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 1  sinus infctns due 2 seasonal allerg 6 year old daughter has been on Zyrtec off and on due to seasonal allergies since she was 2 1/2 or 3 years old. We recently started up again (been about 2-3 weeks now). She has been completely irrational and out of control emotionally. Extreme meltdowns at the least bit of disappointment. As many parents before me have mentioned, my child acted as if possessed. We too had started checking into psych coucil thinking that something had to be going on with her. She experienced extreme rage that was scary to us. If we would start to ask her to do something like put her bike away etc she would start screaming I know I know I am a bad girl and you hate me and on and on and on. There was no consoling her. She also developed what has appeared to be an involuntary tic with what started as rapid blinking of her eyes. Now she appears to be winking rotating from eye to eye. I just today found that numerous studies have shown that a rare side effect is orofacial dyskenesia which is invol Has not adequately been proven safe for children. Parents do your research before adminstering to your kids!!!!!! Watch for involuntary facial movement. It is not fare that our children have had to endure disciplinary action due to side effects of a drug that I feel should not be prescribed to children. F 6 3 weeks
 1  Allergies I can't believe that I am not the only one who has experienced this. This is both reassuring and disconcerting at the same time. I actually got very emotional when I started to read all of the comments, especially, those parents with 4-5 year olds taking these meds. My 4-year-old daughter has been taking Zyrtec for the past four months. A wonderfully sweet child transformed into this terribly-aggressive and noncompliant pre-schooler. Further, she became extremely emotional, aggressive towards me, my wife, and her brother, and catatonic at times. She started tantrums, talking to herself, destroying her toys and her room. In fact, she started a new daycare two weeks ago because she was dismissed from her previous pre-school because of uncontrollability. We immediately dismissed the notion that our daughter should be tested for ADHD. I feel so bad for our daughter because we also have taken so much from our daughter in attempts to correct her behavior -- toys, early bed, no snack I agree with others that this information needs to be more readily available. My wife and I have had many sleepless nights worrying about our daughter. We really have to find a way to get this information out to others!!! F 4 4 months
 1  allergies My daughter has allergies and was prescribed zyrtec to replace claritin after having pneumonia twice in two months. I was told to give her the Zyrtec at night because it can cause drowsiness. I usually did that but occasionally when someone else would keep her overnight, they'd forget and give it to her in the morning. Her behavior was terrible -- aggressive and unpredictable and she's usually very sweet. I couldn't rule out the fact that she was with someone else when this happened. For the last two weeks, I ended up giving her the Zyrtec in the morning because we forgot one night and just got off track. My daughter's behavior has been awful -- to the point where her teacher even asked if she was taking something that might make her behave so differently. I decided to see if I could find some link between aggression/irritability in young children and zyrtec. I am so grateful to have found this site. We will go back to Claritin today. F 4 6 days
 1  Allergies Extreme tiredness and seemingly little relief of symptoms. Daughter also taking it and getting stomach upset as well as tiredness and crankiness. Ack, the itching! I am sooo glad I found this site and can see that I am not alone. I stopped taking this a few years ago because it seemed to be doing nothing for me. But then I broke out head to toe in hives. We had just moved from CA to NY and I assumed I was more severely allergic to something there in NY and that the med was in fact doing something for me. So I continued to take it. Then I had to do without it for a few days when my pharmacy ran out and were slow to restock. Again broke out in hives. Moved to WA and noticed that I was getting more and more tired to the point of being non-functional. Found this site when looking up side effects of another med and decided to look up all the ones I was taking. Was astounded to read that the itching was a withdrawal symptom of stopping the med. Decided just to stop it and tough it out. It has been a week now. Still get periodic bouts of itchiness but it's mild compared to what it was at first. After about 24 hours of F 47 7 years
