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 1  Allergies My 4 year old daughter took Zyrtec for itching from allergies. It didn't take care of the itch, but worked to remove the red under her eyes. Her behavior changed drastically. She became defiant and rude (talking back). She also became overly emotional, crying and becoming angered easily. She really became another person while on the medication. This is the second time I took her off -- the first time it was because I suspected it affected her behavior, but then her red circles came back so I tried it again. I just took her off last night and plan to call her allergist. She's just not her normal (sweet, confident, respectful) self when she's on the medication. We will NOT try this again. F 43 2 months
 2  food and environmental allergies Screaming fits similar to night terrors that lasted an hour at night, wouldn't look anyone in the eye, defiant(would constantly run into the street,screaming if you changed his diaper), hyperactive, lost speech ability, a nurse said he might have autism, fell down constantly, seemed in a fog. Worked great at first- he slept better for a few weeks. Then after a few months the side effects set in. I don't want to put my kids on any drugs again. I'm looking into holistic and homepathetic cures now. M 1 6 months
 1  daughters allergy this drug is stupid and doesnt work does not help allergies, and it full of crap, i dont like it, my daughter is still getting horrible allergies. F 10 1 years
 1  Itchiness from allerg reaction Weight gain, anxiety, nervousness, jittery, unable to think, forgetful, sad/depressed, weakness in my legs, increased migraines. I was on Zyrtec under a doctor's advice following an allergic reaction to an antibiotic (itchiness/hives). I was on the medication for a total of 5 months. For the entire time, I was not myself. I was anxious and nervous constantly. I was very jittery and had a persistent weakness in my legs/thighs. I was very emotional and fragile with frequent mood swings. I was having migraines weekly. I honestly thought that I could be having a nervous breakdown. Then I stopped taking Zyrtec. My leg weakness disappeared and I was not anxious/jittery. Things went back to normal. I recently had another allergic reaction to antibiotics and was itching again and so I took it for three days. The leg weakness returned. So did the jitteriness and I had a migraine for the first time in almost three months. I consider this a harmful drug and will never take it again. F 41 5 months
 1  Allergies, Asthma Severe depression, weight gain, anxiety, trouble concentrating, paranoia I am a 27 year old female, I go to school full-time and my asthma and allergies have been particularly bad lately. I do not take drugs other than my asthma medication and have been taking Zyrtec for almost a month, but I am stopping today after reading others who have talked about depression as a side effect. Already I have struggled with mild-depression, but as I have gotten older I have learned to deal with this problem. For the last month I have been a complete emotional wreck, with anxiety, paranoia, problems with concentration and mood-swings. Although this drug is very affective with my allergies, I have also gained weight with no change in diet (vegan, very healthy) and the depression is simply unbearable. Please do not take this drug if you have previously struggled with depression!!! F 27 1 months
 1  Seasonal Allergies Excessive Weight gain, lethargy, depression, sadness, mood swings It only occured to me this morning that my allergy medicine migh be the cause of my 10-15 lb. inexplicable weight gain over the last 6 months. It was a stretch, in my mind, but worth a google search, nevertheless. I was amazed that so many others had the same symptoms. I have had multiple blood tests for anything that can explain my ballooning weight and sudden onset of depression, fatigue and uncurable bad mood. One dr thought it was a thyroid problem. Another thought it was my birth control pill. Maybe I am just crazy and fat and looking for something to blame it on, but I can't wait to see if going off zyrtec will help. I mean, I run marathons for Christ's sake. I don't eat junk as a rule. I have never gained more than a few lbs since I was 15. God, I hope it's the zyrtec. F 33 6 months
 1  Allergies Weight gain, constipation, bloating, swelling in hands and wrists, headaches, depressed mood, irritability, fatigue, difficulting concentrating I am so relieved to have found this website. I thought I was going crazy. Since starting Zyrtec four months ago I have gained ten pounds despite a healthy diet and fanatically regular exercise including running and weight training. Many of my side effects mimic my premenstrual symptoms but I stopped making excuses when my wrists were swelling so much during the day my watch would get tighter and tighter. I am dumbfounded that a drug now available over the counter could have such significant side effects. I switched back to Loratidine three days ago and I already feel the "cloud" lifting over my head. F 38 120 days
 1  Seasonal allergies malaise, lack of focus and motivation, overly sensitive Sneaky side effects that creep up. I was shocked at how much better I felt when I quit taking--I had no suspicion and never felt the normal antihistamine drowsiness. I thought I was becoming depressed. F 43 90 days
 3  Indoor and outdoor allergies Weight gain is probably the worst side effect of this drug. I balloon 10-15 pounds when on it for extended time. Other side effect is loss of sexual interest. Once I go off of it, within 24 hours I'm fine again. This is the only drug that works for me. I take it at night and it does cause a deep sleep like a sleeping pill. But takes a while to get going in the morning. I"m back on it now for about 6 weeks because of the Fall allergies. I plan to get off today and take a break. I'm tired of the weight issue and will seek someting to try at night and get by. Also I noticed if you use it regularly it does lose some of its working strength. M 56 12 years
 4  cat allergies I experienced weight gain after only a week on zyrtec. I noticed that my clothes kept getting tighter, but I was running consistently. I also was very tired on zyrtec. Zrytec helped my allergies, but I just can't deal with the weight gain. F 35 21 days
