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 1  asthma/allergies (dust, mold, etc.) uncontrolable behavior, angry outbursts, hitting, biting, extreme mood swings My son has been taking Zyrtec and Singulair for about a 1 1/2 years and Claritin before that. He was such a good baby, very laid back and happy. We discovered his exstensive allergies after his first birthday. That's about the time we started meds. I never made the connection with his wild behavior until reading these postings. I feel so guilty for thinking he was a bad child when he couldn't control it. We are stopping the Zyrtec and are going to try Allegra. I can't believe none of his doctors ever made the connection! M 3 1.5 years
 3  Allergies/Asthma Cant stay awake more than 3 hours at a time. No matter what I'm doing, watching tv, driving, typing, working, I just cant stay awake. I'm constantly in a fog. Works great on my allergies though! lol M 43 2 months
 2  Nasal Allergies & Sinus Issues fatigue, sluggishness, systemic body aches, depression, irritable, difficulty concentrating I was started on Zyrtec some 3 yrs ago to help alleviate constant Sinus pressure and headaches do to allergies. The side effects were noticeable after about 3 months. Fatigue & irritability are the worst. I didn't mind to much at the time as I recognized it and living alone I was able to manage it. Now I have been trying to get off the drug for the last year and seems like every time I quit I go through a stage of feeling fine then I become extremely irritable and just bite every ones head off for the smallest of things. M 40 3 years
 3  uticaria / severe itching severe fatigue, sluggishness, systemic body aches, depression, irritable, loss of interest, anxiety, weight gain, social withdrawl, difficulty concentrating This drug had worked extremely well to treat my chronic uticaria (dermographism) and on most days completely eradicates the severe itching. However, the side effects that I experienced to this drug are simply not worth taking it. The most significant of these side effects would be fatigue. Since I've been taking cetirizine hcl (zyrtec generic), I have been able to sleep for hours and always wake up more tired than before. Throughout the day I constantly feel weak, unmotivated, and emotionally distraught causing me to have difficulty concentrating and doing well in school. I'm going to try switching to another antihistamine because I want to be able to enjoy life again. I recommend this drug for uticaria for people who don't care about the down side effects. M 19 5 months
 2  asthma/allergies Moody, cranky, emotional highs and lows, sleeplessness, aggression 8 months ago the doctor prescribed 1tsp a day for my 4 year old who has asthma that is triggered by common allergies. It wasn't until he transitioned from childcare to school that a red flag was raised concerning his moodiness, behavior issues, sleeplessness, etc. I thought it was a phase, but he really wasn't himself. I spoke to his teachers, counselors, the doctor and everyone said he was just having transition issues. I didn't buy it and at my mother's suggestion, started to research all of the medications he was taking for the asthma. Low and behold, Zyrtec has all of these crazy side effects. Who knew?! Why would you prescribe that for a child?! I took him off of it 2 weeks ago and he's done a 180. He's a happy go lucky kid who's back to being himself. M 4 8 months
 1  seasonal allergies moodiness, unstable balance my 3 yr old took zyrtec in the spring for allergies and didn't have a problem. now that fall is here he has been very moody and losing his balance easily. he fell off a chair by not doing anything and got a concussion. very scary! read about other children who had similar issues with this. F 28 1 months
 1  allergic asthma/hives My poor baby was on zyrtec AND pulmicort (inhaled steroid) for about 3 years (from 2 1/2 until age 6) and we had such worries about his behavior. He had been a happy, easy baby and, after starting preschool (and having his first allergic/asthmatic problem, resulting in us starting these meds), he CHANGED. We never associated the meds with the problem...went to child therapist even....and we noticed some improvement in behavior as he grew (and we understand now, as his body got bigger and the dosage stayed the same...making the side effects a bit less potent). Finally, the Dr. suggested taking a "summer off" the meds to see what would happen (medically not behaviorally) since he had not had any asthma issues in a while. So, the summer when he was six, we weaned him off. We didn't make the connection yet but, he gradually became such a delight....we attributed it to maturity..and he started first grade like a new boy! THEN, he got a cold and had some mild asthmatic compl I cried when I put all the pieces together...and had a talk with the Dr. who denied that what I was describing was possible. We consulted with antoher DR. (our pediatrician) who supported our decision to keep him OFF the zyrtec completely (we use low dose of benadryl for the hives...hassle to dose every 4 to 6 hours but, he does not react to 1 t. and it does the job!) and the inhaled steroid only when he is sick (and we know to expect some behavior changes). M 6 3 years
 1  Asthma and Allergies I've been taking this for 5 years. At first I thought it was amazing, my asthma didn't bother me anymore, and neither did my allergies. Last year, I've been experiencing drowsiness constantly, ticks (turrets), never clearly awake, head in a fog, couldn't focus, depression, either really happy good behavior, or really low depressed behavior. Nothing good about this drug overtime you get more and more depressed and moody. F 16 5 years
 5  nasal allergies I've taken Zyrtec for years with great results and have experienced no side effects. Some of these postings are probably right for some people, but some of them are "out there". F 52 3 years
