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 1  Itchiness when sweating Uh, let me think... crushing depression, though i didn't realize it, each time i took this piece of crap, i would be depressed for up to a week afterwards, almost inclined to kill myself, that's how bad i felt Do NOT take this, EVER. M 18 4 weeks
 1  Chronic post-nasal drip/allergies increased blood pressure, heart palpitations, anxiety 5 days ago my doctor prescribed Zyrtec to deal with chronic post-nasal drip due to allergies. After the first day of taking (at night), I woke up feeling anxious and my heart was fluttering/palpitating. Since these were not listed side effects on the insert, I thought that perhaps I was just having an off day. Five days later and feeling the same, I was having a check up with another doctor, who informed me my blood pressure was 130/96 when it had been 120/70 just 5 days before--which is also strange because I am fit and otherwise healthy. I called my primary care doctor, who said to discontinue the medicine because it can have cause increases in blood pressure and tachycardia. F 26 5 days
 1  seasonal allergies my son is soon to be 7 yrs old and was prescribed zyrtec syrup when he was 2 yrs old for chronic ear infections related to allergies. He had then developed behavioral problems and has had them on and off since. After being off zyrtec for a couple of months now his behavior has turned around. Today he woke up stuffy and naturally I gave him zyrtec. Horrible day at school. Outbursts and aggressive. I couldn't put my finger on what was different about today except the zyrtec and when I found this site and all I have read I am horrified. I will never give him zyrtec again. Thank you for sharing your comments. Because you shared - you may have saved my son. F 37 5 years
 1  allergy control for allergy asthma I started taking the Zyrtec in December, and within 60 days gained 20 pounds. I was told I had simply reached 'that age'. While taking the Zyrtec non-stop over the year - the weight continued to add on at about 1 pound per month after I was told that Zyrtec could increase appetite. So - the increase continued even though I was re-doubling my efforts to change. Prior to taking this medication, I have NEVER had any problems with weight...EVER. And since taking it, even life-style changes in diet and exercise have had no impact. I find that shocking for someone who NEVER exercised to be able to get nothing out of it at all. It's counter intuitive, to say the least. I also experienced other side effects, which may also have resulted from the weight gain - I sweat ALL the time. I never used to sweat very much at all. It was only partially effective in keeping my sinuses drained. I took it religiously as sinus infection preventative, and I still ended up with an infection at my usual time of year - the following winter. The infection cleared up more readily without antibiotic and it kept things flowing and prevented the facial pain. But, overall, especially with the side effects, I wouldn't consider this any better than any OTC sinus drainage drug that could be started AFTER the sinus infection sets in. F 38 460 days
 5  year round allergies, pet allergies none Wow...what a great website! I've been reading others comments and simply can't believe what I'm reading!! My son has been taking zytec for about 3 years now, and we have never, never experienced any of the horrible side effects some have described. At the risk of sounding like "one of those parents", my son is a great student, straight A's, no behavioral problems, just an all around well-adjusted kid who is a good friend and leader in his class. Good luck to all you parents who've had bad experiences, but we love and will continue to use zyrtec when it goes OTC. M 11 3 years
 2  Allergies My son had been taking the Zyrtec 10 mg chewable for about 2 years. We recently switched to the liquid about three months ago. We have noticed some severe behavioral problems. He is extremely disagreeable, very moody, has outbursts daily and often seems very angry. He almost seems depressed. Often just minutes after an episode he will have a very calm and apologetic attitude. He has always been recognized by his teachers and other adults for his good behavior in the past. He has not been sleeping through the night. He's extremely tired in the morning and talks of very vivid dreams or even nightmares. He's also having great difficulty focusing both at home and at school. I was in the process of having him tested for ADD before learning that many children on Zyrtec are experiencing the same symptoms. It seemed to worsen these past few months when we switched to the liquid formula. Not sure if there is a connection. We have immediately removed him from the drug. M 8 2 days
