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 1  Seasonal allergies--ragweed Very sleepy, not feeling like myself, feeling depressed and out of it. I was told to take zyrtec non-stop until the stuff builds up inside my body and protects me from the allergens. Well, I feel pretty dang bad..depressed, sleepy and hopeless. This is not worth it. :( F 52 4 days
 4  rhinitis and other allergy symptoms We are curious if this has affected his growth. He was 85% (height/weight) at birth and is now 25% (height/weight). My wife and I are both quite tall. She is 5'9" and I am 6'3". Just thought I would post this in case someone else sees the same thing. Symptoms have subsided fairly well. Without this our son required using the nasal tool 2-4 times per night. Now, more than half the time we don't even use it once. We only give about 1/4 of the recommended dose for his size and it seems to help alot. We cut the pills. M 3 1 years
 1  my son's allergies My 13 year old son started taking this medicine a little over a month ago and he has had mood swings and violent temper tantrums. I am not even sure if it helped his allergies. I am stopping this medicine immediately!! He is gifted and generous kid when not on this nedicine. Now he is a angry, negative brat. Hopefully, taking him off this medicine he will mellow out again and not be so mean and hurtful to all of us. I am so glad that I found this site!!! I wonder why Zrytec won't mention these side effects????!!! I have already let my son's Doctor know about this terrible reaction to this!! I will never reccomd this medicine. I am also going to contact Zyrtec regarding this side effect. No one needs to be this miserable and unhappy and angry! M 13 32 days
 1  Hives (urticaria) Dizziness, full feeling in head, feeling of muzziness and dislocation No effect whatsoever in reducing the incidence or severity of hives M 56 2 months
 1  seasonal allergies My son, now 4, has been taking zyrtec on and off for over a year. I thought he was just a difficult child and perhaps even had autistic tendencies, when I discovered the zyrtec was making my child a monster. He is an emotional wreck when he is on this medication. I'm throwing it away. M 4 1 years
 1  seasonal allergies My now 3 year old son has been on and off Zyrtec for over a year. He first began taking Zyrtec at age 2. At the time we thought that he was going through the terrible two's. Hitting, biting, temper-tantrums. Just an over all inability to control his emotions. We took him off for 2 months over the summer, we noticed how much more in control he was. We just attributed this to that fact that we was a year older and more mature. 6 days ago we started him back on the Zyrtec and within 24 hours we saw a total deterioration of his mood and behavior. He was crying uncontrollably, throwing temper-tantrums, unable to nap, and back to hitting and biting. M 3 1 days
 5  Severe Allergies Very sleepy, cranky/crabby, had a hard time staying focused on duties while at work. Wasn't sure if it was Zyrtec or Singular that was causing the sleepiness. Stopped taking Zyrtec for 1 day found that my Allergies were Severe after the last dose wore off. The sleepiness wore off though..... Took 1 dose of Zyrtec and did not take singular was very sleepy, allergies were not as severe when going off of singular since Zyrtec was in system but found that the combined use was the best and most effective for my Severe Allergies. was tired of being tired..... Then I had an idea and tried.... eatting something, taking dose of Zyrtec then going to bed. When I woke up the next morning, I was actually not sleepy like I was use to being after taking Zyrtec/Singular. My nature is normally one where it takes a litte bit to wake up, but now, after a cup of coffe (strong when asthma is really bad) I function wonderfully through out the day. I've been doing this nightly ritual of eatting a little something before bed, take Zyrtech/Singular for at least 3.5 months and I've become a highly productive individual. At work, I'm actually now doing the work of 2 people and am able to keep my head on straight with no sleepiness so that I can work on complex things and multitask at the same time. I'm so excited that I can actually do my normal duties and then some, while not being bothered with my servere allergy complicaitons. I feel like I'm a normal person for once. Try my nightly ritual and see if it works for F 36 4 months
 5  Severe Allergies responding to person with smell complications. I did have this as well - until I did my nightly ritual of eatting something, taking Zyrtec/Singular then going to bed. I now have one of the best noses around and can smell things that most people can't without any queeziness. My sense of taste hasn't really changed, at least nothing noticably. F 36 4 months
 5  allergy I suffered severe allergys this year and I went to the doctor thinking it wall a severe cold/flu. He recomended allergy medication so I tried zyrtec. It was great. Than I noticed I had lost my sense of smell and taste, so I quit taking zyrtec and instead of regaining my normal sense of smell everything smelt like I described as a strong metal smell that made me sick to my stomach. That has gotten better but everything taste the same & I can not smell. Has anyone else felt this way. F 50 4 months
 1  alergies - sneezing mood swings from very low to very angry Reading the reviews, I was relieved to see that it wasn't just me. It cured my alergies, but the mood swings aren't worth it. M 36 10 days
 1  allergies Took Zyrtec one time and it made me psychotic. I became very suspicious, paranoid and angry. I basically went crazy and ended up punching a friend in the stomach. I later found out that my nephew had taken it once and it made him evil. F 23 1 days
 1  allergies numbness, drowsiness, anger and irritability, itchiness Sometimes zyrtec would relieve my allergy symptoms, other times it would not. I do not know if some of my side effects symptoms are due to my being miserable because of allergies, from not sleeping well, or the drug, but I DEFINITELY DO NOT want to take this drug ever again. My hands and lips feel numb and my face is itchy. I cannot concentrate or function normally because I am so drowsy and out of it. I have definite mood swings which is not like me, and I often feel angry for no apparent reason. This drug is shit. F 23 3 weeks
