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 1  Seasonal allergies Anxiety, racing thoughts, head pressure, inability to focus, quickened heart rate. Originally I thought it was my morning coffee that gave me these symptoms, but I've drank two cups every morning for many years. I found that I had an extremely hard time studying school material, retaining information and just feeling at ease. I noticed I would feel better in the late evening which makes sense as the drug would be in my blood to a lesser degree. I take no other medications and have never experienced these effects on other allergy mess. I'll take my mild allergy symptoms any day. Never again will I take Zyrtec! M 25 2 days
 1  animal allergies chronic fatigue, weakness, confusion, anxiety, depression, horrible withdrawal I work with animals and became sensitized to them. Upon recommendation by the veterinarian with whom I work, I started taking Zyrtec. After 2 days, I was so tired and weak, I could barely move. I couldn't remember what day it was, felt anxious one minute and severely depressed the next. I continued taking it thinking/hoping the side effects were temporary. After 2 weeks of hell, I stopped taking it, and now I am experiencing painful, all-over itching so badly, that it is nearly driving me crazy. I will get through this. What I can't understand is why this medication is OTC, let alone why it was ever prescribed for human consumption. F 53 14 days
10 mg 1X D
 1  Sinus problem Chills, dizzy, tired, evil DON'T TAKE M 65 2 days
20 1X D
 1  Seasonal allergys Irregular heart beat. Either PAC's or PVC's. Terrible shaking. Vision problems. I quit taking it and the shakes and irregular heart problems went way. My vision has not returned to normal and it's been a few months Are there any class action suits againt the makers of this terrible drug. I'm an RN and I can't believe Zyrtec is allowed to stay on the market M 56 10 days
1X D
 1  Allergies Thought this medicine was a God send until the second day when I could no longer urinate beyond a dribble at a time. That scared me because I drink up to 11 glasses of water a day. My urethra and bladder have been hurting since I began taking this.I decided to look up the side effects and lo and behold painful urination is a side effect. I took my last pill the night before and today I am up and walking around, I had previously lain in bed for 5 days in agony after the doctor told me there's nothing wrong. I'd also like to know if these urinary problems are reversible? Be VERY careful with this medicine. F 36 8 days
 1  Allergies Thought I was just getting older but went off this drug and found it had caused extreme insomnia where I needed medication. Also made me angry for no reason. Very bad drug! Never taking again! Should be removed from market as the side effects are not work the reduced sneezes and other allergy issues. F 44 5 years
 2  It was a GENERIC BRAND Terrible nightmares. And non- generic Zyrtec does not cause these night terrors! F 39 5 days
 1  seasonal allergies Children's dye, sugar and alcohol free bubblegum flavored liquid: within 30 minutes of giving this to my 3 1/2 year old, she became angry, unreasonable and violent. She didn't sleep well for several days and the behavior changes lasted 2 days after just one dose. Oh, and several hours after taking it (just 1/2 tsp one time), she was digging on her leg with a sharpish stick, like she was trying to cut herself, but didn't have access to anything sharp enough. I will never use this medication again! F 3 1 days
1/2 tsp ch 1X D
 1  seasonal allergies Children's dye, sugar and alcohol free bubblegum flavored liquid: within 30 minutes of giving this to my 3 1/2 year old, she became angry, unreasonable and violent. She didn't sleep well for several days and the behavior changes lasted 2 days after just one dose. Oh, and several hours after taking it (just 1/2 tsp one time), she was digging on her leg with a sharpish stick, like she was trying to cut herself, but didn't have access to anything sharp enough. I will never use this medication again! F 3 1 days
1/2 tsp ch 1X D
 1  Sneeze attacks I took Zyrtec last Oct because I was having sneeze attacks often because of allergies I developed when I moved to LA. I took it for 6 days, I noticed on the 3rd night when I laid down to go to bed I could NOT breathe out of my nose so I just assumed I was getting a cold but by the 6th night I was in panic mode and could NOT breathe at all!!!! ...I called my sister and conf in a 24 hour pharmacists and he told me what to do to get me to breathe again and to discontinue with Zyrtec so of course I stopped!! HOWEVER Zyrtec left very strange and seems to be permanent terrible side effects!!!!! First of all I ended up with a chronic stuffed up nose because the Zyrtec dried up my inner nasel tissues so bad, then because of my nose being stuffed up from Zyrtec it caused me to go see a doctor which prescribed nasonex to try to undo what the Zyrtec had caused, this helped a little, my nose seems to always be half or all stuffed ever since I took that Zyrtec for 6 days and I can NEVER breathe out if my nose now when I sleep since I took the Zyrtec. I cannot believe I am the only person that this medicine has done this too, there's no way, if it did this to me then it has to have dried out and stuffed up other peoples noses too!!!! ...If I knew Zyrtec was going to cause me to have this stuffed up nose problem I would have never have taken it!!!!! F 43 6 days
 2  Allery-related sinusitis Depression, irritability, negative and hateful thoughts, mood swings, fatigue, difficulty getting out of bed This medicine helped my sinusitis immediately, but I was a depressed basket case while taking it. I was pissed off at everyone all the time and couldn't find a positive thought in my brain... very negative, mean, and depressed. I felt as if there were a pane of glass between the world and me... just couldn't connect. I also lost my libido -- absolutely no interest in sex. I also felt extremely exhausted for about two hours each morning, even after sleeping 9-10 hours (I was only taking 5 mg once per day, right before bed), and would just lie in bed not wanting to face the world. Once I stopped the drug, I felt normal within 24 hours. F 44 2.5 weeks
5 mg 1X D
