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 5  hives Drowsiness, fatigue. I don't take zyrtec regulary, but whenever I take this med, I would have to stay home for 24 hours because I am very sleepy, tired and would want to stay in bed. I tried taking only half of the 10mg, but it doesn't work very well. I only take zyrtec when I have a really bad allergy. F 51 6 months
 1  asthma and allergies behavioral changes to the worse drowsyness irritability weight gain extreme hunger ect. ect. some symptoms may have been relived but not all and it was not worth the side effects M 18 2 times
 1  asthma and allergies mood swings irritibility you name it TAKE THE DRUG OFF THE MARKET IT IS EVIL. M 1 years
 5  hives I started developing hives about 7 years ago for no reason. my doc did all these test and I was fine. I even changed everything in my house that I was using to see maybe I developed an allergy to something. no immune problems either. I tried a couple of different meds and nothing worked. my hives were severe. They would start around my joints move to my hands and feet and wrist, then move to the rest of my body, even in my throat, my face and me eyes would itch. It was the worst feeling. zyrtec is the only thing that surpressed it. I take it every 3 days for the past 7 yrs.It literally saved my life. I take the generic brand of zyrtec because its a whole lot cheaper and works just as good. M 32 7 years
 2  Seasonal Allergies Weight gain, extreme irritability, overly sensitive, moderate depressive symptoms, extreme lethargy (I have been consistently late to work because it is so hard to get out of bed). All it really did was get rid of my sinus headaches and the sneezing. I still had itchy, watery eyes and a really stuffy nose. F 25 25 days
 5  A ton of Allergies & Asthma Drowsiness...didn't realize why I was always tired until I actually added on a new medication called Topamax for epilepsy this March (about 5 months ago) & combined the two meds and was really really tired and was almost falling alseep while driving...& then read the side effects of zyrtec and said to myself..."oh that's why I was always tired." Zyrtec was my LIFE SAVOR!!! Saved me from going to an allergist. It is sad to say though I just got new Health insurance b/c I switched jobs and now my health insurance won't cover it...(I was dumb enough not to look into that) now I am worried that the new medicine won't work as well. (Claritin, also known as Loratadine) I was also on Allegra for 3 years but my body actually got immune to it, and wouldn't work anymore. I have felt that zyrtec works the best for me. It helped with the worst cases of itchy eyes, hives, runny nose, congestion etc. F 23 2.5 years
 4  severe rash/hives Slight lethargy, but eminently bearable compared to Benadryl, which knocked me out completely. I took this to help clear up a severe rash due to an allergic reaction to sulfa drugs, and it made the hives disappear fairly quickly, within 2 or 3 days. It was supposed to take a week, so I was very happy. However, my brother has taken it for hay fever, and it did not help him at all. It is also very expensive. I have 25 pills left and will try them for allergies in the spring, just so as not to waste $60. F 18 5 days
 1  environmental allergies Allergies were better but noticed I put on 15 pounds and could not lose any weight. Mostly noticed in waist, hips, thighs. Now that I've been off for only 2 weeks I can tell my pants are fitting better, don't feel so "thick" in the middle. Now I realize my mind is much clearer and I have more energy! I don't recommend this medicine if you're a woman who wants to avoid weight gain, or with concerns over feeling clear-headed. F 28 4 months
 5  Allergies None Worked wonders!! Expensive but well worth it!! F 28 4 weeks
 1  Suspected allergies My almost-2 year old daughter started taking zyrtec because we thought that her coughing and sneezing was due to springtime allergies. Her personality totally changed on the zyrtec. She threw terrible tantrums, was completely irrational and unhappy, and became extremely moody. She would wake up at night screaming and crying and was very difficult to soothe. She became almost like a different person. Once I suspected the zyrtec was the root of the problem, I took her off immediately (she was only on for about 4 days). Within 2 days, she was back to her old self. I STRONGLY adivse parents who are prescribed zyrtec for their children to monitor them closely and look for behavioral changes. No one warned me about it and I am just so thankful that we realized it so quickly. My ped had no idea about the side effects (and I am not sure I was able to convince him of it). BEWARE! F 2 4 days
 3  Seasonal Allergies weight gain/increased appetite, irritability, mild depression Zyrtec didn't really work that well for me by itself so my doctor gave me a nasal spray to use with it. That helped, but it still didn't get rid of my symptoms completely. The side effects aren't worth it to me so I'm going off it. F 26 60 days
 5  Cat allergies Didn't think there were any, but weight gain might be one. I stopped taking Zytec and switched to Allegra for 1 month when insurance wouldn't pay, and lost 10 pounds without trying. Allegra didn't work so am happy to pay extra for the Zyrtec. This is my miracle drug - nothing else relieves my symptoms from cat allergies. However, this year for the first time in my life I had spring hayfever and even Zyrtec didn't help. F 39 4 years
