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 2  Seasonal/Pet allergies Weight gain (lots for me!), irrational thoughts, weird dreams Wow! I just realized that all of the negative thoughts and 15 pound weight gain is due to my taking Zyrtec...Not sure why I didn't peruse the reviews before because I usually do extensive reading before taking anything. I have gained 15-20 pounds in the last 3 months. Unbelievable because I work out 4 to 5 times a week and eat sensibly. I have only been taking this medicine for about that long too. I quit taking all of my vitamins for perimenopausal symptoms because I thought that they could be contributing to the weight gain. I'm totally freaked out by this medicine. Talk about weird dreams...the weirdest. Also I have had really illogical thoughts which made me even consider committing myself to a mental institution...stay away from this medicine for sure!! F 46 3 months
 1  11 year old son taking it for hives severe irritability, depression, and anger the symptoms were pronounced when on the drug and went away shortly after stopping the drug. we had been advised to use zyrtec preventatively and on an ongoing basis. given our son's reaction, this would doom him to a life of mental health problems. he is fine since we stopped it. we will use benadryl in the future for short term relief. M 11 10 days
 1  allergies I now have what's called ototoxicity (permanent tinnitus, a roaring low sound constantly in my left ear, like a foghorn) I had bad hearing anyhow and this made it worse! It drives me crazy and there is no relief. I also seemed to have mood swings and some other odd symptoms (that didn't exist before) such as chest pressure or feeling flushed. I also developed acne in very odd places, it was never a problem before. I've stopped taking it and slowly feel as if I'm regaining some things, but the ear damage appears to be staying. F 45 1 years
 1  pet allergy / seasonal congestion Irritability, moodiness, anger, aggression, appetite changes, sleep problems, personality change Our son was taking zyrtec on and off as needed for over a year. We thought he was just a high-maintenance strong-willed child. It wasn't until he started taking it daily for a couple weeks straight that he became completely unbearable. We would have honestly sworn the devil had possession over our child, that's the best way I can describe his behavior. It wasn't until I found this site that it made me think it was the medicine causing it. I stopped giving it to him, and within a couple days, he was a completely different child. Much easier to manage, more agreeable, and overall happy. I thank whoever created this site, and just wanted to post our story, so maybe someone else who experiences the same thing can learn from our misery! We have since tried Claritin, and it causes the same symptoms. Now we are on Allegra, time will tell how that fares... M 3 1 years
 1  Seasonal Allergies Agressive behavior, rage, sadness, sleeplessness, confusion. My pediatrician recommended children's Zyrtec for my 3.5 year old daughter to relieve her allergy symptoms. After taking it steadily and then on and off for 4 months I finally put together that whenever she was on it, she was prone to random major rage events to include kicking, biting, spitting, screaming uncontrolably, whining, sadness, crying at the drop of a hat, Etc...it takes a good 3-4 days for her to withdrawl from 1 2.5 ml. dose during which she can't sleep at night and is a zombie during the day. We are DONE with Zyrtec! F 35 4 months
 1  Allergies Everything felt very surreal to me. I felt blurry and spacey and nothing seemed quite real. I experienced rapid heartbeat, dizziness, and blacked out once after getting up. I would feel as though I couldn't breath, like I couldn't get enough air. All of this never happened before I took Zyrtec. I felt sad and hopeless and depressed all summer. Although Zyrtec definitely treated my allergies, the side effects were not worth it. F 41 4 months
 1  upper respiratory allergies excessive sweating, weight gain, dry skin did not put 2&2 together when I gained weight although I strenuously exercise 3-4x a week regularly. Thought I was going through early signs of menopause when I could not stop sweating and gained weight pretty severely. When the epiphany came to me one day about a month ago I stopped taking Zyrtec and immediately started itching with hives on palms of hands and upper torso ( which, thank God, has now completely subsided). My sleeping pattern has now gotten back to normal - initially after stopping the medication I did feel anxious and restless which is now gone as well. I have already lost some weight -- halleluja!!!! I cannot believe my doctor did not tell me any of these severe side effects when he put me on this medication. Unbelieveable! I will never doubt my own body again and will be my own advocat for sure!!! F 40 2.5 years