 1  Allergies behavior problems, didn't listen, angry, you name it. Also very tired during the day and very fussy. In my opinion, this is VERY bad medicine for young children. Like many readers this was the only place that I found to confirm my thoughts about this medicine. The drug companies would loose lots of money if the truth were told. Once I stopped giving my son this stuff he returned to his normal happy self. For a while I thought he was possesed. I feel like a bad parent having given him this stuff for as long as I did. Don't make the same mistake........ M 4 1 years
 3  Seasonal Allergies Hair loss, weight gain. I thought these things were caused by my thyroid disease, as well they may be. But now I'm wondering if the sudden increase in hairloss and weight gain are now attributed to my now regular dosing of zyrtec. F 28 2 years
 2  Allergies I was prescribed Zyrtec by my new doctor due to a skin rash. I took one as directed and fell asleep for more than 10 hours. I was so exhausted after taking the medication. I had stopped after two similiar experiences. F 26 2 days
 3  seasonal, dust, dust mites, & cats extreme drowsiness, tingling sensation on face possibly due to sensitive sinuses, cloudiness, lethargic the crazy thing is that it works. I suffer from allergies year round. I haven't been able to breathe for what seems to be forever. I gave up. I've taken zyrtec in the past and felt that all it did was dry up my insides and make me tired. Recently I had a cat stay with me for a month and boy was that a mistake. I started experiencing chest pains so when I went to the dr., she said it was my allergies and prescribed zyrtec and veramyst, a nose spray. At first, I felt like a new person, I could breathe through my nose. But looking back at the past two weeks, I've noticed something else. I can barely wake up in the morning. Sometimes when I wake up I can't tell if I'm still dreaming or if I'm actually awake. I'm irritable. I'm cranky and short tempered. Although I can breathe and don't have a runny nose, I feel like my sinuses are clogged and holding back what should be draining. I'm tired and feel lazy. Sometimes, I have to take a nap to get re-energized. The crazy thing, is that zyrtec F 31 4 weeks
 2  allergies depression, uncontrolled eating, weight gain, waking up and worrisome obsessive thoughts hampering my ability to go back to sleep, lethargy, ... Began taking in August of 2007. Immediately began the uncontrolled eating, weight gain (20 pounds and its only December 31, 2007) and lethargy. I have been taking an antidepressant for about 20 years with up and down results and thought I was in another down episode and/or some hormonal change. My doctor thought I needed something to help with concentration and prescribed metadate. I took it for about a month. The lethargy went away but not the excessive eating. So I stopped taking the metadate. I saw my doctor again and he suggested using a mantra at night to help with the obsessive thoughts. Sorry, no dice. I stopped taking vitamins the other day in hopes that would help with the excessive eating. I also decided to stop the zyrtec. Today is day 2. This morning I recalled reading something about certain sinus meds causing depression and I immediately went to the internet and googled "zyrtec and depression." WHAT A RELIEF IT WAS TO READ THE COMMENTS ON THIS SITE! Th F 51 4 months
 1  allergies Another upset parent : I'm an intelligent, college-educated and (so I thought) informed parent and started giving my then 3 1/2 year old son Zyrtec about 1 year ago. I trust(ed) his pediatrician. I didn't notice any immediate change in his behavior and can't directly put my finger on when I got seriously concerned about it since initially he was given it intermittently. However, his allergies got so that it was almost constantly that he would have the sniffles and a runny nose, so I finally started nightly doses. I attributed his behavior initally just to a "phase". This "phase" continued while I kept waiting for him to grow out of it. My sister even suggested oppositional defiant disorder. i was upset enough to ask his pediatrician about his behavior and after interacting with him early last month at his well-check she assured me he was fine while writing out a new Zyrtec prescription. His behavior is much the same as other parents have reported: instant a So what happened?? I ran out about a month ago and had switched pharmacy plans and hadn't gotten around to taking care of the 3 mos. mail order supply. We went on vacation for 2 weeks and then last week I finally filled the prescription but he had a cold so I didn't bother giving it to him. 4 days ago I went in to get him out of bed and he said, "Good morning Mom", got dressed the first time I asked him, brushed his teeth and sat down for breakfast. Everyday since has been the same and I've been waiting on pins and needles for my "old" angry son to reappear. A tiny light in my brain a couple of days ago asked if it could be a Zyrtec side effect and I finally googled tonight and here I am. I can't believe it's something this simple and am angry to think about all the learning and love my son and our family missed out on due to his anger and aggression and am mad at myself for trusting his pediatrician so much that I didn't perform due diligence. F 48 1 years
