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 1  Seasonal allergies This medicine makes me extremely tired like a ZOMBIE!! Its horrible! I am not motivated and sometimes down and depressed when taking this!! I am no longer taking this it is HORRIBLE! F 32 10 days
 3  hives Extremely increased anxiety, difficulty falling asleep, difficulty waking up. However, it leaves me functioning enough to go to classes, which Benedryl did not. I am on double the over the counter dose due to the severity of my allergic reaction F 20 4 weeks
10 MG 2X D
 2  Hives, dermatographia Extreme lethargy. Foggy brain. Mood swings. Spacey. F 44 2 years
 3  Allergies Dry skin, dry mouth, irritability, anxiety, lack of motivation. Works really well on allergies. But I can't stand the loss off attention, dry mouth, anxiety. M 22 15 years
10mg 1X D
 1  seasonal allergies dry mouth, sore throat, EXTREME irritability I have suffered my whole life with seasonal allergies. I have tried many otc allergy medicines. Most do nothing but make me sleepy. Upon trying this medicine, I thought I finally found the one! I have had no allergy problems at all. Unfortunately, it did make me extremely thirsty and give me a sore throat. Those are side effects I could deal with. However, I noticed that I was not my normal cheerful self. I am a very happy person, but today, I was so negative about everything. The only change was the medicine. Everything made me so mad, even the littlest things. I teach elementary school and feel so bad about the way I treated my students today. I snapped at them for every little thing, even things they could not control. I will NEVER take this medicine again. I would rather go through months of being drowsy from Benadryl than dealing with these side effects. F 38 1 days
10 1X D
 1  Allergies While it controls my itchy throat and eyes; I am completely exhausted and suffering from weight gain and very achy joints, especially knee and wrist. F 50 60 days
10 MG 1X D
 1  Itching due to allergic reaction Quick to anger, depression, dizziness, weeping jags, paranoia, inability to use correct words, dangerous behaviors Won't take again! F 39 7 days
1X D
 1  SKIN REACTION (HIVES) On the 3rd night of taking Zyrtec, by that morning 6:30am,my daughter laid there on her dorm room floor helpless! So fatiqued/faint, anxiety,weakness,hot sweats,tired/zombielike,dehydrayted,Low Blood Pressure(80/40),urinated all over herself,had to be rushed to ER by ambulance! Definately will stick to Benadryl,when needed! Advise not to take Zyrtec! F 18 3 days
 1  Allergies, post nasal drip, earache zombie-like state, severe feeling of disconnect, inability to concentrate, poor motor skills, confusion, feeling of being in "slow motion", no modivation.... I felt as if my brains were scambled eggs, I was slow in talking, moving and understanding others. Trouble with my reflexes. I forgot what correct word to use. I wasnt sleepy..just out of it..I really thought I was getting Alzheimer's disease I stopped taking it and my whole world improved and went back to normal. Scared the heck out of me. F 68 2 months
1X D
 1  Allergies extreme sleepyness, irritability and anger,depression, foggy weight gain. My Dr. blamed all of these symptoms on menopause. I had a hysterectomy to alleviate some of the above symptoms. It was xyrtec all along. I have discontinued for 2 weeks, and it felt like I was transformed from a raving zombie back to the land of the living. I did not have the withdrawl symptoms that some people have had. To all physcian's when people complain of these symptoms, please review their medications, not remove organs!!! F 47 2 years
20 1X D
 3  Sneezing and running nose Can't smell or taste anything except for very salty Actually tested by my son who knows I hate certain smells and tastes. Drank bottle lemon juice without tasting it. Ate big bite of onion and couldn't taste it's flavor. Normally hate the smell of wine and couldn't even smell it with my nose in the glass. He knows I don't like coffee so actually gave me coffee beans and I put them in my mouth and couldn't tell any difference between the beans and small pebbles. Went to look at realestat and couldn't smell cat urine or smoke. I used to be able to smell things better than most people and now literally cannot smell anything. Think it could be dangerous as I can't smell natural gas or smoke. Am going to stop taking and hope my sense of smell comes back! M 60 5 days