 1  allergies My children took this. My son turns into another person..no reasoning, hyper, mean, whining, clingy, waking up at night...He took it from the day he turned 2 until around the middle of the summer. I was at my wits end..I stopped zyrtec...new person? My daughter becomes clingy, emotional, has anxiety, emotional mess...no more, no more. Nordic Naturals ProEFA fish oil (369)literally stopped his allergies/eczema in its tracks...maybe another option for some of you out there..Never again..A runny nose for a few days is a whole lot better than this. My children are 2 and 5. F 5 6 months
 1  Chronic allergies It took me approximately 4 weeks to recognize that I was suffering from severe depression, anxiety attacks, and paronoia. A freind had recommended it as it is somewhat effective for allergy relief, but the side effects are terrible. M 61 4 weeks
 1  year-round allergies Pounding heart, high blood pressure spikes, racing heart, extreme fatigue, chest pain Helped allergies but side-effects sent me to ER thinking I was having a heart attack. Doctors said I had too much job stress. GP said I needed something for anxiety. My heart was pounding even when at rest. During the night I would wake up with a rapid fluttering. Thought I had heart trouble. I realized the problems started with the Zyrtec because I keep a blood pressure diary and it all coincides. Asked the pharmacist if Zyrtec could cause any of the symptoms I was having and had an AHA moment. All symptoms stopped after off of it for 4 days. When I get cold, I have an intense itch that I never had before. Hope that goes away. It is only where skin is exposed to cold - like face and hands. Will never use this drug again. F 59 31 days
 1  HIVES/ALLERGIES My son has been taking this for 2 yrs. and yesterday I decided to research the side effects and I came to this website and I was reading all the different reports I was frozen like a turkey. My son is super hyperactive, has leg cramps, nervouseness, is getting white stops in his face many symptoms that other users said they had. Omg! I've gone to bed crying so many nights and wondering what I was doing wrong. Only a few people really now my son and understand me, now I wonder if it's the medicine, he was only 1yr when he started to take it and from dawn to dusk he is a wild child :( My husband & I decided to stop giving him Zyrtex and it's been 1 day so far and hope and pray that it was that but at the same time I hope that the medicine did not do more harm. Now I'm just watching him closely for any changes. I will post at a later time the outcome. I just pray it's for the best and that my little guy gets better and undercontrol. I love Him so much :) I give it a 5 because since he's been taking it, the Hives have not come back. But I give it a 1 if it's the cause for his abnormal behavior that we had to live with for 2 yrs. M 3 2 years
 3  Allergies Drowsiness, slight confusion. My only real complaint was that it didn't work as well as other allergy medications, but the side effects weren't so bad when compared to other medications. F 21 4 months
 1  For children Well, I am taking it and I am wide awake- so I was looking up to see if it effect others in that matter- When my son was younger 5-6, he could not take zyrtec or clartin. He was mean on both- even his teachers asked what had I put him on. He can take d-allergy or allegra and he doesn't have the side effects. He also has asthma...I guess I need to take in the am....considering I have to be at work in 6.5 hours and I'm WIDE AWAKE!!! F 32
 1  coughing, allergies My 3 yr. old son was taking this medicine, prescribed by our Dr., for 5 days. Since he started taking this he has had major breakdowns over the littlest things. I associated this with his age, but wondered why it just happened over night. I was telling a friend of mine about how he had became very angry, was back talking, hateful, and very emotional. He would have temper tantrums like I have never seen him have before, even in public...which never happened. She was telling me about how her Dr. wanted her son to take this too, and so she researched it. She found that many moms were complaining of these same symptoms so she chose not to use it. I decided not to give it to him this morning and I can not believe the difference it has made. We were blessed that he hadn't been on it long so hopefully he will just continue to quickly improve. F 31 5 days
 1  allergies/sinus extreme sluggishness, some tightness in my chest I felt very clear and lucid at first...then it hit. 15 later and I still can't get it together. This medicine is horrible. Not taking anymore. So gald I found this. Other people were telling me to just hang in there and take it a few more times. F 44 1 days
 5  Allergies -Cough, Asthma Only take in the evening because of drowsiness. Some dry mouth also. I have been on various medications to find something to stop my allergic post nasal drip which produced a constant dry cough and asthma for the past two years. I tried Nasacort, Depomedrol shots, Claritin, Advair, and numerous other medications which either did nothing or had horrible side effects. Zyrtec finally has me functioning normally again! I have had to figure out the right dosage and that was 5mg every other day. I take it in the evening since it does make me very drowsy but I am fine in the morning. Zyrtec is great. F 47 1 months
 5  itchy skin and allergies No side effects. This drug is a wonder for me. I love this drug. Nothing else worked for me. My itchy skin depends on it. I have to take it everyday or I am miserable. I have no side effects and am thankful since I see so many negative responses. I'm not anti-social, not depressed, not irritable, no panic attacks, no bad dreams,etc. Looks like I"ll be taking this drug for as long as it helps me. 10 years and couting. I'm very glad it's OTC now. F 29 10 days
 2  severe itching I've had horrible nightmares and freaky dreams, hallucinations, and severe drowsiness. I first time I took it, I took it right before bed and got to sleep about an hour later. I kept waking about every hour from these weird dreams that scared the crap out of me. I keep hearing noises in my room, I feel slightly dillusional and I can't keep myself awake. I would only recomend this if it's a last resort (which is the reason why I'm taking it) because you'd probably be better off without it! F 19 4 days