 1  Seasonal Allergy anxiety, panic attacks, very aggressive behavior, overly emtional, paranoid, memory loss, confusion, feeling stupid. This drug is poison. Looking back, I now realize that 5 years ago it was probably taking Zyrtec that caused my need to go on anti-depresants and the onset of panic attacks. Never had a panic attack before taking this drug. This allergy season I have been a miserable person to be around. Ready to fight all the time. Feeling violent. Lots of rage. I never thought that I could get hooked on a drug I only used as needed. Been off it for four days now. Terrible withdrawl. Crazy itchy and feeling sick. I just feel like I'm going crazy. Tell everyone you know to stay off this drug. They may think you're crazy(which is the reaction I've received), but you might save someone some grief. M 46 5 months
 1  Allergies Severe anxiety Provided some relief from allergy symptoms, but caused constant, major, debilitating anxiety. Did not make the connection at all until I switched to a different allergy medication to see if it would work better, and suddenly the anxiety went away. In hindsight, I realized that the anxiety had started when I started taking Zyrtec. Basically lost 6 months of my life to this medication. M 32 6 months
 3  Seasonal Allergies Very tired, Dry eyes, and vaginal dryness to the point it was red and irritated. It also hurts to go to the bathroom. One of my friends was taking this and she had the same problems, she has since stopped taking zyrtec and she no longers had these issues. F 32 2 months
 1  Seasonal allergies Very bizarre, disturbing dreams which left me exhausted in the morning. I thought I was going crazy until I read all the other feedback here about people having weird dreams while taking Zyrtec. I've been on Allegra for years, and thought I'd try switching over to Zyrtec for a change of pace - and to see if it worked better. What a mistake! I haven't slept well in the 3+ months I've been on Zyrtec. At first I was attributing the dreams to stress, but when they continued I pinpointed the start of the dreams to about the time I started Zyrtec. So, I've stopped taking it and gone back to Allegra. The weird dreams have stopped and I am getting great sleep. In the past I have also had odd reactions to Claritin and Seldane (anyone remember that stuff?) I would not recommend Zyrtec. F 48 90 days
 1  allergies Stopped taking this med and the itching was unbearable. Random red, itchy patches on chest, legs, under arms, neck, face, etc. M 45 2 years
 3  Cold with allergy symptoms Loopy and strange sleep patterns I literally woke up in the middle of the night with the idea that I could time travel. This was in the first night of me taking this drug. F 16 1 days
 3  Allergies Check out Pfizer's fact sheet on Zyrtec: www.pfizer.com/files/products/uspi_zyrtec.pdf "The most common adverse reaction...was somnolence...6% in placebo, 11% at 5 mg, and 14% at 10 mg." Fatigue was a 5.9% incidence vs. 2.6% on placebo. Many of the other symptoms represented on this page were concomitant with Zyrtec use, albeit at less than 2% frequency.
 3  seasonal allergies Extreme tiredness, weird feelings, spaciness, slight depression, headaches, hairloss, and dizziness. I started taking Zyrtec about 3 months ago instead of Xyzal or Allegra because my insurance wouldn't cover those anymore. I am just now realizing that perhaps that is why I lost alot of hair the first month I was on this. I can not take a full dose because I get a terriable headache. I cut the dose in half and take it every couple of days. It's much too strong for me. I also get so tired to the point of being unable to function and have to go to bed. I become real depressed and have weird thoughts. When I went off it for a few days all the symptoms were gone. It's unbelievable the side effects drugs can give you even when they may help you at the same time. I also get dizzy and have some racing heart feelings and palpatations. That could be the drug or some other issue I have with perimenopause of low vitamin levels. Anyhow...it has mainly been going on while being on Zyrtec. I am definately going to search for another option for me. F 44 3 months