 5  urticaria None This is a fantastic medicine. It completely keeps my itching at bay. I have to take one every day or I would be itching constantly. F 45 2 years
 2  allergies and asthma irritability, lack on focus, sensitivity, runny nose, headaches My daughter was on singulair and zyrtec for about a year and a half before I started to realize that it was negatively affecting her grades at school. She was unable to remember things from day to day, concentration seemed to be an issue, and at home I noticed her becoming more irratable and sensitive. Once I realized that the medicine could be the cause of the symptoms, I discountied both. Things have improved in all areas. Before taking these medications, my daughter did not exhibit trouble in school. F 9 1.5 days
 1  Allergy Insomnia that led to sleep psychosis, rash DON'T START THIS IS ADDICTIVE. IF YOU KNOW OF ANY CLASS ACTION SUITS AGAINST ZYRTEC, PLEASE LET ME KNOW! M 17 3 years
 5  allergies none Sorry about all these people having severe reactions to this stuff.It did work for me, doesnt leave me tiredalthough i do take it at night so that might help. I would recommend to anyone who is healthy and not taken any other meds for various reasons/ M 35 1 days
 4  pollen allergies I can't seem to breath if I stop taking this med. My allergies always went from late Aug-beginning of Oct. This year every night that I try to not take a zyrtec (I take one in the morning), I wake all night long, have terrible dreams and feel like I am choking and can't breath. Not sure what to do. This medication helped tramendousely during allergy season, trouble is allergy season is long past and i can't stop taking the drug! Has anyone ever heard of this? F 44 2 years
 3  Hives Hair loss, exhaustion, dizziness, anger, no sex drive, weight gain, headaches. I've been allergic to several foods all of my life. I've been taking allergy medicine all my life. I believe I've been taking zyrtec for about 10 years now. It works most of the time. My body has suffered though. I am constantly tired, my hair is falling out, I have headaches, a very short temper, very emotional, dizziness, I cant seem to lose any weight no matter how hard I try. My sex drive is pretty much non existent. I have tried to stop taking it, but because I'm allergic to so many things, I end up breaking out in hives. Every year I develop an allergy to something new. This sucks. F 25 10 years
 1  Allergies We have tried several medications for my 4 year old daughter over the last couple of years. She has a chronic runny nose and on several occaisions has had horrid coughing attacks at night due to drainage. We started her on Zyrtec at the recommendation of our pediatrician and our normally sweet even tempered child became a holy terror. IN TWO DAYS, she began having irrational fits, just about climbing the walls! She became very aggressive with her 18 month old brother. She acted as if she couldn't hear me when I tried to get her attention to stop her from her destructive behavior. I asked her why she was acting so nuts and she said-"I just can't hear you mommy". She would have moments of time where she just stared off into space; totally glazed over. At one point my husband said it was like having a football player on steroids in the house! Last night she went from hysterical crying to a dead pan face "Mommy, how do you spell your middle name?" We took her off immedi As others have expressed, I wish doctors and pharmacists would be more aware of these kinds of side effects in children. I feel for the parents who had their children on this stuff for so long never making the connection and being told it isn't the medication. I guess we all have to be our own advocates! Especially for our children-I feel terrible for having put her through this! F 4 3 days
 5  palpitations no side effects except for a little tiredness. I was having runs of palpitations for 2-4 hours at a time due to a leak in my roof leading to mustiness in my house. We were tested for mold, which I'm allergic to, and that was negative, but there is still mustiness in my home that is triggering this symptom. Benadryl did not take my palpitations away so my MD prescribed Zyrtec. I take 1 per day and have been symptom free since day one of the med. F 51 4 days