10 1X D
 5  Mild Allergies No side effects Works perfectly, no drowsiness or other problems M 58 3 years
10mg 1X D
 1  Allergies Swelling of eyes and face. Itchy eyes and face. Depression, bad dreams, tiredness I could not understand why I was not getting better. I would get so bad I could not go out in public sometimes not being able to open my eyes. I would go to the doctor and he would tell me to keep taking this pill. Now I realize all along it was the zyrtec causing these reactions. Within 4 days of stopping the pill my face is back to normal, the red scally patches are gone and I have more energy. 57 3 months
1X D
 3  allergies (sneezing fits) Worked well, but after several weeks I became so tired, it was a crisis if I had to do laundry. Stopped & after a couple of days started to get energy back. And pee better. There is another effective allergy med. like this one: allegra. Both work well for me, and both have insidious side effects. It is peculiar both are sold over-the-counter, since inevitably both will lead to fruitless doctor visits and more burdens on the health care system. M 70 40 days
5 or 10 mg 1X D
 1  Seasonal allergies Extreme sleepiness, anger and rapid heartbeat. F 62 2 days
 5  I take Zyrtec for angio edema. I have been taking Zyrtec everyday for five years. I take it at night because my angio edema seems to attack sometime in the night. I have had no side effects at all other than sleepiness. Taking it at night helps with that. Without Zyrtec I would not be able to work. My angio edema is pretty erratic. I haven't had an attack in 2 years. Without it I'd be very depressed. The swelling always begins in my face first. It is almost impossible to eat, go into public, or talk when my face and mouth are swollen. I've had attacks where my throat has swollen sending me to the ER. So without Zyrtec my life would be very difficult. F 33 4 years
10 mg
 1  chronic allergies severe sedative effect. severe and sudden depression, increased vertigo ( spinning sensation and loss of balance). nightmeres almost of a halucinogenic nature. all of these symptoms stopped when i ceased takeing this drug, but it did take approximately 36 hours to feel significantly better. this is a dangerous drug and should be removed from the market by the FDA. the depression and sedative effects could become quite serious if a patient were not aware that that this drug was the cause. i happen to be very atuned to my body and the symptoms were so blatently obviously caused by this drug. however, someone who perhaps already suffers from depression may not be aware that this drug is causing symptoms, therefore, i state again: THE FDA SHOULD REMOVE THIS DRUG FROM THE MARKET COMPLETELY. THE FDA SHOULD REMOVE THIS PRODUCT FROM THE MARKET COMPLETELY. F 54 5 days
10mg 1X D
 5  allergies/hay fever No side effects. F 28 4 years
 1  a little bit of allergy problems headaches extreme dizziness neck aches back pain fatigue tired angry anxious heart palpitations migraine lethargy. I take benadryl I never get the symptoms. whoever made this stuff needs to go shoot himself M 21 8 days
 1  Allergies Increased Anxiety, Depression, Mood swings, Decreased appetite, Nausea, Feelings of hopelessness. I have taken this drug for almost a month, and I have a history of being sensitive to medication. About 1 and a half weeks after taking this medication, I noticed I started to develop anxiety towards going to work and even anxiety about having an anxiety problem (if that makes sense). It has progressively gotten worse as the blood level has increased. I find myself not looking forward to anything in life. My anxiety is very labile and goes from being very anxious to calm within a matter of seconds. I find myself only eating a few pieces of toast for breakfast and nothing else until dinner. I am a RN and I find this a crime that these severe side effects are not explained more blatantly. It took me a while but I realized that all of this is due to the zyrtec, because I have never experienced these types of feelings before in my life. I took my last dose this morning and am going to see my PCP tomorrow to get his opinion on all of this. M 20 1 months
30 1X D