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 Type: Over-the-counter Drug

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 3  dermatitis none it didn't do away with dermatitis to my satisfaction, but helps. M 30 2 years
 4  chronic allergies tiredness, fatigue, back ache? F 37 3 years
 1  allergic rhinitis none, and none with my son Didn't seem to do anything at all for either me or my son. Flonase works much better for me.......100% better. For my son, he has to use albuterol, patanol (for his eyes) and flonase plus zyrtec when the allergies kick up during Tball season.....otherwise he is a coughing, pussy eyed, boggy sinused poor little pool of a mess. I don't think the zyrtec does anything for either of us! F 28 4 years
 4  Asthma, allergies slight sleepiness Tried Claritin, but it did nothing. Zyrtec is very expensive. F 3 years
 5  Dermographism None I developed dermographism and was prescribed zyrtec(10mg)and ranitidine(150mg) and both worked like a charm. The dermographism has finally gone after nearly 3 years, but if it wasn't for the Zyrtec, I don't know what I would have done. M 37 3 years
 1  allergies Um, allergies. Does Zyrtec even work? M 29 4 months
 3  hayfever type symptoms Drowsiness.Could possibly be dependency forming.Dry mouth.Dehydrated. Im usually a light sleeper but with zyrtec I sleep very deeply.More like a tranquilizer than an antihistamine although I do find it to be helpful if taken at the first sign of symptoms appearing.If my attack becomes full blown before I take it,it does nothing.Im concerned about becoming too dependant on antihistamines because Ive noticed the more I take them the more frequent are my attacks when Im not using them thus I keep taking thus creating a vicious cycle. M 35 1 years
 1  allergies, congestion depression and extreme emotional sensitivity in my 8yr old son he was back to normal when he stopped taking zyrtec M 8 3 weeks
 5  Allergies None Zyrtc is the best medication I have ever taken. It works as fast as 20 minutes and lasts all day long. I have taken Claritin and Allegra and neither one of them even touch my allergies. You've got to ask your physician about this one. M 28 2 years
 2  allergies I felt tired and had a headache F 35 4 days
 1  allergies I experienced severe cns and disassociative episodes while on zyrtec for 1 month. If you are taking this medication and feel in anyway that your mood or emotional affect has changed, it probably has and is due to zyrtec. Please contact your doctor immediately. M 27 1 months
 1  allergies I felt as if I were becoming depressed, but not sad or melacholic. It was as if I couldn't taste, smell, see, or hear things as clearly as I used to. I felt numb...emotional and (physical) sense-wise. Increased tendency to I would never ever recommend that anyone take this med. Claritin makes you sleepy, but zyrtec makes you dull, in a very very bad way. If you are taking this med and you feel like this, talk to your doctor. I did and it turns out this is a known side effect, just not one that is made much of. It should be. I am honestly surprised it has not been taken off the market. It seems dangerous. F 31 3 months
 2  eye allergies extremely sleepy...I couldn't get myself out of bed in the morning. Such a dry mouth that I had to drink large amounts of liquids all day to feel satisfied. My mental state was "loopy"...I couldn't concentrate and felt it was unsafe for me to be driving, I was that out of it. There should be a stricter warning concerning the sleepiness and altered mental state. I stopped taking the drug immediately because the side effects were so terrible. Claritin never gave me these types of side effects! F 32 1 days
 5  clear nasal congestion dry mouth excellent drug...worked much better than claritin for me..A+++ M 16 30 days
 5  allergies F 36 2 years
 5  hives need to take at bedtime because it causes severe drowiness F 31 6 months
 3  seasonal allergies (hives) drowsiness, dizziness You only take it once a day, but the drug started to wear off long before the end of the day. However, relief is felt within about 15 minutes of taking it. F 31 2 years
 3  Pet dander/dust mite allergy None Reduced but did not eliminate sneezing and coughing. Worked okay for about two years but now it seems that either my allergies have gotten worse or my body has built up a resistance to it. M 45 3 years
 3   M 32