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 1  Severe allergies: pets & seasonal Shortness of breath. Irregular heartbeat. Anxiety. Depression. Insomnia. Lack of focus. Drowsy. This helped with my allergy symptoms, but the side effects are not worth it. I felt like I was having a heart attack or asthm attack at times. Very scary. Beware of Zyrtec! F 23 7 months
 1  Seasonal allergies I stopped taking cetirizine 5 days ago, the first night was horrible, itch all over my body, I took one pill of allegra 180 mg and all the symptoms were one, I kept having 1 pill of allegra for the next 3 days but I want to stop it today, I am itching but not so bad now, I'll see what happen when I stop taking allegra. I guess I can not take any medication at all, every time I take one I get so many symptoms that are way worse than the reason I am taking it. Anxiety, panic attacks, social phobia, and I also lost my hair, I feel like I have aged 10 years since I started this medication. Too bad I did not make the connection before. F 47 1 years
10 MG 1X D
 1  sinus I haven't started taking mines yet and just hearing these comments, I don't think I want to take it now. Now my question is, is your zyrtec you're taking regular zyrtec or zyrtec D? F 42 1 days
 5  Rhinitis Helped me with dry itchy eyes. And constant rhinitis. No side effects that I'm aware of. My right ear always had fluid in it during allergy season which makes me more susceptible to cold and flu viruses Zyrtec helps keep inflation to a minimum. F 50 10 years
10 Mg
 1  Allergies Helped the first day. However the second day... HORRIBLE rapid, uneven heartbeat, random panic attacks before falling asleep (seemed to have zero control over), anxiety, jumpyness, restlessness. I honestly got no sleep at all the second night, and I am a college student so the next day was awful as well. Like the woman above said, I HONESTLY THOUGHT I WAS DYING. Doooo NOT take this! F 19 2 days
 1  Allergies Horrible arrhythmia, short of breath, sea legs, foggy brain, lost sense of taste, dizzy, super lethargic, intense & dreadful panic attacks. I honestly thought I was dying. Thank God I ran into this site and read many with some of these effects! Have been off of it now 2 weeks and all symptoms are gone! Back to Benadryl! F 49 2 months
10 mg
 3  Bug bite weakness, fatigue, depression, anger I took 1 10mg Zyrtec gelcap two days in a row to reduce the swelling of a baseball-sized bug bite on my leg. I took each dose before bed, and the swelling was greatly reduced by the morning. I was feeling more tired than usual during the day, but I was out of town for work and chalked it up to travel exhaustion. I took one again last night (two days after the second dose) and felt extremely combative with my boyfriend and had trouble falling asleep and staying asleep. This morning I still felt angry and was having lots of doom and gloom thoughts. The anger transitioned into depression and feeling physically like I had been run over by a steamroller. I wondered if I had caught the flu. I took a 2-hour nap and when I woke up, I could hardly move my body. Am feeling a bit better, although still a little off, almost 24 hours after the last dose. I'm disappointed because Benadryl tends to cause rapid heart beat and anxiety attacks for me, and I thought Zyrtec could be my go-to. F 27 3 days
10 MG 1X D
 1  Seasonal Allergies Intense rage, anger, and mood changes. Started taking Zyrtec in May to combat seasonal allergies. Last year was extremely bad for me, so I wanted to get a head start on anything that would stop me from being miserable. After a few months of taking Zyrtec I started getting uncontrollable rage and anger when mildly arguing or confronted by friends, family, and co-workers. The rage and anger was so intense, it even scared me. During an argument/fight, I would seriously want to physically hurt the person I was fighting with, something that I have never truly felt. I sincerely thought I was losing my mind and going crazy. I've never felt that kind of anger. I went to my doctor and explained what was going on - I assumed it was hormonal and connected to my periods - it HAD to be! Next I was referred to a psychotherapist for changes in mood. Was told it was the stress at my job, anxiety, etc. When my allergies never really came about this season, I realized I should just stop taking Zyrtec - what's the point if I'm not sneezing/miserable? So, I stopped taking Zyrtec for about two weeks. Then I took Zyrtec randomly one evening after sneezing all day and the next day I was a crazy, psychotic, rage monster. It was then that I finally realized the correlation between the drug and my mood. I have been off Zyrtec for about one month. All rage/anger/mood change symptoms are gone. This drug should NOT be OTC. It took away two months of my life and made me feel beyond crazy. I never even considered that allergy medication could e F 33 3 months
10mg 1X D
 5  cold. Not only did it help my cold symptoms but it also helped my depression by making me emotionally numb. F 29 3 days
 1  seasonal allergies My son is unable to take ANY of the 24 hour allergy medications...he becomes enraged, physically aggressive, tantrums, runs away from school...my very sweet boy turns into a demonic entity...we have tried Zyrtec, Allegra, Claritin, and their generics all have turned him into the most impossible child. We tried the OTC nasal steroids this spring...what an amazing difference...he was back to his normal boy behaviors!!! M 7 10 days
