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 2  Allergies I only take the tablets for a couple of days when allergies are unbearable. I noticed I felt very tired and drowsy the next morning after taking them and grumpy Itís the same every time I take them so I knew it was the tablets and it also made me google to see if anyone else had these symptoms which is how I found this page. Scary to think what would happen if I took them longer M 45 2 days
 4  allergies in my nose Worked very well, until I stopped taking it. Now itching all over (literally head to toe.) Scalp and feet are the worst, but itches are all over the place. Six itchy days and nights and counting. There should be a warning about withdrawals after long term daily use. M 60 1 years
10 1X D
 5  for Sinuisitis and Hay Fever No side effects I take one 10 mg tablet daily when needed. If I have a bad attack of hay fever coming on, I take one tablet daily for one or two days and within an hour there is relief. This regimen which I have been using for many years controls my hay fever and keeps me from getting Sinusitis and/or Bronchitis. If I am near someone who sneezes, I hold my breath until I can get away from them because I can get a sinus infection just like that. So I always travel with Zyrtec to protect me when I have hay fever or to keep me from getting a sinus infection. I think it's the best antihistamine medicine on the market, and I've used them all. It is expensive, but worth the cost to keep me safe. I have had Asthma since I was eleven. I learned a long time ago how to protect myself. F 76 8 years
10 mg 1X AN
 1  Seasonal allergies Lost in bad thoughts, rage, forgetfulness, anxiety, severe mood swings, weight gain, excessive comfort eating, and depression Controls my symptoms, but at a severe mental stability and health risk. M 53 15 years
1 every 12
 4  allergy M 54 2 years
 4  allergy None F 54 2 years
20 mg 1X AN
 2  Allergies I put my 2 year old on this medication and the next days saw a mood difference. He was constantly doing something to get in trouble, moody and aggressive. I was very displeased. I was made to believe it was safe for children but Iíll take the allergies over aggression. I wanted to make sure it was the medication so I tried it once more and the next day after giving him the medication at night, again he was moody and aggressive and not himself. M 2 7 days
 1  Body Rash Severe fatigue, ill feeling, headaches, tightness in forehead Took increasingly high doses to keep red spot body rash at bay. It did that very well. However, side effects are debilitating. Didn't realize the drug was causing all of this until weaning off and seeing side effects start to disappear. Fatigue started to disappear within 24 hours of stopping. Ill feeling started to fade as well. Headache has been a bit slower to fade, but after 3-4 days is almost gone with only minor tightness in scalp remaining. GP said that Zyrtec wouldn't be the cause of this.....oh well. M 50 45 days
20mg 2X D
 1  Chronic Urticaria Zyrtec alleviated the hives but I began to notice stomach pain, dry eyes, tinnutus, and then when I tried to stop taking it I got vertigo and awful itching and hives- much worse than the original problem I started taking Zyrtec for. My dermatologist said if it was resolving the hives then I could continue. By then I checked withdrawal symptoms online and found so many people struggling to get off this awful drug. The itching is fierce and I woukd get hives several inches across plus swollen lips and bumps of over an inch came up randomly on my forehead or wrist. I did more research and found that Zyrtec supresses Histamine ratger than breaking it down. I had very low DAO enzyme in my body so coukd not vreak the excess histamine down naturally. After weeks of hell once I stopped taking Zyrtec I bought Histame capsules on the internet and within 3 days. had the itching under control. I tackled the root cause of my low DAO with the help of a nutritionist and was able to stop the Histame after a few weeks. I do eat a low histamine diet now which also helps. I would never ever take Zyrtec again Zyrtec shoudnt be available over the counter. It is dangerous and needs to be reviewed. huge no of people have problems stopping it F 69 3 months
1 per day
 5  allergies slightly drowsy. I use half tab for anxiety, itchiness from Cymbalta withdrawal, and seasonal allergies F 33 10 years
1 1X D
 2  Allergic reaction. Rash on arm Awful side effects. Gets rid of my rash but raised my heart beat for a good 3 minutes. Was scary. Extreme dizzyiness couldn't stay stood up. Tiredness on another level. Felt confused and didn't know where I was. I have a underactive thyroid and already have minor anxiety issues so this med probably just caused my anxiety to get worse. M 33 7 days
 1  Puritis Suicidal itching EVERYWHERE!!! SO IíVE FOUND A CURE!!! (Cyproheptadine) Sooooo I have been struggling with puritis since taking cetirizine for steroid withdrawal symptoms, basically went from frying to fire. I had been dealing with my Cetirizine issue for just about a year, forcefully having to take it every 1-2 days. I have tried Loratidine, B12, everything you name it. I spent at least 9 months researching a cure once I realised my body was addicted to Cetirizine, and that the puritis I was experiencing was a withdrawal symptom. I stumbled across Cyproheptadine Hydrocloride by accident, it is basically an anti-histamine like Loratidine & Cetirizine except Cyproheptadine doesnít have any withdrawal symptoms. Cyproheptadine is specifically designed to treat skin allergic reactions, such as puritis, hives and so. From what it looks like, Cyproheptadine Hydrocloride can only be purchased online not in stores, however it is very very cheap and almost all online pharmacies have it worldwide. I first took Cyproheptadine early March this year (2018), and to my surprise it worked extremely quickly. I stopped itching! I had been withdrawing from Cetirizine for 2 days and was dancing around my bedroom (itching) and decided to take Cyproheptadine instead. I didnít feel the need to itch again for at least 2 weeks, and by that time it wasnít a Cetirizine itch, it was a normal itch. I was very skeptical at first so I decided to take another pill of Cyproheptadine the day after, to see if it F 22 1 years