 1  Seasonal/Persistant Allergies Anger, severe irritability, irrational fighting, inability to control emotions, hostility, bizarre sleeping patterns, picking arguments that turned into violent rageful combative arguments, anxiety, increase in migraines and panic attacks. Good god, where do I start? I started taking this in mid June for allergies that sucked, the kind with the itchy eyes, runny nose, sore throat, you know. Basically, i turned into an angry aggressive, angry, hostile, combative, miserable monster woman. My boyfriend (who I had been with over a year) called me a spiteful angry bitch. I would pick fights over comments such as "You seem tired today, take a nap maybe you'll feel better." "Do you need help with (insert action here)?". I cant believe I let this go on this long... My mother asked me if anything on this planet made me happy, because apparently, i was a miserable person. I cried over nothing. Honestly, i cant even remember I time in the past month I cried over something rational. Come to think of it, I cant remember the last time this month that I fought over something rational. I honestly thought I was just a basically bad person. I'm never taking this medication EVER again, and it was this website that made me realize how awful it was before it dawned on me that my symptoms all started last month. I'm starting to with draw though (according to other people on the site saying that they did too, with the same symptoms. Dizzy, restless, headaches...). Id rather deal with the seasonal allergies than with these behavioral issues ever again. F 23 2 months
 1  Seasonal Allergies WEIGHT GAIN - HAIR LOSS - BLURRED VISION - MENSTRUAL PROBLEMS I stopped taking Zyrtec 7 days ago and the withdrawal is terrible. Intense itching on hands, legs and scalp. Prior to taking this, I was slender and in great health. I am not taking any other medication. In the seven years I have been taking Zyrtec, I have gained 20 lbs. I have not changed eating or fitness levels. I began noticing hair loss four years ago. My menstrual cycles have gone crazy and my vision has changed as now I need glasses to read and sometimes cannot focus for the first couple of hours each morning. My advice: DO NOT TAKE ZYRTEC!! F 43 7 years
 4  seasonal allergies some drowziness, but not enough to curb activities. I only take Zyrtec in the Spring/fall when I know that I will start having issues. Knowledge of what triggers each persons allergy symptoms and when the triggers first appear I feel is crucial to using this medication to make it work. I have been prescribed Zyrtec for about 8 years. So far so good. F 59
 1  seasonal allergies first two weeks---- complete relief of allergies, even excema seemed to improve, some drowsiness 3rd week-2nd month--- sleeping part of the day, nervousness, nearly constant hand tremors, occasional dizziness, daily chest rashes, frequent nausea, feeling 'outside' myself, constant worry, trouble thinking/concentrating, sometimes racing pulse, stopped taking caffeine but still no change after two weeks, went to doctor who prescribed low dose anti-depressant, which did nothing except add to list of side effects 3rd month---- in addition to above side effects, began wheezing at night several hours before my next dose of zyrtec. Took benadryl to help me breath, doctor prescribed inhaler. wheezing episodes would come earlier and earlier. Finally, my husband and I sat down and eventually associated all the above symptoms with the time I started taking zyrtec on a consistent and daily basis. 4th month--- stopped taking zyrtec and antidepressants, had headaches a couple days, felt This happened about a year ago, after some research online, I believe I had a rare allergic reaction to zyrtec, and that the drug was broken down in my system producing a chemical which caused the psychiatric effects. I think most people can probably take this drug without problem, but should be aware of the possibility of rare reaction. I also react to other allergy medicines, claritin has lost its effect on allergies over the years so I stopped taking it, but I remember it caused restless dreams (not nightmares) so I would take it in the morning always. Benadryl causes drowsiness, and Singular I only took once but both times I had norrible nightmares, one of which I woke up in the middle of the night and I felt like a needle was being pushed through my foot which didn't go away for several minutes. I now take flonase occasionally with allergy eye drops and elidel for my excema, all on an as needed basis and I never get the complete relief that I had with zyrtec. I'm sure steriod shots would work for me but I haven't tried it and I'm not excited about it. We switch between a variety of allergy medications for our son as needed, and including zyrtec. I plan to cautiously try new allergy medications in the future. F 25 3 months
 1  Ear Infections Agressive behaviour,hitting,biting,screaming,throwing things,temper tantrums and not sleeping I thought my son had the terrible two's, till i read these comments, "possessed" is how some parents describe their children, i agree. I'm a single parent some nights i just sit and cry, he's already been kicked out of one daycare for biting. Stopped the Zyrtec 2 days ago and already see an improvement, pray that it keeps getting better, wish i'd known sooner. M 2.5 1 years