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 3  Hay fever Sleep apnea! I had never experienced sleep apnea before. My wife reported that my breathing stopped periodically while I was sleeping. I woke up many times in the night, not knowing why. For me, poor sleep yields weight gain. It's a shame. It did a great job of controlling my allergies. If they made a 12-hour version of the drug, it would be perfect! M 33 40 days
 1  "possible" allergies nightmares, acting out, irritable, defiant Zyrtec was prescribed to my 2 1/2 year old. Seemed to work great until she came very defiant, irritable, couldn't sleep. She cried a lot and became very aggressive. We attributed it to the "terrible twos" because she is such a sweet and loving child. I am so glad she hasn't been on it long and we were able to narrow it down to this medication. She is already totally different after just one day off! F 32 2 weeks
 3  itchy nose and eyes; sneezing Drowsiness beginning >12 hours after taking daily dose. F 37 3 months
 1  allergie Blood in the urine,fog brain, kidney pain,low blood pressure,tired, feeling really weird...NO MORE ZYRTEC !!!! M 37 30 days
 3  watering itchy eyes, runny nose F 3 5 days
 3  sinus headaches due to allergies weight gain, irritability, depression, apathy I quit taking zyrtec due to doctor advice when I had a severe sinus infection...the zyrtec was drying it out and keeping it from draining. Didn't start taking zyrtec again after the infection cleared...CRAZY ITCHING for WEEKS! I'm going nuts! How long does this last? I was always reminded when I ran out and missed for a few days because this itching would begin, but I never knew it would last THIS LONG!! The funny thing is that the allergy symptoms I had before zyrtec did NOT include itching at all. F 33 5 years
 1  Chronic Allergy irrational escalation over small issues turning into rage and tantrum, followed by anger at self about not being able to stop the conflict. Inability to stop chewing lip, Periodic (negative) obsession with looks, "heads too big, face too long", low self esteem, depression "I have no friends". Rage/tantrums stopped within 24 hours of stopping medication, depression/obsession within days, lip licking - may be unrelated - took about 30 days to cease. The kids have been hapily OFF the prescription for about 90 days. Product does a good job of alleviating allergy, but in my opinion the manufacturer is criminally negligent in not disclosing the potential side-effects for smaller children. Does not seem to affect all kids the same, but when the side effects manifest themselves it's heart-breaking. Prescribed to both sons, 6 and 8. The 8 year old seemed to have no problem with the medication. The 6 year old went through a year of progressively more frequent and more irrational arguing and escalation. Then would feel angry at homself over not being able to control it. On an instinct we decided to stop medication to see if it helped. Impact was immediate. He is still a headstrong kid, but he is rational, feels good about himself, and feels in control of hios emotions. Kills me to think of how much confrontaion we could have avoided and the unneccessary emotional conflict it put on my 6 year old. I didn't find this site until after we had stopped the medication, was amazed at the fast impact, and was looking to see if this was a published side effect. Overnight, with cessation of the medication, the tantrum behavior that had built up to almost weekly clashes has been gone for the 90 days since we stopped the dosage. I can hardly find the words to describe my contempt for the manufacturer for not warning consumers to watch for this potential side effect. I hope someone sues them into bankruptcy. M 6 12 months
 1  Alergies Severe back and tummy ackes thought it was apendix This drug should not be out on the shelves I am 23 yes old and never felt such pain in all my life .it made me feel week nautous I actialy through up many times I had severe stomach pain in my lower intestines and severe pain in my kidneys it felt like someone was sucker punching me a/ knifes F 23 5 days
 3  allergies migraine, lasting until the dose wore off. M 1 days
 1  seasonal allergies Pimples on chest, shoulders, and upper back. Periods of constipation followed by painful, large, and loose BMs. Decrease in energy and water retention/minor weight gain. I have taken Zyrtec off and on over the last few years for my season hay fever, and when I noticed the strange changes happening to my body, I wondered what it could be from. I stopped taking it 3 days ago and my acne and BMs are back to normal and I have lost 3 pounds in what I assume was water weight. Needless to say, I will not be taking Zyrtec again. F 23
 1  Allergies Extreme agitation, screaming, moody, hyper... I chalked his hyper and out of control behavior on just being 3, but when my normally content and well behaved son turned "demonic" I started searching online to see if the zyrtec I have been giving him for almost a week had anything to do with it...seemed kinda strange that almost immediately the same day he started acting out and just being almost impossible to deal with!! I came across this site and read of other little ones that have the SAME side effects! I haven't given him a dose today and plan on throwing this crap out! Back to benedryl at night! M 3 4 days
 4  spring allergies weight gain Very effective at controlling my allergies. I'm perhaps a little drowsy, but I counter that by taking it at night and drinking coffee in the day. In another month, allergy season will end, and hopefully I'll be able to lose the weight. M 33 30 days
