helped my allergies but i noticed when i stopped taking it about 10 days ago i got really bad anxiety, heart racing, emotional, trouble breaathing, chills i dont know if this has anything to do with not taking after i had been on it for a week but these might be bad side effects im not sure yet but it is very scary so im going to the doctor about it in a few days but if this has happend to anyone else please comment back. F 16 7 days
 1  Allergies I got very dry skin and a red scaling rash on my elbows. It made me so tired I couldn't concentrate at all and could barely keep my eyes open, yet I could not sleep. Started to get asthma again, also. I have a lot of allergies and have been going through various treatments for a long time. Zyrtec was pretty good at masking my sinus problems. But I was so wiped out by it, I think its worse than Benadryl. And my problems came back right away when I went off it. Which isn't always the case with Benadryl. I'm sensitive to drugs. The positive side of Benadryl, if there is one, is you can by the 4-hour caplets and break them in half. Then you take it at night and it wears off by the next day. I dislike any time-release drug because of the potential for it to make me unable to sleep. F 42 15 days
 1  allergy control and sleep aid Was suggested I try a similar product after taking one benadryl a night for about 2 years. It was suggested to help aid skin irritation and sinus.Benadryl left me feeling a little groggy but workable. I took one 10mg Zyrtec at night. I was frustrated it didn't help all that much, I was surprised I felt more groggy for what I was told is not as strong of a medicine as benadryl. I didn't connect things until I decided to stop taking it about a week ago. I had become noticeably more sad and I was gaining weight and no longer up to working out. I was shocked I noticed the sadness went away that had been building and I dropped a pound, water weight likely almost immediately. I didn't connect any of this then and suddenly realized it had to be the Zyrtec, only new thing I had added to my system. I got online and saw many have had similar reactions. Thank goodness people have written about their experiences. I do NOT recommend Zyrtec. Not for sleep and nor for allergies which at lea I did not connect the itchiness until I read others comments! Thank you for sharing,I was frustrated with why my skin was itching even worse than before the Zyrtec! And I had only been taking it maybe 6 months! F 48 6 months
 5  allergies I don't believe there's been any - sleeping rather hard, dreaming alot. Never had any allergy issues until this past winter - tried Claritin and others - Zyrtec did the trick, if I stop taking it, I start right back up with the symptoms - looks like a long term thing for me. So far, no issues that I can tell. M 49 9 months
 2  allergy cough that is always there With-in an hour I felt morbidly depressed and hopeless. I thought it was my imagination. But I had the same outcome for the entire 5 dose package about 10-40 minutes after taking it. After I stopped, this completely stopped! Then my left eye started acting weird-like spots that come and go. It did help the cough. One of the only things that ever has.. But now I am spooked about taking it. I wonder if this medication has any impact on eyes (retina/ response to bright light) or if that has been considered? My eye is still not right. I see a DR Friday. Kind of scary-these drugs with their harmless happy-go-lucky candy store advertising. F 48 5 days
 2  allergic reaction, seasonal allergi depression, mood swings, disturbed sleep, apathy, very wierd dreams, weight gain, memory loss not really sure what made me wake up yesterday and say I'm not taking that any more--the difference in just one day is scary enough that today I went looking for side effects for Zyrtec--I agree with the others-I'd rather have a stuffy nose than feel like this anymore F 49 3 months
 1  My son was taking it for allergies Severe temper tantrums (multiple times per day), head banging, sleeplessness. My pediatrician recommended Zyrtec for my 2 1/2 year old's allergy problems. Before he started taking it, the only real problem we had was his sleeping. He was getting maybe 5 hours/night because of his allergies. After he was on it for a week or so, he became violently aggressive. We had not had too much of a problem with hitting or kicking before this. He also began banging his head during his tantrums and wound up with several bruises. Anything could, and would, set him off. He also stopped napping, which made him even more tired and irritable. I just stopped giving it to him, and hopefully we will see a change. F 27 7 days
 1  My son His behavior gradually became very agressive. He was having sleep issues, anger problems and would cry very easily. He mentioned that he could not control it. I have stopped using the medication and I his behavior has returned to normal. It was so bad at one point that we were going to start him in therapy. Now I do not see the need for that. M 5 4 months
