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 4  asthma, pet dander getting foggy, dizzy 3 x times in 5 years. ALL OF A SUDDEN QUIT WORKING. Sneezing now and using inhaler. Going to go off and see my reaction F 50 5 days
 1  seasonal allergies My son has been taking this medication for about three weeks. He has become irritable, angry,having temper tantrums which he never did! He has also complained of abdominal pain and itchy skin. I discussed this with his doctor and have stopped the zyrtec. I did not know about these side effects and thought he was getting sick for some other reason. If parents try this med they need to be aware of these awful side effects. My son is having outbursts, crying when the littlest issue aggravates him. It's now three days since my son stopped taking zyrtec. I feel I have my son back. An example of how this affected just the routine day to day stuff - when I asked him to brush his teeth he would scream and start crying, telling me no, this went on for every routine morning task from dressing to eating breakfast. This type of behavor went on all day. The behavior got progressively worse over a few days. Normally he needs just a little positive encouragement to do all these activities by himself and is a happy, well adjusted child. These last three weeks have been awful. This drug should come with a BLACK LABEL warning. My doctor said she thought it was possibly the medicine. When I came across this site, after stopping the medicine, I felt that I had been underinformed. The doctors really need to hear from parents observing these side effects. I believe that all parents should demand that their doctor officially report the side effects to the FDA. F 4 21 days
 4  Hayfever type allergies My 7 yr. old daughter has been taking this regularly for about 5-6 months. Until this year we had never had any behavior problems at school - not paying attention and not minding teacher. This is the only thing I can think of that has changed. The medicine works very well at controlling her allergies but I am going to take her off of it and see if the behavior problems get better. CAN SOMEONE TELL ME IF IT IS SAFE FOR ME TO JUST STOP GIVING IT TO HER OR SHOULD I SLOWLY CUT THE DOSEAGE? F 7 5 months
 1  seasonal allergies My son has been taking this medication for about three weeks. He has become irritable, angry,having temper tantrums which he never did! He has also complained of abdominal pain and itchy skin. I discussed this with his doctor and have stopped the zyrtec. I did not know about these side effects and thought he was getting sick for some other reason. If parents try this med they need to be aware of these awful side effects. My son is having outbursts, crying when the littlest issue aggravates him. F 4 21 days
 1  allergies, sneezing I have been on zyrtec for about 3 years and have been unable to quit because every miss just one dosage, I get horrible migrains and nausea where I can not even get out of bed. These migrains last for as long as I do not take the zyrtec. I also have hair loss and have become more alergic to things that I was not before. I have also had panic attacks that may be related to the zyrtec. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to quit this stuff? Please stay away from this drug!! F 34 3 years
 4  allergies weight gain, inability to stay focused at work, drowsiness I came off of my birth control in December because I was gaining weight on it. My doctor put me on Zyrtec in January for my allergies adn since then I have put on 10 pounds in 3 months. I definately feel like the Zyrtec has caused the weight gain. F 26 3 months
 4  seasonal/animal allergies increased appetite, weight gain, headaches, drowsiness, inability to focus in school/work my doctor told me to only take the drug when i feel allergy symptoms beginning to come on. this is usually first thing in the morning &it kicks in fairly quickly but leaves me drowsy &out-of-it all day. i also seem to have headaches on the days i don't take it, &i've gained some weight.. i definitely notice an increase in appetite F 19 2 years
 3  3 y/o son allergy F 31 1 years
 1  severe allergies and asthma Agitated, restless, nausea (wanting to throw up constantly), hyper yet exhausted throughout the day, headaches, unquenchable thirst, dizziness and memory loss/lack of concentration. It did relief my allergies and asthma attacks but I still have to sneeze a lot, sniffing and itchy eyes. Recently I went to my doctor and he suggested to quit the zyrtec. Never made the link between the side effects and zyrtec if it wasn't for him .If I don't take it my symptoms are much, much worse. But after reading this site I realized it's not worth it, so I'll quit. F 26 10 years
 1  allergy My 5 soon to be 6 year old son started taking zyrtec about 2 weeks ago. On his last progress report, his teacher stated: "Alex is such a nice boy to have in class. I can always count on Alex to pay attention. Great job!". Since starting Zyrtec for less than two weeks. . .we've had 3 bad behavior letters sent home siting "dangerout behavior" like stabbing with pencils, throwing mulch and poking kids with a stick! He went from darling to dangerous in less than one week! I found this web site, thankfully, and will NEVER give him another zyrtec. I'll take the stuffy nose and continue with his allergy shots! F 38 14 days
