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 3  Allergies Fatigue, nightmares, visual side effects, urologic problems. I was taking Zyrtec for my allergies. It worked on my allergies fabulously. I started having problems controlling when I would go to the bathroom. I found out antihistamines can cause that. I stopped taking it and found I had more side effects than I had realized. Stopping it caused really bad withdrawal side effects as well. Those are horrible itching, fatigue, bad headaches, and inability to sleep. I won't ever take this again. Way too many side effects. F 31 7 months
 1  Allergies Severe mood swings, uncontrollable trantrums My daughter was on the medication for 2 months before and in that time she went from a sweet happy chld to a monster. I was ready to take her to a psychologist or doctor to see what could be wrong and was looking up all kinds of disorders until we realized the behaviors conincided with taking Zyrtec. She was completely back to normal after being off the medication for a week. Be very careful before putting a child on this medication. F 37 2 months
 1  Fluid in ears I experienced heart palpitations, anxiety attacks, general nervousness and a motor tic...my head just shakes for no reason. Loss of concentration, skin irritations. Don't take this drug, there are other drugs out there like Benadryl that will do the same thing and are much safer. F 42 1 years
 3  Severe allergies I have been depressed since I began taking Zyrtec, but because my girlfriend and I broke up around the same time that I started taking the medicine, I assumed that the termination of the relationship was the cause. After frustrations with being tired all of the time and remembering the same effects when taking diphenhydramine, I decided to utilize the internet to research common side effects of Zyrtec. It all makes sense now. Being down about the termination of a relationship is one thing, but not wanting to move or do anything is something else entirely. I would imagine that the medication increases one's susceptibility to depression, and when one is forced to deal with a difficult situation, depression is more likely to ensue. I have also experienced the insomnia and withdrawal headaches described on this website: http://zyrtecsideeffects.blogspot.com/. As an antihistamine, it performed wonderfully; my allergy symptoms were almost completely eradicated. However, I would caution users to be aware of potential side effects and be observant of any changes in one's behavior. M 23 2.5 months
 1  Allergies Zytec worked well for my allergy symptoms. Worked probably better than any medication I have taken, however, it is not worth the side-effects I experienced After taking Zyrtec the first time (a few months ago), I experienced tireness to the point of not wanting to get out of bed. I thought perhaps the symptoms might have been coicidental and tried Zyrtec again recently. After 3-4 doses, I again had to drag myself out of bed and felt depressed to the point of tearfulness. Within a couple of days of not taking the Zyrtec, my energy and mood was much better and the symptoms have not returned. I had experienced similar symptoms during the peri-menopausal period of my life, but only after taking Zyrtec have I felt as bad since that period. I take no prescription medications and took only naprosyn and a vitamin when I took the Zyrtec, so a drug interaction does not seem likely. F 55 4 days
 5  annafilactive fits None M 50
 1  Allergies See comments re: CYP 2D6 from November 2008. My daughter had adverse reactions Correction -- there is no published information about the exact metabolic pathway for Zyrtec (cetirizine) so I cannot assert a definite link. However, given our experience, I strongly recommend treating this medication as falling in the category of problem medications for "poor metabolizers". I think the odds are the link between pharmagenetics (individual reactions to medications) and zyrtec problems will be found eventually. Until then, watch this drug! F 16 7 months
 1  "Possible" Allergies in my 3yo Mood Swings, Defiance, Agression, Violent Behavior and Thoughts My son has been taking Zyrtec for 3 days and has turned into an absolute demon--I am not even 100% certain why the Dr. prescribed it but I am tossing it. He is totally out of control and moody. Never again, I will always check this site before filling a prescription. F 35 3 days
 2  hives weight gain, mood swings, difficult to concentrate my 8 y/o son was given zyrtec by the allergist for hives in july . it is december and my son has gained 7 pounds in 5 months. he has lower grade average, difficult concentrating, tearful etc. i will take him off this med today and will use benadryl if needed , not on a daily basis as with zyrtec. i should have checked this before. M 8 5 months
 2  allergies/asthma drowsiness, problems with attention/focus My 7-year-old has been on Zyrtec for four years. He was having trouble in school. His reading levels were poor. This year his teacher even thought he might have ADD or an auditory processing disorder. He was going to be evaluated by a speech pathologist, and they asked me if he was on any allergy medicine. I told them yes, he is on Zyrtec, Singulair and Advair, when needed. She told me to check the side effects of these medicines. After checking Zyrtec, I read other similar reports that children were having trouble focusing, paying attention and reading levels were poor. I took my son off all medicines. There has been a huge improvement. His reading level went from a 12 to a 20 in one month. His teacher said he is volunteering answers during class discussion and is being more social. This has all changed since taking him off the medicine. His attention and focus is much better. Now that he's off the medicine, I asked him if he feels different. He told me he used to feel M 7 4 years