 1  My allergist prescribed it for me So about 10 years ago my allergies had really gotten bad so I went to see an allergist. He put me on Zyrtec. I am a very laid back and easy going person, but after being on Zyrtec only a few days I started to feel intense rage and anger. I went back to my Dr. and explained what I believed to be side effects. He switched me to Xyzal and it worked great and no side effects. When Xyzal went over the counter, I ran into the drug store to grab more and hurriedly picked up a bottle. The next day I couldnít get off my couch and felt extremely dark and depressed. I went to my purse and realized I had grabbed the wrong bottle and was taking Zyrtec again. I stopped immediately and my depression faded soon after. Never again! Zyrtec is the devil. F 42 7 days
 1  Histamine issues I was diagnosed with POTS shortly after starting this medication. Doctors told me this medication has no side effects and that I needed to be on it. This medication causes severe dehydration, anxiety, tachycardia. F 42 1 years
 1  Seasonal allergies Really thought I was losing my mind until I read these reviews. Have not been myselfójust didnít realize it until the anxiety settle in. Experienced severe brain fog (totally not with it) and anxiety, panic attacks over routine work tasks, heart palpitations, vision alterations, disinterested in basically everything, etc. Hopeful that I return to normal soon. Will not recommend this allergy med to anyone. F 44 3 months
1x day
 1  Allergies Stuttering not being able to form sentences and extreme tantrums F 2.5 4 weeks
 1  Seasonal allergies Being in a fog. Dizziness, drowsiness, fatigue, insomnia, anxiety, panic attacks, nervous ticks, confusion, stuttering, mood swings,upset stomach, waking up very nervous, loss of appitite and libido. I noticed alot of these symptoms about 5 days after taking the medication and it just got progressively worse. Two days after i stopped taking it I had a massive panic attack with itching all over. The third day off the medication was a little better. Still nervous on the fourth day. I called my doctor and she said that she has seen my symptoms before with zyrtec and that basically Iím allergic to it. She told me to never take it again. It was a relief to hear from a doctor that i wasnít crazy and that this is something that she has seen before. She told me that it should be out of my system completely in a few more days. I am a nervous person anyway, but this has been a nightmare! My wife and two girls take it and have no issues. I have never experienced anything like this. M 37 16 days
10 mg
 1  Pollen allergies Dry eyes, dry mouth, sensitivity to sunlight, fatigue, tinnitus, increasing anxiety, mood swings, rage, adrenal suppression, mental fog, forgetfulness, decrease in Libido, weight gain, upset stomach, constipation/diarrhea, stomach upset, loss of appetite, craving salty foods, frequent urination, heart palps, irregular menses, loss of joy and happiness. Cortisol tanked yet DHEAs was very high, not in line with real adrenal fatigue, yet adrenal suppression. Started Zyrtec for allergies when moved to a new area. Biggest mistake, it worked great the first few months, until I started noticing all these other crazy symptoms creeping in, I am such a happy person and to experience that type of anger and rage was just unsettling, Was sure I must be going into perimenopause as my period became unbearably irregular, even having two back to back. My mood was all over the place, anger on minute crying the next, although my eyes are so dried up tears would not come out. I was becoming a basket case. Was running all sorts of lab work trying to figure out what was going on and non if it made sense. I am a scientist, things must add up and make sense and nothing was. I realized the only thing I had changed the past 6 months was take Zyrtec, I do not take any other meds nor antihistamines etc. Only a very healthy diet, pharma grade supps and exercise, to which I was not able to do much of as of late due to the chronic fatigue setting in. I was losing site of all things important in life, losing my joy and happiness. It was quit scary. I thought I was losing myself. I finally put two and twp together, found this site and others who have had these similar experiences and finally all my labs made sense. So I quite the Zyrtec a week ago, horrid headache every since, the itching started setting in and I mega dosed on some Vit C, 5k mg 2-3 times a day. I have quercitine and DOA on the way to help me get past this awful withdraw. Crazy F 47 6 months
10 1X D
 3  Sinus and congestion Major side effects. I was not able to function due to feeling spacey, light headed and just plain out of it. Could not sleep and would go in between of relaxation and then aggegtiom. With that being said it did clear out my sinuses. Medication works but due to side effects I would not take it again. Be cautious and donít plan to leave the house F 57 1 days
1X D
 3  Itchy skin Nightmares, bad quality sleep, drowsiness M 34 3 months
30mg 1X W