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 1  allergies Bouts of uncontrollable crying and depression after 3 days of taking Zyrtec. F 38 3 days
 5  allergies first few times I was nauseous and extremely tired but it was the only medicine that helped me last through the day without having an attack. In the past 3.5 years I have experienced weight gain, decreased libedo, tiredness after taking the pill (I take at night) but then wake up regularly during the night. As I will be starting fertility treatments in a few weeks, I stopped with the medication 2 months ago. I had found some very positive reviews regarding a vitamin called 'Quercetin' on the internet and so, I began taking it (in combination with vitamin C). I started with taking 4-5 tablets a day (my allergies are extremely high and year round), a month ago, I was down to 1 a day and I am amazed!! I am 39 years old and have been taking allergy medication / shots / drops since I was 16 and this vitamin (it is found in the skin of apples and red onions) really works!! and without all the wierd side-effects of the other drugs.... I have become a HUGE fan! F 39 3.5 years
 4  allergies asthma None It works very well. The only better medication was Seldane which was taken off the market due to a very few people with serious side effects. F 65 9 years
 1  Allergies Disproportionate anger, irrationality, rage, aggression, muscle and joint pain, back pain, fatigue upon waking. My husband tried Zyrtec this past weekend for the first time. While his allergies cleared right up, he became someone I didn't even know. He is one of the most calm and collected people I have ever met, but he was enraged from the morning after his first dose onward. He could not focus, was fatigued even after a night's sleep, and was angrier than I have *ever* seen him over nothing at all. The worst part was how irrational he became. These are absolutely not characteristics my husband is known for. Last night (thankfully) he forgot to take the pills before bed and he's back to himself this evening. He says he feels like he missed the whole weekend in a fog. M 42 3 days
 5  Severe Allergies None, I am an energetic morning person and I stay up until 11pm most nights and I sleep blissfully. I am not overweight and people tell me how wonderful my personality is. I surprised to see so many adverse reactions. I have tried every drug out there. Zyrtec (Cetrizine Hydrocloride) works for me. I actually have to take 10mg every 12 hours (Doc recomended) and when Cedar Pollen is very high up to 3 doses (30mg total) spread over 24 hours. I never seem to have any of the possible advertised symptoms. M 41 4 years
 1  allergies weight gain and inability to lose weight, palpitations, anxiety i have taken zyrtec for around 5 years and it definately helped my allergies, but after reading these blogs i realized my symptoms were similar and decided to quit taking zyrtec. since i have stopped it i now am dealing with what i think is angioedema in my feet mainly and mildly in my hands face and arms. i am now off for 4 days, but at first i was still taking small doses every day or so. big mistake after i have read other peoples experiences. i believe this to be my body releasing histimines due to quitting zyrtec. i dont know how i am going to control my allergies now as i have a cat and dog, but this is a big red flag for me. no more zyrtec F 45 5 years
 5  Allergies None for me. They told me that I'd possibly experience drowsiness, but I got no side-effects whatsoever. I love this stuff. It works miraculously. I'm allergic to cats and I have six, so I pretty much have to take this every day, or whenever I feel an allergy attack coming on, and it just works so well. My only complaint is it being OTC now so it's MUCH more expensive, but I just get store-brand, and it works just as well. F 20 8 years
 1  Chronic nasal allergies HAIR LOSS!!! Depression I took zyrtec for about a year and a half. Two months after I started it I began sweeping piles of hair from the floor daily! I saw the doctor and he said my hair loss was probably genetic. Everyone in my family has beautiful thick hair. Even the men. I became severely depressed. Over a period of about 8 months I loss nearly half my hair volume. Dr never related it to zyrtec. I reviewed the Physicians Desk Reference and discovered that alopecia is a side effect of this medication. Please! please check it out on drugs.com. I have been off zyrtec for 5 weeks and already have hair regrowth. F 32 1.5 years
 1  Hayfever My partner has been taking Zyrtec for 2 months over summer for the last 3 years to treat hayfever and allergies. I have noticed every summer a slow but steady change in his disposition - including aggression, irritability, unusual thoughts and nightmarish, vivid dreams, fatigue, mood swings, bloating, low libido and not being in the present..not happy or unhappy. For the last 2 monthe I have been wondering where my usually happy and loving partner has gone. I would not recommend this drug to any-one and will be encouraging more natural remedies next summer. M 36 2 months
 5  allergies No side effects. This is the best allergy med I have taken. No side effects and very effective. I had a problem with the generic not working, but the name brand is excellent! F 28 6 months
 2  Seasonal allergies I have been loosing hair... and lots of it. As a female this really seemed abnormal to me and quiet honestly scary. This drug never seemed to work any better than allegra had. F 28 1.5 years
 2  Excema, itching, reddness on face Weird nightmares that seemed very real and hard to wake up from. F 51 3 days
 4  cold not bad good F 23 233 months
 3  allergies weight gain I have been the same weight for years...started taking zyrtec on a regular basis, and have gained 6lbs in a month. Will stop taking, can't afford new wardrobe! F 28
 5  terrible allergies Just drowsiness for the first few days. It passed and I don't think I've had any problems. Taking it for years. Excellent med and now OTC generic. I think overall it's probably the most effective allergy med out there short of shots, steroids, etc. I have terrible allergies - dust mites, pets, etc.- and all the other stuff did nothing for me. The reactions I'm reading from small children are probably related to adjusting to the drowsiness; children can't handle that as well as adults (I have four children...). My kids were on and off of it for years and I never had problems. IMHO I think a lot of the bad experiences mentioned here are coincidental and not related to the Zyrtec. M 36 5 years
 5  hives no side affects I began taking Zyrtec 1yr ago, after Claritin stopped working for me. Besides being 100% affective in keeping my hives away, I have not experienced any noticeable effects F 41 1 years
 3  Allergies Confusion, forgetting alot, talking in my sleep and sleep walking. I've only been taking zyrtec otc for less than a week. I'm convinced my sleeping problems and forgetting things that I shouldn't be forgetting are because of the zyrtec. The first day I took it, it was in the middle of the day because my allergies were so horrible I just wanted them to be lessened a bit. Started taking them at night and now I talk in my sleep and sleep walk which I have never done. I'm also forgetting things that I shouldn't be forgetting. I can't say whether or not its helped my allergies because it was a full blown allergy attack when I first took it. It lessened my symptoms dramatically but they haven't dissapeared completely yet. I'm going to continue taking it for a while and hope for the best. F 25 5 days
 1  child with allergies My 6 year old daughter started crying a lot and being very clingy, she didn't want to eat, her stomach hurt, and she was very tired. she was acting very rude. took it about 1 month. F 6 1 days
 4  Allergies Well, I googled "Zyrtec side effects" because I've been really depressed and didn't understand why. I gained weight that I haven't been able to rationalize (about 10 lbs since Thanksgiving ). I've had extreme sadness and bouts of anger since Christmas. I've cried alot lately and I don't remember crying so much in the past. Today was the last straw when I yelled "I want a divorce" which I've NEVER said. I'm going off Zyrtec today and going back to Claritin and see what happens. Zyrtec treated my allergies 100%. But these side effects are awful. F 41 45 days
 1  allergies Sleeplessness. Night wakings for hours!!! My 3 year old daughter started this medication b/c she keeps getting ear infections. The ENT's thought was that she is having mucus settle and is causing the chronic problem. After 5 days she slept great; after 6 days it has become hell!!! She usually goes to bed happily. Now she screams herself to sleep and is up for most of the night. This stuff is awful!!! I'm calling the ENT on Monday. This is not worth the side effects of a 3 year old and entire family not being able to function due to exhaustion. F 37 12 days