 1  allergies My 5 year old daughter has been taking this for years. She has been having emotional meltdowns. I will tell her to brush her teeth or get dressed and she will start screaming and crying. This can go on for up to one hour, she can not stop. When I ask her why she is acting like this she says she doesn't know. Lately she has talked about wanting to hurt herself. She says that we hate her and don't love her. This child is so loved and gets lots of attention. We had even made an appointment with a therapist. My husband mentioned her medications and when I googled on side effects of zyrtec I found that we are not the only ones going through this. I have contacted my daughters doctor and we are stopping the zyrtec! F 5
 1  Allergies I took Zyrtec for a few years with pretty good results (or so I thought at the time), but when I tried to get off the drug, it was nearly impossible becuase of the hives, the "heavy head" feeling and the overall tiredness. It took me about 2-3 weeks to get over the side effects of not taking it anymore. I haven't taken Zyrtec for over one year, but a month ago when Spring hit, I was miserable took Zyrtec and it seemed okay for the first few days, but I have gained ten pounds in one month and I am depressed and irritable, and it's very hard to get up in the morning. After reading all of your posts, I will get back off the drug once and for all! I am not looking forward to getting the hives and other side effects after I stop taking it, but I know from experience that it will eventually end. I have used a homepathic remedy that works pretty well and I am going back to using it (without ANY side effects), but you will still have a few occasional allergy symptoms, as nothing work It is worth the symptoms to get off of the drug!!! Don't delay, get off of it now before it become even more difficult! Every day you wait, the harder it will be! F 41 30 days
 4  Chronic allergies I've been taking it for more than 5 years. I also use rhinocort and an albuterol inhaler the three of them improve my life significantly. For the last couple of years, I've been taking them every other day as opposed to every day. Recently, I've been getting hives and severe itching spells. I went back to daily, and initially the hives became less severe, they now are getting worse again. A lower dosage is an over the counter drug in Canada and theres's a generic form of it as well - in Canada. M 45 5 years
 1  Allergies After being extremely congested and Claritin not working my doctor prescribed Zyrtec. I took 2 doses on one day, woke up the next morning feeling very dizzy and lightheaded, my head feels huge and just disconnected. It's been 3 days and I'm still not feeling 100% normal, still nauseous and a little lightheaded, I have NOT taken Zyrtec since that first day and will NEVER take it again. The side effects are absolutely HORRIBLE, not worth it at all!!! Please Please be careful when you take this drug, with just 2 doses my whole life has been turned upside down, I feel horrible and can't wait for this drug to get out of my system for good. F 32 1 days
 1  allergies & asthma Uncontrollable coughing, vomiting, drowsiness. Taken a night as Zyrtec manufacturer recommended. Our son is 5 and our doctor wanted to try something other than Loritadine which we've taken for 2+ years to see if it would increase allergy symptoms. He's been on Zyrtec for 3 days (taken at night) and all three nights has had uncontrollable coughing until he throws up. We have done albuterol to try to control the coughing, Benadryl to help dry him out, and nothing is working. To use the nebulizer he can barely hold his head up in the middle of the night. I don't recommend this drug for anyone, especially children. I doubted the medication before I found this website and now I'm afraid of it. It's amazing how fast the negative effects of this medicine affect his little body. (Also on Pulmicort, Benadryl, and Singulair). Going back to Loritadine, sent this site to our doctor, FLUSHING THE ZYRTEC. F 32 3 days
 4  Food Allergies Weight gain - Stretching and bending exercises become difficult because the omentum packs on pounds. My belly has gained girth, but not my chin or any extremities. Frankly I have to stop because I need to breathe.