 3  spring outdoor allergies irritability, anger issues, cranky, argumentative, rudeness, negative We've had horrible behavior issues that last long for the past few days for no reason at all. Finally tonight it dawned on my husband and I that we just started giving him the zyrtec this week. I'm taking him off tomorrow and hopefully he will be back to his old 7 year old jolly self. It was helping his spring allergies,but we'll have to find something else because I can't deal with those side effects. Also it contains parabens in the ingredients and those are not healthy for humans according to my most recent research. Alot of beauty items in fact are advertising paraben free on the packaging. M 7 5 days
 2  seasonal allergies Depression, anxiety, Always irritated and lost pounds of hair becoming almost bald, appetite loss and very very sleepy!!!! Worked only if i took 2 tables a day. Man i had no clue my depression and anxiety were because of zyrtec, i took zyrtec last year for the allergies OTC i tried it for 3 months and i took it regularly for almost 3 months, though my nasal symptoms have subsided i started having eczema and irritated eyes. During that period i had the hardest time in my life i was always depressed not at all interested to speak with anybody and had anxiety related issues.... i seriously thought it was my job search making me that way but now after going through this site i have realized it is the medicine and i even went to the doctor who could not even make out why i had anxiety issues as i never had these problems in my entire life ..... the worst part was once you i stopped taking this medicine i starting scratching a lot and lost so so much hair i thought i was going bald, thought i have recovered all that hair now and as the season has just started i was considering some allergy medicines and came across this site. Thank you guys so much i would not have none ZYRTEC WAS CAUSING DEPRESSION!!! I will meet an allergist and find out if i can get some other medicine. M 24 4 months
 1  allergies I felt drowsy and hyper at the same time. Dry mouth,very weak, foggy minded, sweats, nauseous, light headed and dizzy Was counting down the hours until the medication wore off. Do not recommend for anyone, especially young children. I have very bad allergies during springtime, but would rather deal with the allergy symptoms than zyrtec side effects. F 24 1 days
 1  seasonal allergies I was a zombie 24/7. Couldn't function and it was affecting my mood. My two-year old who is normally very sweet-natured turned into an aggressive manic. Horrible side effects. It barely took the edge off of my symptoms, but it did clear up my son, although at a price that I'm not willing to pay. F 33 5 days
 3  indoor and outdoor allergies fog-brain, lethargy, sleepiness, irritable due to tiredness 3 people in my house on zyrtec- 4.5 yr old (since 1 yr old for confirmed dust mite, tree, weed and grass pollen allergy); 2.5 year old (since 1.5 yrs for confirmed tree, weed and grass pollen allergy); me- 30 - started 2 weeks ago for confirmed dust mite, tree, weed, grass pollen allergy). For the people whose children are irritible, "possessed," cranky, etc- they are probably tired and it is probably from the medicine. Make sure you give it to the kids at night! I made the mistake of taking it myself first thing in the morning and could not be my motor going, so to speak- just wanted to nap all day. For me and my older child, it definitely has a sedating effect. For my younger child, Zyrtec works for his allergy symptom relief and seems to have no side effects. Everyone has a different body chemistry. I am allergic to cats as well and so is my youngest, but my oldest is not. I am allergic to dust mites and so is my oldest, but my youngest is not. We do see an allergist and had the testing done and the pediatrician also tells us when to increase the dose for the kids based on age and weight. Make sure you don't give the kids too much - that's a danger of OTC and not asking the doc before you give kids an antihistamine drug. My oldest started on 1/4 tsp and gradually increased based on his age and mostly his weight. If you start a 2 year old on the max. dose per the OTC bottle, it might be too much. PS- My oldest also has reactive airway and we tried Singulair for F 30 3 years
 2  Allergies I have been around the same weight my whole life, but I started taking Zyrtec 4 months ago when the doctor told me that an infection that I had may have been due to allergies. I continued taking it into the spring, b/c I always have seasonal allergies. In these four/five months, I have been gaining weight slowly, but surely. I eat very well and exercise daily, so I was very upset and confused that my clothes don't fit anymore. I gained about 10-15 pounds. I am going off this med today! Id rather suffer with spring allergies than not fit into my clothes! The medication does work, (I have had NO allergic symptoms, and that is amazing, since I am very allergic to any plant, tree pollen) But I am NOT dealing with these side effects. Going off of it TODAY and staying off FOREVER! M 25 5 months
 1  Coughing from post-nasal drip I gave my 5 1/2 yr old son this medication and within a day he was moody and miserable. I didn't immediately connect it with the medicine, I just thought he wasn't feeling well. I gave it to him for about 4 days and also started my 8 yr old on it when he started with a similiar cold. They were at each others throats, fighting and generally irritable. I stopped the medicine for both of them and it took about 2 days for them to be back to normal. What a drastic reaction they both had. I will never give it to them again. M 5 4 days
 2  allergies My 4 year old son was placed on this medication for his allergies. Almost immediately he became a different child. "Possessed" comes to mind. He was extremely aggitated and irrational. He will not get another dose. I'm glad I came across this website. M 4 1 days