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 1  enviro and seasonal allergies Horrendous drug -- zombielike while on it, unsatiable hunger, marked edema, "disconnected" feeling, itching when trying to get off it. This is the first drug I've ever taken that I absolutely *hate*. Prescribed for nasal symptoms in combo with Zantac, I don't think it actually helped that at all - just loaded me with awful side effects such as feeling tired and very, very lethargic, disconnected and totally "out of it" during the day, voracious hunger and unbelievable weight gain even when watching what I eat, and edema like I experienced only when pregnant. Legs with 1/2 inch deep pitting edema, hands swollen, etc. Trying to get off of this is difficult as itching is scary... F 48 3 months
 4  Rash (esp. after taking shower) Dizziness, short term memory loss, depression (severe to mild, depends), loss of hair. Recently after using it for almost 4&1/2 years I sometimes have wiered pain chest. I had couple of panic attacks in the last 6-7 months. I started off with this drug around 4&1/2 years back. Intially I took 10mg per day and it worked really good. Atfer I took it for 3-4 months everyday, I thought that somehow its not good to get used to such drug as sometimes these drugs may cause dependency. So I asked my doctor how long should I take this drug. He said that this is a safe drug and I should take it as long as I have these allergic rashes. So I started taking whenever I had those rashes. I noticed that once I take 10 mg, I dont have rash for atleast 4-5 day , but after that rash comes again. I continued taking the drug for almost 2 years after that. Then I started noticing that I have low concentration, mild depression, I also used to forget thing I should nto otherwise forget. I was pretty much sure in my mind that this drug is the cause for the change in the quality of life I was having. Then I started taking half of 10 mg tablet (ie. 5 mg) every 4-5 days. By then I was taking the drug for almost 3& 1/2 years. M 27 4 years
 4  Rash (esp. after taking shower) Dizziness, short term memory loss, depression (severe to mild, depends), loss of hair. Recently after using it for almost 4&1/2 years I sometimes have wiered pain chest. I had couple of panic attacks in the last 6-7 months. I go under depression even due to the things that I could tolerate very easily otherwise. I know the things but I can not perform well in the exams just because I can not remeber things well even though the subject matter is well understood. I get frustrated very easily. In last 6 months I had visited clinic twice for the panic attack. I have also started breathing problem recently. I cant walk faster. If I climb even 30-40 steps at a normal rate, I get short of breathe. All these problems I have told to atleast 3-4 doctors. Each of them has responded equivocally and dont seem to have the perspective other than prescribing what has been tought and paid to write. I have even asked many these doctors whether or not I should undergo allergy testing to know the reason I have rashes. None of them seem to be willing to write referral for that for god knows whatever reason. As they say it wont help much by doing allergy testing. As per them I need to have a constant watch over what I eat, dri M 27 4 years
 4  Rash (esp. after taking shower) Dizziness, short term memory loss, depression (severe to mild, depends), loss of hair. Recently after using it for almost 4&1/2 years I sometimes have wiered pain chest. I had couple of panic attacks in the last 6-7 months. It will be lot easier for the patient to do self watch, if he makes sure that he/ she is not allergic to the allergens (something that cause the allergy) tested in the allergy tests performed in the hospitals. If you get allergies due to the allergen that is tested in the allergy tests then you know whats the culprit. My request to all people taking this medicine is to keep a close watch at the chenges that you see for yourself, and LET YOUR DOCTOR KNOW ABOUT IT. ASK HIM TO TAKE STEPS TOWARDS KNOWING THE EXACT EFFECTS, SIDE EFFECTS OF THIS DRUG. ITS QUESTION OF HEALTHY LIFE. Thank you. M 27 4 years
 2  extreme hives None on 10mg or 20mg/day 10mg completly knocked out my hives for 5 days and then they came back. 20mg redueced them for 3 days and then they came back. For me this is not working for my hives. M 48
 1  Allergies My 6 yr old son was prescribed zyrtec syrup for seasonal allergies with nasal congestion. One hour after the first recommended dose of 1 tsp. he began trembling, complaining of severe stomach pain & dizziness and began throwing up. Quite a sudden change from a healthy (just congested) little boy who had previously been running through the house like he was trying out for the Olympics. Proceed with caution. I think this stuff is a bit too strong for children in my opinion. If you have a small child, I would consider cutting the first dose in half. We were recommended to give this medication another try after waiting a few days...but we will not be doing that. We are done with Zyrtec here. M 6 1 days
 1  For nasal allergiesand sinusitis Started giving myson zyrtec in the mornings which made him groggy- so switched to night.After 2 weeks , I forgot a dose.He woke up at 1.30 a.m. with violent shaking and visual hallucinations.I thought he had a bad nightmare-it did not help that he also had a viral fever at the point. Next two days I gave zyrtec he slept through the fever. Then I missed a dose again and pronto he was up at 1.35 am with the exact same symptoms of seeing lights and monsters.He has never had such episodes before and reading all this definitely points to Zyrtec interefering with the mental state. He is definitely coming off Zyrtec. To top it all it did not relieve his sinus sysmptoms either. M 4 14 days
 5  Itchy skin Somewhat tired but if it stops the prickly skin itchy, I can live with it. I started itching about 6 months ago all of a sudden, thought it was the detergent or soap. My doctor gave me zyrtec and the itching stopped within a hour. I have to take it three times a week to get relief. Without it the itching drives me crazy. Anyone else suffer from itchy skin for no apparent reason? M 39 6 days