 1  Sinus Infection I lost the ability to sweat during the summer of 2005.  It all started after I had a sinus infection. I was given a Z-Pack and Zyrtec-D, which got rid of the sinus infection. However, my feet began to itch shortly thereafter. I visited several doctors,  all of whom prescribed different antihistamines (Allegra, Hydroxizine, and Zyrtec) to treat the itching. After a while, the itching spread, and I eventually stopped sweating. Instead of sweating, my entire body was covered with a painful “prickly” sensation, as if my skin were being pierced with thousands of pins.  The pain was most intense whenever I tried to exercise, and I frequently broke out in hives.  Giving up all hope, I stopped taking all antihistamines in October of 2005, but the pain continued for several months thereafter.  At one point, I was investigating the use of steroids to improve my condition.  After considering my options, I decided to wait it out.  I am very I have done some research and discovered that in October 2005, a medical journal published an article called "Adverse Cutaneous Reactions of Systemic Antihistamines" (Current Medicinal Chemistry - Anti-Inflammatory & Anti-Allergy Agents, Volume 4, Number 5, October 2005, pp. 521-529(9).  I would love to read this article. It seems the medical community is just beginning to realize that their prized antihistamines may be causing much of the trouble they are supposed to be curing. During the course of my affliction I consulted with three allergists, and they all refused to consider that I was having an allergic reaction to a drug they so frequently prescribe (even when I suggested the possibility). I only wish one of them had advised me to stop taking everything, rather than prescribing the alternative antihistamines which worsened my condition. It is my hope that my experience will assist those who have similar symptoms. M 28 5 months
 2  Allergies I have gained 20 lbs in one month, am tired all the time, my hips, knees, ankles hurt, along with my lower back, my periods keep coming earlier and earlier and I am having leg and foot cramps. I went to an internist who thought I might have rheumatoid arthritis but that test was negative. He referred me to a sleep specialist for possible sleep apnea. My regular dr. ran tests for lupus, lyme disease, ms, diabetes etc and no one can figure out what is wrong. After reading this site I am going off zyrtec and see if my symptoms get better. F 44 2 months
 2  hives I experienced headaches, moodiness, decreased libido. Not sure if it helped me. Even though I only took it for six days, I was still getting hives. I would have taken it longer, but I started feeling really weird; headaches, body aches, moodiness, decreased libido. I may try it again at half the dosage and/or maybe every other day. 41 6 days
 5  Allergies Dear Families with children experiencing side effects from Zyrtec, I am seeking legal action. Please contact me if you are interested! NEW EMAIL ADDRESS. CLASS ACTION POSSIBILITY! F 5 2.5 years
 1  Allergies Dear Families with children experiencing side effects from Zyrtec, I am seeking legal action. Please contact me if you are interested! NEW EMAIL ADDRESS. CLASS ACTION POSSIBILITY! F 5 2.5 years
 4  allergies lethargy/exhaustion, increased appetite, weight gain I have been taking Zyrtec almost every day for the past three months. It has worked very well overall so far, even controlling my allergies when the pollen is really bad. For about the first month and a half I was really exhausted, but unlike Benadryl it doesn't make me totally out of it, so I can deal with being somewhat exhausted now. But after gaining at least 15 pounds in the past three months (and I'm one of those people who can *never* gain weight), I decided to look it up online and discovered a lot of other people have been having the same problem. F 21 3 months
 1  seasonal allergies my son was on it for about a month - he wanted to eat constantly! i'd say in that month alone he gained about 4 or 5 pounds - and that's alot! he already has svt - so he can't gain alot of weight at once, nor can he take any medicine. he also seemed a little altered - wasn't really into things. we took him off of it - he's a monster now. not sure if it's the withdrawal i've read about, or just the allergies driving him crazy -- i was on it for about two weeks. i couldn't function, wanted to sleep all the time, and had a really hard time getting up in the mornings. after what i've read, i would not recommend this to anyone - especially children!! M 4 30 days
 2  seasonal allergies, itching, hives WEIGHT GAIN!!! My gosh, it finally dawned on me yesterday...I haven't been eating a lot and since being on zrytec I have gained over 15 pounds. I have been exercising like crazy, nothing..and the weight was also in my face...I just looked bloated, like a puffed up fish. I didn't suspect zyrtec because there was nothing...repeat NOTHING in the insert that said anything about weight gain...now I will see. I will continue exercising and re-post if the weight has dropped. Dry mouth, high blood pressure, feeling dreamy, swollen and loss of concentration. By the way, I always felt I was in a dream. AND my blood pressure was higher than usual. I have stopped taking zyrtec now for only one day and my head feels clearer, my body doesn't feel foreign and my dreamy state is evaporating. I have to admit I am nervous about the allergies returning. I will take my chances though. To anyone about to take zyrtec, I would say be very careful. F 30 8 months