 2  allergy not sure yet due to the bottle only shows 3 side effects. my child has had bloody noses, difficulty breathing, and increased urination. was wondering if anyone else had these side effects F 9 21 days
 1  allergies (swollen red eyes) I have been taking Zytec for over 2 years, it works GREAT, I only take a half tablet daily to control allergies. But for the last 3 months I have been at a loss at to why my hair is falling out-I've read that this may be a side effect of Zyrtec-I've stopped taking it and must put much effort into ensuring my hair grows and get healthy again. I hope that stopping Zytec will help my hair grow back because I now have red swollen eyes and less hair-lovely! F 44 2 years
 5  Enviromental & pet allergies I was drowsy the first few weeks I took Zyrtec but that went away once my body adjusted to the medication. I have suffered from year-round allergies & asthma most of my life. As I have gotten older, my symptoms have worsened to include skin rashes and chronic sinus infections in addition to itchy eyes, congestion, and a sore throat. After allergy testing, my Doctor recomended Zyrtec because it is better for pet allergies & skin reactions then other allergy meds. I take Zyrtec twice a day, every day. I also take Singular every night for my asthma but it has a great side-effect of also helping with the allergies. During the spring and summer months, I subliment the Zyrtec with Flonase which is working out great because it really helps my eyes and nose from going crazy when seasonal allergies are high. Although taking all these meds may sound expenisive, I am probably saving money since I don't get sick as often and need to see the doctor or take time off of work. F 25 3 years
 1  allergies/congestion/ itching/rashe Our 5 year old son has been on zyrtec off and on since 1 y/o. His dose was increased to 10mg/day for worsening symptoms in the spring of 2005. He started becoming increasingly angry, irritable and anxious. It got to the point that he wanted to hurt himself, run away, hurt us and he became a totally different person. He would cry so hard and ask us why he was so angry. Physicians told us that children with allergies tend to have behavior disorders. He started counsiling, we kept food diaries, sleep diaries, looked at everything he did to find a cause for his behavior. Finally we found this web site and found all of the other children who are reacting the same way to zyrtec. We took him off of his zyrtec and singulair immediately. Within 3 days he was a different child. You could see happiness in his eyes. He laughs again, he can concentrate - before he couldn't sit still to play with cars or do a dot to dot. Now he can. The transformation is amazing. Not one physician ever told us to watch for this potential side effect. He lost almost a year of his life and maybe more because of this drug. After two weeks he is back to his old self. The little things that would set him off into a violent tantrum are now no big deal. My goal now is to let as many people as possible to know about this side effect so that parents don't have to search like we did. We have no doubt that he would have ended up in special ed or labled as the child with the behavior disorder. I would be happy to talk to any concerned parent about what we went through. Please e-mail me at [email protected] M 5 4 years
 1  allergies weight gain my son started taking it 6 months ago and gained a lot of weight. Initially I thought I would just give it to him for a month in spring to help him with his allergies. Then when he stopped taking zyrtec, he suffered and was very irritable. But now I am going to take him off of it any way. I wish he never took it. M 8 6 months
 3  Allergies I know a common side effect is drowsiness. However,I find that I am suffering from insomnia. I also have an increased appetite causing weight gain and have experienced problems with my cycle. My doctor put me on this drug to control my allergies but told me to take as needed. It worked for me. But I think I will stop taking it and see what happens. I'm not comfortable with the side effects I am experiencing and the comments I have read about the problems associated with discontinuing use. F 40 2 weeks
 3  inside and outside allergens taking a whole 10mg pill left me feeling drowsy and out of it, i found by splitting it in half and only taking onehalf per night, i was ok been doing this for 1 year I recently started taking onehalf am onehalf pm during bad pollen season spring and summer and i was fine, no effects. now all of sudden i'm waking up feeling drugged and out of it; sometimes just feel wierd all over; took Claritin for two days to experiment and seemed better but then my teeth and nose started hurting like a sinus infection coming on. i went back to one half tablet zyrtec, didn't feel drugged but not myself. i will talk to dr next visit to decide what to do . been on Allegra and claritin so many yrs that they just don't cut it. what i really wanted to comment on is the itching. I thought i was the only one who had extreme itching when off antihistamines. i can't go off. I really think going off zyrtec is worse than the others. i went off Allegra yrs ago for allergy testing and it was bad but bearable. a yr ago after i had just started zyrtec, i had to go off for 10 days to complete allergy testing, well, it was so bad i would cry everytime i had to take a shower or wash my hair, it was bad. and it didn't get better. i do think your body changes after being on the antihistamine. i rated it a 3 because i'm not sure about the side effects, but it does help my allergies. F 48 1 years
 2  pet & mold allergies Unexplained weight gain (4 pounds in 2.5 weeks) - no change in my diet or exercise, constant sugar/carb cravings, irritability, depression, extreme drowsiness in the mornings even though I take it about 7pm. Has also completely thrown off my fertility signs (I practice natural family planning and need to track temperature and cervical fluid). Helped a great deal with my allergy symptoms, but not worth the side effects for me. F 26 3 weeks