 1  seasonal allergies moodiness,aggressive behavior,sleeplessness,irratable, inability to concentrate,rash on the back of neck My son has not been himself for three weeks, he has been so irritable, angry and aggressive. He has had difficulty sleeping and has had some very serious problems in school with friends and his schoolwork. I only wish I had thought about a possible connection with Zyrtec. Today is the first day I did not give him any and I am hopeful I will notice a difference soon, I will never give him Zyrtec again, I will look into alternatives. M 6 3 weeks
 3  Seasonal Allergies I started giving my 3 yr. old Zyrtec 8 days ago. It seems to be helping the stuffy nose and itchy eyes. Two days after starting the meds., She started having accidents. She has been fully potty-trained for a whole year- no accidents. Now she has 3-4 a day. She tells me she just can't tell when she has to go anymore. F 3 8 days
 1  allergies I noticed after the second time I took zyrtec that i had some itching on my chest and when I looked in the mirror it was bright red. The next morning I was pink all over and had splotchy pink areas on my stomach. I took some Benadryl in hopes of counteracting an allergic reaction. It helped some. Allergic reaction? The first night I took it I noticed my body was a little pink all over. The second time I took it a couple of days apart I also noticed after getting about 2 hours of sleep that I was wide awake and couldn't fall back to sleep and had almost like racing repetitive thoughts. Strange. I may try to mimic this response with another trial but I have a feeling this may not work out for me. F 36 2 days
 1  Dust Mite Allergies In My 10 year old, aggression, fatigue, uncontrolled outbursts of anger, restlessness, sleep problems. Did control the sneezing, created a very unhappy child and family. Pediatrician called it a mood disorder, recommended family therapy and meds. Zyrtec went in the garbage and peace returned to our home. Thank you for this website F 40 3 months
 1  Allergies I am unsure if it is Zyrtec but I know for a fact that when my daughter took Zyrtec she began exhibiting violent outbursts, temper tantrums, mood swings, hitting, kicking, screaming at school, towards her friends, and sometimes me. F 29 60 days
 2  Allergies Mood changes, aggression, social anxiety, clingyness My 3 year old son has been taking this medication for over a year. We hadn't connected the behavior changes with the medication until it was suggested that the issues were not necessarily just the terrible twos. He has been off of it for 4 days and I am already starting to notice a difference. He is less clingy, more social, and generally less aggressive with his sister. I am not saying not to take it, but for us, the side effects clearly over shadow the possible benefits. Planning on stocking up on benedryl! M 3 1 years
 1  hayfever moody, violent,spacey M 14
 1  seasonal allergies My 2 and 1/2 yr old son was on zytec (liquid - 1/2 tsp) for red itchy eyes for the last 3 days... the drastic change I have seen in him is FRIGHTENING. Our normally calm, sweet, mindful boy was combative, hyper, defiant, and not listening to me to the point that I had to put him in the car b/c I was so wrought out. After reading several comments from others, I have now realized that it is the Zyrtec that is making him act this way. My husband and I are NOT giving this tom him effective tonight... I just hope his behavior stops as soon as we stop giving him the Zyrtec. I wish that someone would have informed us of this awful side effect OR the box would warn us!!! Shame on them!!!!!! M 2 3 days
 1  allergies Obsessive-compulsive disorder Defiant behavior Problems with concentrating Anxiousness Two weeks ago we noticed a radical change in our 9 year old son’s behavior. At first we noticed his obsessive-compulsive disorder. He began picking things around, filling his pockets and was unable to throw them away. He was touching things with his arm to the point to have bruises. He became obsessed with symetrie, and trying to get things in order. He became unable to concentrate at school or for homework, unable to obey. He was feeling extremely anxious and began having violent impulsions that, luckily, he managed to control to a certain point. Once he suddenly stabbed a pencil in my back .As I turned I saw his sweet little face saying « oops, sorry Mom, Just had to do it » He realized he changed, he was suffering and kept saying that he wants to become normal again, just as his friends, just as he used to be before. We were desperately trying to find the reason of this sudden change as he used to be a normal child, NEVER violent. At one point I thought of the fact that about three weeks ago he started taking Virlix which is the French name for Zyrtec, and luckily I found this site. We stopped giving it to him 2 days ago. The change is radical, our joyful son is back. Still some sporadic OCD gestures left, hopefully it will go away as well. M 9 20 days