 3  environmental allergies My daughter has been taking zyrtec for over 3 years. I never put many thing together because when she started taking the medicine was the same time children at the age of 3 start acting out - crying about nothing - temper tantrums - etc. Her doctor recommended that she take the 10 mg 2 times a day due to her itchy reaction to her allergies. Unfortunately, I never questioned the behavior side effects of this medicine. My daughters 1st grade teacher asked me to look into the effects of zyrtec and how effects children. I am shocked at what I have read! As of today she is no longer taking the medicine! We are looking for a natural alternative! However, she does get monthly shots to help build her immune system and we are as of now going to continue with the shots, BUT no more zyrtec! We are hoping that her emotional outburst will get better ... who would have thought ???? I'm so disappointed in the reality of the medical world! If you have a child don't let them take this drug!!!! It might help their symptoms, BUT who knows what it is doing to their BRAINS! F 6 3 years
 3  plant and pet allergies itchiness, dry mouth, sore throat I LOVE this drug because I can breathe and be around my dog or in my garden. I DISLIKE this drug because I get so dried out it's painful, and the rebound effect if I miss a dose is twice as bad as my allergies were before I started taking it. After my dog is no longer with us I will discontinue and not get a new dog. Until then I will take this every single day, it is worth it. F 46 6 years
 1  Allergies While taking Zyrtec, I noticed an inability to focus and organize my thoughts as well as a substantial decrease in attention span. My memory was not as sharp, almost porous, as though I was physically present but without awareness. I became forgetful. I started to procrastinate and found it quite difficult,not to start, but to complete projects, either work or personal. I was quite irritable and easily frustrated - not a fun person to be around. I only took Zyrtec for 2 month. When my seasonal allergy symptoms began to subside, I stopped taking Zyrtec and within a few days, I noticed all of the above symptoms begin to subside. Although Zyrtec did work in relieving my allergy symptoms, I would never take it again due to the life altering side effects. There are other medications and ways to relieve my allergies than to take this medication. The risk is simply not worth the reward. M 44 60 days
 1  seasonal allergies fatigue, anxiety, mood changes I bought Zyrtec because I've been having a hard time finding 12-hour Claritin-D. I felt tired and anxious the whole time I was on it. The week before had been unusually stressful, so I assumed I was still getting over it. I saw a commercial that said that Zyrtec might make you tired, so I went out and found some more Claritin. Not only did the tiredness go away immediately, but the bad thoughts I'd been having all week immediately disappeared. F 30 7 days
 5  hives Zyrtec has worked on my hives, but after 2 years, I've decided the side effects are no longer worth it. I have gained 15 pounds (never gained weight in my life - even during my pregnancies), and no amount of dieting and exercising has gotten it off, and I have been living in a stupor for the entire time I've been on it. I now try to get through the hives and I feel so much better. In the two months since I haven't taken Zyrtec, I've literally dropped 7 pounds. My clothes are all loose. I have done nothing differently other than stopping the Zyrtec. I feel so energetic now and will never take the drug again. I'd much prefer the hives thank you. F 47 2 years
 1  cat allergies Been taking this for a week. Pain up the back of my neck and ears. Strong headaches in the temple region. I never get headaches. This is pain. Tired muscles, felt like I had the flu. I did not think the relief I might have felt was worth it. The pain is terrible--like a migraine. Even had a massage therapist work on me. After only one week, I have a very strong feeling this is the culprit F 55 8 days
 1  asthma triggered by allergies My 8 year old son has been taking Zyrtec for nearly 4 years. During that time, we have struggled with him concentrating in school and learning to read. We even had him repeat kindergarten and attend private reading tutoring for 1.5 years ($4760!!). We were about to invest $2500 in a private neuropsychological evaluation to see if he had a learning disability or ADD. Almost two weeks ago, I discontinued the Zyrtec in preparation for allergy testing. In that time, his teacher and reading tutor reported a measurable leap in his attention span and reading performance. We saw it at home too. Similar experiences posted to this site has confirmed my suspicion about the connection to this amazing turn-around and the cessation of his Zyrtec. It's the root of all evil. Question any medical professional or change in your child's behavior if Zyrtec is involved. M 8.5 4 years
 2  allergies spacy during the day, and sleepwalking at night from drowsiness right before I went to bed F 20 1 years
 1  Allergies to pollen Muscle and joint pain. Iritable mood. When I first started to take Zyrtec it worked great on my sllergies. But after a few weeks I started to develop serious pains especially in my neck, shoulders and chest muscles. The pain was on par with or worse than when I had a serious muscle pull. I did some research and saw that Zyrtec could have these side effects and stopped taking it. Within a week the pains subsided. After I stopped taking it I also realized that my mood had been severly affected. I was ready to leave my wife and a long planned vacation was almost completely un-enjoyable. These symptoms too ended when I stopped taking Zyrtec. However, the pains from this drug never fully went away and my doctors are trying to figure out if the chronic pains I am experiencing are related to the use of Zyrtec. All blood tests are normal, but since I took Zyrtec I have had no weeks when I have been fully free of aches and pains. Similarly, my mother-in-law recently started to take Zyrtec and is now saying that she is experiencing M 36 4 weeks
 4  seasonal allergies I have been gaining weight and feeling bloated. My wedding ring does not even fit anymore. I'm beginning to think it could be from the Zyrtec. It has definately helped my allergies. It doesn't make me feel spaced out and weird like other allergy medicines. F 28 2 years