 3  Hives/food allergies Anger, mood swings, fatigue, irritability, depression. I started taking Zyrtec about 6 months ago for chronic urticaria (hives). Prior to this medication, I was taking Claritan, which doesn't work at all, Zyrtec completely helped with hives...but I had other symptoms...extreme aggression, mood swings, headaches, panic attacks. I now am on anxiety medication because it affected me so bad. I stopped taking Zyrtex for about a month and I felt so great, but unfortunately, my hives came back so I started to take it again and I became so tired and angry again. This could just be how my body responded to it, I am not sure. F 24 6 months
 1  seasonal allergies Severe nightmares It took 3 nights of severe nightmares and waking up crying, and unable to stop for an hour, to realize it was Zyrtec. F 34 3 days
 5  Hives No side effects as of yet (1 week) except possibly a little insomnia. The insomnia might be due to having just come off another antihistamine I was on previously, though. It put me to sleep, and now, without it, I find it hard to resume normal sleeping patterns. I have quite a lot of food allergies which caused hives to break out all over my face. I know quite a few of my triggers, but avoiding that many foods often proves impossible. Zyrtec has taken care of the issue 100%, even when I'm badly abusing my privileges. I am taking only 10 mg per day, but I will double-up sometimes when it has been more than 8 hours and l know I will be heavily indulging in "bad" foods. It is a miracle worker. F 24 1 weeks
 1  Seasonal allergies Depression, moody, extreme anger over small problems, feeling of being overwhelmed and out-of-control Took this for three days - noticed the extreme anger and depression on day two - I'll go back to Claritin F 57 3 days
 5  allergies If you're like me, you will itch all over for a few days after you stop taking it (such as, during your "off season"). My sister reported the same thing. It's a minor side effect in the greater scheme of things. I've actually got enough allergies that I should take this year round. Zyrtec is the best pill-form allergy medicine out there right now. F 46 3 years
 5  CLARIFICATION This post is to correct the post dated 12/4 that starts "EVERYONE PLEASE READ!!!" and goes on to say that there is a difference between the prescription and OTC brands, and further states that Pfizer makes the Prescription brand Zyrtec and the OTC brand is made by "a company contracted to make a cheap OFFBRAND of the real product." This is categorically false. The prescription Zyrtec and the OTC Zyrtec are the exact same thing. McNeil has not been contracted to produce a "cheap offbrand" by any means. McNeil, a Johnson & Johnson Company, purchased Pfizer's OTC division, and thus purchased the Zyrtec brand when the FDA cleared it for non-prescription use. M 41
 3  Allergies: Seasonal/pet/ medicine Weird dreams, Irrational thoughts, heart racing, weight gain, hair loss/thinning, mood swings, sinus trouble, lack of focus and memory loss. This medication was excellent in helping me sleep through the night. Without meds I suffer from clogged sinuses, and headaches with itching daily. It allows me to be able to get through the day okay, but the side effects are not worth it. I am very suspect that this drug is behind my hair loss, and will discontinue the usage and try another medication to control my allergies that will not have so many side effects. This is an excellent site, I got to compare my side effects with others and learned new things about the medication. F 8 years
 5  Hives None EVERYONE PLEASE READ!!! I tried every medication for my hives and nothing worked. whole body would break out in hives every day. lips and eyes will swell and could also start to have breathing problems. i started to feel like i'd rather be dead til i tried zyrtec. zyrtec kept me free of hives for 24 hours and this is a very serious allergy that i have because my doctors still cant figure out whats causing it. you can put me in a allergy free bubble in outter space and i'll still break out. now the reason im writing this is to clarify something, prescription zyrtec is not the same product as the over the counter. prescriptioned zyrtec is made by a company named pfeizer and the over the counter is made by mcneil PPC, INC. which is a company contracted to make a cheap OFFBRAND of the real product, which is also why it has the name ZYRTEC. The real zyrtec cost $90 - $100 without insurance for 30 tablets as the over the counter is around $20 for 30 tablets. so i want everybody to know that M 23 8 years
 2  seasonal allergies the main side effects that were a problem were a major change in emotional outlook and irritability. After just a couple of days on Zyrtec my patience grows very thin and I am frustrated and angry with everything. This time, after several days, I also started having pretty dark thoughts, almost suicidal, which is not like me at all. The worst may be that I am unaware of what is causing it and unable to really see the changes in myself accurately until after I stop taking it. The rest of the family sure notices immediately. When I stop after it leaves my system it is like a massive cloud just dissipates. I only use occasionally to manage bad allergies, but I have now decided I cannot take it again. It works well for my allergies but I cannot handle the side effects. I usually only take a few times a year and for a week at a time at most, but it is causing big issues in the family and this last time I seriously was in a very depressive state, it was scary. M 43 5 days