 2  seasonal allergies Tachycardia, palpitations, variable vision, vivid dreams Although Zyrtec relieved my allergy symptoms, I cannot tolerate the side effects. Thought I was developing heart disease until I started thinking my symptoms might be related to Zyrtec. An online search confirmed my suspicions. F 54 60 days
1X D
 1  Seasonal Allegries- children's dose dramatic behavior changes, tantrums and rage, inability to focus We started seeking drastic medical care, blood tests and therapists for the rapid change in our child. Unfortunately it took us almost a month to correlate the possibility. Within 4 days of stopping the medication, she was herself. I am not saying that this is a "bad" drug, but warnings should be given, especially with an OTC medication. And based on the numerous accounts, I am one of the many parents that have suffered through this. F 6 4 weeks
10 1X D
 1  Congestion Horrid. Wild dreams and this is the next day and I can not wake up enough to get out of bed. Mind altering. F 62 1 days
10mg 1X D
 1  Seasonal allergies Horrible nightmares. Anxiety. Panic. Affected brain/thoughts. Colic/constipation/diarrhea - yes, turned GI upside down. Vision got worse, haven't recovered. M 53 2 weeks
10 mg 1X D
 1  Allergies My 11 year old son's usually agreeable personality dramatically changed. He slept until 8:30 am when he always gets up around 7am and then proceeded to yell and be disagreeable all day long. He even called me names he has never dared use before! When I read about the medication and realized it might be a factor talked to him about why he was behaving the way he was. He apologized and said the medication made him feel "out of control" when he got angry. Unbelievable that a pediatrician had prescribed this for mild allergy symptoms! I hate to think of all the children out there who are taking this - this should be taken off the market in my opinion. M 11 1 days
1X D
 1  seasonal allergies My 2.5 year-old son started behaving very abnormal after 2 days on it. Very irritable, cranky, crying with no reason, hitting his head on the floor, hitting us....completely the opposite of what he normally is. I can't believe our pediatrician recommended this. M 2.5 3 days
5 mg 1X D
 1  Seasonal allergies tree pollen Depression, easily agitated, angry for no reason, tired all all the time, hair loss. I started taking this 6 years ago for 4 months out of each year for pollen allergies. Each year I realized in the spring and early summer I would become a mean angry depressed person who didn't feel like doing anything. My hair also falls out a lot. Also each time I stop taking it I have intense itchy skin and scalp for 2 weeks or so afterwards but my mind clears up and I feel better mentally but the physical withdraws are terrible also I cannot sleep at night once I stop taking it. I will never take it again I cannot deal with the mental symtoms from it anymore it effects me and the people around me. It worked great for my Sneezing and itchy eyes but the side effects and withdraw are not worth it anymore. F 25 6 years
 2  Dust mites, animal dander Serious behavior issues. 8 year old daughter was prescribed singulair first and we went off that because of extreme mood swings. Tried zyrtec next, it wasn't as bad as the singulair so we continued it. Issues at home started increasing, lots of crying, anxiety, and physical anger issues. Her reaction to everything was so extreme. 3 months after starting zyrtec, her report card came home. Where she normally had +'s in behavior, she had -'s now! Teacher commented about her being distracted and not getting work done. Extremely unusual for her. I believe it worked well for allergies, not sure as it may have been the work we did in the house to try to minimize dust and dander. Am planning to cut her dosage in half and see if it helps. F 8 3 months
10 MG 1X D
 1  Allergies. Dust mites and dust spec I almost never believe people when they say they have weird side effects. I took this for a year. Thought it was causing me to gain weight(I don't think so really) so I decided to stop taking this. I kept waking up in the middle of the night and eating! That may have been the Zyrtec. Then when I ran out and was literally scrounging around in my car at 1 am since I couldn't sleep without Zyrtec my husband joked. " I think you are addicted to Zyrtec". I barely drink and take no other meds! So I stopped. WOW. The itchiness was so unbearable. I thought I had lice(no) then bedbugs(no). A late night internet search revealed other crazies like me. STILL not a believer I started Zyrtec again when I moved into a dusty house with no AC and windows open... I took it for about a week 5-10mg a night. 2 nights ago I stopped. I just washed my sheets because I was convinced AGAIN I had lice. I have welts on my back this time. I itch ALL over and feel like there are bugs crawling all over me at night! I am so mad!!!! F 43 1 years
 1  Dust mite allergy/allergic rhinitus The allergy doctor prescribed Zyrtec for my 4 yr old son to help alleviate the symptoms leading to his wheezing cough/respiratory conditions. Pretty soon I noticed that our normally easy-going, sweet boy turned aggressive, and completely over-reacted to things which frustrated him. His heart seemed to be racing faster than normal also. I realised this started the first day he was on Zyrtec. This one has been tipped down the sink! I'll be looking for more natural alternatives. Should have known better than to trust a pharmaceutical drug! M 4 5 days
2.5mls 1X D