Antihistamines in general seem to make people pack on pounds. I know very few habitual hayfever sufferers.

Threshold itchiness - it can feel like you're about to get hives all the time, but you never do. It feels like electricity to some people I've talked to.

Lethargy - While I don't feel tired, I notice that my day ends considerably sooner than it did before I started taking Zyrtec. My already considerably short attention span is even shorter, and I find that my attention to detail is easily side tracked, and end up doing stupid things of little use or consequence.

Ironically, I fall asleep as soon as I take Zyrtec at night, but find myself staring at the ceiling with my mind racing
I started taking this because everything I ate was causing me to break out in hives and fall asleep. Zyrtec stopped that enough so that I could function during the day, but the beneficial effects are wearing off now. I'm tired again after I eat and am beginning to get itchier.

After ceasing Zyrtec for a few days, I've noticed that I feel pretty itchy all the time, so I try not to scratch. I am wondering if this particular antihistamine might have been blocking some itchiness it would have been better to be aware of. In fooling the body into not reacting for some things, it may fool the body into not reacting for important things - like yeast infections. This is not good.

Frankly, I don't think this should be given to children. It seems to make me not care about some important things. Childrens' bodies are too formative to be exposed to something that could have lasting or permanent effects on their bodies, brain chemistry and social wiring.
M 42 7 months
 2  allergies I am supposed to start taking Zyrtec... I wasn't able to pick up my prescription yesterday and now have to wait to Monday. I was curious about this drug and found this website. After reading about all these horrible experiences I must admit I am terrified to start taking this. I have allergies and eczema, no other medications have worked for me and zyrtec is my last option. Is it worth it? Will I experience all these terrible things? F 27
 2  seasonal alleriges; red, itchy eyes Extremely lethargic all day after taking before bed. Experienced hallucinations as well. Yelled at my son for something that didn't really happen. I will not be taking this drug again. F 38 2 days
 5  Allergies I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeee this stuff. I can't belive people have side effects at all. But then again if you read above a lot of them are so called "parents" feed this stuff to kids under like 8. Stick to bendryl for the little ones. The less meds they take the better. WAKE UP! For everyone else over the age of 8ish and not a parent there are truly few side effects to it. If you get a little lightheaded that little label on the bottle tha says dizzy explains why. Take the stuff with food or go back to bendryl. Stay inside more and change your filters in your house. There are a lot of things that dont require medicie look into them before taking anything. I only take it when i NEED it. AKA im about to totaly pass out bec i can't take it anymore. otherwie dont take it. let our body learn to deal! F 22 2 years
 1  Allergies WORST MEDICINE EVER. I am so glad that I found this website, although I had to search google to find it. I have been giving this to my 5 yr old daughter and I will stop immediatly. She has been crying when she goes to preschool for no reason. She has been having temper tantrums and just so moody. I feel so bad that I've been punishing her for her bad attitude, taking away cartoons, early to bed, taking away toys, etc... She tells me the reason she cries is because she is afraid that her grandma isn't going to come back and pick her up. I was so confused by this. She has been in preschool for over a month and hasn't ever felt this way. She didn't go to school on a Monday due to having the flu over the weekend and I took her that day to the doctor to deal with the allergies she has been having. My husband takes Zyrtec and it has worked well for him, so we started my daughter on it. I started on Monday evening. On Wed morning at preschool is when the crying started. This has been happenin F 5 2 weeks
 1  allergies Aggressive behavior and irritability in 5 year old son. He would become upset over small issues. My 5 year old has taken Zyrtec on and off with colds and allergy symptoms over the last year. We always thought his aggressive behavior and irritability was due to the fact he was sick during the time he was taking the medicine. (He also takes Singulair, Nasonex and Pulmicort.) This makes it hard to determine what med is causing his problems. He is experiencing a very difficult allergy season now and his 5mg/day dose was not working as well as it once had. My pediatrician recommended increasing his dosage to 10 mg/day. I checked the internet to make sure this was appropriate for his age and came across this website. We took him off Zyrtec 2 days ago and have already noticed a significant difference. I am so relieved and what a joy to have my son's happy personality back! Now we just have to determine what medicine will work for him without the side effects. Any suggestions? We do have appointments with an ENT and allergist over the next two weeks. Hopefully we will get some r F 36 1 years
 1  Environmental allergies I am both relieved and horrified that I am not alone in dealing with the side effects with our six year old son. He was recently increased to two tsp....coincindentally his anger and aggression doubled at this time. We took him off, only to deal with hives but I don't care. The change is so positive, we have a bright, happy, loving child instead of a crazy screaming irritable one. Some one should do something, esp. since so many ADHD and autistic children might be having symptoms aggrivated with this drug. Anyone know how to get the word out on possible side effects for our little ones? F 42 6 months
 1  allergies My 6 year old has been on zyrtec for a few months, and I am horrified to read the responses - the behavior, irritability, nightmares, intense anger, moodiness, yelling, just general nasty problems we've been having, our lives our upside down over this. A couple weeks ago, his dosage was increased to 2 tsp - the allergist said the only side affect was tiredness! I feel horrible, thinking the hell we've been through could be a result of zyrtec?! I am thankful I found this site today. Tonight I am dropping his dose to 1 tsp and then in a day or two 1/2 tsp, and then off, to see if his emotions improve. F 35 5 months
 2  Allergies I was alert and awake the day before I started taking this. I slep t very well, but the next day I felt like I needed more sleep. On my second day I feel like I haven't slept right in over a week. I feel sleep deprived, but I have zero allergies. I don't think it's worth it. I'd rather take Benadryl. Zyrtec makes me feel exhausted. Benadryl makes me drowsy, but not to such an extreme. F 30 2 days
 5  year-long allergies/sinusitis VERY drowsy when I take it in the morning, so I take it in the early evening, though I'm STILL drowsy the next day, like I could just lay my head down and fall asleep anytime, I have a hard time wanting to get out of bed, feel lazier in general. BIGGIE~ 30 lb weight gain in ONE year, and ALWAYS hungry!! AGGHHH!!!! For its intended purpose, this is the BEST antihistimine I have ever taken, started on Clartin, progressed to Allegra180, and now Zyrtec 5-10mg/day. It wipes out the itch in my eyes, post nasal drip I thought I would drown in, sinus pain and pressure and, also got rid of a 'big ball of fur' type of feeling in the back of my throat (probably irritation from Post nasal drip..). The weight gain is horrible, after losing 135 pounds and keeping it off for 5 years (before starting Zyrtec), to gain this much weight is VERY troubling to me, I have tried to get off of Zyrtec and wind up with horrible sinus headaches, so maybe some day I can wean slowly off of it.....!! Some day SOON F 37 1 years
 5  Recuring Hives - unknown allergy Occasional drowsiness. 1 pill/day 10mg taken in the morning. I have been very pleased with Zyrtec's ability to keep the hives away. I still get redness and hot patches (skin gets very hot to touch) where the "itchy hives" would have been. When the Zyrtec starts wearing off, the "itchy hives" come back. Occassionally, the hives falre up badly and I have to take an extra Zyrtec and a few times had to dose way up on Benedryl. Benedryl seems to help far better during severe cases when I get a snout full of whatever my allergin is. Zyrtec is not a cure. It is a suppressant. M 36 9 months