 3  Seasonal Spring Time Allergies Depression, very bizarre dreams, reduced drive, memory problems Every year I (during the spring time) I resort to taking this stuff. And Every year I experience the same thing - depression, weird feeling, no drive. I knew something was going on because there is a definite pattern. I only have to take this stuff during the spring time due to my allergies - my eyes get very itchy and sneezing all the time. The zyrtec works on the allergy portion as expected but boy! There are some side effects that occur that are not mentioned. I used to take Claritin - that too made me feel weird but not depressed like this stuff. I guess if you have to use it for a shot time it'll get you through it - but I would not recommend for any length of time. Test it out - your mileage may vary. M 38 14 days
 1  Allergies severe moodiness and tempers, lack of concentration, poor performance in school My son started taking this medicine after allergy testing showed he was allergic to 90% of the allergens in the test. The medicine did seem to help his allergy symptoms. Meanwhile, my son started having lots of problems in school concentrating eventually leading us to getting him tested for seizures (per his pediatrician) and weekly meetings with a therapist/counselor. I asked both his pediatrician and allergist if any of this allergy or asthma medicines could be causing these problems and was told no. Meanwhile, he was barely passing kindergarten, then first grade, then second grade even though testing showed he was above average intelligence. This spring, it seemed like his allergies were getting worse so I stopped Zrytec and tried Claritin and next thing I see is that he is making 100s and getting good conduct marks at school. I didnít put 2 and 2 together until I gave some Zrytec to his little brother and suddenly he started having big brother type mood swings and troub M 7 3 years
 5  Cronic Hives Fatigue, Weight Gain, low sex drive Zyrtec is the only thing that works on my hives to keep them under control. I was on a dose of 2 times per day and have been slowly cutting down to 1/2 a pill (5mg) a day. When i try to stop completly, i get headaches and hive right away. After reading the board I finally know i'm not crazy. F 43 5 years
 1  enviromental allergies Mood swings, aggressiveness, tearful, negative, abdominal pain, extreme loss of appetite After 7 months of successful zyrtec use my 4 yr old began to exhibit changes in his mood/personality. He was very negative, at times aggressive and yet tearful, emotionally unstable. We thought it was a phase, growing pains, etc. He began to complain of stomach pain and had no appetite. He was on the verge of weight loss. His grandmother questioned whether the Zyrtec was upsetting his stomach. Prompted by her theory I searched the internet and found this site. The comments here blew us away. We stopped the Zyrtec immediately and the there was a dramatic change the following day. We had our son back. I have been told by our dr. that Zyrtec, unlike Claritin, crosses over to the CENTRAL NERVOUS SYSTEM. Please consult with your pediatrician about other options. DO NOT ASSUME that your child is just going thru a phase. PLease talk to everyone about this - our info has already benefitted someone third hand thru my son's pre-k teacher ! M 5 8 months
 5  allergies (mostly animal) none that i notice. i take it right before bed every night. i LOVE it! i live with cats, and am VERY allergic, and Claritin wasn't working. i switched to Zyrtec a few years ago and haven't had any problems since. If i don't take it, the eyes start itching and running almost right away. it's a lifesaver. F 25 4 years
 1  Mold, dust mites, pollen, food Memory loss, balance problems, extreme insomnia, heart pounding, high blood pressure. I have been off for a year and am doing the allergy shots and noticed a difference in only two months. Getting better all the time. Side effects from Zyrtec take a long time to shake. Zyrtec D(with sudafed) is even worse. F 54 8 days
 4  allergies - mold dust tiredness maybe higher blood pressure does control my allergies as I have not felt this good for a long time never used allegra - i was very tired and then cut the dose in 1/2 and it improved a great deal M 50 4 days
 1  Severe Allergies Depression, hair loss, anxiety, weight gain but I didn't have allergy problems I became a miserable person. It works great for allergies but it made me emotionally a wreck, I thought I was crazy until I read this board and realized the reason why I felt this way. I am getting off it and can't make it past 3 days because I get horrible hives and itch, headaches, nausa. Horrible!!!!! I feel like it has taken away 8 years of me being happy. F 28 8 years
 5  Seasonal Rhinitis None Only thing that works for my allergies anymore. Wish that the FAA would approve it for pilots so I can take it to work with me! M 30 2 years
 1  itching sleepiness, irritability NEVER AGAIN! I also have sleep apnea. This medication makes me so sleepy that I can not wake up when I stop breathing! I took it at 10pm and still feel the affects at 6pm the next day. When driving I had to pull over to sleep because I could not stay awake. I have also been yelling at my husband for two days for no reason at all. This medication is not worth my marriage! F 53 2 days