 1  sinusitis dissociation, abnormal thinking, nervousness, depression, rage, hallucinations, apathy (basically i felt crazy and maybe i was) zyrtec was pure hell for me. my thinking became extremely obsessive and i was really tense all the time. i felt emotionally detached. after a few months i lost my motivation, and became depressed. then something really scary happened... auditory hallucinations. i heard a voice in my head. STAY OFF THIS DRUG IF YOU WANT TO KEEP YOUR SANITY it ruined my life! F 20 6 months
 5  allergic to cats, most grasses, tre sleepiness not sure if the forgettfulness is caused by zyrtec F 62 4 years
 4  allergies no side effects except maybe a little unbalance/dizziness This drug, no matter what it says otherwise in other places, is ADDICTIVE. I have to take it year round as I am highly allergic to many things. If I miss even one pill I get a terrible headche and feel so incredibly nauseous... until I take the pill and it goes away. Every time. It is scary to think it is addictive, but it works so well on my allergies, I can't stop taking it. I've tried EVERYTHING for my severe allergies and asthma and this works the best...just be prepared for what happens when you stop taking it. F 27 5 years
 1  my son has allergies My son who is now 2.4 years old, was prescribed Zyrtec last year. We only had him on it for a little while last season. This season, we had him on it straight for weeks. We've seen a complete change in our usually happy energetic toddler. He was up every hour, if he even went to sleep and he was violent. Night after night - just a few hours after taking he zyrtec, he'd be a terror. Last night, we didn't give it to him and he slept all night. I would never recommend giving this to a small child. IF you do notice mood swings, negative behavior or very long and violent 'night terrors'...take your child off the zyrtec and then go from there. M 2.4 30 days
 1  Allergies I previously wrote on this site about my son and the terrible effects from zyrtec. I am urging all parents and patients to also write the FDA on their experience with zyrtec with the hopes that something will be done so that other parents and children won't have to suffer like we all have. Go to WWW.FDA.GOV then down to LET US HEAR FROM YOU then to REPORT A PROBLEM WITH A PRODUCT. It's very easy to complete and will only take a few minutes of your time. It's important to let the FDA know what's going on. MAYBE we can get something done. Thank you!
 2  dust, mold, pollen allergies loss of smell mixed with everything smelling like peanutbutter - - uncontrollable appetite and weight gain - - depression F 53 2 months
 5  sinus and skin allergies I suffered for years with allergies, until about 12 years ago when my (female) dr. finally listened to me and did allergy testing. I reacted to everything. I took Claritin for a long time, which changed my life. After awhile it stopped working as well, and I've taken Allegra and then Zyrtec. Zyrtec works better than anything I've tried and I don't notice any side effects. However, recently two doctors have told me I have to get off of Zyrtec and I'm wondering why. Maybe it's because the HMO doesn't like to pay for it. F 44 1 days
 1  Sudden Onset Of Hayfever No waiting to find out. Had a similar experience of loss of creativity and motivation when taking VIOX and found out 3 month's later that it was BAD! I will try to minimise exposure to pollen instead. heavily advertised on Australian TV. First thing recommended by pharmacist when I went for help as the runny nose just wouldn't stop. Never had hayfever before. Suspect the cause in in processed food!! M 47 1 days
 3  allergens, in and out drowsiness; out of it feeling update:after being off zyrtec for 2 mos., decided to try zyr again (take it at night), felt drowsy, out of it, and also irritable with no energy. i'm sticking with Allegra where I feel like a human being. also, all of sudden i was able to lose weight in the last 2 mos. -- reading other posts, wonder if the zyrtec was the reason i kept gaining not losing? F 48 1 years
 1  allergies Irritable, sadness, poor impulse control, crying spells, insatiable appetite. My son is 5 and began taking Zyrtec 2 weeks ago for allergies. The first two days I was giddy with happiness because my sneezy, itchy snotty, miserable son had started waking up bright eyed and bushy-tailed. Then I realized how much his behavior was changing. His teacher started saying that he couldn't seem to control himself in class. Couldn't make a decision during choice time...on and on. She said it "wasn't like him" and wanted to know what was going on different. He also started crying more often for no reason and having strange dreams. And last, but not least, he started chasing and scaring our cat who he used to be so gentle and kind with. When I asked the doctor about the side effects, she was very blasse' about it. After reading the other comments about Zyrtec and kids on this site...I will never give it to him again. DO NOT GIVE YOUR CHILDREN ZYRTEC. IT IS NOT WORTH IT!!!! M 5 2 weeks
 5  Lots & lots of allergies Dry mouth, dry sinuses, mild dizziness I'm allergic to just about everything in NC (where I live) and Zyrtec, along with allergy shots, helps me feel almost normal! After 4 years, however, it is losing potency and I'm going to have to switch to something else, but it really has helped me a great deal, with mild side effects. F 34 4 years
 1  allergies to pets tired, disassociated, depressed, sad, insomnia At first I was tired all the time. I took it at night and then drank strong coffee each morning. I seemed to be functioning well enough. Then I started getting more and more "spacey" during the day, and more tired. Then I would be so exhausted all day but not be able to sleep at night. I thought it was the coffee. Then I started getting very 'sad'. I just cried all the time until one day I had a total emotional breakdown and couldn't even go into the gorcery store because I couldn't stop crying. It dawned on me that I needed to research Zyrtec and I found this site. I think it quite literally may have saved my life. I haven't been taking it for several days now and feel better every day although I am itching everywhere. Of course my allergies are killing me! My 10 yr old had been on it but got very "crabby" so I took her off of it. A friend told me that her child hadn't handled it well, but that she loved it, so I thought it just wasn't good for children F 45 7 months