 1  Allergies I will never take Zyrtec again! Talk about experiencing every crazy emotion you could possibly ever have in just one dose! My allergies have been very bad this season with intense itchy face and eyes, sneezing, couching, congestion, basically what everyone goes thru with Allergies. I dont like taking anykind of medicine at all and will avoid if possible, but I thought I was going to end up ripping my face and eyes out and needed some kind or relief a.s.a.p. Last nite I popped a zyrtec before bed, (Husbands allergy pills) within two hours I awoke right out of sleep and started to feel disoriented like I didnt know if I was really where I was. I then started to feel agitated,angry, upset, fidgety all for no reason. Here I am laying in bed its midnight, Im now wide awake with insomnia and Im feeling like I want to wake my husband up and start yelling at him. I get up and splash my face with cold water, now Im feeling scared and shaky for no reason. I try to lay back down close my eyes and convince myself everything will be okay, Im just overreacting. Out of no where my heart starts beating 240 and Im now convinced that there must be ephedrine in this zyrtec I just took. Im even convinced my Husband knew this zyrtec made you feel this way and let me take it anyway. I get up start pacing and almost thought of going to the Er in case I was having an allergic reaction. I had to try to lay back down cause my heart was beating so fast I thought I was going to pass out if I didnt tr F 39 1 days
10 mg
 1  Seasonal Allergies Very vivid nightmares that would lead me to getting out of bed in a semi-conscious state. I also suffered from anxiety and paranoia. It took me so long to figure out that it was the Zyrtec D because I attributed the psychological stress to the stress of being a first-time father; I had started taking Zyrtec D about two months before my son was born. I am no longer suffering from the nasty side-effects since I stopped taking it about a month ago. It helped a lot with the seasonal allergies, but not worth the side effects! M 34 1.5 years
5mg/120mg 2X D
 1  Allergic Rhinitis Deep depression, exhaustion, aching and tired limbs, suicidal thoughts. I started taking this drug to counter the effects of allergic rhinitis. I went from happy go lucky to wanting to sit in the chair and cry all day. When suicidal thoughts started to happen, I looked at what had changed and pinpointed Zyrtec as I noticed that at the end of the 24 hour period when the drug was wearing off, I started to feel better. These tablets have gone out with the rubbish, I feel a different person, the aches and pains have gone and I have my head back. I believe this is a very dangerous drug and should not be sold over the counter. I count myself lucky to not have had the other dreadful symptoms being reported on this webpage. F 64 2 days
10mg 1X D
 1  allergies and hives Weight gain, depression..blues F 53 10 years
 1  Itchiness related to previous hives Heart racing and pounding After I discontinued the drug, it took a week to return to near-normal. It was an extremely unpleasant week--considered going to the ER at least once. F 67 11 days
10 mg 1X D
 3  Severe Allergies My 5 year old son has been taking zyrtec for 2 years for severe allergies (tactile, seasonal and severe life-threatening allergies). He isn't able to leave the house without allergy medicine due to his high sensitivity to animal dander and other allergens. Many of my son's classmates have pets at home and, as soon as he comes into contact with them or their clothing, his eyes swell up and become itchy and red. Hives & asthma can also accompany these symptoms. The zyrtec allowed my son to get out the door every day and function without these allergic reactions. His pediatric allergist suggested I give it to him every day and that is where it all began. The zyrtec did do the job it was intended to do, I just don't think it is good for long term use (like any drug, it has it's side effects). I decided do a trial run of taking my son off of zyrtec after stumbling across many parents postings about irritability and mood changes they noticed while their child was taking zyrtec. Throughout my sons 2+ years of daily doses of zyrtec, his moods have swung from happy to sad within seconds. He also would have sudden screaming outbursts if he didn't like something we told him (something as simple as 'let's go to the park'). We're on Day 4 without zyrtec and my son (after 2 years of this roller coaster!) is starting to be much more reasonable and cooperative, and happy. He certainly still has his moments (let's remember, he's a 5 year old!) but we're noticing a huge difference already. I haven't heard one screaming outburst since we stopped zyrtec. Now we're focusing on the unbelievable itching he's experiencing at nighttime and trying to get through the next 2-3 weeks as his system is going through zyrtec withdrawal. We tried taking him off of zyrtec 6 months ago for allergy testing and we couldn't get through it due to the extreme itching. This time I'm determined to get past this phase and have been giving him a homeopathic allergy medicine every 4 hours throughout the night. I also give him a dose of the homeopathic allergy medicine in the morning before school and I'm happy to say he's done just fine with his allergies (he only has a 1/2 day of kindergarten so I'm fortunate I can monitor all this). We're taking it one day at a time but I have already decided F 34 2 years
10mg 1X D
 2  cedar allergies heart palpatations,extreme fatigue,irratability,sore throat does not completely stop the running nose,or sneezing,makes me feel horrible.would not give to my kids.I taken this off an on in 2 yrs when allergies hit. F 37 2 years
10mg 1X D
 1  Head cold Tired and had vicious ghastly dreams that left me extremely frightened for several minutes after I awakened. Sad feelings during the day and even cried for no reason. Very curt with others even angered easily! Been Zyrtec free for 2 days and feeling Better. No more nightmares! This is a mind altering medicine. Will never take this medicine again! M 53 2 days
 1  Allergies Anger, Anxiety, Restlessness, Irritability. My child had extreme side effects from this medication. This medication was prescribed for allergies. This medication did nothing but, change my child's behavior and personality. It was hard on my child and scared me half to death. All the negative reviews you read could happen. Not worth the risk. Find something else that has less side effects. 60 days
10 MG 1X D